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  • FitPros Get On The Social Media Train

    As we move into a whole new era of social media
    marketing you can really feel a shift in the best way
    to attract new customers into your business.

    We all know there is a lot of competition in this space
    but if you want to expand and further your fitness business
    and your offerings there has NEVER been a
    better time to reach more people via the internet.

    FACEBOOK is fast becoming the new television
    channel, think of it like ITV or BBC – EVERYONE Is tuning in
    multiple times a day 24/7. Its the channels that never stops

    Instagram and Snapchat are like the ITV2 and Channel 4
    of the day.

    Building an email list becomes more and more crucial
    so you are to reach your customers for FREE
    and build that all important *** digital relationship**

    Taking the time to figure out the nuances of
    social media is a must if you want to take your career and business forward in 2017.

    For example this morning before 9am I have
    broadcast LIVE using only my iphone
    in 3 of my Facebook groups (C2GO, FP, ELITE) with new routines and class ideas AND broadcast a workout LIVE on the page reaching hundreds
    (if not 1000’s by the end of the day) of people.

    I’ve been able to talk to and help Instructors who I met 20 years
    ago on my workshops and continue our relationship
    in realtime online in a Facebook group.

    Yesterday I had a BIG idea for the KSFL franchisees
    so I go LIVE in our group, talk the idea through, get feedback in realtime, make some tweaks and BOOM we can
    implement it today.

    ***3 months ago this wasn’t even possible**

    To reach THAT many people I used to have to drive
    for hours around the country to a workshop to see those same Instructors.

    Can you see the potential here for all of us?

    It blows my mind on a daily basis and the potential
    is just amazing 🙂

    Check out my interview with Kelly!


    Subscribe to my
    channel and see a great interview with
    Kelly Reed-Banks

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