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  • Instructor Newsletter 12th January

    Good Morning – Today we talk how to start your online fitness
    business and Andrew talks TAX returns………

    Growing your list

    If you truly want to create an online income stream.

    Over on one of my Business Facebook groups 100 Instructors wrote down their goals for 2017. Nearly everyone said they would like to develop a passive income stream that works with their off line business (perhaps not in those words).

    Many Instructors dream of starting a membership site, or selling workout downloads online but where do you start? The first thing to do is start to grow your list. Your database or list is your lifeline and is the key to developing an online business whatever it may be.

    You must begin today, growing a list of people with whom you regularly share your expertise.

    Firstly, you need 150 people you communicate to regularly. You then need to grow that list to 1500 and then to 15,000. Be careful though, simply growing the list volume is not the key. It’s about people who know you and care about what you say. Internet marketers with 150,000 strangers they send unsolicited email to is not the goal. Brilliant Fitness Marketers who have super successful online businesses, help people on their lists with free information, support, help and advice. They build relationships with the people on their lists, which I feel is where many Internet Gurus fall down. There is no relationship; it’s plain to see they have no interest in the people they mail.

    Fitness is a people business and that needs to be reflected in your online business however small it is right now. If you want to grow, then be yourself, be genuine and promote that aspect.

    The two simple ways to get people on your list:

    People swap their contact details for a high value learning gift (eg. They download an eBook from your site or a free download workout or a free class pass or a 10minute phone coaching call).

    People give you their contact details after listening to you speak live or teach, via webinar or through some video cast (eg. You tube).

    When you grow your list from these genuine touch points your list is educated, engaged and likely to come to your invitations and do something with an open mind.

    Four keys to growing your list:

    Keep creating fans. You don’t own subscribers and people always move in and out of your world. Always grow your list. Don’t be offended if people unsubscribe. You don’t want to be sending newsletters to someone who isn’t interested.

    Send valuable interesting content all the time. Send out high quality communications with rich, usable content.

    Be consistent. If you say your newsletter comes out every Thursday then make sure it does.

    And a bonus thought…

    Most of all, have fun honouring the relationship.

    Enjoy growing your list and enjoying writing articles and newsletters. It really shows in your writing when you clearly enjoy sharing and helping others.

    Your Marketing Message – THINK before you update your Facebook status, Tweet or send an email newsletter or Snapchat

    Whether you think about it or give it that much thought, everything you write on Facebook or Twitter is shouting and promoting your personal brand. So, the next time you update your status or tweet on Twitter or send your newsletter out, think about it carefully. Your marketing message is the bridge that connects your business to the outside world. Even on your busiest, craziest day, you must filter out the madness happening behind the scenes and deliver your message in a clear, compelling way that gets results.

    So, how can you do this in a quick and easy way? The next time you sit down to craft your next marketing message — whether it’s for an email broadcast, a Tweet, Facebook update or a video, ask yourself these FOUR questions.

    QUESTION 1: “Who is your audience?”

    Have you ever heard of a business owner who didn’t want everyone to love their product? Even when we know we should have a target market, it’s tempting to want to cater to the masses and eventually win them over. But usually when you try to please them all, you end up engaging no one — and this rings especially true when it comes to marketing copy.

    Before you write down a word, you should know WHO your audience is. Many writers, dancers, singers and actors — those in expressive, creative fields — are often advised to zero-in on one person in the audience and perform for that individual. That way, you know you’re connecting with one person, and there’s a good chance others will perk up for your message as well. Try this exercise for yourself and see how much it helps.

    QUESTION 2: “What do they want?”

    Once you’ve got an image or idea of that one person reading your marketing message, try to think of what they need. And think outside of your product on this one ;). If it’s Monday, maybe they’ve got the post weekend blues and need some inspiration. A new mum might need a laugh. Think of all types of needs that this person might have, like assurance, relief, hope, fun, connection, to name just a few.

    Don’t limit yourself. Even just having a few different needs of your audience floating around in your head while you write will help.

    QUESTION 3: “How can you meet their needs?”

    Brainstorming potential needs of your target market can make it easy to come up with your “angle” — the decisive way in which you’ll appeal to your audience.

    From a marketing perspective, you want to be able to match your audience’s needs with your product/services/classes. But if you can’t set up a perfect match, its okay — just be sure to satisfy the need. So, if you like the idea of offering a little inspiration to your readers in your Monday morning broadcast, be sure to deliver inspiration.

    QUESTION 4: “What next step do you want them to take?”

    It’s funny how many people forget to make this part clear in their marketing messages.

    As much as you want your readers to opt-in to your ezine, become a fan on Facebook, attend your class and buy your product, you MUST focus on only ONE “call-to-action”!

    Good luck with your writing and make sure your personality shines through on all of your marketing messages Tweet me, I LOVE to hear your views and opinions @RAchelHolmes

    HAVE YOU BEEN thinking about joining
    Kick Start as a new franchisee?

    Lindsay Gillam who joined me only a few months ago
    is launching her first club next week with over 140
    people attending our launch…. it WAS AMAZING!!!!

    Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 10.19.18

    The general public are ready…… come and work with me
    there are lots of new options,
    and prices and KSFL IS PERFECT to bring in a ton
    of new business if you have a studio or teach in the community.

    Email me today 🙂 for details
    The Ribbon In The Sky…Knocks Me Off My Feet..…!!!

    By Andrew Crawford

    “…..We can’t lose with God on our side….”

    “….We’ll find strength in each tear we cry…”


    Because…..”..There’s a Ribbon in the sky…for our love…!!!”

    Famous lyrics by the one and only………..Stevie Wonder..!!

    Ain’t that right Diana Askew?? ….tee hee..!!

    Well…Diana ‘knocked me off my feet’ last week, I had to go get some serious theraphy..!!

    I can’t believe that I missed the original artist for those lyrics I wrote in last week’s article….and I consider myself a music lover..!! Shame..!!

    Sorry to have upset you….If I was drinking, my stash would be going down well right now….so..I have named this period……

    ‘Dry January, Wet February’

    Wet February starts on the ‘T’ of Twelve. At Midnight (31stJanuary)….as the clock strikes ‘dong’….my lips will be around an ice cold frozen glass of fizz…ah….I’m licking my lips right now, just thinking about it. You can’t go wrong with an ice cold bottle.

    Another set of people upset this week were those people working in London on Monday. Some folks forgot that there was a strike on and had to walk to work….

    I had a few calls that day from people who were in transit on feet from South & North London walking to Central….maybe they should have taken the day off. Extend their week end.

    Another person walking is Obama…..making room for Trump.

    Ain’t going there today….!!

    So Andrew,

    What has Ribbon in the Sky, Diana Askew knocking you off your feet, the London tube strike & Trump got to do with Accountancy & Tax?


    They are all mistakes…errors..!

    I made a mistake with the original hero writer of the song, workers made a mistake going into work on Monday……….and as for Trump….???

    Hopefully I will be forgiven, workers may forgive the strikers & voters will forgive the opposition voter.

    Not so with the HMRC. If you make a mistake or there is an error on your Tax Return those office government workers start rubbing their hands together patting each other on the back and high fiving….because some mofo is gonna get fined..!!

    Depending on your error the fines & penalties will differ. It could be a simple error or mistake in any case…there’s a fine for that. I have noticed lately that HMRC is tough on mistakes and errors.

    So how do they work out these fines and what constitutes an error?

    (Now for this particular bit, I’m gonna be lazy here and fly over to HMRC’s definition: copy & paste it for you…so I don’t make a mistake…!!)

    My Top 10 Mistakes:

    Not declaring all your income

    Claiming expenses you know should not be claimed

    Using incorrect figures

    Not keeping back up documents to support your figures

    Using the wrong NI or the wrong UTR (Unique Tax Reference)

    If submitting by paper, not signing or dating the return (seriously)

    If you tick the wrong boxes (this can easily happen)

    Not supplying the supplementary pages (property, capital gains etc)

    Missing off important information or details from your return

    If you miss the deadline for filing or paying your tax


    It’s Tax Return season. You have under 20 days in which to get your Return done online. Remember you also have to pay the tax by the 31st otherwise the HMRC will classify your return as late.

    If your tax affairs are straight forward and you do not wish to use an Accountant, perhaps you may welcome this service:

    Alternatively for the full version which includes invoicing, credit control, snap your receipt and much more, take a look here:

    My final words today…

    “……I don’t wanna bore you with my troubles…”

    There’s something about your love that makes me weak

    That ‘Knocks me of my feet…” SW (Diana Askews hero) xx

    Andrew James Crawford

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