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  • Fitness Professionals, can we be the best?

    Can We Be the Best?

    If you go on holiday and there is an array of restaurants to choose you ask the receptionist which is the best.

    Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 08.01.09

    When contemplating a dentist, a doctor, a surgeon, a solicitor, hairdresser or specialist you do your research and find out who is the best in the field. You find out if this person is local to you, available and can complete your request within your budget.
    If you are looking to expand your business and hire a Virtual Assistant or take on a new trainer you will ask to get recommendations, you see examples of their work ask to see what they have done previously, and choose “the best” fit for your requirements.

    We don’t look for the person who is mediocre, the person who is average. We never go in search for the professional or business or service who we deem is not at the top of their field or can offer the best possible service.

    With limited time or opportunity, we narrow our choices to those who are at the top and thats who we go after.

    Everyone does this when researching anything we take seriously.

    As a result being “the best” has massive rewards.

    Its exactly the same when a new customer is looking to hire a Personal Trainer, attend a Weight Management class or Group Exercise Class, they are looking for the top person who can deliver them the result they desire.


    When it comes to Fitness how do you become the best?

    When a potential client is looking for Fitness or Weightloss or Body toning or Dance they are going to make choices based on:

    What is best for them right now, based on what they believe in and what they know and what their peers recommend.

    Nobody wants to be mediocre.

    Nobody wants to be average.

    We are all striving to be the best Fitness Professional/Coach/Teacher/Instructor we can possible be.

    We arm ourselves with as much information as we can, so we can serve our clients to the bet of our abilities.

    Updating and learning in Fitness is CRUCIAL. The fitness industry is still so young and new research and techniques are being developed all the time.

    Things are moving fast.

    Its not just having the best knowledge its about being a great communicator, motivator, role model, teacher and coach.

    The brilliant thing in fitness is their a place for ALL of us.

    I’ve had emails and comments from several Instructors who feel they may be “too old” or should stop teaching and leave to the younger ones.

    NO, NO, NO!!!

    There is a place for every type of Instructor of every age.

    We ALL bring different things to the fitness table.

    If health and fitness is your PASSION and you jump out of bed in a morning looking forward to teaching a class or writing article or attending the next workshop or helping somebody lose weight, or feel amazing about themselves because they have managed to get though a whole Zumba/Fitness Pilates/LBT class without stopping you are in the RIGHT profession.
    And the 60million non exercisers in the UK people also NEED you in this profession.
    Keep reading, keep learning, Stay Passionate


    Being ” The Best” is subjective,
    WE don’t get to decide if we are the best, our clients do!

    Hope that helps motivate you today!

    6 Tips To Clarify Your Goals:

    1. Crystallise your TARGET market, Identify your avatar client. It’s so hard to market yourself and your product unless you have your client profile crystal clear. The more specific you are the easier it will be talk to your customers.

    2. Have a laser beam focus. Once you have your goals in place, every time you begin to do something think “Is this going to take me closer to my goals” Basically, stop wasting time doing the small stuff and get your big projects and goals finished and out there.

    3. Social Media is noisy. Opening Facebook is like walking into Battersea dogs home every one’s barking the same message. Be different, Write unique status updates and Tweets, Blog about new topics pertinent to your demographic. Once you have your client avatar nailed this will be easier as you can focus on your target customer.

    4.Use Public Speaking and Presentations to become an expert.

    As soon as you step onto a speaking stage you are perceived as an expert. Organise seminars and talks in your niche to connect with your customers and prospects.
    5. Construct your presentation – Start with your credentials, tell your story, resonant with your audience, include personal hooks, offer a step by step solution, offer transparency about who you are and what you are and you can help and serve your audience.
    6. Identify your USP and turn UP THE VOLUME. Be yourself and do YOUR thing. Be real and authentic.

    How do you want your life / business to look in 12 months time?

    What daily steps are you taking to reach that goal.

    When you write your daily to do lists – have a good look at each item.

    Does that task take you further away or closer to your big goals?

    Join me on my Kick Start Transformation Day at Champneys Springs
    on Friday 9th September.

    It’s a fantastic life changing day.

    Read all abut the itinerary here click here

    The Freedom of Discipline and Five Tips To Find It
    by Jo De Rosa

    One of my lessons throughout my life has been learning discipline. Obviously as a child we all push boundaries, but I seemed to do this more than most with my parents; literally tearing down the barriers they put up and deciding for myself what time I was to return home and where I was allowed to go. I can tell you there were a lot of arguments when I was a teenager!
    On leaving school at 16 I was to embark on what we call ‘burning the candle at both ends’, commuting into my central London job and discovering first the rave scene and then clubs. Friday nights were at Limelight or Gas club, rolling home for a bath, and then straight onto the Central line and back into the capital for a days work in the department store that I worked full-time in for 12 years.
    I was stubborn and determined, not wanting to miss out on a night out and holding it together until the Saturday shoppers had had their fill of me.

    In my twenties I lived in Thailand for six years and this is where it seriously nearly all fell apart. Here there was no family or friends to pull me up on my crazy behaviour; here I was encouraged to drink more; party more; drug more, it was the norm. I literally had no discipline in my life, and for a time I reveled in it, doing all of the things that I would not be able to get away with in the UK.

    But after six years of pretty much no rules I realised I needed to come home for my sanity, for I was now craving structure and normality.

    I stopped off in India and spent a month in an ashram doing yoga.
    I wasn’t allowed out.
    I wasn’t allowed to drug.
    I wasn’t allowed to drink.
    I wasn’t allowed to party.
    I wasn’t allowed to smoke.
    And I felt AMAZING.

    It was probably the very first time in my life that I was truly me without any of those substances.
    And do you know what I did the first night out of the ashram?
    I got absolutely hammered.
    I drank so much that I woke up the next day with big puffy eyes from crying and had no idea what I’d been so upset about. I looked at my phone and saw that I’d been on the phone for hours to my sister in the UK and had no idea what we’d said. I was thick with remorse, self-disgust and loathing. Why had I just undone all the good?

    I still remember how I felt in that Ashram.
    My first taste of feeling clean and alive.
    I had my very first true meditation there.
    I can still recall how I felt even though it was over 10 years ago; utter connection to myself. And it was BECAUSE of this that I truly began the search for inner freedom. Because I had actually touched it and knew that what I was searching for was real, for up until that point it had been an enigma; I believed it was possible but hadn’t ever felt it.

    What I’d experienced was a high of sorts, but a natural one.
    And like any addict I wanted more.
    So I sat on my cushion and began to find the real me.
    Over the years I realised I needed to find discipline within myself rather than have it placed upon me. It was a quality I’d never developed and so had to teach myself. And I so wanted to get high on my cushion again, it was well worth the effort.

    Fast-forward 10 years and my practice is stronger than ever.
    And the internal work that I am fully committed to is reflected in my outer environment: my relationships are rich and supportive; I am healthier at 44 (tomorrow!) than I’ve ever been; my business is unbelievably successful; I never thought I could be where I am today. And I put it ALL down to mindset, determination, and DISCIPLINE.

    Here are my top five steps to getting the life you want:

    Know WHAT you want and where you are going. Have a list of goals and dreams.

    Commit 100% to those goals: if something is not in alignment with them then don’t do it.

    Meditate EVERYDAY. Even if the commitment is just 10 or 15 minutes per day, and dedicate a section of that meditation to get into the FEELING of what your dream would be like; as if it were already real.

    Plan the following day the night before so that you can sleep well without worrying about tomorrow and stick to your plan throughout the day without getting distracted.

    Get up at the same time each day and have time for your morning routine. Mine is: writing, meditation, exercise, emails and checking in on my private groups before anything else gets done or started.
    Since I’ve been following these five steps my life has transformed and I get so much more done.

    There is no longer anything that I do half-heartedly: if it’s on the list it’s a YES and if not then a NO.

    From creating discipline, rather than feeling imprisoned by it I’ve actually gifted myself MORE freedom for my boundaries are now very very clear. And this freedom was quite unexpected! Now if I have a lie-in on my day off I am completely out of sorts, and feel like I’m starting the day on the back foot.
    Now I am truly living from the front foot, deeply living in my purpose, strong, sure, determined to be the best I possibly can be, with discipline and freedom.
    I’d love it for you to join me each morning in starting the day in the best possible frame of mind possible!

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    Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 07.48.57

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