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  • Get Naked in Fitness Pilates


    Get naked with your affirmations!

    Saying affirmations outloud,  while exercising
    gives them amazing energy and power.

    It propels & superchargers them into a
    whole new stratosphere.

    You know when you have gone for a run or
    taken a fantastic class, you get inspired,
    dazzling ideas hit you & you feel ready to
    conquer the world.

    Adding them into teaching a class, your clients may
    feel a little self conscious at first…
    So here are my quick tips for
    infusing positive affirmations & uber
    cool vibes into your Fitness Pilates classes.

    1. Start your class seated and focus on breathing.
    2. Read a positive passage out to class from a book
    you love or create your own.
    3. You could create one affirmation for the class
    or have different affirmations for each exercise.
    4. Repeat the affirmation.
    5. Let it really sink in and have meaning.
    6. Introduce the vocal intensity slowly & in stages.

    Encourage your classes to say the affirmations silently
    to themselves at first.

    As they build in confidence encourage a whisper, moving
    up to a louder voice then really GO FOR IT.

    Give the Affirmation some serious POWER and rock it out!

    Don’t expect everybody to do this straight away,
    but they will get there…

    Go steady…baby steps.

    Be aware of your language/words/vocabulary in class.

    Even your own thoughts when you are teaching.

    Remember there are no idle thoughts, every thought has
    energy – positive or negative.

    Praise your clients mentally as well as verbally.

    GENUINE & AUTHENTIC praise & love.

    They can feel YOUR energy & will pick up Your VIBE.
    This will then come back to you TEN FOLD!

    And its so simple to infuse.

    Spread the love, keep the faith and
    lets keep our positivity train
    moving, inspiring, supporting, loving & teaching.

    I love this quote from Gaby B

    “Make joy your priority.
    When you dwell in an energy of joy, you become a magnet for miracles”

    Have a wonderful Saturday
    & get in touch I LOVE hearing from you.

    LOVE RACH xxxx

    Do you want to teach Pilates?

    It continues to be one of the most
    popular classes on timetables all over the UK.

    We have a Level 3 course this weekend in Bristol PLUS
    London, Derby & Manchester during 2014

    We also have spaces on the Fitness Pilates Training in Derby
    12/13 April

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