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  • How to Succeed as an Introverted Fitness Instructor

    How to Succeed as an Introverted Fitness Instructor


    When you arrive at your next group fitness class and see your favourite instructor standing at the front of the room with a bright smile and inviting eyes, do you ever think to yourself, I could never do that?!

     Let’s talk about how introverted personalities can SHINE in the extroverted group fitness world!

    It is not only possible but if you hone into your unique qualities as an introvert, you can use those to your advantage and be at the top of your fitness instructor game.

    Strategies for Thriving as An Introvert

    Take these three introverted qualities of:

    1.  Imagination
    2.  Planning and order
    3.  Loyalty

    Along with these three self-care tips:

    1.  Recharge
    2.  Extrovert affirmations
    3.  Start small

    And flourish as an instructor!


    Having creativity and imagination is a huge asset. Using this introverted quality to your advantage will have you creating fun playlists, creating unique class choreography, and the ability to make each class feel new and fresh.

    Planning and Order:

    When it comes to movement prep or the body of the workout, participants will know when they come to your class that you have done your homework. You have taken the time to create intention and purpose behind the scene, which means more than likely, your classes will feel organised, smooth, and balanced.


    Introverts tend to be honest and loyal friends. This will play to your advantage when you create a community in your classes. The genuine feeling of friendship will permeate, and participants will return where they feel welcome.


    It is a common myth that introverts hate socialising. More accurately, an introvert can feel drained by social encounters, and energy levels are brought back up by recharging with some alone time. This is a huge self-care tip! If you know you need alone time after class, plan it, schedule it, honour it.

    Extrovert Affirmation:

    As a Group Fitness Instructor, it is good to remember why you are teaching in the first place. Even when it can sometimes feel uncomfortable, creating an extroverted affirmation to say before class or as you are walking in can give you that boost of confidence and excitement, you need to start class.

    Start Small:

    Do not let the social aspect of group fitness overwhelm you. You do not need to know every person’s name in the first class you teach, but you could learn one. Start small and think of little ways to help build the community vibe you desire but not feel like it is a bombarding task.

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