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  • Instructor Newsletter 16th October












    Loads happening this week on C2GO.

    First up is the launch of our new Fitness Pilates
    for The Next Generation Course – We have been working on this for some time now, and finally we are up, running and the course is ready to book.

    I created a 5 – 7 year olds FP programme a few years back and went into  Derbyshire primary schools to teach it.

    It was a massive hit, and now Kelly is taking up the reigns and has developed the next stages.

    We both feel there is amazing potential for Instructors to really run with this programme and not only go into schools but create their own bespoke FP for Children’s classes. These could be run privately or in schools or nurseries.

    In fact you could create a whole specialist business in teaching FP to children.

    I seriously think there is a demand for such a niche programme.  If you are keen to do the course you will have to have the Fitness Pilates qualification & hold or be working towards the level 2 Qualification.

    If this does interest you then have a read though everything. We are only taking 10 Instructors per course and there is an early bird price if you book within the next week.

    Kick Start Fat Loss IRELAND

    As the Kick Start business is gathering more momentum I am so excited to announce our first International Master Franchisee.

    Laura Armarda Buch of LAB Fitness is now master Franchisee for Kick Start in Ireland. Laura is now looking for Instructors all over IRELAND to train in Kick Start, so if you are in Ireland and you want to get involved with Kick Start contact Laura TODAY as we start to roll out a new Programme for Ireland.

    Are you in Ireland and want to get involved?

    Kick Start Fat Loss Bedfordshire

    Charlotte Brawn is the Bedford Kick Start Franchisee
    and she is also looking for a team of Instructors to join
    her expanding KS classes.

    Are you in Bedford and want to teach Kick Start?

    KS EXTREME Workshop

    We are coming to Edinburgh next week!
    For all the Scots who have been asking for us to
    make the trip please do support the event
    at Bannertynes on Saturday 25th October

    Click here to book

    Hey C2GOers from kelly Reed-Banks

    I’m so excited to finally be able to bring you the news of my next workshop for Fitness Pilates which is focused completely on 5-15 yrs olds!! Fitness Pilates for the Next Generation is something I have been wanting to do for such a long time now, as some of you know I work in education and have taught sport & fitness to a wide age group of children for many years. Fitness Pilates is always something that goes down really well in both primary and secondary schools and now I can bring this information to you so you can teach the next generation in a way that is fun, informative, effective and beneficial for this age group!

    Joseph Pilates said ‘First Educate the Child’ He argued that habits are easily formed in childhood, both good and bad. If we focus on forming only good habits at a young age there will be less need later in life for correction. A recent report from the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences indicates that approximately 30.3% of children between the ages of 6 to 11 are overweight and that 15.3% are obese. For adolescents between the ages of 12 to 19, 30.4% are overweight and 15.5% are obese. These are startling numbers and much higher than for previous years. As someone who has taught in schools & colleges for a long time, I understand that not all children want to play sport or even like it, they are looking for something that is going to improve their self esteem & body image but in a non judgmental way that is fun and Fitness Pilates ticks all the boxes for that!

    Fitness Pilates for the Next Generation is a 6 hour workshop for qualified Pilates or Fitness Pilates instructors who hold their level 2 qualification to teach 5-15 yrs olds or equivalent teaching qualifications (eg. qualified primary or secondary school teachers).  If you do not hold this qualification then we have put together a bolt on package where you can do our Active IQ level 2 5-15 yrs online qualification with this workshop.

    I have split the workshop into two main sections being 5-11 yrs & 12-15yrs – both groups are very different in some ways, for example the choreography content, music, interpretation & content but also similar in others with regards to the crucial anatomical, psychological and behavioral developmental issues that come with teaching fitness to kids.

    The workshop will include the following –
    5-11 yrs olds
    Master class on Fitness Pilates for 5-11 yrs olds

    Theory session on Crucial anatomical, psychological and behavioural developmental issues for 5-11 yrs olds including safety considerations, exercise contraindications & exercise ethics.

    Practical session on creative movement, music interpretation, vocabulary, Warm ups & Cool Downs

    12-15 yrs olds

    Master class on Fitness Pilates for 12-15 yrs olds
    Theory session on physiological & psychological benefits of Fitness Pilates for this age group.
    Practical session on Using the principals of Flow, Control & Precision to give this age group better self esteem, body image & improve performance in other sports. Warm ups and Cool Down ideas for this age group.

    Marketing ideas including guidance for creating effective session plans, how Fitness Pilates can fit in with curriculum or ideas for after school clubs.

    You will get a manual including example class plans included on the workshop, however I will also have a full instructor support package available which will include DVD, Music, Class branding, logo’s and Marketing material which you can purchase on the day.

    This workshop is designed for forward thinking Pilates & Fitness Pilates instructors who are either looking at getting into teaching in schools or setting up your own community classes, or for instructors or teachers who are already teaching this age group who are looking for fresh new ideas for their classes.

    For more info on this workshop or to book please go to  –

    There is a special EARLY OFFER if you book in the next 7 days.

    If you have any questions about Fitness Pilates for the next Generation then please contact me direct –

    Much Love xx

    I’m Never Going Back
    By Jo De Rosa

    I’ve been waiting (all my life) for this date:
    14th October 2014

    And on it’s morning the first post in my Facebook timeline was a video of Lynda Bellingham on morning TV talking about cancer. She openly talks about colostomy bags, funeral arrangements and the effect it is all having on her family.

    Her story is heartbreaking BUT she is helping many others struggling with similar stories, with some saying,
    “She’s so brave to openly talk about it”.

    This is something I have come across myself over the past 2 years of sobriety: Many people emailing to thank me for openly talking about my drunk days. Alcohol addiction is so widespread in the UK but still a pretty taboo subject. The funny thing is I have NO PROBLEM speaking about it, as like Lynda, if each motivational talk/blog helps just ONE PERSON then I have done something worthwhile. In fact being able to help others is actually why I believe I had this challenge in the first place perhaps: it feels like my purpose to go and shout out from the rooftops about HOW I got sober.

    Today’s Perfect:

    Today I wanted to reward myself with my perfect day. Today, to celebrate, my perfect day looks like this:
    A ceremonial dose of ceremonial grade raw Guatemalan cacao drink (hot chocolate)
    Yoga session
    Meditation session
    Writing this blog in between all of those things!

    How It Used To Be

    And how things have changed from a few years ago when my perfect day would have been to get seriously hammered on either cocaine, ecstasy, alcohol, or all three! I would have partied until sunrise and then done the ‘walk of shame’ home completely off my head, hoping that I wouldn’t see anyone I knew. I also suffered with insomnia throughout my intoxicated period, thinking that it was ‘normal’ as I didn’t know any different (I started partying in 1989). The truth is my poor body couldn’t cope with the toxins, as I was also smoking 20-40 cigarettes a day up until 2006….it was too busy dealing with all the poison to have lovely restful sleep!

    The Horrors

    Then the next morning I would wake up with ‘the horrors’. The first assault would be to my eyes as they resisted daylight. Then once they were open the next mission would be getting up, as the slightest movement would make me feel sick. I can still take my mind to that awful place: sitting on my sofa in front of the tv with a cup of tea, eyes half-open slits, body and mind in a feverish state and in shock. It took all of my effort to just sit there and drink tea, obviously working was out of the question and I would literally ‘hide’ from the world. If my phone rang it frightened me and I would of course ignore it, unable to communicate with anyone. Food was never an option when I was like this: I could only concentrate on survival, so no wonder I was permanently under-weight.

    Then flashes of the night before would start to imprint on my mind: Jo showing off; Jo grabbing whatever attention she could get; Jo’s voice the loudest of everyones; Jo dancing; Jo snorting; Jo unable to stop.
    Unable to stop this grotesque cycle of self-abuse.

    As darkness approached I would start to feel better, and my shrunken hungry stomach would begin to demand sustenance. However, the only food I could muster would be greasy and unhealthy, easy to purchase and consume. I’d never cook and the local take-away did well out of me. A salad in that state just didn’t appeal….

    A whole day had been lost but now that it was dark I felt safer, and I skulked back to my pit for more hours collapsed in front of the tv.

    You Call This Fun?

    I always thought I’d had a great night, but was the payoff worth it the next day? It must have been on some level because I did this for over 20 years. As I write that down I am shocked. Half of my life caught up in this erratic dance of self-abuse: all of my adult life either high on substances, or low from their effect. How sad.

    I’m moved to tears right now as I relive this.

    How could I treat myself like this?
    How could I have so little regard for my sanity?
    I want to go and hug that Jo. Tell her she doesn’t need to do it anymore. Comfort her and tell her how amazing she is going to feel once she is free from this nightmare.

    Teaching High
    And I was teaching yoga throughout this period. In the beginning when I first qualified I thought it was cool that I ‘had it all’: partying at the weekend and teaching during the week. At the time I lived in Thailand and I can tell you the parties went on for days!
    But it was like I had this dark secret because the yoga crowd had no idea about ‘party Jo’, and the majority of my fellow party animals just didn’t understand ‘yoga Jo’.
    Oh and the shame. I did not want to be the smoking, drinking, drug-taking yoga teacher. But it was the life that I had come from before yoga discovered me and it would take me a few more years to shake off who I had been, before I could fully blossom into the life that I was starting to see for myself.

    Getting Clean

    And so I left behind a life of fear, disappointment, sadness, regret and 7 years ago set out to get clean. It started back then culling cigarettes and class A’s, although alcohol then became the main problem. My next battle was with wine as my struggles transferred from the party scene in Thailand to my home-life as I moved back to the UK. My troubles just reappeared in the bottom of a wine glass, rather than a rolled up 500 baht note.

    For those that remember the intoxicated Jo, you will have seen the transformation. And many who have just met me cannot imagine me with a fag in hand, drink in the other, loud and obnoxious and unwilling to slow down.
    Thank god that is all over!


    I rolled my mat out in my gorgeous yoga studio, put on some banging tunes that a famous DJ gave me a thousand years ago, and mixed the old with the new today. And as I sun saluted to progressive house, I could enjoy the memories because I’ve moved on from the attachment to getting high because actually now I get high from being clean. For an hour today I practice to the sounds of Deep Dive Corporation, and then it is time to meditate. I know before I sit down that a shift is going to happen when I close my eyes, I have felt the internal movement all day…another layer of control peeling off me.

    As I have consumed a ‘ceremonial dose’ of Guatemalan raw cacao drink I turn on the recordings of the Chocolate Shaman that I made when he was last here, selecting his ‘chakra’ meditation. I usually meditate in silence, but today is special.

    As soon as I hear his voice I smile, and as he invites our higher selves and spirit guides to assist us in our meditations I imagine my Tibetan Buddhist teacher sitting in front of me and taking my hands in his. This has NEVER happened before but I am comforted and start to follow my breath as the recorded voice takes me on a journey within myself. In the next hour I go somewhere I’ve never been before and find a deeper connection to my inner world. Its beautiful and I realise a tear is making its way down my cheek, and then before I know it I find myself crying. Soon my whole body is shaking as yet another layer of the past is shed.

    Magic In My Life

    Meditation is magic, pure and simple, and is how I got sober. I go deeper each time I meditate, and now there is nothing to hold me back. To be able to reach inside myself as far as I did today in my meditation is nothing short of magic.

    I remember well when I would go on a weekend retreat and get to this level of connection. And then either on the journey on the train home (I often go on retreat in Scotland) or on arrival home I’d have a glass of wine, and the feeling was gone.

    The wine killed the connection instantly.

    Sometimes because I wanted to hold on to the feeling for longer I would not have a drink for a couple of days, but as soon as I did it was gone…trampled on….murdered. Oh and that pissed me off no end! Why did I do that! Why couldn’t I stop drinking! And then from being in a beautiful place of connection I was back in the darkness of addiction, disappointment, and self-flagellation.

    It feels a little like I am two people. I now feel so far from the person that I used to be, but can in an instant take myself back to how I felt back then. I can taste the extreme highs and lows and know that I will never go back to that life.

    Sober Forever

    Never again will I join the merry-go-round of alcohol, cigarette or drug addiction.

    I absolutely know now that I will never have another drink. It has become the symbol of all that was destroying me, in the name of ‘fun’!
    Life is so full these days. And each day I don’t drink I move further forwards, and I’m never going back!

    Guiding The Way

    My Yoga For Addictions program is what I was put on this earth to do. I love it. I love guiding others, who are ready themselves for transformation, through the tangled web of addiction. The other side is bright, hopeful, and holds the promise of your dreams. I found and live mine, are you ready to be the best you can be?


    That is what is has been written for. Maybe there is someone you know who needs to hear this message, and read these words? I KNOW I’ve written it for someone! And THANK YOU for helping me help others find happiness xxx

    Please get in touch and tell me what you think…..

    Facebook:  InnerGuidance
    Twitter:  @Inner_Guidance
    Copyright: Jo De Rosa 2014



    Believe Half Of What You See…Some And None Of What You Hear…….EboLie…..I’m Sick Of It..!!
    By Andrew Crawford

    Do your research.

    USA has patented that virus and has a vaccine for it. Why??

    See here…

    Someone out there is panicking the nation. In the midst of conversation that word Ebola gets slipped in….I had to check it out myself when I went to the petrol station and saw ALL the papers had it in their headline…..!!!!

    Once you see something like that…………beware……they are trying to get your mind and let you THINK in a particular way.

    Remember the ‘Bird Flu’ …’Swine Flu’ (That was a pig)..

    Meanwhile…somewhere in South London…Tooting in fact…

    I was with an elderly client the other day when she was complaining about pain and being uncomfortable.

    She works for the NHS and has done so for some 30 years. She is also a pensioner receiving pension.

    This is what she told me …

    She never takes prescriptions drugs because she sees what it does to patients. She told me a story of the drugs that  was prescribed for her. She didn’t take them but instead just simply changed her diet.

    On her following check up visit the Dr commented how well she has done and the symptons seem to have disappeared. She said she didn’t tell him that she didn’t take the pills….!!!!

    She also mentioned that some of the Drs have shares in the companies that supply the drugs…!!

    So Andrew……

    What has EboLie  and prescription drugs got to do with Accountancy & Tax?

    Disease is a business……………Big Business

    I will not go deep with this today because the subject has been drawn out over the last few weeks.

    We have always had natural simple cures free from nature and the Creator for every illness, diseases and yet many still naively think we need big pharma and modern medicines toxic cocktails of drug’s and treatments. They never cure anything except their own ongoing endless greed.

    “..While the world of conventional medicine lines up to profit from the Ebola panic, there is no mention anywhere in the mainstream media of the criminal corporation behind the Ebola vaccine.

    GlaxoSmithKline, now being celebrated by the pro-pharma press, is the same company that also has a proven criminal record of bribing physicians and knowingly distributing misleading information about the safety of their drug products.

    Just two years ago, GSK plead guilty to felony crimes in the United States and was forced to pay an historical $3 billion fine for committing those crimes. After paying the fine, GSK was then exempted from normal rules regarding criminal enterprise, allowing it to continue conducting business with the federal government…”

    A roughly nine-year federal investigation has exposed GSK’s rampant abuse of the law by
    illegally marketing drugs,
    forging drug safety data,
    bribing doctors to promote dangerous and expensive drugs,
    ripping off Medicare and Medicaid, and lying about the effectiveness and safety of drugs.

    And all this deception has generated tens of billions of dollars in profits for GSK over the years, while thousands of patients who used the drug products involved have suffered horrific side effects and even death.

    Criminal drug company to spearhead Ebola vaccine with U.S. scientists
    Now this same company that admitted committing multiple felony crimes is going to lead the development of the Ebola vaccine.

    Vaccine to be “rushed through” with very little safety testing
    We also know that the vaccine will not be tested for anything other than short-term side effects. This is all part of the “rush to market” for Big Pharma to profit from Ebola as quickly as possible.

    If the Ebola vaccine clinical trials started in September of 2014 and the vaccine is manufactured and distributed to the public by “early 2015,” this leaves virtually zero time for observing vaccine side effects.

    Manufacturing the vaccine in large quantities, after all, takes many months. If this vaccine is to be available to the public in early 2015, they will have to start manufacturing it as early as October 2014, roughly just one month after the vaccine trials begin.

    Sources for this article include:

    So depressing …isn’t it.??


    By the way….”Believe Half Of What You See, Some Or None Of What You Hear” comes from the 3rd verse in Marvin Gaye’s ‘Heard It Through The Gravevine’ track.

    Go check it out.

    Along with the 2 appearances in the National Press The KSFL brand has now firmly got it’s tentacles in the land which spurned the nice ice cold black & cream top drink we call Guiness…..

    I can feel the excitement beaming all the way from Turkey…!!!

    Andrew James Crawford

    Have a wonderful Thursday
    Love Rachel xxx

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