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  • Instructor Newsletter 12th June


    I promised I would share with you all the developments
    and updates from Saturday’s KSFL Wellness event as it was such
    a banger.

    All the speakers were bang on the money for me, with
    so much relevant content, and what was so surprising was that everyone
    had the same underlying message.

    Which I found absolutely fascinating.

    Mind set, confidence, self belief and having a positive
    attitude is EVERYTHING.
    Whether it’s fatloss, choreography, functional training,
    nutrition, business development, or in fact anything you
    have a desire to do, it all starts with your thoughts.

    So many light bulb moments during the day.

    I kicked off the day with a Positive Fitness Pilates and mindset session
    before handing over to Phil.

    Phil Richards is an absolute titan when it comes
    to nutrition, training and lifestyle information. He has  researched
    and applied every diet, every training protocol, read all of the business
    books and formulated a logical approach to fatloss and nutrition.
    His talks are legendary and I was honored he agreed to speak
    at my event.

    Kim Ingleby was up next discussing  ‘How you can be your best.’
    Another enlightening discussion about identifying what you want
    to achieve, you have to get clear – (Are you seeing the similarities now)
    You can’t plot a route unless you are crystal clear about the outcome.
    Kim gave us useful strategies on journaling and mapping out on paper
    your goals and the journey/plan to get them completed.

    I am a huge fan of journaling, note taking and writing. I have 1000’s
    of notebooks filled with ideas, plans and schemes. Although I also
    input all of my to do lists into my iphone, I do find putting pen
    to paper a somewhat liberating and creative process.

    After every job or presentation we do Kim advised writing down 3 things
    that were good about your task, 2 things that need improvement
    and 1 thing to think about, or ripple over as she described.
    A fab and thought provoking talk. I personally got a lot of takeaways
    from this.

    Next up was the Juicing Queen – Mairi Taylor –  and boy did Mairi
    ignite the room with her amazing juices and juicing knowledge.
    We experienced ginger shots, wheatgrass shots and a whole host of
    delicious juices. Mairi was spot on when stressing that juicing is all about the
    veggies not the fruit, unless you want to create sugar bombs that can have
    you piling on the weight without realising why. Mairi is a KSFL Business owner
    and is now  developing the juice side of her business, creating juices to sell to a wider range of customers.

    After lunch, Jenny Burrell hit the stage with a hugely motivating presentation
    about how you can SHINE SHINE SHINE. Jenny’s journey and accomplishments
    in the Pre/Post Natal Education field are outstanding and now her pioneering
    crusade into helping, advising and creating solutions for women entering
    the 3rd age is starting a whole new revolution. This is a subject no one has
    tackled and Jenny is leading the field on new thinking and changing attitudes all over the shop.

    InnerGuidance Jo de Rosa then stepped up to the stage to deliver another jaw dropping
    presentation on vision boards, how to manifest your desires and a beginner’s guide to
    mediation. Jo’s calming and caring demeanor  had everyone transfixed when she showed
    us how she had on her vision board a beautiful stately home style retreat, only to realise years later that is the retreat she now lives in and operates as a business. Phenomal stuff.

    Lastly, Jayne Nicholls rounded off the day with a whole session on breathing.
    How to breathe and how to use breath for relaxation, for exercise and every day breathing
    exercises. Jayne’s knowledge and expertise came shining through on yet another
    inspiring session.

    You can probably tell these kinds of days really inspire me! Every message could be applied in your fitness teaching, in your personal and business life and all the speakers
    were so generous to share stories and personal anecdotes that bring these messages to life.

    I’d love to do one of these every week as I’m still buzzing away like a bee.


    Fitness Business Academy Launches TONIGHT Are you READY?
    Launches LIVE Tonight. I’ll be doing my very first live launch broadcast!
    The FBA has so much brand new content and will be delivered in a very different
    way to any of my previous coaching courses.
    If you want to be involved and watch the launch, then make sure you add your email
    to the priority list here:

    Rachel & Jenny Burrells Webinar – The Art Of Selling Without Selling
    Last night Jenny and I did a webinar on the Art of Selling without Selling
    It was an action packed webinar and perfect for those fitness entrepreneurs
    who are looking to expand their business.

    If you would like to listen to the webinar again click here and add your email

    Your Magnet Mind
    By Jo De Rosa

    Wow! What an amazing day Saturday was!
    Loved every minute of it and I was there from 7am to 6pm!
    Thank you Rachel for inviting me, I absolutely love the Kick Start Fat Loss revolution, and great to finally put faces to so many names.

    Important Message
    As I sat and watched each of the presenters I was stunned with what I was hearing. As the last but one person to speak on the day, I was thrilled that we were all speaking about the same thing:


    There was a common thread throughout and I knew that my talk on Meditation and Manifestation was going to pull everything together and really give everyone an actual tangible way of doing just this.
    As each speaker was up I got more and more excited to get up there myself and show the room HOW they were going to be able to CHANGE THEIR THOUGHTS.

    Your Magnet Mind:
    Our minds are magnets.
    Whatever your magnet is putting out, you are attracting back.

    Negative thoughts = Negative life
    Doubt = Contraction
    Fear = Contraction
    Laziness = Contraction
    Low self-worth = Contraction

    Positive thoughts = Positive life
    Love = Expansion
    Trust = Expansion
    Belief = Expansion
    Abundance = Expansion

    What are you creating right now??
    Do you have the life you want??
    Are you happy??
    Are you successful??
    Are you in love??


    I have them, because I believe I deserve them.
    Say YES to life!
    YES to happiness
    YES to expansion
    YES to believing in yourself
    YES to abundance in every way
    YES to trusting that you have the answers within you.

    My first book is called, ‘If You Could Have Anything…What Would It Be?’
    And it is this question that I ask regularly to check-in and make sure I’m still on course to the life that I dream of. And if I ask this question during my meditation (we did this on Saturday) I connect on an even deeper level and can ask questions like,
    “What is my perfect job?”
    “What qualities does my ideal partner have?”

    On Saturday I got the group to do a short 15 minute meditation, and we found some space within ourselves to find this connection. And when starting your meditation practice it’s important to know that you should start with just 5 or 10 minutes each day to get into the habit, and then once it’s part of your routine you can expand to however long you have. And I can guarantee that you will feel different after just a little while and will WANT to find more time to meditate!

    Online Meditation Course
    Saturday saw the launch of a brand new product that I’ve had in the pipeline for a while now. It’s a 10 week meditation course to really get you started with your practice at home. Each 30 minute class will be emailed in one week intervals, and you can use it as little or as much as you want!
    I really wanted to make it accessible to everyone so the cost is just:

    It goes live on Monday 23rd June when you’ll get your first class emailed to you, and there is a PayPal button on the link above. A lot of Saturday’s attendees are already signed up…..

    My mission in life is to get everyone meditating, and in my experience many people feel positively different after just one class. I know during the day if I’ve not meditated, as I am easily irritated and blown off course. The beauty about a regular meditation practice is that it keeps you present and trains your mind to concentrate, and then you become AWARE so that you can attract exactly what you wish to in every moment: CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION.

    Right Now…..
    …what is your Magnet Mind creating??

    Are you conscious of what kind of beliefs you hold, which are creating your thoughts, which in turn fall out of your mouth as words, and then become your actions. This is how your destiny is formed, and you are in the drivers seat.

    So take control TODAY, make up your mind to create your dream life, and GO FOR IT!
    Let me know how you get on, and good luck x

    Facebook:  InnerGuidance
    Twitter:  @Inner_Guidance
    Copyright: Jo De Rosa 2014

    Ex On The Beach
    By Andrew Crawford

    Can you imagine ALL your ex’s living and sleeping under one roof whilst you are trying to attract and flirt with someone else in the same house..!??


    The second word is ‘Block’.

    After a spot of gardening tonight my shattered body couldn’t resist to watch this genius programme. I actually enjoyed it…shame it was the final episode.

    Don’t know why I’m in this jovial mood…I was actually seething today. I’ll get  to that in a bit …but first…

    The KSFL Lifestyle Workshop for me was supberb. Each and everyone of the presenters delivered great inspirational, motivational and moving presentations. I came away energised and took one ‘Gem’ from each person.

    So a BIG thank you to the following fantastic Presenters… Phil Richards, Jo De Rosa, Jenny Burrell, Kim Ingleby, Mairi Taylor and Jayne Nicholls.

    Apparently the World Cup starts soon. I must be the only geezer who ain’t that bothered. Unless of course  it was Volley Ball with all those players on the beach….!!

    So Andrew…….

    What has Ex on the Beach got to do with Accountancy and Tax?

    Well, in this Big Brother styled programme where we are all looking in at their antics, in and out of bed, in and out of discos, in the out of the hot tub, these puppets are forced to live with other. Their ex’s are sent in and they are forced to get on.

    As a small business owner, self-employed or limited company once you reach the VAT threshold your are forced to add 20% to your products and services.

    If you fail to pay this tax the HMRC will send letter where they can enforce and endorse any action to collect. They pass it on to Collectors.

    Now this is the reason I was p@ss@d today.

    A client in his mid 70’s was ‘visited’ today by…..I call them ‘Bully Boys’ to collect outstanding fines.

    Subject : Warning of enforcement action

    Here’s the first line…

    “….I called today to collect payment of the above amount or to determine your assets for sale at auction, I was unable to contact you….”
    They never do this to their own corrupt colleagues.

    The letter was Signed off by the ‘Field Force Collector’

    You can see why my blood was on the boil, nose flared, eyes wide open….!!!

    So I decided that you are never again gonna pay that wretched tax…named VAT.

    No mofo gonna force me to do anything….

    How To Avoid VAT

    As you approach the VAT Threshold you are going to ‘split’ your business.

    I’m not going to go into the long winded checks and insights of the VAT Man and what they look for.

    The “Splitting” of the business is absolutely fine as long as you put these things in place…
    When I say split, make sure one is a limited company and the other a sole trader business.
    1. Make sure you can fully justify to the VAT Man that these are totally separate businesses. One A Product (Studio + Classes) the other a Service (Consultancy, One on One)
    2. Definately get separate bank accounts for both.
    3. Separate bills (telephone, water, electricity ). It’s best to have separate numbers for both businesses
    4. Different trading names. I think that is already established. Don’t call them the same.
    5. Make sure your stationery is different. So for instance your Consultancy business is registered to your home, the self- employed from your Studio address.
    6. If you have to use any of the Studio equipment etc, make sure there is a commercial agreement between you and the Studio. e,g Rental Agreement. All transactions are to be treated as being done at ‘arms length’
    It is essential that you put these in place in order for you to side step the VAT Man. They will be looking for any connections between the businesses.


    A BIG thank you to those of you who are helping me with my ‘Bookkeeping Survey ‘and have sent in an email describing your experiences. Some were very funny. In addition… It’s been VERY interesting reading your responses. Please keep them coming.

    I need to know your pain, what would make it easier for you etc?

    Send to :   Subject: Bookkeeping

    Sorry to hear about this huge backlog of passports and people missing their holidays.

    Someone should have told them that you can get it done in one day, if they had the patience to wait that long…..

    Can’t get any ex on the beach if you haven’t got a passport.

    Andrew James Crawford

    Have a wonderful Thursday
    Love Rachel xxx

    For all Fitpros who want to reach more people, earn more money & have a happy life in the process – leave your email here

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