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  • Instructor Newsletter 12 March 2015


    Great Music for Class.

    Pure Energy have released some amazing music this week.
    I highly recommend  Uptown Funked & Dance Overdrive.

    This mixes will most definitely get your classes buzzing.

    Check out the Pure Energy Website for offers, deals
    downloads & CD’s.


    Blackpool – IFS

    How quickly has this come round?

    We will be packing up
    our suitcases and heading of to the Winter Gardens
    next Thursday.

    Really looking forward to the whole Blackpool

    Are you going?

    Make sure you pop over and say Hi


    Kelly Reed- Banks Ab Evolution Tour 2014

    Nearly all of the venues are sold out  for this tour
    so if you would like a place head over to the booking page
    and check availability.

    Bristol is sold out. Click here


    9 Ways to be an Outstanding Group X Instructor

    I received a message on Facebook  last week from an Instructor posing  questions
    about how could she could become a better Instructor,
    so here are my top tips 🙂

    1: BE YOU

    My number 1 tip: 100% is YOU be YOU. You can watch all the training videos,
    go on all the courses, get inspired by amazing presenters, but my biggest
    boldest tip is that you need to be you. Being confident and comfortable
    in your own skin and bringing your unique personality to every class is THE
    winning formula.
    Of course, you can be inspired by other teachers and magpie some of their traits
    in your teaching, but ultimately THE best teachers all over the world
    are the ones who bring their special uniqueness to every class.


    When I first started teaching I attended every single workshop, convention and conference I possibly could.
    Although it can be costly, see it as an investment
    in your self and your professional development.
    WHATEVER the presentation is, go with
    an open mind and open heart and I promise you will take something away.

    These days you can access so much free training online via webinars, that every day
    can be an opportunity to learn something new and apply it to your classes.

    This is MASSIVE.

    Especially in this time of big global brands pushing forward into the industry. If you are aren’t sure about teaching something DON”T DO IT.

    Be a detective and find out as much about a program as you can,
    go to as many classes as possible
    and decide.

    Does this really fit with who I am?

    If you are taking on  training and classes just for the money
    without having any heart in it you will lose interest so fast
    and your class members will pick up on it immediately and numbers will drop.

    Only teach classes you are passionate about. It NEVER works out if you don’t.


    However long you have been teaching
    if it’s a few months or a few decades, always remember fitness is STILL a NEW business/industry.

    It’s still a new career path with so much more to go at.

    This is what excites me so much;
    there really is so much to go at so, every day can bring a new opportunity if you keep
    your eyes open.

    YOU can actually do anything with this amazing industry.

    You can create
    a live business teaching and training people, you can create an online business serving
    more and more people, you can create products and services that change people’s
    WOW it  s such a positive industry to be in. Keep your eyes and ears open and think
    laterally. What do YOU want to create?


    Get to know EVERYONE that comes to your class.  If you teach group X you will
    be standing in front of the widest cross section of people from all walks
    of lives and occupations. Someone in your class could potentially offer you
    a contact or job you desperately want, or backing on a business venture, or become a lifelong friend,  WHO KNOWS.
    Make it your business to find out about the people in your class.
    Take a genuine interest and you will make lifelong connections and friendships.


    There is no doubt about it, you have to master your craft and put in those 1000’s
    of hours of practice. Some classes you do will be amazing and some may have you running out of the door fighting back tears (we’ve all been there).

    We are not robots and no one can pull it out of the bag every single session. By walking into every class, prepared and rehearsed will always stand you in the best possible stead.

    Yes, not robots!

    We have feelings and emotions.

    As soon as you get over the fact that
    everyone won’t like you and your teaching style things will be easier.
    If you can tell a participant isn’t digging your vibe don’t focus on that one person
    and forget everyone else. Don’t take it personally and if they put in a negative
    comment card about you accept the feedback and MOVE ON.

    The worse thing you can do is dwell on negative feedback. Take it in, improve if it’s
    something you need to work on but don’t let it ruin your life.
    It’s only a class and it’s only one person, focus on the love and joy your bring to the majority!

    This is HUGE!

    How you feel about yourself.
    Your general self talk. Your confidence in your own skin.
    You are a leader, a role model and being confident in your own skin is vital. Walking into any class with a smile, feeling positive and looking forward to serving, helping, teaching and sharing is the most amazing gift.

    I still get tingles before a class.

    Whatever is going on in your personal life leaving any issues at the studio door and embracing the people in front of you is the best tonic.
    Listen to positive audios on your way to class.
    Set a daily affirmation.
    Create a class affirmation and share it with your members.
    You set the tone of the class with your energy, magnetism and vibrancy.


    Teaching lots of classes and training clients can be immensely draining on your own energy. We absorb our customers moods and emotions. Moaners and energy vampires can seriously damage your health. A tip I use from Gabrielle Bernstein is when I  come into contact with energy vampires is I imagine zipping myself up in a gold parka (like the old skool ready brek adverts) Try not to engage in negative chit chat or get involved in class politics. I find being your authentic self you will attract to your classes the right customers and if you are not, look at what you are putting out there.
    The clients you are attracting are often mirrors of yourself which may be a lesson for you to work on something or issues of your own.

    Love being in Fitness. It’s an amazing industry!


    A Thicke Blurred Line of $7.4m….. Pharr Reall….!!!
    By Andrew Crawford

    On Sunday I met a whole bunch of gorgeous goodness freshly flown over for the KSFL Conference…… ‘Sisters from Ireland’…. Very pleasant indeed.

    Along with our fantastically delightful fine female specimens from the UK, made for a great blend of niceness….!!!

    No drinks were flowing………..Pharr Reall…!!

    I did miss however, my fellowess Accountancy colleague Chris Tuck, making, what may be described as, her frequent TV appearance on our Tell-Lie-Vision  sets today.

    She is tackling a subject the Government seems to be paying lip service to but showing no action…….I think and it’s in my humblest opinion, the reason may be that many high profile famous names, Distinguished Gentlemen, Clergy, DJ’s, MP’s, Dignitaries even Royalty have been linked to countless hours of unsavoury entertainment behind the confinements of private parties and late night liaisons.

    It’s a  case of SOB™ (Survivors Of aBuse) vs those SOB’s…!! …..Pharr Reall..!!
    So Andrew……

    What’s in the Thicke of it, Eye watering $7.4m and the meeting with SOB’s got to do with Accountancy and Tax..??

    Well… was only tonight that the subject common to both scenarios  presented itself…..I’m talking about protection……..

    ………….Protection of Copyright……….!!

    A federal jury decided yesterday that “Blurred Lines” ripped off  Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give it Up.

    Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams went beyond trying to emulate the sound of Gaye’s late-1970s music and copied the R&B legend’s hit..

    ..hence the $7.4m fine

    Gaye died in April 1984, leaving his children the copyrights to his music.

    Now, I have covered this before but felt compelled to revisit this subject given todays events…..and the sting of $7.4m.

    Copyright is a form of non-registered IP (Intellectual Property) which protects literary works, music, artistic work and other works from being copied.
    An IDEA which is not a tangible product, such as the format of a fitness program, is not protected from being copied.

    You, as the copyright owner, has the exclusive right to do and to prevent others from doing any of the following;

    Copying the work

    Issuing copies of the work to the public

    Performing or playing the works in public

    Communication of the work in public

    Adapting any of the above

    What can you Copyright?

    You must ensure that anything which is capable of being copyrighted is an original work….so we have
    Literary works (books, articles, advertising, websites, brochures)

    Musical work

    Artistic works (logos, labels, photographs, illustrations, paintings)

    Sound recordings

    How to Protect Your Copyright
    The first thing I advise you to do is to always use the symbol © on your original copyrighted work along with the first year you published the work and your name. Eg  © 2015 Andrew Crawford.

    The works have to be undeniably original, with certain amounts of your skill and expertise.

    Write it down in as much detail as you possibly can, yes, …in writing and in your own handwriting…..put dates on this.

    Send the original to a Solicitor or better still, send it back to yourself, registered post (so that you have to sign for it) then DO NOT open it.

    Do not tell anyone else until they have signed a Confidentiality Agreement

    If you are getting someone else to produce your work or you are outsourcing your work, ensure that you clarify who owns the copyright. Usually you would stipulate this at the beginning or else the work belongs to them. Get an assignment of licence.

    What is the Period of Copyright?
    Literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works; at the end of the period of 70 years

    A sound recording; at the end of a period of 50 years

    A film; at the end of 70 years
    Broadcasts; at the end of 50 years

    The typographical arrangement of a published edition; at the end of the period of 25 years

    There are Civil Remedies for infringement of copyrights

    Account of profits

    Anton Piller order for search of premises and seizure of evidence

    Delivery up and destruction orders


    Just finalising my project ready for pre-launch soon. Watch this space.

    Don’t forget Mother’s Day on Sunday. To all you Yummy Mummies have a great day being looked after……Everyday is Mothers Day…!! ..For Real..!!

    © Copyright Andrew James Crawford 2015

    Andrew James Crawford

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