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  • Instructor Newsletter 13th February 2014

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    IMG_5954Last week was a bit of a revelation.


    I ummed and ahhed about letting Morty loose in the hallowed C2GO newsletter again, you see, me & Morty have “enjoyed” an up & down relationship over the 10 years we’ve been friends, (maybe Ill tell you all about our turbulent years in another email or maybe he will!) but my goodness as soon as I let that email go it was like an avalanche!


    Both of us fielded emails & tweets & FB messages all day  PLUS with my own daily emails It’s been like my mailing list  all woke up at once and got in touch.


    I LOVE it.


    Joking aside I have received so many beautiful emails  and I’m so glad so many of you are enjoying and responding to the daily positivity. It means SO MUCH and I care very much what you all think and how you are all doing.


    This weeks newsletter sees another 30 or so Top Tips from Morty. I’ve not edited it, so he’s all laid naked and bare, there is a  smattering of profanity and hope it doesn’t offend!


    We also have the trailblazer that is Jo De Rosa and I have been promising Jo I will go and take time out and visit her in her beautiful retreat very soon. I’ll let you know the dates if anyone wants to join us for a couple of days mid week for a chill out you are more than welcome.



    New Downloads on C2GO


    I’ve uploaded 2 new Freestyle Downloads this week.


    Basic Mashed Up Aerobics –  This works brilliantly with my Mashed UP 3 Mix from Pure Energy


    Step In It –  Mt steppers are loving this choreography at the moment its just swings around the step



    Make It Happen SEMINAR with ME!


    This is the seminar I nearly didn’t do……. UNTIL recently.

    I’ve been working so hard and at such intensity on KSFL that

    KSFL, Nutrition, Fatloss, Detox has been all I could think about.

    Then I did a “Celebrate and Reflect” exercise  and I realised over

    the last 12 month how much had changed.


    How much I have changed.

    How my mindset has changed, my daily routines,

    my priorities & where I think the industry is going.

    I can feel a new conversation needs to be had.

    Many of us have moved into a new era with meditation,

    positive thinking, shift in perception, intentions

    all these things I have dabbled in over the last 20

    years but now its part of my daily life,

    I’m super committed, its like training,

    like teaching and building my business and

    I’m excited to tell you what a difference this has made.


    My business has grown beyond where I thought it could go

    and I’ve got so many tips, ideas and strategies that

    I know YOU can implement in your business and personal life.


    If you are feeling this new direction and you are

    ready to move

    ahead again come and join me.


    I’ll be covering positivity, law of attraction,

    changing your thinking

    plus building your platform to reach more and

    more people online

    and for the first time I’ll be looking how you

    can make more money

    in fitness. A topic I’ve shyed away from in the past.


    Its going to be a seminar like I’ve never given PLUS

    I’m only doing it on one day 10th May at the Hilton Hotel

    East Midlands Airport right by J24 of the M1


    Heres all of the info



    HUGE DVD DISCOUNT OFFER Watch out for an email later today with ils of the C2GO Huge DVD sale. Loads of special offers and deals coming up on all of the latest DVDS from C2GO






    Paul Mort Part 2




    Lasst weeks piece caused a bit of a stir huh,



    Some peeps loved it


    some peeps hated it.


    But just like tip #80 that I have for ya

    (yup, Holmesy invited me back)


    80.You can’t create change by telling people

    what they want to hear


    81. You can’t help everybody… and you

    shouldn’t even try.


    82. If I can’t find you in google, I’ll take

    my money elsewhere


    83. Facebook is where people go to avoid

    making decisions, Google is where people go

    to make decision.


    84: Discounts are the fastest way to devalue

    what you do.


    85: Your email list holds INCREDIBLE power.


    86: You never ever, ever want to be known as

    cheapest in town. EVER. in case you didn’t

    get that 😉


    87: If you want to stand out from the crowd.

    Try being yourself.


    88: People VERY rarely leave because they

    can’t afford it. they’re just telling you



    89: People leave because they’re bored and/or

    they dont value what you offer as much as

    they did.


    90: Beauty Therapists are FULLY booked in my

    town. Proof theres money everywhere.


    91: Zumba has disappeared from my home town.

    Because the only way to stand out was to

    compete on price.


    92: It doesn’t matter how good your nutrition

    program is if no-one can follow it.


    93: If you still do your own cleaning and

    ironing. You don’t need to hire a trainer.


    94: Outsourcing the thing you love (training)

    should be the LAST thing that you do/


    95: Trainers will break your heart.


    96: If you wont invest in coaching, people

    wont invest in you.


    97: “Manning up” when you’re training is all

    well and good, its manning up in business you

    need to do.


    98: Flyers and Leaflets DO work.. you’re just

    doing them wrong.


    99: The confused mind can’t make a decision.

    Bare this in minda when you tell me how many

    things you ‘specialise’ in.


    100: Filling you ego and filling your bank

    account are 2 completely different things.


    101: Public speaking is INCREDIBLE for



    102: Having the courage to be yourself 100%

    of the time, will change your life.


    103: The moment you accept personal

    responsibilty for where your income is right

    now, is the moment things will change



    104: Worrying what people think of you will

    cripple your chances of success.


    105: If you’re fully booked for 12 hours a

    day. Raise your prices.


    106: If you’re attracting clients that are a

    pain in the ass. Raise your prices.


    107: If people shopped on price alone,

    everyone would wear clothes from primark and

    eat smart price meals.


    108: I can steal most of your clients,

    because I’m better at marketing than you. Get

    better at it.


    109: Marketing is the reason that poor

    trainers can earn more than brilliant ones


    110″ Stop celebrating 7 day weeks and 14 hour

    days likes it some kind of trophy. Its not..


    111: Negativity is great. Use it as fuel to

    light you fire.


    112: There isn’t much to be gained by proving

    someone wrong.


    113: There is nothing that says ‘too much

    time, not enough clients’ like arguing about

    nutrition over the internet.


    114: If you don’t understand ‘sales funnels’

    you’ll struggle to reach your income



    115: Unsubcribes are GOOD.


    116: Telling your clients that the magic

    pill, yet you’re looking for one for your

    bizniz is backwards.


    117: If you’re sitting around waiting for

    clients to come to you, you’ll be waiting a

    long time.


    118: There’s always someone smarter than you.

    Find them and learn from them


    119: ‘Marketing calendars’ make it harder

    than it needs to be.


    120: If you cant put out DAILY content, you

    don’t know who you’re talking to well enough.


    121: After a breakdown, there’s always a



    122: You can make A LOT of money in this

    industry. Study marketing and you will.


    123: People will copy you.. but they’re

    ALWAYS cheaper.


    124: Completely ingoring people that talk

    shit about you and try to wind you up..

    drives them INSANE.


    125: Most fitpros have NOTHING they can sell

    just a list of people who like to train with

    THEM Invest in property.


    126: If you don;t have a ‘get out’ plan, what

    will you do when you’re 60?


    127: Downtime is productive time.


    128: Never trust a “Social Media Experts”

    with worse ‘numbers’ than you.


    129: Begging for likes and shares looks kinda



    130: If likes meant money, we’d have some

    very rich fitpros.


    131: You can win ANY ‘argument’ with the

    words ‘hows that working for you?’


    131: ‘I already know that’ are the 4 most

    dangerous words in the english language.


    132: Most the people around you DONT want you

    to succeed. Screw em and do it anyway.


    133: Stop seeking permission and validation.

    Get out of your own way.


    134: ‘fear of success’ is bullshit.

    Fear of looking stupid is more like it.


    135: If it makes you feel uncomfortable, you probably

    need to do it.


    136: Learn to deal with criticism. Not everyone will like

    you or what you have to say. Get over it.


    137: Again, I could keep going with these.. but I got some

    other things to do


    138. If you’re ‘not in it for the money’ why are you charging people

    So listen chico, if you’re not a sensitive snowflake

    or a special little flower who’s offended by f-bombs and honesty.

    Feel free to check out my famous, straight talking DAILY emails..

    I can’t guarantee they won’t make you feel uncomfortable.

    But I can guarantee they’ll help you make more bacon.


    Find Paul on Twitter @Paulmort and sign up for his daily emails at



    Giving Yourself A Reference Point

    by Jo De Rosa



    We had a holiday last week. But let me be clear, our ‘holiday’ had no beach in sight….only an absence of customers!  We decided to take no bookings for a week seeing as our retreat centre/hotel has now been open 5 months and in that time we have worked flat out.


    Holidaying in Your Own Luxury Holistic Hotel

    Not wanting to leave the business yet to have a holiday abroad, we decided that we would sleep in each of our guest rooms seeing as we have not done that in the 7 months we’ve lived here.


    And how interesting!

    What lovely rooms we offer!


    We started off in our ‘Small Deluxe’ room, which is actually not small at all, and holidayed all week ending up in the ‘Large Deluxe’ which is actually more like an apartment and husband and I wondered why we didn’t take this room as our own when we moved in 😉


    What lucky customers we have!

    No wonder they have smiles on their faces when they come down for meditation and breakfast in the mornings!


    Venturing Outside Our Bubble

    When you live in a luxurious boutique hotel you don’t need to get out much, but

    towards the end of the week we travelled into Central London for a networking event. We booked ourselves in to the hotel in Marble Arch where the event was being held, and paid nearly £250 for a room. Obviously we held high expectations for our one night stay paying that sort of money, and how interesting the experience was!

    The room was nice, but we are now hoteliers! And what that does is take the innocence of staying in a 4 star (and above) hotel away…..forever.

    We quickly realised that we have become hotel critics.

    Our towels are softer, our bathrobes fluffier, our bathrooms cleaner, our beds comfier, and we have no annoying air conditioning that keeps you awake all night. All of that, and then the noise of being in Central London and a large hotel with so many other bodies crammed in.


    The Penny Clicks

    And then it stuck us, as we sat in a huge windowless basement dining room with 250 others for breakfast, HOW GOOD WE ARE.

    Sometimes it takes us going outside of our comfort zone to put the pieces together and truly GET how far we’ve come.

    This Central London hotel had given us the perfect reference point!


    Finding Your Passion

    My husband Dominic and I are absolutely 100% living our dream. We LOVE what we do, and what we offer at Inner Guidance. We give ourselves 100% to our guests delivering to them over and above what they expect. We have both found our PASSION: Dominic in the kitchen creating healthy, clean food in an exciting and educational way (he made raw chocolate and banana ice cream in front of our guests last night to show them how simple it is), and me in my yoga, meditation, and mentoring capacity.


    Life Becomes EASY!

    When you live your life from this place of passion and love for what you do, everyday is fun. We get confused what the day is because it doesn’t matter anymore -because everyday is filled with doing what we love.


    I see posts on Facebook about ‘thank god it’s Friday’, ‘I hate Mondays’ etc…. and feel sad for those people, that they haven’t yet found their passion. Yes it’s nice to have a day off and have a duvet day now and again, but when I have those I am raring to go even more than before!! Whether that is a Monday, Thursday or Sunday.


    Find Clarity By Giving Yourself Some Space

    ….and find out what IS your passion. If it’s not what you are currently doing then CHANGE IT, come and spend a night or two at our Holistic Hotel and get some clarity.


    In your next meditation begin by asking the question, “IF I COULD DO ANYTHING, WHAT WOULD IT BE?”, and then let the question and any potential answer go……

    What you will find is that the answer will come to you in the coming hours, days and weeks in the form of a conversation you (are meant to) overhear, a book that you (are destined to) start to read, or a TV program that you (are supposed to) turn over to.


    The answers are everywhere….IF WE ONLY HAVE OUR EYES OPEN to them. Meditation and being in that calm, connected space will help us to see.


    And I can truthfully say that there is no other place that I’d rather be in the world right now, than right here in my own dining room with the open fire roaring next to me as I write this, guests upstairs happy in their fluffy robes and luxurious rooms, and husband clanking around in the kitchen making our next culinary delight x


    We hope to welcome you soon to Inner Guidance Holistic Retreat Centre and Hotel, share our knowledge, and help you uncover your true purpose in life….

    Ps. We are currently offering a 50% discount on hotel stays meaning you pay just £75 per night (for 1 or 2 people) in an en suite room, to include morning meditation and a full healthy breakfast!!




    Facebook:  InnerGuidance

    Twitter:  @Inner_Guidance

    Copyright: Jo De Rosa 2014





    LOve Rachel xxx

    tweet me@RachelHolmes



    Have a Wonderful WEEK


    Love Always Rachel x


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    positivity, fitness & business emails

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