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  • Don’t Let It Upset You Fitpros

    Don’t Let It Upset You

    With all the
    newbies attending your classes
    this month don’t be discouraged if some of these folks
    don’t gel with you.

    We all want to share our healthy message
    & help lots of people live fitter, healthier lives.

    But you can’t be all things to all people.

    We can’t be everyone’s “cup of tea”

    I KNOW every teacher reading
    this email today will get a few new individuals who
    will detest every minute of our beloved classes….


    Don’t take it personally.

    Don’t focus on that person too much.

    AND 1000%

    Don’t let that experience ruin your day.


    Take too much of your thinking time up.

    …..Thinking you should of
    said this or done that……

    WE have ALL been there & we all take
    it super personal.

    It doesn’t matter how long you have
    been in
    the game……. or how long you
    have been teaching.

    We want everyone to like our classes
    & like us too….

    But it’s not possible.

    So, don’t worry & don’t dwell.

    There’s a million other people
    who LOVE you and GEL with you
    & are the perfect fit for YOU.

    Just not everyone…

    Smile & Move ON!

    Have a great FRIDAY
    Love Rachelx

    Follow me on Instagram Rachel L Holmes

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