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  • Don’t waste your energy worrying

    When I looked at my schedule for this week I thought OMG
    Rachel what on earth were you thinking – 30 launches, A New programme launch
    (Brainfit™), New Franchisee to train,
    The Orthopaedic FP Training Day to sort,
    and on and on……….

    It’s so easy to allow your mind to start
    over thinking….
    and allow that
    voice of doom to start chipping away at you.

    “What if no one comes…”

    “What if people don’t like you”

    “What if you forget your talk”

    “What if..What if..What if…..”

    But that kind of thinking will just paralyse us.

    It’s a total waste of time, energy and brain space.

    So, if you are starting new classes,
    promotions, and
    programmes this week
    and you have that knot in your stomach and waves of
    anxiety are sweeping over


    The sub conscious mind cannot distinguish between
    what is real and what is fantasy
    so if you keep “Future Tripping” your brain thinks that is
    true, so rewire your brain
    with positive affirmations and mantras.

    My current favourite is

    ” I Am Completely Confident In My abilities”

    Say it over and over and believe it.

    Feel it.

    I LOVE this mantra – if you like it make a graphic and
    Tag me. I love to see it on social media.

    Whenever your mind goes into”Future Tripping”
    mode, or
    if you feel you may have over committed or not
    sure how a new scheme is going to go,
    then keep saying it in your mind.

    Say it it while you are walking.
    Say it when you are pottering about.
    Say it when you are in your car.

    ” I Am Completely Confident In My abilities”

    Step into your power today and own it.

    Happy Monday
    Love Rachel xx

    Fitness Pilates For Orthopaedic Conditions Advanced Training
    Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.35.56
    I have booked the beautiful Cumberland Hotel
    in London near Hyde Park for our new
    Fitness Pilates For Orthopaedic Conditions Advanced Training

    Sunday 27th November 10 – 5pm

    Click here for information on the training and to book
    your place.

    (no more sitting in freezing souless studios in November)

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