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  • Instructor Newsletter 12th July 2012

    Rachels IDEA News

    Good Morning Rachel

    I promised myself I would write this newsletter on the plane returning from the IDEA convention, but was so exhausted I ended up sleeping, with a bouncy neck that still aches from those tight BA cattle class seats (No Business class here!), all the way back to Blightly and now I’m whirling in a fog of jet laggness. BUT was it worth it………. oh yes, very, very much so. We had such a great time that I didn’t want to come back after a week. It was that good.

    I’ve hit the IDEA convention on and off for the last 20 years. Some years it has been truly amazing and some not so amazing, but as at Fitpro, there is change in the fitness air. Lots of new presenters, new opinions and new viewpoints. Obviously we didn’t agree with everything, but the IDEA stage housed some outstandingly amazing and inspiring speakers and educators who blinded the not so good into the ground.

    If you love the US with its outstanding service, vast array of food, “restrooms,” (restaurant toilets that look like the glossy pages from a high end kitchen and bathroom show room magazine), fabulous shopping, stunning hotel rooms, then San Diego will never disappoint you. It’s high end everywhere you look. Even the many homeless people have the best one liners and sarcy comments whenever you pass them and had Jayne and I laughing on a daily basis.

    Highlights for me included the Keynote. I do LOVE a good keynote. I enjoy watching and listening to top drawer speakers, how they captivate the audience with a great story, drive home a poignant message and summarise the key points. This year IDEA presented the Jack La Lanne award to Jane Fonda and watching and listening to Jane’s acceptance speech was a definite once in a lifetime experience I will never forget.

    Many of you will have heard Dr Pamela Peeke speak at past Fitpros. She is the most incredibly intelligent lady and her research into food addiction was compelling. I’ll be bringing you more on this over the coming weeks. I’ll be implementing a lot of her research into my new Beach Body Ready KSFL. I also thoroughly enjoyed all of the diet and nutrition lectures. Chris Mohr delivered a very practical and no nonsense nutritional update, he discussed coffee, coconut oil, supplements, green tea, fasting, high carb v low carb everything that was extremely relevant to me in relation to KSFL.

    Pamela Peeke presented a wonderful with Tara Costa. If you watched the Biggest Loser USA you will remember Tara as the winner in season 7. Her story is incredibably motivational and the food addiction she faced at 20stone and how she smashed the addiction was unmissable. A great insight into this mentality and mindset.

    I also LOVED Dr Jade Teta. His talk on Belly Fat and the Metabolic Effect workout and theory were definite highlights for me.

    Another awesome presentation was by Dr Len Kravitz who pitched the research on continuous cardio versus HIIT. His research is brilliant, practical and so useful. At the end there wasn’t a lot between the 2 modes of training but HIIT does make significant improvement on the EPOC or after burn effect. Dr Kravitz was so passionate he couldn’t talk fast enough, he was desperate to impart his research and findings so we could in turn utilise this info to create the best workouts for our clients.

    This wasn’t always the case. Several presenters appeared “stingy” with their information, just throwing out random tidbits, telling you about what they will talk about about later and then run out of time, as a delegate waiting for that crucial key information that never comes makes you mad.
    Several lecturers never seem to get to the crux of their talk, leaving you desperately wanting them to elaborate, only to be confronted with a huge pitch at the end for some “unmissable $5000 training course and ” this does get tiresome and drive you insane. We are also witnessed some insane statements made in a workshop on gait that had us shaking our heads i disbelief ( See Jaynes Newsletter for more details on this)

    On the practical side HiLo was nonexistent. It seems to have vanished from American timetables. HIIT, Circuits, Indoor/Outdoor Bootcamps, Interval Training,and Tabata have taken its place but Step still strong and UK based presenters Neil Bates, Greg Sellar, Brian Cochran and Rebecca Small totally rocked it. In fact all 4 brought the house down. It was Neils first IDEA and he really was outstanding, we were all very proud to see him present and the audience loved his creativity and teaching style.

    Yoga and Pilates featured heavily on the timetable and I was so impressed with presenter Kimberley Spreen. 8 month pregnant she led a beautiful and highly innovative Yoga sessions with fab dialogue and teaching skills.

    For me personally, it has already affected my business and my own goals and outlook. I’ve returned home with a definite mindset shift and a fresh perspective.

    IDEA has helped me clarify how I want to position myself and change going forward. There are so many amazing opportunities in fitness, many directions and options which is super exciting.

    Idea can be a life changing event and this year, 2012, it really was for me.

    I would hugely recommend attending if you enjoy conventions. Its is impeccably organised, the Expo is huge, great sessions and the worlds finest presenters. The fitness world really opens up when you get there and it makes you appreciate you can really do anything and go in any direction with your fitness career.

    Exciting times for us all.

    New Beach Body Ready KSFL2012 – My new KSFL begins on Monday and is a 17 day detox this time. I have new workouts and new protocols. Its a big push for summer and you can get involved in the group right away and start to prepare.

    New Downloads – I have 20 new HIIT Downloads being added to the site every day this week so keep checking the New Downloads page for TONS of new moves, exercises and ideas. Don’t panic Im still adding HiLo, Step, Seniors and Aqua so keep checking back for all the updates.

    New Free Rachel Holmes Workout YouTube Workout.

    Maks sure you subscribe to my YouTube for more Rachel Holmes Workout TV

    Jayne Nicholls

    I am sure that Rachel has filled you in on her IDEA highlights. What I cant stop thinking about is how many presenters and speakers talked about getting into the minds of our clients rather than simply focusing on the physical. The message was clear that we change habits and behaviour by tapping into exactly what our market want and need in order to conform to a long term adherence. Chatting to my good friends this week, we discussed how classes needed to be arranged in order for a bulk of their clients to also attend fat club. I nearly fell out of my chair that a large person would attend a group titled fat club, but in deeper discussion it is clear that their overriding reason for going was not to lose fat but to meet with the group on a regular basis. In fact they had been attending for years and not changed shape. This example proves that the need to belong and be accepted in so many cases overrides a need to conform to a model shape.

    Now out of the whole of the fitness industry who is it that is most in touch with the general publics hierachy of needs?

    WE ARE

    We have by far the greatest longterm hold on our clients, simply because they love us and they ,love what we do. We tap into the elusive component that other areas of the industry are searching for and we often take it for granted.

    Lets give this some thought. As industry trends keep changing and we often look for new and exciting projects, why not consider the amazing skills that we have an dmay not be using to our advantage.


    Movin Monkeez

    Since being voted the most favourite pre-school activity in North Hants 2012 Movin Monkeez has grown from strength to strength in a matter of weeks!

    Starting off as weekly class for pre-school children in Basingstoke classes are now being delivered to little Monkeez across the UK by a team of fabulous leaders!

    Movin Monkeez is about getting little ones up and moving, educating them about fitness and nutrition in a fun and relaxed environment. The fun packed 40 minute sessions bring smiles, laughter, exercise and enjoyment.

    Whether you already have an established business and want to start classes for pre-school children or whether you are new to the industry there is no better time to get organized, promoting and launched just in time for the start of term.

    Summer is an ideal time to lure parents and children into a new, fresh programme. Most kiddies classes stop over the Summer holidays so this is your prime opportunity to sweep in with Movin Monkeez. Parents are always on the look out for the newest craze for their children! Becoming a Movin Monkeez leader is easy, affordable and manageable. I am a busy mum of one; I run a dance school, teach fitness classes in the community, have an online business and still manage to oversee Movin Monkeez and deliver my classes. The best bit is I get to take my 22 month daughter with me (she has been coming since the very beginning at 6 months old and loves it). This is a great way to earn an extra income whilst being able to take your little ones to work with you and secondly be your inner child! No pre-requisites necessary.

    As a C2GO newsletter reader I am offering you a great deal but get in quick as this is for a limited time only and once the spaces have gone the offer wont be here again! Throughout the Summer I will personally mentor you so that your classes are up and running ready for the new term! For more info email me directly on and I will send you all the information you require.

    Becky Lane

    Twitter – @movinmonkeez
    Facebook – Movin Monkeez HQ

    Are you a fat fighter or a fat controller? Jill Gardner

    One of things I have learnt over the years is the difference between trying to fight fat and trying to control it. Fighting fat is like trying fixing a constantly blowing light bulb without working out why it keeps blowing. There is an electrical fault somewhere which needs addressing.

    Controlling fat means you have to play detective and figure out how your body responds to the food you eat, the environment you are in and the stress that you encounter.

    “I am too knackered to eat properly”
    “I don’t have time for breakfast”
    “I teach 25 classes a week and need to eat sugar”
    “I eat ‘healthy’ but I still feel like crap!”
    “I go to bed late because I have so much to do”

    Does any of this sound familiar? As busy fit pros we are so busy looking after others, running around and using every excuse under the sun so as not to take RESPONSIBILITY for ourselves. To be a fat controller you have to listen to your body. After all food is information, stress is information, exercise is information. It is all information for the body and your body will respond to this information in a certain way.

    For example: Eat a protein and vegetable rich breakfast and you are likely to feel balance and energised for hours to come. Skip breakfast and grab a sugary latte you are likely to feel flat and frazzled and find yourself driven to the biscuits later.

    Teach 5 hours of aerobics, got to bed late and exist on coke, biscuits and toast your body is likely going to complain by way of fatigue, belly fat, brain fog and cravings. Teach 5 hours of aerobics but include stress relieving techniques, relaxation and include some great nutrition you are more likely to cope long term and control fat.

    We often hear others saying “but I eat healthy” or “eat well”. But is it well for you? The word healthy is now a questionable phrase. Fruit, for instance is deemed healthy. But for some of us, existing on fruit and too little protein and fat can impact our ability to control fat and our energy levels.

    My take home point………… stress has no calories, sleep has no calories yet its impact on your ability to burn or store fat is massive. A bowl of cereal and toast may have the same calories as a veggie omlette but it’s the type of calories that matter. By starting to look at food as information and fuel for the body you can start to take back power and responsibility about your choices. Start listening to your body now. If you’re struggling with energy, body fat, cravings and fatigue then it is crying out and telling you to do something different! Start learning to be a fat controller now!

    Big love, small tummies,

    Jill – The Fat Controller @itsjillgardner

    Working your Facebook fan page by Sally Ghafoor
    So how do you grow your fan page? Many people make the mistake of begging people to like their page. You know the whole “come on over and like my page” “please like my page”. This is a big mistake, you have to give them a reason to like your page – there has to be something in it for them. So get rid of the begging and offer them a reason to like your page. To do this you must know your target market- what audience are you targeting? What is their age, gender, occupation? What are their interests/ fears/ social activities? What problems do they talk about? What solutions can you offer their problems? Create a profile of the people you want to like your fan page.
    Now you know who they are, how can you get them to press that like button? Have you thought about Facebook ads. Here you have to work out how much you will spend on those ads – how much is each person that clicks like worth? If you convert them into a paying customer how much money will you gain from this? Will they tell their friends about your page? If you do decide to create your own Facebook ad what solution will you offer your potential likers? Why should they like your page? Should they click like to get a 6 pack for the summer, or click like to drop a dress size or click like for free weight loss help? You can gauge your question on what your target market will want.
    Tell everyone about your Facebook page, if you write a blog post stick a call to action at the end saying something like “click like on my Facebook page (insert) and I will answer any questions you have on this article”
    So you have given them a reason now to click the like button so how do you get them to interact.
    I often see long winded questions on Facebook pages, which will take an age for the user to answer, ask quick questions that people can respond with one word. For example “sum up in one word what is the hardest thing when it comes to weight loss?” or “What is your favourite workout?” it’s quick and easy to respond and people will begin to interact with you. When you have posted, make sure you respond to anyone that replies. You have to keep the interaction going, imagine if you were in a bar and you said to someone “what drink would you like?” “A white wine” they reply and you don’t respond, you disappear and they are left high and dry. Not good hey? Well that’s what it’s like in social media.
    Educate your users, give them content. Good content is shared which in turn will give you further exposure. The size of your audience will expand and more people will like your page and stay, they liked your page because you gave them a promise, deliver it.
    Add a sign up app to your page; this is a call to action for the user to also sign up to your newsletter or blog. This allows you to have another medium of contact with them. This is a simple app to plug into your Facebook page, here is my own little CTA for you, go to my Facebook page Fitness Media Butterfly for a video tutorial on how to do this. .
    Sally Ghafoor

    Bumps on Seats Claire Mockridge

    Hi there everyone,

    I hope you’re well, and have had a good week teaching so far. How are your class numbers? Some busy, some not so busy? I have to say, my pregnancy fitness and Pilates classes are so full they’re running with waiting lists at the moment, so, if you’re considering launching some new classes come September, take it from me, working with pregnant women would be an excellent choice!

    If you have your Ante/Postnatal qualification, and you simply don’t know where to start when it comes to marketing and advertising to this client group, you’ll be pleased to know I can certainly help you. Maybe in the past you tried to run a pregnancy class but you struggled to sustain a steady client base. I’ve been there, done it and am sat here very proudly wearing the t-shirt.

    “Getting BUMPS on seats” is what it’s all about and that’s the name I’ve given to my Pregnancy Marketing Manual which will be available exclusively for FitPros, Ante/Postnatal Specialists and Pilates Instructors to download from Monday 16 July 2012. Pre-orders are being taken here:

    If you want to deal with a very rewarding client group who gives you constant positive feedback, then working with pregnant clients is right up your street. Prenatal women are really hungry for information, really want to exercise and are desperate to meet other mums-to-be. That’s where you come in!

    I’m offering “Getting BUMPS on seats” Pregnancy Marketing Manual at the Early Bird price of £57 for 48 hours from Monday 16 July 2012, so if you want in, you’d better be quick! Click here to pre-order your copy:

    When you purchase “Getting BUMPS on seats” you’ll receive marketing hints, tips on pricing and packaging your services, notes on client retention and why it’s so important, how to write the perfect newsletter, sample lesson plans, how to prepare for your first class, webinars, YouTube videos and much, much more! It’s a complete marketing package, designed exclusively for FitPros, and I’ll be there with you, every step of the way.

    Join my Private Facebook Group here for more information:!/groups/clairemockridge/

    Or, connect with me here:


    Bye for now.

    Claire Mockridge
    Ante/Postnatal Fitness Expert

    Stress and what to do about it Cori Withell

    We all suffer stress and we need it! If we don’t have any you won’t have any motivation to do anything but it needs to be under control. As self employed fit pros we can really struggle with stress, we worry about class numbers, money, article writing, competitors, websites, work, gyms and clubs, we run ourselves ragged trying to keep up with everything, letting our own training lapse and rarely taking time out for ourselves. Well, this is my essential de-stress to do list for you 🙂

    1) Do something for you every single day. This has to be just for you and does not benefit anyone else.
    2) Go to bed at a reasonable hour every single night, regardless of how busy you are etc etc etc.
    3) Eat well. Ditch the high sugar junk, we all do it, we all reach for the sugar snack to get us through class because we haven’t had time to cook a proper meal – start planning and stop snacking.
    4) Communicate with everyone. Your partner, your kids, your clients, your competitors – talk to everyone. Stress increases when we ‘think’ things are being done and said – just talk and actually find out the truth.
    5) Do not worry about things that are out of your control – it is a pointless exercise that just results in causing you more stress.
    6) Walk every single day. Minimum of 15 minutes, preferably longer. No power or weighted walking, this is just a stroll, an amble and it is a fantastic de-stresser – find somewhere nice to go too.
    7) Stop beating yourself up. If business isn’t going as well as you want, look at it from a business perspective instead of an emotional perspective. Change things around if you can and monitor the difference until you get what you want.
    8) Take charge of your life and be proactive. Moaning that life is not how you want it doesn’t change anything – it is your life, make it the way you want it.
    9) Take time out to relax every day. Again this might only be a couple of minutes, just switch off, concentrate on your breathing and relax!
    10) Remember, life is a choice and you are in the driving seat 🙂

    7 Days to Little Miss Bliss launches on 16th July. 7 days of daily relaxation, meditation, motivation, inspiration, stress strategies, recipe ideas, Pilates and Unite workouts and the fantastic Bliss Dish. All for just £27, you can book here

    Health and happiness x
    Best wishes
    Cori x

    Vikki Scovell

    If I had a Cadburys Chocolate button for every time, I have been approached by someone wanting a thinner tummy, I would be 50 stone by now. My classes are full of the strong, the athletic, the slender, some people just starting out, and a generous sprinkling of nutters. I could almost guarantee that 100% of them would want a flatter stomach. I have seen more tummies over the years than you could shake a stick at (wow, the infinite lunacy of the English Language); it is the special privilege of the fitness instructor to have desperate people run up, lift their tops and squeeze a handful or flab (or pinch a microscopic piece of skin) whilst moaning ‘heeeeelp.’ The tummies I have seen which could go in a magazine; I could count on one hand, or maybe one finger. The tummies that are perfectly nice and nothing to complain about but are loathed and detested, I would need a box of abacus for; even the slim-jims still want absolute perfection. I have always stored chub around m y middle, and have been in endless and painful pursuit of getting rid of it since I was eleven. A couple of times I have succeeded in almost completely annihilating the horrid stuff, but ended up looking incredibly gaunt, unwell, and spookily thin; and truthfully I didn’t care; even relished it.
    Let’s face it; pot-bellied Girl bands will never exist. The media is crammed with images of flat, sculpted stomachs. Both men and women are targeted in the obsession with the midriff. Celebrities with their size zero waistlines squeeze into jeans that would fit a seven year old. Men’s fitness magazines are fronted by models whose faces grin above a torso of rippling muscle somewhat reminiscent of too much shopping in a string bag. The glossies show the immaculate A-list with brand new babies draped over washboard tummies, or leaving hospital in a boob tube and hot pants. Meanwhile in the real world, new mothers drift in a fog of sleep-depravation wearing jogging bottoms, with baby sick in their hair, and people looking at their tummies and asking them weeks/months after the birth, when the next one is due. It is as though a woman shows her moral worth and inherent value in the smooth, evenly tanned flatness of her tummy after pregnancy. Many celebs are electing for ea rly c-section; avoiding up to one month of pregnancy and the risk of developing a baggy err… belly and stretch marks. And they can always have a bit of lipo and a tuck whilst the nurses are looking after the latest sprog.
    The truth is that flat stomachs and motherhood/personhood do not always walk hand in hand; not everyone is blessed with elastic skin which snaps back into place after childbirth, or weight-loss. For many their tummy will always look a little different; and if the skin is looser or over-stretched, it may not go back to the way it was. That is a fact which is VERY hard to take. Everyone wants their belly to look better, and there are big bucks to be made if you can persuade the unhappy owner of a floppy middle that your magical magazine, electrical belt or abdominizing machine will bust the fat. Check out the back of Men’s Health for the Protein Powders, Pills and Potions; wow I wish I could get a job making up the names for these products; OMNI-LEGEND-XXXHARDCORE-RIPPER. A myth persists (protected by the fitness and beauty industry) that you can target the tummy with certain exercises, creams, diets, equipment, I even received a groupon token for gastric band hypnosis (ho w did they know)….. Well it is all stuff and nonsense, the myth of the tiny tummy needs putting into context. Basically we know that storing fat around our bellies is dangerous; no need to discuss further. However, six-pack abs should not be a goal for everyone. The average body fat percentage for men is between 14% (as a teenager) and 25% (age 65+). For a man to get on the front cover of Men’s Health he would need a body Fat percentage in low single figures. The average body fat percentage for a woman is between 24% (as a teenager) and 32% (age 65+). For a woman to display ‘six pack’ abs she would need a body fat percentage around 13-17%. Genetics play a part in this; some people will remain healthy with naturally low body fat percentage, but for women who do not fall into this camp there are health issues. Low body fat percentages can lead to cessation of the menstrual cycle, and a high risk of developing osteoporosis. I almost feel that more importantly there are mental health issues here. If you are constantly setting your goals too high, how are you going to feel about never reaching them, or reaching them and then losing it over and over again?
    Don’t get me wrong; I want you to eat clean and train hard and be the best that you can be. I want you to stand tall and proud and be happy in your skin. But I think we need to take a step back and look at our priorities. Strength, health, great posture and beauty of movement will make you look awesome. Confidence and clear self-expression will make you attractive to others. Knowledge and passion for learning will make you fascinating. Having an extremely flat tummy, will simply annoy your friends and make other people dislike you (oops; sorry, didn’t mean to say that). What I meant to say is that if it makes you feel good and you can achieve it; go for it, and enjoy it, but remember it might take some time to get there, and you need to do it the right way. You also need to work on your stress levels, sleep patterns, and nutrition. More importantly, look at your good qualities, your motivations, and your reasons why weight loss is difficult for you; much of it is sna red in past issues. Then put your ab-cradle on the bonfire and get on one of Rachel’s courses.
    The sculpted celebrity stomach is often exactly that; sculpted through liposuction and tummy tucks, ‘toned’ through punishing regimes of over-exercise alongside depressing diets and plastic surgery. Yes you probably know people who sport effortlessly beautiful bellies, but that does not make it the norm, or the way that you should be. It is extremely important to aim for a healthy body weight, but it is difficult, disheartening, and possibly dangerous to aspire to the celebrity physique, and the glossy images of perfection we see in the media, unless you are prepared to put one big load of work in and are in the right head-space. Maybe I am only writing this because I want to feel better about my own less-than perfect tummy; I don’t think I ever will; can someone pass the Abdomi-NO Cream and those control pants?

    The Bar Stewards Have No Interest In You….!!

    By Andrew Crawford

    On holiday, especially in Spain, when you order a drink from the bar the glass is invariably topped up with the alcoholic beverage with a SPLASH of the mixer…unlike ordering in this country, the Bar Stewards give you a SPLASH of the alcoholic beverage topped up with the mixer…Totally opposites…!!

    Ohh…don’t forget about the ice cubes that fill the glass…!!

    Remember the tax code fiasco??

    Well, if you don’t….let me remind you of what happened.

    It was found that millions of tax payers (the likes of me and you) were paying the wrong amount of tax……..why?

    Because the tax codes were wrong.!! Who issues the codes? The HMRC..

    If, however, you had a ‘reasonable belief’ that you had paid the correct amount then you were able to ‘write off or cancel’ the income tax or national insurance tax payment.

    Did the HMRC like that?

    The HMRC (aka Bar Stewards to the taxpayer) are now rewriting one of their rules because it doesn’t suit them.!!

    They are not interested in you.

    Before all the questioning starts, all those responsible for rigging interest rates will have ‘retired’on big fat ‘Golden Handshakes’ never to return again for questioning.

    Until such time, the head of Barclays has revealed that there were others in ‘the know’…… notably the Bank of England and Ministers.

    None of the above are interested in you…

    Yet still with all the scandals, corruption, damn right lies, affairs, back stabbing, underhand dealing, brown enveloping, white collar criming, tax payer conning, fiddling, rigging, statistical forecasting, taxpayer misleading, internal criminal activity raging, private policy shredding, whispering, did your family enjoy their holidaying, high fiving and bollingering, not forgetting the veuving, that are yet to come, Barclays will be handed millions of taxpayers money ….

    So Andrew…

    What has Bar Stewards and Interest rate fixing got to do with Accountancy and Tax?

    Well….You have got to be interested in you…which means making sure you charge for your time appropriately. Just remember how much it has cost to get you where you are now.

    There are many rates on the market ranging from as little as £15 per hour to over £100 per hour. But how much does it really cost to be a Fitness Professional?

    Let us look at some of the costs involved.

    The basic essentials

    Let it not be said that not having an insurance policy, to cover unforeseen eventualities, is a recipe for disaster, especially if you’re the defendant in an insurance claim. This alone can cost you thousands of pounds if you are not covered adequately. Get insurance now. Costs range from around £20 – £30 per month or more. Shop around.

    Music licence
    The cost of music licences from companies such as Pure Energy must be factored into your costs. The licence is a requirement under ppl regulations when performing with music in public places. Check individual companies for their latest prices.

    Personal Accident Cover
    Don’t forget your own personal cover in the event that you sustain an injury, which may last for more than 8 weeks. Costs can be anything from £50 per month.

    You may need the assistance of equipment to aid in the development of your client. Whatever your requirements, these will need to be paid for.

    Travelling to and from clients’ premises the gym or fitness studio will involve the consumption of petrol. Your car, van or 4×4 doesn’t run on air.

    Where would you be without the latest Anni Luce outfit? To look good for your clients visual pleasure costs money.

    This is an essential tool for communication with your client and other business purposes.

    Tax Obligations

    National Insurance Contributions
    Value Added Tax
    Income Tax
    Corporation Tax

    Additional/Optional Expenses

    In order to keep your records in order, tax paid on time, correct reliefs claimed and your tax liability fairly low, you may want to engage the services of a qualified Accountant. Prices range from £175 to £600 pa to include completion of your Self Assessment Return. Price will also depend on the complexity of individual tax affairs.

    Agree fees in advance but beware variations during the course of the year.

    Home as an office
    You will consume the extra charge of electricity, lighting and heating. Not forgetting the additional costs of installation of new telephone or fax lines, Internet facilities, construction of a studio. Although these are claimable costs against the business they must be separated from personal everyday use.

    Rental of premises
    If you do not have a studio at home you may wish to rent alternative space. Some fitness companies hire their gyms to Personal Trainers but you have to fit in around their other clientele. Costs can range from £100 per month upwards.

    If you are serious about yourself you will need to construct a website. There are basic packages on the market, which allows you to construct your own; alternatively you can use the services of a Web Designer. Look to be paying anything from £50 – £75 upwards for the first page, thereafter, anything between £25-£60 and upwards for additional pages.

    Financing loans/overdrafts & bank charges
    You may find yourself in a position where you borrow from banks or building societies to finance your start-up costs. Interest will be applied on top of the monthly payment of the capital.

    Try not to go overdrawn. The banks will charge you for this along with the letter telling you that your account is overdrawn. Charge, £25.

    The banks also charge you for depositing and withdrawing your own money.


    Initial Qualification Costs
    Your first qualification may have been the RSA Exercise to music or similar. The costs for this initial course was anything between £300-£700. Other qualifications may have been Personal Trainer based. These courses may cost from £2000-£3500. Costs for courses will vary from Training Institutions. (Watch out for courses that have part 1 and part 2!)

    Exam Fees
    On top of the course fee you will pay an exam fee. If you fail, you will pay a re-examination fee.

    Education Updates
    It is not good enough to have just one qualification these days. What tends to happen is as new ideas and concepts come onto the market you will need to be trained in order to start using the idea or pay for a licence to teach it.

    I used to train with weights and a bar accompanied to music and step up and down on a bench. Cost… nothing.

    You would have needed to travel to different venues around the UK to see your favourite presenter. Dean Hodgkin, Roy Gayle or David Hoy for example. Or to see a particular group in action. Possibly the Funk Funomenon.

    Hotel/Motel/Holiday Inn
    The costs of hotels/ bed and breakfasts will vary depending on the star rating. You may have needed to stay in one of these whilst on a Fitness Fiesta Weekend or IFS Annual Convention.

    Subsistence (Meals)
    You will need to eat whilst away from home. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Socialising is included here, as that expense would not have occurred but for the training course.

    There are books and monthly publications on the market, which are an essential tool in your profession in terms of updates and awareness. These are not cheap.

    Subscription fees
    There are various subscriptions available to other publications relevant to this industry.

    Getting your client

    Promotions through the different types of media will have varying costs. Ideas of gifts and giveaways will involve upfront costs. Work within a budget in this area say £500.

    Marketing is similar in nature to promotions but may be more expensive. Engaging a PR company could be an option as their fees will be based on agreed and specified returns. Think in terms of £1000 plus.

    Business card
    The initial set-up of the business card may cost up to £80. Thereafter a set of 250 could cost between £90-£150. This will depend on the weight and if you are wanting full colour. This is a recurring expenditure.

    The printing of your personalised handouts advertising why clients should go with you and the services you offer is an inexpensive way if done in bulk. But this is a necessity if relying on new clients to know about your services. Allow up to £100 for this.

    If you have a contract with each of your clients, you may to get the initial one drawn up by a professional Solicitor and you know what types of fee they charge! (Pick a figure, any figure). £150 should be sufficient. Don’t let them telephone or write letters to you. Cover everything in one consultation meeting.

    Lost Income

    If a client cancels without you having provisions in your contract, you have lost this income, especially if you have not had time to find a replacement. Have a time limit built into your contract on a sliding scale.

    Time to service “that” client
    Whilst servicing one client for £25 per hour there could be another for £47 an hour.
    Decide which is more cost effective and profitable in the long run.

    Vehicles, equipment, fixtures and fitting all depreciate in value. You will no longer have an asset worth the amount you paid for it as little as in one year.

    You will undoubtedly want to take holidays throughout the year. This must be discounted, as you will not be earning whist enjoying your sunshine break.

    If you happen to be sick for more than a few days and unable to work you would lose that income for those days you are off. Alternatively, you could get another personal instructor to train your client. This could work against you, however, as the client may transfer to them. Lost client, lost income.

    No show of client
    If a client does not show up you’re the loser. No client, no income.

    How often have you heard the term ‘recommended reading’? Research takes time. Time is money.


    It is not enough to charge a fee based on others around you without taking the above factors into consideration. Traditionally charges were based on the type of area you served and the knowledge you had from other Trainers in that area. e.g. Clients in Fulham would pay more than clients from say Bradford.

    Will our industry become saturated with Personal Trainers or will there be enough new clients entering our market? This is where lateral thinking takes over. You may have to retrain in our specific areas to keep that competitive advantage. This all costs money.

    Remember, the taxman will want a percentage of every hard earned pound you earn. Factor the above costs in your charges and get paid for what you think you are worth.

    So… are you charging enough?



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