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    My Top Predictions for 2012

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    I absolutely love doing a my top predictions for 2012 article, especially after the Fitro convention, IFS and My Create your Online Fitness Business Seminar Day. It’s an ideal time to take stock and have a look exactly what’s going on.
    So here goes my list;


    1.Small group training – if you look back in the last couple of newsletters you will see we have written extensively, on this subject. SGT is set to grow as consumers are looking for a more individualised approach to health and fitness and nutrition, coupled with the camaraderie and fun of a group.
    2.Innovative group exercise brands. Talented group exercise instructors with large followings and a strong client base begin to break away, from teaching other brands and formulate individual classes and systems. These instructors understand their clients are coming for them, and are now working out how to market and design new programs.
    3. Creating strong and sustainable online fitness and work out programs. Entrepreneurs who are now building a community online.
    4. The increased growth of the Mind/Body genre for group X and SGT. Yoga and Pilates will continue to grow but I predict new and innovative mind/body hybrid classes coming onto the market. As the UK population ages, consumer are looking for classes they can de- stress, relax and unwind in plus condition the whole body in a more gentle and holistic way.
    5.Pre and Post Natal Fitness Classes and Pilates Classes – A HUGE market with very few classes and there is a huge demand.
    6. Females with 3 stone + to lose. The serial weight watcher/slimming world/ yoyo dieter. A comprehensive program harnessing the power or online technology and live weekly meetings.
    Id love to hear your predication or the ideas that you are working on.



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