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Welcome to Month 1 of the FP VIP CLUB.

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Thank you and congratulations for joining. I’m thrilled you decided to join me and obtain the latest and most up to date Fitness PIlates Information, Exercises and Teaching Methods.

On week 1 of the FP VIP you will find:

  • Brand new Fitness Pilates Logos that you can download here and use on your Website, Flyers, Social Media and any other Marketing and PR material.
  • Choreography Download Functional Fitness Pilates Moves 1 + 2
  • Choreography Download Pilates Focus – The Shoulder Bridge

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The History of Fitness Pilates

It was 1996 and Jayne Nicholls and I went over to the International Idea Fitness Convention held in San Diego.  We both did loads of master classes, workshops and training and networked with some amazing people.  It was there I stumbled on several ground breaking sessions that would change my whole perception of group exercise and how much more we could offer our class members.  These enlightening sessions had a profound effect on me and would later help me form Fitness Pilates.

The NIA technique created by Debbie and Carlos Rosas is a pioneering technique marrying martial arts form such as Chi Kung, Tail Chi, with dance forms like jazz, ballet and modern dance with mind/body integration forms such as Yoga, Tai chi, Feldenkrais, Pilates and the Alexander Technique.  Watching Debbie and Carlos held me spellbound with the imaginative and visionary workout they performed.  This session was so well ahead of its time.

Cathie Murakami taught me my first Pilates Mat Session and again I was transfixed by this totally new and unique style of group exercise.  I found it so difficult.  I thought I was fit and strong so why was I having such difficulty executing these strange floorwork exercises.

It was here that I became acutely aware of self motivation books, audio tapes and information.  On my return I busied myself devouring everything I could by authors such as Louse Hay, Deepak Chopra, Jim Rohn, Wayne Dwyer and Anthony Robbins.

But this was California… could this new wave of Mind/Body Fitness translate into a successful class in a church hall in Derbyshire… mmm I was dubious but my enthusiasm and energy prevented me from perceiving anything other than a successful class that everyone would enjoy doing.  Wrong.

Looking back I think it was a little early, the whole Pilates buzz hadn’t quite hit yet, so Jayne and I created our own hybrid class which mixed Yoga and Pilates and named it Equilibrium.  We were one of the first presenters to create mind/body, group exercise format that was set to music with its roots firmly based in fitness but taking inspiration from Yoga and Pilates.

At the dawn of the new millennium Pilates was getting massive amount of publicity in all the major media. All the celebs of the day where practising Pilates and gaining amazing bodies! Lynn Robinson had published books, DVDs and Training courses and was a full on Pilates celebrity – in fact everywhere you looked Pilates was booming.  I eagerly signed up on as many courses and training workshops as I could, including Michael Kings early Pilates course as well as continuing to attend the IDEA convention in America to find out where the Pilates trend was heading.

By this stage I had studied Joseph Pilates original works including Return to Life through Contrology and had attended training with great Pilates Teachers Moira Stott, Joan Breibart of the Physical Mind Institute, Cherry Baker & Liz Bussey.  I had also recently trained with Bob Esquerre and Annette Lange in RNT – Reactive Neuromuscular Training which had a profound affect upon the way I prescribed exercises and looked at posture using movement screens.

With over 20 years teaching and presenting group exercises I formulated a modern format using Pilates exercises and theories, coupled with RNT ideas, fitness principals and ACSM guidelines.  It is cost effective and aimed at the qualified fitness instructor eager to engage in Pilates training.

I trialled the program extensively in my community classes and in health clubs and worked closely with local physiotherapists.  I continued to evolve the technique and added balls, dyna bands, standing, seated and power versions of Fitness Pilates.

Fitness Pilates has grown from strength to strength.  I have personally trained thousands of Fitness Instructors nationwide and have consulted with and helped many set up their own business, classes and training.

Recently, I have added a Functional perspective to Fitness Pilates. As science continues to develop and knowledge of how the body works is moving forward, my aim is to keep up with thid new science and incorporate it into the Fitness Pilates programme.

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