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  • Instructor Newsletter 15th August

    Teach FreestyleI was out running last night and I could feel that autumnal vibe in the air.  There are a few leaves now on my garden and the evening sunlight is changing and it made me panic a bit inside. The last 1/4 of 2013 is almost here, so I’m hanging onto every single second of every single day of August.  These last few weeks are so precious before I kick off with Kick Start Fat Loss Road shows and Conventions and new deadlines and classes. So, are you ready for September?

    Thanks to everyone who emailed me “congratulations” about getting Kick Start Fat Loss into PCT/NHS in Norfolk. Our pilot starts in September and I am working closely with the team to drive the programme forward and tackling the UK obesity epidemic. We are also working towards a new KSFL programme for stressed out school teachers and will be launching new pilots at various High Schools around the UK in September. I am also so proud to announce new Kick Start Fat Loss franchisees starting in September in Banbury, Worksop, Bromley, and East London, with more instructors training with me getting ready to launch
    Kick Start Fat Loss APP

    I have been testing and testing the new app and I’m in love with this super cool technology. You can download it for free from the Apple and Google play store for android.  Search Kick Start Fat Loss KSFL and you will find it. Do let me know what you think?
    I am totally obsessed with mobile ways to spread the fitness message. More and more of us are viewing everything via our smart phones, be it videos, podcasts, audios and reading emails on our phones and it is crucial for any online fitness business to really look at maximising the mobile platforms

    Business List – Fitness Business Builder

    I’ve created a new fitness business email list where I’ll be sending out really short quick tips and ideas style mails. If you are looking to elevate your fitness business, looking for ideas to create your online fitness business, starting a coaching business etc. then sign up as soon you can. It will be quite different from this newsletter and you will be able to read the email on your phone in a couple of minutes. You can sign up here This will be quite different from this newsletter & I’m looking fwd to cracking on with this.

    New Kick Start Fat Loss Online Magazine is now out

    Do you want to transition from a job to a full time fitness business

    Judging by the feedback I get from many Instructors who teach part time, and also hold down a full/time job in another industry, making the transition into a full time fitness business is an ambition for many fitpros. So, here are my top tips for making the leap.

    1.LOVE YOUR DAY job! Yes, the job you want to get rid of. Love it and live it because if you work in an office for 8 hours a day and you hate every minute, you doodle about, you waste your time, you send bad energy around and that energy will follow you into your fitness life. Accept it’s a stepping stone and while you are there throw yourself into it 100%. You’ll leave every day with a spring in your step ready to give 200% to your fitness business. “Doing the best you can in this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.  “Put yourself in the best moment” That’s is an Oprah quote, and it’s so right.

    2.Create a financial cushion before you go. This is imperative that you build up some savings and a financial net before you transition. You will need cash to set up your website, create adverts, flyers, leaflets, promotions and PR etc. and you need to have a clear view about the profit you will be making. If you are setting up new classes get them set up and going BEFORE you leave, even if you have to work so hard at 2 jobs before you finally go. If you are creating an online business make sure you are CLEAR about what you are doing, selling, offering and who exactly is your customer? Are you solving their problems with your services?

    3.If you have new ideas about the fitness services you are going to offer, then get out into the community and make sure there is a market for what you want to offer. For example, do you want to specialise in teaching Pilates to retired people who are free in the daytime? Then get out and find as many of this market as you possibly can and talk to them.  Are they willing to commit to a regular daytime class and what would they pay for this service?
    Do a full SWOT analysis of what is going on in your area. Check out the competition, go and see all of the available halls, find out how many households live in the area, how many leisure centers there are (private health clubs do a full breakdown of everything) and then work out if you can do it differently or better.

    Then, once you have done a full analysis you may even come to the conclusion you could do a day job part time and fitness part time and get the best of both worlds. As always, do the research first before you do a full transition.

    Tweet me your views @RachelHolmes Have you made the switch? How did it go? Are you still teetering on the edge? Let me know

    Grow your Email List

    The most important thing you can do for your fitness business is grow your email list on a daily basis, so grab everyone’s email who walks though your door. Make sure you have a HUGE sign up box on your website that hits your visitors the minute they log on and add to the list every day.

    When people meet you or call you to ask about your services take their email and explain you will send them details about the services you offer. Put these emails on a prospect list. Have a template email ready on your phone that you can send out right away. Every week encourage your Facebook and Twitter followers to jump on your list, offer an incentive for doing this. Think, what if Facebook stopped tomorrow, what would you do?

    Make sure you have everyone’s emails and create a regular newsletter or ezine.

    Your email list is your business lifeblood and if you want to create a bigger business this is a task you need to work on daily.

    Projection – Do we do it? Jayne Nicholls

    Projecting our fears, beliefs and I suppose preferences onto other people is perhaps instinctive in all of us as human beings. I have just moved house and was literally dragged kicking and screaming down (sorry up) the M1 after months of projecting my fears through barriers that were so stupid and yet so important at the time -‘’I hate the kitchen’’, ‘’we are not married’’,’’ ‘’the cats won’t like it’’, you name it I projected it; and of course having made the move it’s great, I love it. I still hate the kitchen but the cats are happy and marriage is a work in progress…..

    If we do it in life and I am sure you can all find areas where you project, do we do it in our jobs and is this the very thing that stops us from moving forward?

    Before we change a class or take on a new venture, we can presume that our class members will not like it or buy it. This presumption is the start of projection because if you do not believe it, they will not. If you are unsure or scared, this will project and we self defeat before we start. Here are 2 key facts if you are someone who does not find implementing new projects or changing to ride the tides of new innovations in fitness:

    1.       Few people embrace change BUT most people benefit from it.
    2.       Fear of people saying no will keep you slap bang where you are today.

    With this in mind we need a few techniques to adopt in order to make projection less and changes smooth.

    1.       Make it the client’s idea – example, I have had a few requests from people to do this…… If you group think others want it they will follow.
    2.       Give it time – there are 6 to 8 weeks of transformation necessary for both us and our clients to become competent, confident and formulate opinions.
    3.       Never suggest a negative, if we avoid any display of our concerns or fears, the transition into new ground will be smooth.

    Trust me, as soon as you get out of the habit of fearing change and projecting that fear onto others as an excuse for standing still, life and business brings so many more opportunities.

    ARGH!!!!! RANT ALERT!!!!! Cori Withell

    What on earth is going on?
    Everywhere I look instructors are posting along the same lines?
    What is going to be the next big thing?
    Have you done this training or that training?
    What did you think of it?
    Do you think it will work in the community?

    How the hell are they supposed to know?
    Why not ask yourself why you are looking away from yourself in the first place?
    Why are we constantly looking outside of what we, ourselves are capable of doing?
    Why does it have to be someone else’s programme?
    Why do we need to sign up to someone else’s monthly license to get choreography and music?
    Isn’t that what we did in ETM?

    Maybe you think you would be rubbish?
    When was the last time you actually tried?
    When was the last time you truly got your groove on with some funky tunes busting out the old L shape grapevine and a box twist on the end 😉
    The industry has got so caught up in getting instructors hooked on this monthly subscribe malarkey that we are losing our way.

    I lost my way and Step and Aerobics are making a resounding comeback to my timetable in September.
    I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am.
    I love love love love love freestyle!
    BUT, I had doubted my ability for around two years and lived and breathed Zumba and fit camp along with a bit of Pilates thrown in.
    Now, stuff the self doubt, in for a penny, in for a pound.
    I put it out there on my newsletter one month ago and my new timetable classes are full to bursting – I had to make the bookable because of the interest.

    Do not let the fat cat bosses doubt yourself.
    You’ve done the training.
    You’ve passed the exam.
    You know you can do it, all you need now is to want to do it.
    Then the world is your oyster 🙂

    This isn’t to say that license programmes are rubbish, they aren’t.
    What I am saying is make sure the reasons you are teaching what you are teaching are the right reasons.
    You came into the industry because you love it, because you want to make a difference, make an impact, change people.
    I don’t know anyone that comes into this industry and works as hard as we do just to make money!

    From September, I will be sharing video clips of my new classes (I can’t believe I have just typed that!) so you can see a true Cori style relaxed class in all its glory and mistakes no doubt 😉

    Don’t forget I will be presenting at The Big One North and The Big One South this September so if you are around, please do come and say hi or even better, book in to hear all about #Mood Food and #Kick Start Fat Loss 🙂

    Health and happiness x
    Best wishes
    Cori x

    Eau De Natural: Cure for Cancer – Profits vs Ethics
    By Andrew Crawford

    Today I’m going to touch on a subject which I believe is controversial.
    It will be a very short article today, as most of it involves you doing a bit of research yourself……..if you wish.
    Here it is……….
    I believe there is a cure for cancer.
    There…….I said it.
    The reason the medical profession do not want the majority of people to know this, is because of ……….Profits..!

    Why do I believe this?

    Well last Sunday, I literally spent the WHOLE day researching this subject myself. The more I found out, the more I wanted to know more. The more I listened and watched, the more I realised how medicine is organised and thrust onto patients without actually curing them but keeps them reliant on them and on a perpetual cycle…..all because of profits.
    They are not interested if there is a natural cure…as this would wipe out their profits…..that wouldn’t be good for business.
    Yes….cancer is a business.
    I realised also the money they make from the 3 biggest money earners which they recommend for cancer patients…….all the time…..!!

    I checked this out with my past cancer friends and yes….this checked out.
    Why do they not recommend natural or alternative medicines?? ……..because there ain’t any money in doing so.
    My mum for example took about 12 – 16 different tablets on a daily basis. She was never cured from whatever she had and see took them every day, every month until she died.
    If I knew what I know now……….I wouldn’t allow her to take any DRUGS…|!!!
    I listened to Doctor after Doctor suggesting alternative medicines outside of the 3 solutions I mentioned being offered.
    You can witness the big Phamarcy companies not interest in the alternatives and go to long lengths to discredit, shut down, disbar Doctors from practicing, throw people in jail for suggesting that there is a cure……just to PREVENT the information getting out.
    Check it out yourself.
    So Andrew…….you know what we’re gonna ask you next..??
    What has the cure for cancer got to do with Accountancy and Tax??
    It’ all to do with Profits vs Ethics…….!!
    There are BIG BIG profits in treating patients………..quite different from curing.
    If you have a few hours spare please check out the following links, they are all on you tube. I suggest the first one below it is 1 hour and 32 minutes long. You will gain a insite into the people who tested their products and cured thousands of patient….even those condemned by the hospitals and sent home to spend their final weeks.
    It is very interesting.
    Then watch the Whistleblower one….this one is short but very informative.

    An ex drug salesman tells you the real ethics behind the big Pharmacy companies.
    There seems to be a cure fro cancer – 1.32.47 mins

    Every Cancer Can be Cured In Weeks – 6.56 mins

    Man cures himself then gets thrown in jail – 5.38 mins

    Cancer Cure –  1.48.00

    Burzynski threatens the Big Pharma – 11.01 mins

    Big Pharma Executive turns Whistleblower – 7.16


    By the time you have read this……..I would have sampled a few white rums, rum cocktails, fruit cocktails and basked under the Jamaican sun. I’m looking forward to the fresh lobster just up the road.

    Take care and make sure you check out those videos ……..if you are interested…|!!!
    Andrew ‘Ya man’ Crawford……Soon come…!!!

    Have a wonderful Week and Go Get em!
    Much Love Rachel xx

    Tweet me @RachelHolmes
    Facebook Choreographytogo
    Instagram RachelLHolmes

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