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  • Instructor Newsletter 18th December 2014

     Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 05.10.19
    New Kick Start YouTube Show

    I’ve been having a lot of fun this week recording
    episodes for my new
    YOUTUBE Channel.
    I’m chatting about nutrition, fatloss & fitness.
    Let me know what you think and if you have a question
    you would like me to answer send me an email, tweet me or Facebook me.

    Episode 2 Going Gluten Free

    Episode 4 Sugar Nightmare

    Have you checked out Pure Energys
    Great offer on all my CD’s & Downloads?
    There is 50% OFF all my music.
    If you go to the checkout use the code


    This week saw Instagram take over Twitter as the fastest growing social
    media platform & I have to say right now it’s definitely my favourite.
    I’ve been spending a lot more time over
    there creating mini workout videos & motivation.

    Check it out RachelLHolmes
    Instagram is a great way to grow your
    fitness business & attract new customers & clients


    Set your Christmas Classes on Fire!

    It’s a great time of year to appreciate all the
    lovely class members and clients you have taught this year.

    To really succeed you have to love being with people,
    helping people, ensuring they have a great time,
    introducing people to each other in your group and
    going that extra mile

    Position yourself as an authority

    Lots of people go to Pilates classes because they love the “care” a good Pilates teachers takes over them. A good Pilates Instructor will focus on a client’s form, technique…every little detail is considered in  Pilates. The general public regard a Pilates teacher as being highly qualified due to the attention to this detail . So can you take this principal and use in ALL classes. Correct individuals, notice them in class, tweak their position…..NOTICE them!

    1. Give your clients minor corrections to position you as an authority. This makes clients feel like they are getting even more value from you. When you make these corrections, make it super important.

    e.g When class members are doing lunges or squats you could try saying, “Bring your left foot out 2 inches or slightly step forward a fraction, a little bit more scapulae retraction….that type of thing

    2. Energy!!!! The music will lift and energised the class and if you LOVE the music it will show all through your session. Choose the best music you can find and LIVE it!

    3. One of the strongest human emotions is the desire to feel important. Make your Clients FEEL Special, take a genuine interest in people.

    4. Appreciate your class members!
    Tell them how much you enjoy seeing them in class and congratulate them on their continued attendance.

    5. Introduce class members to each other and get a great group camaraderie going on.
    Invite class members  for a Christmas drink or social.
    People LOVE to be invited to things even if it’s a 20minute coffee after class. Your members will become part of a group and will keep coming back week after week.


    Top Tips to help you write better articles

    We all know that to get your message across you need to write. You need to supply copy for your websites, blogs and of course Facebook and Twitter updates. But what if you are not a confident writer and writing doesn’t come naturally?

    Well, you need to not panic there are lots of tricks that can help you write interesting articles that will help you get your message across. Writing will help you get attract followers, new business and new clients but it doesn’t have to be hard work.
    Here are some ideas for writing interesting articles that will help solve problems for your clients and position you as a voice of authority.

    1:Write a list – My Top Tip.

    Everyone can write a list!
    List s are super easy to read and great for newsletters where readers may only speed read and glance down. Its quick info to digest.
    Give a short one or two paragraph intro, then launch right into your list. Keep each item to a few sentences max. People love numbers, so number your list and give your total number in the title. (You may have noticed that the article you’re reading right now is following the LIST format.)
    5 Top Ab Exercises…… 10 Ways to lose Fat this Summer……My 5 Best Cardio Workouts………5 Exercises to improve your posture……Get the idea?

    2:The Real Life Case Study

    If you look at my social media I use these every day and they get amazing amounts of comments,likes & shares.
    For Example How Vikki dropped from a size 16 to a size 10 after discovering Kick Start Fat Loss.
    These type of articles are really inspiring and motivating to your audience, you can even get your featured clients to contribute to the article.
    3: Interview

    Choose an expert or client to interview for your article. Present it in either a traditional article format or do a Q&A.
    For example. Jean has now left her full time job in xxxxx and gone full time in the fitness industry – You can then interview Jean and write the answers to your questions in an article.

    4:.Be a trend setter

    Trends aren’t just for fashion! Whenever a trend sweeps health and fitness ( and there are many on a daily basis), you’ll see Blogs and Facebook all commenting on the newest/the latest/the most hip and happening. From the latest class to the latest piece of gym equipment, people want to know all about these trends—their origins, benefits, and drawbacks. Easy to write about!

    5:Studys show…..

    Brilliant for fitness and weight loss as you can always find on the net studies that show  ……………..These articles report the results of a study or survey. If you do a bit of research, you can probably dig up a recent study on which you can base your article.
    Hope that helps you get your writing grove on
    Tweet me @RachelHolmes


    Calling Fitness Entrepreneurs & Trailblazers to Join Kick Start Fat Loss

    Do you teach in the community?

    Are you active on Social Media?

    Do you love helping people transform with weightloss & nutrition information?

    Have you a vision for your fitness business?

    Do you want to build an online and offline business?

    If you are ready to join me and catapult your business into 2015 and join the fastest growing Diet & Fitness Club in the UK then get in touch.
    We are expanding rapidly with 25 new franchisees in Ireland launching in Jan 2015.
    Contact me on Social Media via Facebook.


    Want to be a Presenter – So what do I do? by Rachel Holmes

    ?I get so many questions about presenting that this article is all my top tips on how to become a Presenter. I hope it inspires you.
    ?1:Get as many qualifications as you can. Attend as many workshops as possible ,educate your self to the max. Go to EVERYTHING, conventions, conferences, workshops the whole caboodle.

    ?2:When you attend workshops and conventions watch presenters how they speak, lecture and organise their workshops. Notice the set up of the day, how you are welcomed and how the information is presented to you. Notice the mix of practical and theory. Ask yourself how did it feel? Was the presenter interesting, funny, serious, make notes about the things you liked about the workshop and how the speaker presented themselves and the information.

    ?3:Decide what are you going to present – masterclass, workshop, seminar, lecture – Who is your audience? Group X Instructors/Bootcamp Instructors/Personal Trainers/Business Development.

    4:Create your workshop, write it, practice it on a test group and film it. It must be unique, researched and polished. Create workshop notes, outline, slides and power point if its a lecture.

    ?5: Do a “test presentation” for free in front of a test group. Get a friend to film clips ready to starting marketing yourself and your fitness presentation on your website and social media.

    ?5a: Start a Facebook Fan Page and open a Youtube account, Begin Tweeting every 4 hours minimum and begin to create an audience.

    ?6: Begin to promote yourself as a presenter, put video clips of you speaking and presenting on your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Websites.

    ?7:Network with other presenters, introduce your self on social media. Tell us what you do and what you are aiming to present. Many convention organisers ask me what’s new and who is up and coming. Show me and other presenters what you can do.

    ?8:Create several different presentations to offer convention and event organisers.

    ?9:Create an electronic Portfolio to email out, include video clips, resume, CV, qualifications, biography, PPL, Insurance, presentation info.

    ?10:Create a short, punchy Biography about you written in the 3rd person that organisers could use for event publicity.

    ?11:Build your personal profile and brand using social media and your website.

    ?12: Look at the Fitness Industry and what EXACTLY other presenters are doing. What can U do that is DIFFERENT, where will you fit in? You have to offer something that is unique to you and your skills. Don’t be a copy cat be an innovator!

    ?13: Hone your writing skills and offer articles to blogs, newsletters an magazines. Post your articles on social media.

    Good Luck Tweet me @RachelHolmes 
    I’m All ‘bout That Bass ‘bout That Bass…….No Treble…!!!!
    By Andrew Crawford

    Who lost their money on Sunday night??

    Were you one of the ones that thought Fleur walked it???

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if the voting public had access to the voting phone lines and watched one by one how the votes actually came in????

    It’s All ‘bout the Votes….!!

    Christmas shin digs are in full swing this week……I’m gonna need a day detox every other day…!!

    It’s All ‘bout the Parties

    This time next week we’ll all be ripping off that paper and tucking into those stockings to reveal our Christmas gifts…..

    It’s All ‘bout the Pressies…!!

    So Andrew…..

    What has this I’m All ‘bout the… malarkey got to do with Accountancy & Tax??


    I cannot escape the questions and tags relating to this new scheme about to make it’s entrance on the 1st January 2015…………

    It’s All About the MOSS…..!!!

    The starting point is this: VAT is levied on all transactions made in the UK, for a consideration, by a taxable person acting in the course or futherance of their business, unless specifically zero rated, exempted, or reduced rated by legislation.

    On top of that some transactions are automatically deemed to be supplies such as the private use of business goods, the retention of stock/assets when you deregister etc.

    So before you even look at liability you need to see whether the supply is in the UK, whether there is a consideration, and whether it’s in the course of business.

    Consideration covers barter as well as currency, and a supply can be refraining from doing something as well as actually doing something!

    A very basic starting point would be to assume that all business supplies are taxable except items found in Schedules 7A to 9 of the VAT Act i.e.

    You can just skirt over them if you wish…..

    Reduced Rate (Sch 7A)
    ?Smoking Cessation products, Childrens Car Seats, Fuel and Power (domestic), Regeneration of dwellings, Conversions to dwellings, Contraceptive Products.

    Zero Rated (Sch 8)
    ?Bank notes, Books and printed matter., Residential Caravans and houseboats, Certain supplies to Charities etc., Childrens and safety Clothing and footwear, Construction of residential buildings etc.,Drugs, medicines, aids for the handicapped etc., Food (except catering/confectionary), Investment Gold, Imports, exports etc., International services, Alterations to Protected buildings, Sewerage services and water, Talking books for the blind and handicapped and wireless sets for the blind, Tax-free shops, Passenger and International Transport.

    Exempt (Sch 9)
    ?Betting, gaming and lotteries, Burial and cremation, Education,?Finance, Fund raising events by charities and other qualifying bodies, ?Health and welfare, Insurance, Land, Postal services (supplied by the Post Office), Sport, sports competitions and physical education, Trade unions and professional bodies, Works of art etc

    All of the above have various exceptions, and some have exceptions to the exceptions. Many rely on the status of the provider i.e non-profit making organisation, individual rather than limited company, public body. Some even rely on the status of the customer.


    VAT is on everything – unless it isn’t…………..!!!

    As the use of the internet for business has become so vast the HMRC has now found it necessary to amend the rules regarding Telecommunications, Broadcasting and Electronically Supplied Services (TBES).

    Attention……..this is important………

    As from 1 January 2015 the ‘place of supply’ of TBES will change to the country where the consumer is.

    That means that if you offer an online business and one of your clients is from France, the ‘place of supply’ will be France. If a customer is also from Sweden, the place of supply will be France and Sweden.

    What happens in this instance?


    You will either have to register in EACH member state, that’s up to 27 separate VAT registrations or…….you can register under the EU-wide scheme called Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS).

    Here is where this matters……

    Registration under the MOSS scheme is VOLUNTARY….if you choose not to do that, you will be required to register in any Member State where you make the supply of your service.

    There is no minimum amount…….I repeat…there is no minimum amount. So if your supply was £37, then, you will need to be VAT registered….oh….and even if your annual turnover was only £20,000…..!!!!

    This is why I have this huge feeling that the HMRC has pushed for ALL online companies to be VAT registered irrespective of the turnover……it’s just a feeling mind you….the following reason is why I felt this….!!!

    Because….. to register for MOSS, your business should have already been VAT registered. If your business is not already registered for VAT then you CANNOT use the MOSS scheme. You will have to register in your customer’s country and account for VAT on sales through a local VAT Return.

    Can you now see this?

    People who are not VAT registered and have customers in say 5 Member States will have to register in those 5 different countries…knowing that this would cause unnecessary additional administrative work the most convenient thing to do is to become VAT registered.
    If you want to read up more about this, then here is a fantastic piece…’s all ‘bout the VAT….

    What would I do??

    To avoid all the above, my online business will only service UK customers….!!!

    It’s All ‘bout the UK……..!!


    It’s coming….!!!

    What’s coming??

    You’ll have to wait and see…!!! Just a few weeks left…!!

    It’s All ‘bout the Tease….!!

    Andrew James Crawford

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