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  • Instructor Newsletter 11th February

    Keep Your Teaching Vibe High!

    To continue to motivate, inspire and help your class members it’s important to keep your own vibe HIGH.


    On your nutrition tip, learn which foods bring your down,

    give your brain fog & make you feel pretty crappy, after you have eaten them!



    Identify the foods that keep you sharp on top of your game, mentally & physically.



    Keep experimenting. Keep tweaking. Keep trialling.


    It’s a total art-form getting the balance right.


    But so worth the effort.


    Something you ate on “cheat day” can still be effecting how you feel,

    your brain & your emotions, 3/4 days later.


    Track it down and nail it.


    Keep positivity at the forefront of your mind & wonderful things do happen.


    Rewrite your goals up on your white board.


    In your phone.


    In your ideas book or journal.


    Fill your home/office/car wih images & pictures of things you love, enjoy & bring you joy.


    Keep Your Vibe high as we move into the weekend 🙂

    MORE Tips – I received some great feedback about my 61 Tip
    to becoming a better Fitpro a few weeks ago so here are a few more! 🙂
    There has NEVER been a more exciting time to be in the fitness industry so many exciting avenues & projects to seize.

    Here are my current Top Tips

    1: WELLNESS & Lifestyle is where it’s at. Think long term rather than quick fixes packages.

    2: Get better at writing – for your status updates/blog posts/newsletters/marketing everything we now do in fitness has an element of writing & copy. Its crucial now to spread your message.

    3: READ so much more – 10 minutes a day minimum.

    4:Listen to what your girlfriends talk about & issues they have, then design classes, services, products to help them.

    5:Understand FACEBOOK adverts – Facebook algos have changed again.

    6:Get on SNAPCHAT – RachelLHolmes

    7: Revisit your goals list every week & edit, rework & change course if necessary.

    9: Design cool lifestyle/fitness programmes online & offline for women aged 40 – 60 years.

    10: Learn how to capture emails and use a good email distribution service like Infuiosnoft, Mail Chimp. Aweber, Constant Contact understand it. Own it.

    11: Stop teaching classes & clients you can’t stand.

    12:Understand the difference between the social media platforms – Post different things, at different times on FB, Twitter, Instagram.

    13:Get into LIVE Streaming. Facebook Live & Periscope.

    14: Organise local fitness & wellness events – Stand out as an expert.

    15: Get into public speaking. You do it every day as an Instructor, therefore, create some interesting talks, and offer to speak wherever you can locally & build your profile.

    16: We are all 1 person media companies and brands now.

    17:Create your own picture quotes with your branding for social media distribution.

    18: Follow journalists, magazines and news channels & tweet them on topical health & fitness daily.

    19: Teach Fitness Pilates  – Classes go from strength to strength nationwide.

    20: Get into OUTSOURCING and Delegate. My favourite site is Fiverr I use this every day to get down my to-do list.

    21: STOP using Facebook as distribution. Pumping out BUY My…Buy My……. Facebook is not a modern day email service. You need to put out good CONTENT, blog posts, pictures.  Keep giving out great content. Edutertainment is key!

    22: Trending Topics on Twitter – Check out what the daily Trends are & be creative and tie these into your daily Tweets. Understand # hashtags

    23: Work out you true core desires. What DO you really want out of life. Design your own life not someone else’s.

    24: Partner with Hair & Beauty Shop entrepreneurs in your town.

    25:  Position yourself as a professional expert.

    26:  If your classes are quiet. Look at your marketing. Change it up, reach out to new audiences, look at your social media, leaflets, branding. Marketing is a daily process & its constantly changes.

    27: Use Pure Energy Music – Its the best by 100000%!

    28: Spend time building your community

    29:Write a weekly newsletter minimum – Reach out to your list as often as
    possible with great content. (Daily if poss)

    30:Jump on monthly events & healthy awareness campaigns there is something every month that is relevant to health, fitness & wellness.

    31: If you are looking for ideas on things to tweet/FB scan the daily news websites like Sky/BBC/Huffington Post/ and comment on daily newsworthy topics.

    32:You can be the best PT/Instructor in the world but if no one knows about you you are not reaching your potential clients.

    33: Know EXACTLY who your customer is. Who comes to your sessions – Find out the exact demographic for each product you have. Its easy to market then.

    34: More people will ask your questions about your classes via social media. Ask for their email address & answer via email but add the email address to your list.

    35: Offer classes & services that no one else does: 1:1 Yoga/Pilates/, Small Group Training, @Home Transformation partys. Brainstorm NEW class ideas.

    36: Build up your media contacts locally including print & radio. Tweet them  & build relationships via Twitter/Linkedin

    37: If you starting out & really want to explode your business come & join me at Kick Start Fat Loss as a Franchisee 🙂

    38: The pay is NOT going to go up in Health Clubs & Leisure Centres.

     Fitness is THE best industry to be in. It doesn’t have to be hard its a gift ENJOY IT

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