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  • Instructor Newsletter 19th June


    The sun’s out and the Football is here, which usually spells a change in attendance for our beloved community classes. As soon as the sun shines it always makes me want to teach classes outdoors, so this week I am organising a new POP UP Workout Tour in Parks and open spaces all over Nottingham & Derbyshire.

    These classes will be free 30minute KSFL workouts and everyone will be welcome – families, children, teens and pets…..I will market the project on social media and already have had a huge response. Look out for my #POPUPKSFL starting very soon.

    Do you understand how to use #

    #Fitness Hashtags On Facebook, InstaGram & Twitter
    So what is a #hashtag and how do you use it?

    By putting the # in front of keywords on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram you are able to search for other people who are also using the same # and connect with them. What are your keywords in relation to your fitness business?

    For example my Top# in relation to my fitness business are #KSFL #C2GO #Fatloss #Choreography #GroupX #Nottingham #Derby and I always use #step #aerobics #freestyle #aqua #HIIT etc

    Top Hashtag Do’s

    #1- – The hashtags you use on Facebook, InstaGram and Twitter should flow naturally and be words you want your fitness business to be connected to.

    #2- Use 2-4 #hashtags in posts but don’t use them every time and not excessively.

    #3- Use a variety of #hashtags, but focus on your top keywords and use them weekly.

    #Hashtag Dont’s:

    #1- Don’t use #tonsofwordsalljoinedtogether. This looks crazy and does NOTHING for your marketing.

    #2- Put #hashtags on photos, videos and posts. Now that Facebook is using clickable hashtags in posts, comments and feeds, use this to your advantage.

    #3 are BRILLIANT for Fitness class marketing as Facebook will now connect any #hashtag you use on their platform with other places online.

    Hashtags do not impact your distribution or engagement in News Feed on either desktop or mobile. I recommend you continue to focus on your existing campaigns to drive your most important business objectives.

    Action Plan for # Fitness Marketing on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

    #1 Choose your #Keywords

    #2 Use them over all social media platforms

    #3 Regularly search for users using the same # and connect with them.

    #4 Maximise your social media promotion using # across your networks daily.

    I hope that helps demystify the use of #  Use them properly and see your reach on social media grow.
    Tweet me @RachelHolmes add me on Instagram RachelLHolmes & KickStartFatLoss


    Kelly and I are looking forward to a packed house on Sunday as we head off to Guildford for the 2nd round of KS EXTREME. We are delivering our 4 new KS Extreme classes along with all the updates and news. You can still book onto Guildford if you would like to grab a last minute place.

    Fitness Pilates Pre-Hab Tour

    Kelly only has 2 more dates on this successful tour. Fitness Pilates continues to go from strength to strength with reported class numbers all over the UK consistently busy. This Saturday Kelly will be presenting in Cambridge and the final date is 12th July in Birmingham. For booking info go to

    LIVE Kick Start Fat Loss Fatburning Secrets Live Broadcast

    Last night I held my first live episode of the KSFL show using Spreecast, which will be the home of the new KSFL TV Show. At the moment I am just getting used to the content but last night I had over 700 viewers which I think is pretty cool for the first trial episode. You can check out the replay here

    Fitness Business Academy

    After so many requests for me to bring back a fully comprehensive coaching and mentoring programme. The #FBA launched last week with a Live broadcast on Ustream. I presented the content and took live questions from viewers all over the UK. I limited the number of spots to 50 and it sold out, which is so amazing, and now I am working with the group getting their online businesses up and running.

    My Top Apps – Running your Business from an Iphone

    All this business and marketing  and connecting stuff that we all have to do now in the fitness world of 2014 can be sooo overwhelming! (I so dislike that word!) Everyone appears to be constantly OVERWHELMED.

    I’m a solutions girl.

    I’ll always try and work out a fair solution to make things work.
    Posting on Social media, responding to emails, texts messages, what’s app, Tweets, Snap chat, Instagram, uploading your class clips to youtube, promoting your digital posters and marketing, your to-do lists, your goals, year plans, business plans, appointments, sharing documents with your PA and staff members, posting audios.

    In fact, running your online and offline fitness business can be easily managed on the go via your iphone.  My iphone and ipad mini are crammed with apps that I use every day to run C2GO, My Social media, KSFL and everything I do on a day to day.

    I also store all of my class music on my phone and use the tempo magic app and iDJ as a pitch control if I need it for some of my music. It also has my year planner, diary and appointments.

    Here are my Top  apps – I’d love to know what yours are:

    1.Facebook mobile
    2.Facebook pages
    5.Whats app
    8.Tempo magic
    12.Keynote Remote
    13.Google search
    14.Orange apps – wifi/orangewednesday/orange usage
    16.People Per Hour
    21.Snap Chat
    30.Spirit Junkie

    I use most of these apps on a daily basis and I’d love to know what apps you use all of the time. Tweet me @RachelHolmes
    What are your favorite APPS? Tweet me @RachelHolmes

    So What?
    By Jo De Rosa

    Stuff happens to us all.
    Sometimes it’s the good and fun times, and then there’s the shitty stuff.
    But it has to be this way: we’re human.
    And EVERYONE experiences every range of emotions known to man over the course of their lifetime.

    The Victim Role?
    Do you, however, feel like a victim when your car breaks down “Why does it always happen to me?” when you get dumped “Why do I always pick the bastards?” or when you drink that drink/smoke that fag/eat that crap “Why can’t I be more like Rachel/Jessie/Helen? she’s so strong-willed and I’m so weak”

    Do you pass the responsibility away from yourself and onto someone else?
    “I would eat cleaner if it wasn’t for the kids”
    “I would be so much happier if it wasn’t for my husband/mother/brother”
    “I wish I had more money so that I could give up my toxic classes”

    Can you see how these attitudes are deflecting the blame away from you? They are in fact standing right in the way of you making healthy choices, like a huge barrier between you and contentment.
    And only YOU can make your life choices -no one else should be blamed for what YOU decide to think, say or do.

    So What?
    Your car breaks down. So what? Everybody’s does at some point.
    You get dumped. So what? Who hasn’t?! And you learn so much from it.
    You pig out on Chinese and a bottle of wine. So what? You fell off the wagon; do you think you’re the first? Dust yourself off and get back on.

    LET GO

    of the drama
    of the storyline
    of the habit
    of the attitude
    of being the victim

    One of my teachers says, “Everything starts with an intention”
    What is yours?
    To be happy, to be healthy, to do your best for your family and friends, to do your best for your clients perhaps? These are basically mine.

    Let go and start afresh from today, from right now.
    Believe that anything is possible, if you just trust your heart and go for it.

    How To Do It….
    = Meditation
    In meditation we watch our thoughts pass through the mind, and rather than getting caught up in them we LET THEM GO. Over and over again. And that is actually it, it’s no more complicated than that, obviously not easy though!
    But it gets easier the more you do it, and the more the brain gets into the swing of doing it!

    This is the whole reason we meditate:

    Because if we can do it in our meditation, then we can take that ability and use it in our everyday life.
    ‘Stuff’ just doesn’t seem to affect us so much, and as Rachel was saying earlier this week when someone wrote negatively about her, you can’t let it get you down and hold you back from your full amazing potential.

    Through my own deep meditation practice I’ve met who I really am and learnt to leave behind what others want me to be. Those that don’t like it leave, and good, and what’s left are only those that support your growth and want to see you flourish and succeed.

    Hello Peace
    Once connected to who you really are, you convene with peace. ‘Hello peace, how very nice to meet you, where have you been all my life?’ And once joined there is no going back. How could you ever return to a life of disconnection, struggle and disappointment?

    My Way of Helping
    I am totally stunned at the response to my Online Meditation Course, which launches on Monday (23rd). There are so many people who are going to be receiving an email from me on Monday morning with the link to the first of 10 thirty-minute meditations.
    This is how to become connected to self, get the answers to your questions, and spend a little bit of time on you each day.
    I’m so excited and trying not to wish my life away by wanting Monday to be here NOW!! The link is below for more information on the course and how you can sign up…

    Let me know if you are going to give up the victim in you, and take responsibility for being the absolute best version of you possible!!

    You can also catch me on a *live* Google hangout next Tuesday, talking about addiction. I’m one of 8 speakers over 8 days in the *free* ‘High On Life’ TeleSummit. Details of which are on my Facebook page. Can’t wait!

    Facebook:  InnerGuidance
    Twitter:  @Inner_Guidance
    Copyright: Jo De Rosa 2014

    Win or Lose……!!
    By Andrew Crawford

    Ascot was buzzing today. Champagne was flowing, gee gees racing, sun a blazing, fillies beaming, gentlemen suited and booted and a whole lot of  gamblers getting a win or a loss.

    As for the World cup…?…….Spain got themselves a loss which meant them going home.

    And Wimbledon?  Will Andy Murray win or lose this year?

    Being the sort of careful chap that I am, I went for a strategy of picking horses with the highest odds. (66-1).  One has to be careful I don’t like to lose…!!

    York or Leicester?…..Where should Richard 111 who died in the 15th century be buried? Who will win or lose?

    So Andrew….after a hard day out of the office what has this Win or Lose thingymijig got to do with Accountancy & Tax?

    Well….I’m glad you asked because on the way back from Ascot a conversation was being undertaken about tax planning.  Tax Planning?? After a champagne filled day??

    Yes indeed.

    I couldn’t help to think about how the HMRC positions themselves to win and make you lose. It’s like game really.
    Now…for ease of purpose I have copied, pasted and severely summarised an article I found by Lucy Warwick-Ching and Vanessa Houlder to alert you to the methods employed by ‘Our Friends’ in the Big House.

    From browsing Facebook profiles, to noting careless talk in the pub, to talking to bitter ex-partners, HM Revenue & Customs is watching and listening. And its investigators will stop at nothing if they even suspect that you’ve been lying on your tax return.

    Here are just 5 of the ways they want to win.

    Computer System
    Apparently, to win this battle against you they have developed a very expensive computer system

    The system – known prosaically as Connect – was designed by defence contractor BAE Systems and launched in the summer of 2010.

    “Six out of ten inquiries now make use of the system, with investigators working “hand in hand” with 3,000 Connect analysts in offices up and down the country. It uses a mathematical technique known as social network analysis that ploughs through disparate, previously unrelated information to detect otherwise invisible networks of relationships. It automates analysis that would once have taken months, if it could have been done at all.”

    Mystery Shopping

    HMRC inspectors have surprisingly wide-ranging powers. They can turn up at business premises unannounced to review records, ask to see documents and request access to computer systems.
    Tax inspectors also now operate undercover, in disguise, and in teams to root out suspicious behaviour. Examples include inspectors acting as customers needing hair cuts to gain an understanding of how a salon operates. Other inspectors pose as couples out for a meal at a restaurant. The meal is later checked against the restaurant’s end-of-year books to see whether it has been properly accounted for
    On the same night as these mystery shopping exercises, inspectors are also likely to have an observation van carrying photographic equipment outside the business, counting the number of people going in or out. If they have seen 150 go in, but the books only account for 100, they could have a case for fraud against the business.”

    All in an effort to win.


    A couple of days ago I received a call from someone who has had  a whistleblower, ‘big mouth’, back stabber, snake, grass inform the ‘Boys’ that they were avoid ing the paying of their tax.

    Needless to say, they are after 5 years worth of Tax Returns and asking  the caller to pay them £35k…!!!

    This is a very strong weapon used to win. Do these Whistleblowers get paid??

    Apparently so…!!!

    Fake Numbers

    “The “chi squared” test is another tool sometimes used by inspectors to check the reliability of reported figures, including restaurants’ sales figures. This test, also known as Benford’s Law, is a means of testing the randomness of figures. In many real-life sources of data the number one occurs as the first digit about 30 per cent of the time, while larger numbers occur less frequently.”

    Raid On Your Property

    “In certain circumstances, inspectors now have the power to raid the homes of people they suspect of not paying tax.
    These property searches, which tend to focus on individuals who run their businesses from home, relate to the Revenue’s aim of increasing criminal prosecutions fivefold by the 2014-15 tax year.”

    As I was driving the other day there was a sum announced as to how much it was going to cost to rebury Richard 111, did I hear right? £2.4m???

    Oh……and just for my amusement, I would love to see a football match with Iran or Iraq versus USA….!!
    Someone has got to win…….. or lose.

    Andrew James Crawford

    Join my FREE & day Fitness Pilates Challenege

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