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  • Instructor Newsletter 16th June

    Instructor Newsletter  16th June  2016



    Hey, hey Rachel How are you?


    By now regular readers of my newsletter and Blog will be in no doubt that I LOVE fitness marketing. But this article isn’t about telling you how to work Facebook or Twitter its about looking at local media, newspapers and radio in your area.

    If you haven’t used newspaper advertising for a while then why don’t you reconnect and see if they have any better rates these days?


    Newspapers are massively feeling the pinch as advertisers are leaving them in droves in search of social media advertising. Give them a ring and see if there are any advertising deals on the table.


    In some areas there will be and in others they will be still seriously over priced for the return on investment but it is worth a call.



    The Pain of Fantastic Teachers



    I think so many fabulous teachers out there aren’t as financially successful as they ought to be – because they don’t sell themselves and their services properly.



    Instead of teaching loads and loads of classes why not put your energies into setting up classes in the community and hire your own space YOU CAN DO IT!!!



    You can be the best, most knowledgeable Instructor, but if you don’t get the message out  and keep getting the message out no one will come.



    “I’ve been on every Fitness course going, I have more qualifications than anyone I know,” Laura told me the week she started her new community classes.



    “I just don’t have the clue how to market and promote it and the thought of traipsing round houses pushing leaflets through doors fills me with dread!”


    “And, you know what Rachel I just don’t have time to do all of this online promotion and Facebook bores me……”


    It’s a problem that almost every Instructor and Personal Trainer starting a new classes or personal training business faces. You can be the best – but if you don’t know how to get the word out–how to market your products or service–there’s no way you can get the customers you need for your business to survive, grow and become a sustainable.



    1. What is your market?



    Decide who your main customers are.


    As a group:


    How old are they?

    Where do they live?

    What kinds of jobs do they have and what are their interests?

    The better you can sketch a detailed profile of the kinds of people who will be your main customers, the better you’ll fare in the next four steps.



    2. What kinds of media do your main customers use?



    Each type of media has its own target audience. Each radio station, newspaper, magazine, or TV program tries to interest a specific segment of the population. The trick is to match your main customers with the kinds of media they use. 


    If you aren’t sure what group a media outlet is targeting, ask their sales executive. Maybe you have a class that will be of interest to people living in a certain catchments. Flyers delivered door-to-door inside the local paper or with the post is a great way to let prospects know about you.



    Remember that media isn’t just TV and Newspapers.


    Effective media can be anything that conveys your message. Media choices range from million pound adverts to a few free pens with your name on them.



    3. The key to effective marketing is consistency. You have to hit the audience with your message again, and again, and again.

    Marketers use the Rule of Seven. Prospects must see or hear your message seven times before they consider buying.


    Don’t blow your entire marketing budget on a one-shot media adverts.Try and get a deal where you can advertise and afford to use week after week. That’s how you get marketing success.



    4. Sell the main benefit of your class or service. Make your marketing client-centred.


    How does your class or services improve your customer’s life?

    What problems will it solve if they attend? 


    Surprisingly for many Instructors, people wont make a choice on how many qualifications you have and how “Fully Qualified” you are. (I see this strap line on every Fitness Instructors Flyers)


    Your marketing should drive home this most important benefit as clearly and directly as possible.


    Customers buy benefits.


    When you advertise the features of your product or service, connect those features to the benefits they will bring the customer.



    5. And finally and this is the biggest, don’t miss out on FREE publicity. Radio, TV, newspapers, newsletters, and magazines are constantly on the lookout for good stories.


    Prospective customers will be impressed if a media outlet features a story on what you do.


    Is there something about you or your business that would interest other people?

    Is there something about your business that is newsworthy?

    Maybe you have useful information to share with others.


    Consider sending a press release to your local newspaper. Better yet, make a phone call to the news desk…Yes actually pick up the phone and speak to someone



    Go on do it today!

    In fact do it every week…Don’t give up after 1 press release. Consistency is the key

    Id love to hear about your endeavours with the local press.


    Let me know 🙂 




    Have you booked the Free 

    Kick Start Fat Loss Discovery Day ?


    Click here 






    Calling all my Essex Friends



    I’ll be doing a Kick Start Wellness Day in Essex

    on FRIDAY 1st July at the beautiful Orsett Hall

    in Thurrock.


    I’ll be showcasing my brand new class 🙂 


    Click here to book



    How Retreats Instantly UPGRADE You And Your Clients

    by Jo De Rosa

    Our universe is continually expanding. 


    And there is absolutely nothing we can do to stop it. 

    So we can either go with this continual flow; growth; amplification.

    …..or fight against it. 

    When you hold a retreat you are creating an expanded space for your guests to step up and into, so that they can become their full potential. There is great power in commitment and just by the exchange of money, organising childcare etc for the weekend means that the energy shifted and they began to start looking after themselves rather than only everyone around them. 

    When you have a family this is probably your normal set-point.

    Everyone gets sorted FIRST

    And you only receive whats left over; and there usually isn’t much left over for YOU. 

    This is one of the reasons I wanted to set up a retreat centre, for I wanted to teach people the art of when they take care of THEMSELVES they are in fact taking care of EVERYONE ELSE also. 


    When you do not look after yourself you are empty, and how on earth can you give ANYTHING from an empty pot? You become naggy, weak, depressed, tired, depleted and resentful.


    Think about the opposite for a second = you are full, energised, empowered, strong, buoyant, inspired and motivated. 

    And I’ll give you some examples of the actual words that people use when they arrive and then again the same questions asked when they depart one of our retreats. See how much our guests UPGRADE over the 48 hours they are with us…..

    ARRIVE: “struggling” DEPART: “peaceful”

    ARRIVE: “tense and stressed” DEPART: “relaxed and enlightened”

    ARRIVE: “nervous and lost” DEPART “Happy, hopeful, confident, free”

    ARRIVE “anxious, fragile, over-thinking” DEPART: “relaxed, at ease, positive”

    Then after the retreat our jobs are to REMAIN in that upgraded state.

    Meditate every morning.

    Follow on social media people who inspire you and help you to maintain this state. 

    Once your pot is FULL it’s so much easier for it to remain that way with a daily routine (see my article a couple of weeks ago ‘The Freedom Of Discipline’).

    The reason most don’t come on retreat is because they feel bad for leaving their families for 48 hours and having a ‘lovely time’. What they don’t realise is they are stuck in an EMPTY POT world where fatigue and irritation have set in and it’s easy to snap at your kids and feel resentful towards your partner. EVERYTHING can shift from just 48 hours of space away from your ‘normality’ so that when you get back home with this shift of perception, you feel energised and in the FULL POT camp; excited to be back with your family and without an ounce of resentment in sight. 

    A retreat is the first step for many.

    As the teacher you are promoting how important it is to fill yourself up FIRST. 

    So you must practice what you preach!

    We have many of our facilitators come on one of our retreats themselves, and I always have one and sometimes two retreats (away from my centre) per year. Also we very rarely have guests in the house on Sunday or Thursday nights so that Dom and I can regroup, have time together, and RETREAT ourselves.

    We lead by example!  

    So would you like to:

    – Offer an empowering space for your clients?

    – Show them how to fill themselves up and create a FULL POT

    – Get to know them better?

    – Position yourself at the top of your game?

    – Elevate you as an expert (only experts hold retreats, right?)

    If you have not jumped onto the retreat business yet you are massively missing a trick. 

    You can add so much more to what you are already offering and deepen your clients development and understanding; a whole weekend experience is like a catapult of consciousness. For me now a one-hour weekly class is so unfulfilling because it really does only scratch the surface of what I can offer. Now it is about delivering a whole life experience: eating, thinking, breathing, speaking and believing wellbeing on every level…. 

    If you would like more information on HOW TO RUN A RETREAT I am running a webinar next Tuesday 21st June at 11.30am 

    You can register here:

    I will be covering in detail the following: 

    – How to promote your retreat 

    – Who to invite to your retreat 

    – How to price your retreat 

    – A timetable that works 

    – Manifestation tips to fill your retreat 

    – How to hold the space so that everyone feels nurtured and safe 

    I’d love it if you could join me on the webinar and you can register with the link above/below or on our website.

    Have a great week and lets share our expertise and raise as many peoples health and happiness levels as we collectively can! 

    Please do sign up to the webinar as there is limited space and already a lot of interest. If you cannot make next Tuesday at 11:30 then you will receive a recording if you’ve signed up. 


    I am giving away so much content here, I’ve never done this before, but I’m excited to get this information out there! See you on Tuesday 🙂 

    ps. Did you see us on Channel 4’s Three In A Bed this week? Our episode was repeated and we got tens of thousands of viewers. Hope you caught it! 

    Next week: I Will Be Happy When…..






    The Ugly Face, The Pretty Face & The Freudulant Slip…!!

    By Andrew Crawford

    Why do we do it?

    Do what Andrew?

    Fight when we go abroad…!! Our reputation precedes us…..

    This is the ‘Ugly Face’ of football…..not that I’m a regular fan of the game or anyfink….!! It’s just the violent conduct of our countrymen on foreign soil with their foreign brothers & sisters is less desireable than watching the players ‘fight’ on the pitch to win a game using only heads, chest, thighs, feet & a leather skinned material wrapped into a ball…!!

    And the Pretty Face?

    Well…the annual trip to Ascot went down very well…many Pretty Faces were observed, many bottles of fizz were consumed and I’m sure many a sore head this morning.

    Oh..yes…..the horsey racing & betting were good as well..!!

    And what was the ‘Freudulant Slip’?

    Well….Sir Clement Freud (may he rest in peace) being able to slip quietly away whilst people ‘In The Know’ knew wrong things that he was doing but failed or in fact neglected to get it investigated.

    Now, I believe, they are preparing to investigate…..!!

    What a complete waste of resources & time….the fellow is no longer here to defend himself….  it just reminds me of the Jimmy SoVile case.

    Now that was pretty much Ugly…!!

    So Andrew…

    What has The Ugly Face, The Pretty Face & The Freudulant Slip got to do with Accountancy & Tax?

    Well….it’s all about facing up to some Ugly investing strategies which are Pretty useful.

    The football manager invests in a player ( football player) and is rewarded with the cup and a fistful of dollars to reinvest.

    A Pundit invests in a racing horse, which after a period of training hopefully returns a healthy profit from winning races. One of the prizes at Ascot was £750,000.

    You’re different….

    Firstly…The strategy here is of Investing in yourself and in a product or service you believe in. Pretty obvious ….right??

    Basically, you’re  putting your b*ll*x on the line…or if you ain’t got any of those…..good ole spherical objects will suffice….!!!!

    Invest In Yourself

    Invest in yourself first in terms of reading books, going to workshops doing a seminar, reading articles, its amazing how much you know…!!

    Once you invest in yourself, your mind ‘springs into action’ and you can conceive an unlimited amount of thoughts and ideas. 

    The returns for investing in yourself can be measured in long term benefits.

    Invest In Your Family

    If you have off spring, consider investing in them. Just like the well- known song goes….”…I believe the children are our future….”

    Again, a medium to long term strategy. 

    The Rule of 72

    The Rule of 72 let’s you estimate with a fair degree of accuracy how long it will take for your lump sum investment to DOUBLE at a given rate of interest.

    So…you would divide 72 by the rate of interest to get:

     72 / x% = years to doubling

    Here’s an example:

    £10,000 invested at 10.4% will take 72 / 10.4 = 6 years to double

    Breakeven Analysis / Breakeven Point

    Breakeven Analysis is used to find the Breakeven Point at which your investment turns into a profit.

    Some investments have a high breakeven point, other investments have a low breakeven point.

    Example 1:  A Mackkie D’s franchise cost say £250,000. How many big macs do you have to sell to break even? If Big Macs cost £1.99?

    £250,000 / £1.99 = 125,628 must be sold to break even. That’s high…!!

    Example 2 : A franchise cost £997. How many programmes do you need to sell to break even? If programmes cost £57?

    £997 / £57 = 17 must be sold to break even. Now that’s low….!! 

    Return On Investment

    A more complex measure of investment, that can be split into secondary ratios for a more detailed analysis.

    Earnings before interest & tax / Capital employed x 100%

    This can be analysed as:

    Sales / Capital employed  x Earnings /sales x 100%

    i.e  Asset turnover x Net profit percentage

    There are many different ratios which are used to measure investments, I didn’t want to get into these today or you’ll accuse me of being boring…!!!

    I just wanted to make you aware of these.

    For instance, I love the concept of compound interest but I have gone over this in an earlier article. If you need a copy, just give me a holla…!


    Talking about a Pretty Face, I went to a meeting this week and found out that one of my Pretty Faced clients…yes you Rebecca Maslin….actually reads my articles. 

    That was very much appreciated for me to know because I try and give you some ‘Hidden Gems’ interwoven in these articles which are useable in your business, hopefully entertaining for you to read (for a ‘boring’ subject) and enlightening  you at the same time.

    I felt like a new man……ego fully stroked & plumped…I will continue to write…or spew forth whatever is in my head.

    I aim to please………Oh Matron…!!

    Andrew James Crawford



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