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  • Instructor Newsletter 13th March 2014

    After being in Group X for the last 25 odd years
    and teaching everything from Slide to Line Dancing (eeekkkk!).
    Like many of you I’ve seen many many trends come & go.
    The exact same curve happens with the majority of them.
    It usually looks like this 🙂
    1:  Media hype begins
    2:  Training courses start.
    3:  The first wave of instructors take the plunge.
    4:  Setting up classes in the community
    5:  Advertise heavily as the 1st in the area.
    6:  Get big numbers & make great profits early on.
    7:  More & more instructors jump on.
    8:  More classes start, numbers dilute
    9:  Numbers dwindle.
    10: Programme ticks along with die hards
    It’s the classic “Purple Cow” as described so
    eloquently by the great
    Seth Godin in his book of the same name – A definite must read if you haven’t managed to get to it before.
    Recently we’ve had Fitsteps, Zumbini now Insanity from Beachbody is pushing hard.
    It’s always ideal to be THE Instructor teaching the latest, coolest
    trends BUT it can also be stressful constantly having to jump
    on every trend.
    If you do, the trick is to get in first.
    Plan a strategic marketing campaign
    with your email list, social media, outdoor banners,
    flyers, posters, A board,text message & remember DATA CAPTURE.
    If you really want to attract large numbers YOU Have to
    implement large advertising campaigns, constantly & consistently.
    Facebook has changed its algo rhythms  once
    again, so you have to
    put out constant content and pay for  FB ads,
    boost posts & sponsored
    stories to reach a bigger target audience.
    Follow up all your enquiries & leads and really generate interest
    to feed your staple classes when the trend starts to slow.
    And it will.
    We are living in a FASTER & FASTER world where the internet
    is creating & spreading fitness, health & nutrition trends faster than ever before.
    We are all consuming so much more content, ideas and information in record time.
    One thing for sure is that people WILL
    always want to lose weight.
    There will ALWAYS be a HUGE market for weightloss/diet/fatloss/self improvement
    So it is prudent to offer this service to your clientele.

    I have a confession – I have a major crush on Seth Godin….if you’ve never heard of him, just Google and get ANY of his amazing books, emails, podcasts….I wrote this blog and then tagged him and guess what….he replied back!!!  I WORKED MY BRAVE MUSCLE.  So, this is what I wrote….

    Oh gosh, the world is changing sooooo fast but we poor stone-age humans are still rocking our animal furs and clubs :-0.  Everything has changed and you know what, we humans remain the same, what make us goose-pimply, cry, laugh, go super quiet with inordinate peace…has never changed. How do we harmonize, how do we live in this world?  I don’t know about you but these are the rules I try to live by (work in progress)……

    Find what you love, do it to death, forget  fame and being worshipped by others – they are fickle :-), release the need to be annointed by others – annoint yourself, and know that you are annointed, stop waiting for ANYONE TO MAKE YOU!  Make yourself  via your gut and doing what just ‘feels good’ and fills you with energy and speed.  Don’t be greedy, don’t crave money – IT WILL CLOUD YOUR JUDGEMENT & STOP YOU HEARING THAT ‘SMALL STILL VOICE’, PLUS YOU KNOW MOST OF THE STUFF THAT MAKES US TRULY HAPPY IS FREE!

    Do something useful with yourself and your gifts, help other people because you can, put yourself out, don’t take sh*t, I repeat, don’t take sh*t (with grace where possible ) and don’t apologise for it.  ‘Don’t let your lizard brain send an email’ (Seth Godin).  Know when to bite, know when to swallow,  pray, meditate, be still & ask for the help of the universe or God whatever you prefer, allow yourself to marinade and grow naturally, know that NOTHING AMAZING happens when you stay in your comfort zone and that the ‘comfort zone’ is a myth, lean into uncertainty, love the naturally occuring discomfort of life – it’s a gift, sit back and wait for it to pass, observe the disturbance.  Go forward because your instinct says and hold back for the same reason &  OVERALL…… build your ‘BRAVE’ muscle.  BUILD YOUR BRAVE MUSCLE!

    And remember, just because it’s always been done like that, doesn’t mean it’s right!  Just because most people do it, doesn’t mean it’s right and just because they have the majority doesn’t mean they are right! You can have the majority and STILL BE WRONG!
    So, I got even braver and created the UK’s first LIVE 2 Day Certification for Fitness Professional who want to serve ‘Perimenopausal and Beyond’ women.  I picked myself!  If you’re working with women, it will be very useful at some point….check it out at

    Are you going to Blackpool IFS next week?
    I have lots of people contact me wanting to meet up
    next week for a  chat about joining Kick Start Fat Loss as a Franchisee.
    If you are seriously interested about getting involved & want to
    meet, then email me & we can schedule a meeting.
    I’ll be there from Thursday until Saturday so get in touch.
    Kelly Reed-Banks Pre-Hab Tour starts this week.
    Kelly kicks off the Fitness Pilates Pre-Hab Tour this Saturday in
    Southampton and we have spaces left on this Saturday’s
    To grab a last minute place here are all of the details
    It’s going to be a brilliant day and we are so excited about the content and the new direction FP is going.
    Kick Start Fat Loss 7 Day Online Supercharger Detox
    After 7 days all inclusive in Barbados I’m going to be needing this
    one! so join me starting Monday for a SUPERCHARGER KSFL
    DETOX and we are hitting it hard for 7 days.
    Level 3 Pilates in Manchester 28th – 30th March
    Pilates is one trend that continues to grown and fill classes
    year on year. It attracts a regular & loyal following constantly.
    Our Level 3 course is very different to the rest as we don’t just offer the regular course syllabus, we include modules on sequencing, standing, flow, functional, positive affirmations, new body anatomy.
    PLUS you have the C2GO back up of videos, downloads,
    marketing info & support.
    Kelly, Marvin & myself created & have written
    our manual &  training and are constantly evolving and updating
    the concept.
    This will be the final time we run the course in Manchester so
    if you want to take advantage and you live locally  grab a place now.

    Black Box…for Business….!!
    By Andrew Crawford

    This week I lost the use of my ‘reverse gear’

    What does that mean??  One has to map out exactly where you are going, park forward first time, no NCP car parks and take the long way around. It’s quite difficult but I’m up for the challenge……….Only for a short while…!!

    Meanwhile….in Malaysia they are STILL trying to find that ‘lost’ plane.

    My heart goes out to all those awaiting news…….One question…….!!

    Where is the Black Box??

    That supposed to be indestructible and findable as it has radar signals or something like that, where it can be tracked…..any way…I’m not the’s just that they are a lot of unanswered questions which any reasonable man or woman would ask in a situation like this.

    So Andrew…….What has your automatic dodgy gearbox with no reverse gear and a Black Box got to do with Accountancy & Tax?


    The black box records data from the plane and instructions sent to the aircraft, along with conversations between the crew on the plane.

    It is used for accident information – so if a plane’s engine failed, the box would have recorded it, along with any messages sent by the captain.

    Hey……But did you know the black box is usually orange….!!!!!??

    The automatic gear box sends information and instructions to the engine to tell it what to do. Go forward, reverse, park or sports mode…….tee hee…..!!

    So……Where would you get some quick information links for your Fitness Business ?

    See below……….

    Registering for Self-Assessment

    Paying the HMRC online

    Tax information direct from the HMRC.

    Forming a Company or searching a name

    Registering for VAT

    Deregistering for VAT

    Loan Calculator – Work out your interest and fixed monthly repayments.

    Mortgage Calculator – A quick and easy way to calculate your mortgage payments.

    VAT Calculator –  Calculate the VAT that has been paid or will be paid on amounts entered.

    Payslip Calculator – This payslip calculator performs monthly / weekly calculations on a Month 1 / Week 1 basis.

    Main Social Security Benefits

    Alternatively you can get these resources and more from the site that supports the Fitness Industry…..


    This year has sped’s nearly the end of March already…you will be preparing for another year end soon….

    Would you kiss a complete stranger?  That’s something for your Black Book..!!

    Andrew James Crawford
    Have a wonderful day everyone
    Love Rachel xxx
    Make It Happen Seminar
    This seminar is designed for all Fitpros who are looking for more.
    More ways to productivity. More Ways to create a positive mindset,
    More ways to build your platform with all the new social media trends & updates
    & more ways to make a profit in fitness.
    I’ll be unleashing so much new content and ideas here. so, if my
    motivational emails have struck a chord with you over the last few months
    then come on down and spend the day with me discussing the latest
    updates. It’s Saturday 10th May 2014 at The HILTON East Midlands Airport.
    To book your place click here

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