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  • Instructor Newsletter 11th August

    It’s the C2GO Newsletter aimed to motivate and
    inspire you to take action!

    c2go small infusion



    Have you booked your The Brain Fit Workout ™ Training yet ?
    It’s my new Movement and Meditation Group Exercise class with great music, movement and mindfulness.

    Its the conscious way to workout reliving stress, anxiety and building self esteem and confidence with positive
    affirmations and Brain Training.
    I’ve added more venues around the UK

    Click here to book


    Kick Start Discovery Day
    This was an amazing day in Manchester and now we
    have more Fitness Professionals joining the Kick Start Fat Loss Business.
    I’ll be in Guildford at the Premier Inn
    on Sat 3rd September
    holding my 4th Discovery Day for those people
    interested in becoming
    a Kick Start Franchisee – If you would like to come along Its a FREE afternoon click here and places are limited to 10 people 🙂


    Click here

    It’s holiday time & judging by all of the out of office emails
    I’m getting, so many of us are taking some time out.

    So, here is a short newsletter to keep you all in the mix.

    This week Im in San Diego visiting my family, locking in some Kick Start meetings and very excited
    to be attending JJ Virgins, Mind Share Business event with Jenny Burrell and Jessica Drummod which starts today. Follow me on Instagram stories and snap chat for all the updates from the this amazing wellness

    Calling all my female friends who are 35 and over I am creating a new online coaching programme and to get your free Goal Setting ebook click here

    Consumers Shop with their Eyes by Rachel

    I have no idea where I picked this up or heard it but the statement is so amazingly true and even more so when marketing yourself, brand and sessions on social media. When you are cruising down your Facebook and Twitter feeds the items that often get your attention are pictures, so make sure you are using great images and pictures on your Facebook Pages.

    There are some perfect apps which you can add your text onto your photos and create your own quotes and advertisements in seconds. I love Phonto and Canva to put all my photos together, add text and create interesting pics for my Facebook and Instagram.

    They ALWAYs get a lot of attention as people do get bored with just seeing the same old status updates. Why don’t you put some fun pics and quotes together today for your social media.

    Photos on Facebook generate 53% more likes than the average post, and posts with more likes increase your engagement. This is important because as your engagement increases, Facebook puts you into the News Feed more often so that more of your fans see you, which ultimately leads to more people reading your posts.

    How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page

    Why are Facebook fans important?

    Well there are a few reasons. First, when you grow a big community of loyal fans on Facebook, your chances of getting seen and heard inside Facebook increase. It’s really just a numbers game.

    The more fans you have talking about you, liking your posts and sharing your content, the more often people on Facebook will see your content. You want an army of raving fans talking about you – and Facebook can do just that!

    Also, your Facebook fan count acts as social proof.

    That means when someone comes to your Facebook page and sees you have a few thousand fans (or more!) they think, “Ok, this Instructor is legit, popular, professional, etc etc.” Crazy, I know. But true! We want to become fans of pages our friends and peers like. The more fans you have, the more new fans you can get.

    Tip#1:If you have a website then get a Facebook “like” Box

    A Like Box helps you attract Facebook fans that are genuinely interested in you and your business. You will have seen these on just about every website you visit. It’s where you can see the little Facebook box where you can like the page from your own website.

    It’s easy to implement and is one of the more effective ways to grow a quality fan community.
    If you are struggling with how to do it then ask your website developer

    Tip#2: Use Facebook adverts to grow your email list

    I use FB ads daily to grow my email list & promote my
    products & services. If you are interested in FB ads
    make sure you add your email to my Fitness Business
    academy Newsletter.

    Tip #3: Increase Your Engagement and Interact on the page regularly

    Here’s how engagement will help you attract more fans:
    One of the most common reasons why people on Facebook struggle to get more fans is that they don’t have any engagement on their Facebook page. When you don’t have engagement you won’t be seen in the news feed and the news feed is where all the action is on Facebook.

    When you get people talking about you on Facebook (liking your posts, commenting and sharing your content) your exposure organically increases (meaning you don’t have to pay for the engagement, it just happens naturally). When your exposure increases, your fan base increases.

    The more great content your post and share, the more people comment then the more people will see it in the newsfeed.
    So there you have my top 3 tips to getting more fans on your Facebook pages.

    Content for some different SGT niches

    by Jay Banks

    This week I’ve put some content for different niches down
    SGT training camp

    Warm up
    Tyre flip (length of studio 10 times) This is the length everyone stays on their station for
    Alternative medicine ball push ups
    Walking lungs
    Squat trusts
    Renegade rows
    Kettlebell swing

    Once everyone has done a full circuit partner up
    10 down press ups Partner 1 does press 10 press ups whilst Partner 2 holds a high plank

    Once partner 1 has done their press ups partner 2 does theirs whilst partner 1 holds high plank
    This goes on all the way done to 1
    Cool down
    With instruction the whole session above can take up to 45 mins
    If you find you have time left
    Repeat circuit after 10 press up down
    2nd circuit you only tyre flip 4 lengths, to make time shorter.
    I did this session on Tuesday just gone and my clients loved it and hated it at the same time.
    Oh and if you haven’t got a tyre you could make them run X amount of lengths of your space.
    You can use the content for other classes as well as SGT group
    Next week we are back to more theory
    But I’ll also be dropping in other class plan ideas for different niches in this email series.
    Remember you can contact me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap chat or my website

    Happy Thursday

    Love Rachel xxx

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