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  • Fitpros Are You Struggling?

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    I am seeing so many Fitness Professional in their 40’s and beyond battling ill health physically and mentally.

    You might not even realise it but are you starting to notice weight gain, brain fog, health niggles, lack of motivation even though you love your classes and teaching,
    maybe you are experiencing daily feelings of overwhelm and low mood?

    Do you say to yourself “Oh its my hormones” maybe you “think” you are Peri-Menopausal  or going through Menopause
    but not too sure, so putting
    it all down to that?

    Getting up and teaching class after class for decade after decade – I think – takes a toll on health….. A huge toll.

    And remember NO ONE has ever been here before us….  The fitness industry only kicked off in the late 80’s
    so who knows what the long term effects are of constantly teaching and instructing.

    Teaching when you are sick, Teaching when you are mentally exhausted, Teaching when you are injured,
    Teaching when you are dealing with emotional /life events that a “normal” person would have a week or a month off work ( But not us – the hard core Fitpro we always battle on)

    Yes I know, the show must go on. The mortgage must get paid. But every single time you stand up in front of a class, your cortisol levels rise,
    Your stress levels go up, you adrenal glands go into over drive.

    How much is this effecting your internal body chemistry?

    So my little message today this Sunday is to take some time out to relax, change of scenery, do something new or just do nothing…..could you do that?

    Look after yourself my Fitpro friends.

    Big LOVE

    Rachel xxxx

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