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  • Instructor Newsletter 10th December 2015


    Hows everything all going?

    Are you excited for the Christmas break and
    wondering what 2016 has in store?

    It’s such an exciting & magical time of year so as
    we start to look and plan the new year here are some
    inspirational ideas. 🙂


    The Movement

    Join The MOVEMENT

    Do you love Step
    Do You love HiLo
    Do you fancy teaching in a fresh way?


    Click her
    I’ve filmed 5 Aerobic blocks & 5 Step Blocks for you to mix & match.

    It’s totally free btw!

    Sign up. Check out the videos and then……
    watch this space…….for further info

    I have some creative ideas for a new 2016 choreography based class
    for #braintraining #coordination #coolmusic #freestyle #preestyle

    So jump in and add your email. Even if you have NEVER taught a Step
    or Aerobic class in your life..

    Or if you are a seasoned vet 🙂

    Check out the super simple videos.

    Teach them (or your version!) in your classes during the
    Christmas run up. fresh

    Let me know if you fancy some cool choreography &
    a fresh class in the new year.

    Here is the link

    The Movement.


    As you look back on 2015.

    Did you push the needle and get your fitness business moving?

    Did you achieve:

    ***totally different set of the business goals
    you set out in your fresh, 2015 notebook?

    Are you ready to BOOST Your fitness
    Business in 2016?

    Have you been
    thinking about where
    your business is headed in 2016?

    Do you feel ready now to forge ahead with
    ideas and plans?

    I’ll be offering new style of business
    coaching and mentoring courses in 2016
    for all kinds of Fitness Business.

    Add your email above.

    You will get a Free 15 minute Video Workshop
    on how to get social media
    working for you.


    I asked a group of up and coming fitness entrepreneurs and business owners from my Passion Project Coaching Group and my KSFL Franchisees what did 2015 teach them?

    Kelly Ravenscroft

    I’m Kelly Ravenscroft from Keep fit with Kelly, Keep fit with Kelly began in 2010 and really has exceeded all my expectations, I became a KSFL franchisee last month and am so excited for what this will bring to my business in 2016!

    Here are my 5 Tops Tips I Have Learnt This Year To Propel My Business Forward.

    1.Teach what you love and love what you teach……I am truly passionate when I deliver classes I personally love, ditch the classes that no longer excite you

    2. You can’t always please everyone, some will love your style some won’t, be authentic and genuine and hopefully you will attract the clients that are just like you and who you enjoy working with

    3. Delegate…if you can’t do something or don’t have time then find someone who can, I use Fiverr and now have a VA for 3 hours a week (plus a cleaner!! my guilty secret!)

    4. Harness the power of social media and Facebook Ads, i have almost doubled my list this year by using Facebook ads

    5. Give back by running competitions, holding charity events, giving away free info. I believe what you give out comes back ten fold!
    You can find me on Facebook, Kelly Ravenscroft. Twitter @keepfitwihtkell and Instagram Keep fit with Kelly


    What did 2015 teach me? By Annaliese Le Seelleur

    In a year where I walked away from a very comfortable job and salary to set up my own fitness business, what have I learnt?

    1.       You have to take care of yourself… Your body, your mind, your energy, your time – Protect it fiercely! YOU are what drives the business and if you break, it all breaks!

    2.       INVEST. If you treat the business like a hobby, that is exactly how it will remain. I have invested in further education, marketing mentors and most recently the Launch My Passion Project programme with Rachel & Jenny Burrell. I do not doubt for one second that investing in mentors has shifted me forward far quicker than I ever would have gotten on my own. They have taught me their mistakes so I avoid them, how best to structure my business, how to market myself, how to stay sane! And so much more. I have not regretted a single penny I have spent on self-development for me and my business.

    3.       It doesn’t always go to plan…. And sometimes that really hurts! Don’t take it personally and learn to bounce rather than break.

    4.       Don’t hide! It is scary putting myself out there to the world but it is ESSENTIAL. I’ve had to learn to move from being a perfectionist to taking imperfect action. This was perhaps one of my biggest challenges this year, but the quicker you put something in to action the quicker you move forward. Test it as you go and tweak along the way. Don’t sit on it forever waiting for the right time… It never comes! Video has been my biggest hurdle to overcome but is one of the quickest ways to test what works and to build a connection with your audience – and we have everything we need to build that connection in the palm of our hand! My best advice is to take a deep breath and just do it!

    5.       It doesn’t happen overnight… It takes work! Sometimes the constant social media / daily emails / videos / content creation all feels like it disappears into a black hole. But keep the faith in what you are doing, don’t let that doubt creep in and keep chipping away daily.

    And lastly… ENJOY IT! Every day is a new opportunity for me to have fun and do something I couldn’t ever do working for someone else.

    Annaliese x
    Facebook: Trainers and Topknots
    Twitter: @annaliesetandt


    Polly Simpkin  

    I Worked for over 18 years in the Fitness, Health and Sports fields, both self employed and for Public health and Sports Development teams.  I started up Bump and Beyond in 2013 after being inspired from my own pregnancies and postnatal recovery.  I work by myself and I currently offer 1-2-1 and group training sessions to pregnant women, new mums and mums in Swindon & Marlborough areas, in Wiltshire as well as Online bespoke programmes.  Working towards a really exciting Online project which will be launched April 2016!

    Here’s my Top Tips for my business propelling forward:


    I got myself out there more – gave talks, went to groups, did demo’s at events, showcased classes at large Expo events, networked with experts in local area to do with my field of work, for me working in the pre and postnatal and mummy field predominantly that was; NCT, mummy and toddler groups, children centres, Doula’s, health visitors and midwives, women’s health physio’s, physic’s, osteopaths, reflexologists, acupuncturists etc. to cross refer clients and let them know how and what I do.
    I got myself known in the area and experts would recommend me and refer clients on, so therefore increase in number in my classes and private clients.
    From doing this my business built a good reputation in the area and I found I had waiting lists on my classes and had to turn away new clients at some points.

    I increased my prices for Individual PT and bespoke programmes and classes.  I re-did my pricing structure and thought long and hard about putting up my prices for individual sessions and classes, worrying that people wouldn’t pay.  At the end of the day, I thought …I’ve got 18 years experience in delivering PT, I specialise in pre and postnatal fitness, cardiac rehab and exercise referral and am a sports Scientist, so i thought I’ve got the qualifications and experience to charge more, so I did. No complaints and new clients and returning clients, so yay!!

    I ensure in my business that there is an exit route programme for a women to carry onto when they have finished on a particular programme, so my customers stay with me.  e.g. If they have trained with me throughout their pregnancy, then they have the new mum programme to go onto, once they’ve restored their core, pelvic floor etc., they can move onto a bootcamp or PT.  Other programmes on offer for them too.  I found that women stayed with me and if they had another baby, they started the cycle all over again at the pregnancy fitness stage etc.  Great results!


    There are so many Facebook ads, people posting blogs, so much information out there.  I decided to stop following certain people on social media, for example, and just concentrate on the experts in that field.  I was following too many people and getting confused with all the messages, so I culled and stopped following a lot of people,. So now when i log on and read blogs etc., it’s really good information from experts and I’m learning so much more and am propelling my business forward at the moment working on an exciting project by following a course with leading experts in their field Rachel Holmes and Jenny Burrell!! They both definitely didn’t get deleted from my list!!!


    I spent a big chunk of time trying to get my head around Social media more and improving my reach and again getting myself out there.  I gained lots of testimonials, pictures, videos from clients and classes so i can showcase what I do on my website and social media.  Having pictures and videos and being more visual on social media myself gets so much more interaction.  Also i learnt that if you make it personal as well, so for me, I share my own Mummy journey and my experiences it gets much more reach and interaction as well. I’m on more sites now, so I’m on Facebook, twitter and instagram and am shortly going to be going on Soundcloud and Periscope.  I’ve had clients come to me through seeing my posts etc. on my social media and nowadays if you’re going online with your business, this is a must.  I feel more confident in what I’m doing now…I have a long way to go, but I’m doing it and not agonising for hours about what I’m going to post or nervous of getting in front of the camera!

    Owner at Bump and Beyond – Pre & Postnatal Fitness. Pre & Postnatal Exercise Specialist, Sport Scientist & PT. Facebook:  Twitter: Instagram: bump_and_beyond


    5 Top things I did And what I  Learnt in 2015 To Propel My Business Forward….. Hannah Epps

    My name is Hannah and last year I was “just” a pilates teacher,  10 years ago I had a “proper” senior management, well paid job” but when pregnant with 2nd child I left employment and between Breastfeeds did the training and then taught Pilates, and built a business round my family. After hard work and due to my lovely clients (needing my classes to receive their aches and pains) I’m earning more now than I ever did, but believe me I’ve put in the hours and the time. But in 2015 i wanted to change direction as I was exhausted and overwhelmed and ready to quit! Do you sometimes feel like that? How have I made a massive change this year to my income and structure of my business ?

    I went on business courses instead of more qualifications. I Invested in ME because I am the business !

    I read books, blogs, watched you tube on how tos, I attended conferences, networking groups and training days- ie women on fire, Fitpro conference, women in fitness empowerment, and blogging workshop in Paris and local training on social media, local hubs on running a small business. I networked, met and questioned people who were successful, I developed friendships joint ventures and chatted and felt connected with people in fitness like me, who understood me, who are a good influence on me, and keep me motivated.

    I invested in business and PR Mentors

    Because I needed knowledge I didn’t have time to learn and I needed to have accountability to someone, so I turned to Yvonne Radley, Rachel Holmes and Jenny Burrell. Yvonne Radley helped me with the business moving forward and how to get more PR and due to Yvonne’s advice I am now a regular contributor to local magazines, and I got asked for an interview on the local radio as I got the confidence to retweet them about topics like national fitness day I was contributing to with jacqueline Hooton (creator of WIFE and “awomensword”.) Also recently I turned to Rachel Holmes and Jenny Burrell who have been helping me focus on my “passion project”.  Because of their support I said yes to things like speaking at the wife conference in September – and really built my confidence to believe I’m not “just” a pilates teacher.

    I wrote down my targets and goals weekly and monthly – I looked at the bigger picture of what I needed and wanted to make me happy and my business work.

    I looked at the finances and decided I wanted to teach less so reduced my class size and increased the costs – instead of seeing 200 clients a week I now only see 80 a week and hire teachers, admin help and social media help. I  spend more time planning and writing and have online programmes and correspond with over 2000 clients a week most of them with a type of “membership!”. One of my goal I realised was building a studio (I’m very lucky we had the space in the garden and a builder husband!) and I moved all my classes there and I reduced my costs by half.

    4. I stepped out of my comfort zone and challenged yourself,I worked on self improvement and development and a more positive mindset, so that I’m growing and evolving. I kept questioning myself – my decisions, my goals, what i do and what I want to teach, making sure I keep my passion. I went to lots of other classes and I  make sure I’m teaching classes that are fresh and that I enjoy attending. It’s good to compare, be inspired and learn from others, I also always invite teachers to my classes. I have regular monthly meet ups with other pilates teachers to question and support each other.  I enjoy Networking and I’m happy to refer clients to them and share – its comes back to me 10 fold and my classes are full! If I’m not right for a client I know someone who is!!!

    5. I did a survey with my favourite client and who I like to work with –  i checked what they wanted and what they are interested in. Because of the answers I cut the classes so they were small, I raised the prices on their advice, I have a plan on my blogs what they want to read about, I am running online programmes they can watch when they can’t attend a class, and am designing a 6 week back care programme for them when they get back pain at the desk I know I care.  I’ve used ghost writers to help me talk about things I haven’t knowledge or time to write about.

    Can you get yourself out there and challenge yourself more, or just design your business and working life around what you love and enjoy? Try it you are worth it!

    Hannah Epps owns and has run Farnham Pilates for 10 years and runs The Garden Studio.


    Nicole Frank

    1. Allow yourself to have a vision.
    Be totally honest about what you need to be happy at work. No
    nice-talking and excuses for things that don’t  serve your happiness at
    Dream up your ideal business and work environment.

    2. Allow yourself to think big but start with what’s practical and most
    helpful now  ( to pave the road to that bigger future).
    Work within your given skill sets+ financial means and make the best of
    it (for now).

    3. Trust your gut, trust yourself.
    Sometimes we have this unfathomable feeling that some-THING  or a
    person is not right for us or our business   but we cannot grab what it is.
    Most of the time this feeling is right and it’s better to let the thing
    or a potential business partner go. And then follow your real inspiration
    with all your heart.

    4. If you got to say something – say something. Stop hiding. Make videos and
    show yourself. And share them on facebook.

    5. When you notice you’re standing in front of a brick wall and nothing goes
    forward, step back and let go.
    Very often a door or niche opens  all by itself. Don’t push the river.
    Go whith the flow.

    Check out Nicoles website

    A Gift For Christmas – KSFL Cambridge doing it for Charity
    So on Sunday KSFL Cambridge organised it’s second charity fitness event this year, which went down a storm!!

    Earlier this year Jay organised a Fight against Cancer which was a day of Combat based classes and raised £2500 for Cancer Research so with that success we wanted to spread the fundraising further to a charity that is close to both our hearts.
    East Anglia Children’s Hospice support families and care for children and young people with life-threatening conditions across Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk. Their care and support is tailored for the needs of all family members and delivered where the families wish – in their own home, at hospital, in the community or at one of three hospices in Ipswich, Milton and Quidenham.
    We wanted to support their work and give just a little something to try and help the children have a better Christmas this year.

    So we organised a 5 hour Fitness event for people in and around Cambridge and ALL the money went to the charity.
    We were so fortunate that some of the best UK presenters gave up their time to teach at the event for FREE!!

    The one and only Rachel Holmes kicked off the day with KS EXTREME and got all our participants geared up!! Then the very gorgeous Laura Turner, who is one of the Les Mills master trainers for Sh’Bam busted out some awesome choreography for our peeps to shake and shimmy to. I then taught Kiss My Abs followed by Matt Molloy who is another Les Mills Master Trainers for Body Combat kicked butt (literally!!). Finally we finished the day with club classics, glow sticks and high energy – it can only be Clubbercise!!

    Even though we decided to run the event 3 weeks before Christmas where most people would be spending their Sunday’s recovering from work parties or Christmas shopping we still had 50 amazing participants join us to complete the 5 hours back to back.
    It was such an amazing day held at the college I work at – Cambridge Regional College and I managed to convince 3 of my ex students to give up their Sunday for FREE to help out and be spotters all day!
    My brother supplied the PA system, another local gym let us borrow their staging & We held a raffle and local business’ in and around Cambridge donated some fantastic prizes!!!
    We managed to raise nearly £2000 for EACH on Sunday which was fantastic and myself and Jay have been invited to the Hospice to deliver the cheque and meet the Children to see how the money will be spent. I know that will be a very emotional day but totally worth it!! – Keep an eye on my social media for pictures of when we go before Christmas.


    I would like to thank everyone who supported the day and especially to ‘Big Up’ Jay Banks who really organised the whole thing!!
    For more info on the work that we do at KSFL Cambridge please go to


    You Cannot Reap What You Haven’t Sown: e.g – Trying To Reap Peace From Sowing Bloodshed..!!

    By Andrew Crawford

    Vicky was the deserved winner of The Jungle on the weekend. For many years she had sown a different kind of seed and was heading in another direction.

    Over the last few months and even in the jungle, opinions swayed for the North East lass. She was finally rewarded by reaping the coverted first prize of ‘Queen of the Jungle’…

    Oh….and Reggie ‘n’ Bollie are in the finals…!!

    The powers at be are trying to restrict your access to information that will expose their actions. Whatever they are sowing may not be in the ‘Interests of the Public’ so they don’t want you to know about it. Clearly

    The Freedom of information Act allowed the public to inquire about the ‘goings on’ within the public sector, now they clearly do not like this anymore. This gave the power for you to write a simple letter and for them to produce the information as requested forthwith.

    Ministers want to water down the act. I can only assume that they are expecting many requests following their decision to kill the Syrians.

    If you want a blueprint of a Freedom of Information request letter, go here, it is the first one on the list:

    The results of the Syrian invasion are beginning to show its mark on the UK…..A man was mistaken for carrying a samurai sword as 6 police storm a train to find it was only an umbrella……..People are edge.

    I’ve noticed that my mobile is being filled up with information about the guy they are calling another Hitler. He wants to get every ‘Certain Group of People’ out of the US of A………….I wonder if this is just a distraction technique to get our minds off of the tyranny being  undertaken at the moment..!!??

    Trying to reap Peace.from sowing………..

    So Andrew,…..

    What has Reaping Peace from Sowing Bloodshed got to do with Accountancy & Tax?

    It is just like Offering Peace whilst the Bloodshed Terminates …just like ‘Terminating an Offer’

    This is part of a Contract.

    The 3 essential parts of a contract are :

    The intension to create legal relations

    There is an agreement between the parties, known as an ‘Offer and Acceptance’

    There is consideration (the price)

    You will find that nearly every day we enter into these mini contracts without even knowing about it.

    My Law Lecturer used to say: “ A verbal contract is not worth the paper it is written on..”

    If you are going to undertake any type of contract in your business, please get it written up and signed by all parties to the agreement.

    However, any words or actions which signifies consent to the terms constitutes acceptance. This offer must also be communicated. Passive inaction is not acceptance.

    Acceptance of a contract which introduces new terms is regarded as rejection and counter-offer.

    Terminating An Offer

    An offer can be terminated in the following instances:

    Rejection : Refusal of an offer terminates the offer.

    Counter-Offer: If you make a counter offer, this makes a NEW offer

    Revocation:  An offer can be revoked before it is accepted.

    Lapse of time: If the offer is not accepted in the time specified.

    Failure of condition precedent:  The offer may be linked to a certain condition

    Death: Certainly terminates the offer.

    I have merely touched on the subject of Contracts, it is a very interesting subject but I don’t want to bore you as you have Xmas parties to attend.


    Floods are coming again. Are we prepared this time??

    January is coming. Don’t forget to check out  –

    Xmas parties are coming. Enjoy… you deserve it.

    Conquer your fears or your fears will conquer you….AJC

    Andrew James Crawford


    Ill see you on PERISCOPE at 730am TODAY

    LOve Rachel xxxxx

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