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  • Instructor Newsletter 1st May 2014

    For all Fitpros who want to reach more people, earn more money & have a happy life in the process – leave your email here








    I touched on it last week about how much social media is changing.
    You may have noticed some FB changes.
    Every time you post on FB
    your posts are being showed less & less in your friends’ newsfeed.

    FB is drastically slowing down how many people see your posts,
    unless you pay to boost or promote posts.

    So in effect, Facebook is becoming pay to play.

    If you rely on FB for your marketing you are going to see a radical
    decline in your organic reach, so it is time to look at alternative forms of social media or becoming a little more creative with what you do post.

    We are on the edge of social media becoming pay to post or pay to play to market your services on FB.

    Step up to Twitter

    Twitter’s time is definitely on the up.

    It is such a simple platform compared to FB and is perfect now for the mobile world we live in.

    Are you using TWITTER to its full potential?

    Twitter can help you attract new leads and customers, distribute and promote your content, engage with potential new clients, attract sponsorship and you can easily automate it to become a 24 hour lead generation system.

    I have radically changed my own strategy on Twitter as
    I think the future for free promotion on Facebook is going to be over very soon.

    1: If you are teaching classes and want to create a bigger business you need to be on Twitter.

    2: Work out what exactly you do and are interested in, then create tweets based around
    your personal brand.

    3: The best way to learn Twitter is to get involved.
    Start following people and get tweeting.

    4: You can easily automate Twitter using Hootsuite or
    Social Oomph  so sending tweets out round the clock
    if you want to!

    5: Engage with your followers.
    Ask questions, get into conversations
    & interact.

    6: Choose your Hashtag.
    eg I use #KSFLUK #C2GO and a whole host
    of others so I can search Twitter to see who else is
    using them and jump
    into the conversation.

    7: Build Twitter lists.

    When you follow people put them in a list so you can only see the people you want to hear from and are motivated by or want to interact with.

    The most common comment I hear  from Fitpro is:

    “My people aren’t on Twitter…..”

    Yes, I get that, but there are a ton of potential clients  and contacts that you are NOT reaching and touching all using Twitter.

    Twitter Chat

    It was awesome for so many of you to jump onto my
    Twitter chat on Tuesday evening & I’ll definitely be holding more, so watch my social media for updates on LIVE Twitter chats.

    You can get my Online Twitter course for £17+VAT

    Enter the new age of Marketing – Visual Marketing

    Check out these stats:

    Every MINUTE

    208,300 photos are uploaded onto FB
    27,800 photos are uploaded to Instagram
    100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube

    *  Pictures speak louder than words. We think in pictures.
    *  Average adult  attention span is between 3 – 8 seconds.
    *  90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual .
    *  Visuals are processed by the brain 1000’s of times faster than text .

    We are reaching information overload and visual marketing
    is becoming one of the most effective ways to market our
    fitness services on social.

    This is a dream for the discerning Fitpro as our job is so visual.
    Making images and visuals an important piece of your fitness marketing mix on social.

    Facebook is showing more images in the newsfeed so it’s advantageous for
    you to create vibrant visuals for your classes.

    How Do YOU create powerful visuals for Facebook?

    The easiest way I find is to use PICMONKEY
    You can download cool graphics and add funky text on top in a matter of minutes.

    You don’t have to be a super duper graphic designer to create exciting,motivating and vibrant visuals, images that  promote your classes, yourBootcamps, Your PT and everything you offer.

    The cooler the graphic the more likes, shares and comments you will get, which equals more exposure in the newsfeed.

    I look forward to seeing your graphics and visuals on Facebook this week.

    What do you think? Tweet me @RachelHolmes

    New Kick Start Fat Loss Online 10 day Summer Series

    This will be only KSFL Online detox this month so jump on for
    10 new workouts, new affirmations and coaching plus meal ideas
    recipe help in the daily support group.

    You can book on here

    My Make it Happen Seminar

    Due to the demand we have moved this to a larger conference
    room in the hotel, so I have additional seats available.
    I’m going to be sharing all of the latest social media information, positive mind set coaching, online business information and everything you need to……


    Make it Happen.

    Saturday 10th May at The Hilton East Midlands Airport

    To book

    KS EXTREME Workshops

    If you don’t fancy buying into another fitness brand and you want to create your own content and be the brains behind your own brand then take a look at my KS EXTREME programme.

    This is an alternative to Insanity without the tie ins & hype.
    Kelly and I are excited to be presenting this new workshop.

    You will see lots of cool training ideas, class content, PLUS you have the option of getting the licence free music, DVDS and branding

    If you want it, or just come along for the ideas,
    it’s totally up to you.

    Due to our schedules we can only fit in 4 training workshops
    and they are getting really busy.

    To book your place on KS EXTREME click here

    We will be hitting Bristol, Manchester, London & Guildford.

    Positively Selfish
    By Jo De Rosa

    I’ve just reached 18 months of sobriety!
    And I can honestly say that I do not miss alcohol. Period. It’s all a state of mind, and I feel so sorry for people who achieve sobriety but pine for what they have relinquished. Surely it’s about moving on from something that was not good for you and, therefore, should be celebrated rather than mourned for….

    I did however get triggered last Sunday night when all of our guests left the retreat centre and we had the house to ourselves for one lone evening. My husband bought himself an expensive Chablis and excitedly indulged in that which is usually not included in our day-to-day existence.

    “Have a glass of wine to unwind” was the thought that came through my mind.
    “What a stupid idea!” was the response.
    “Go on, it’s been such a busy week, you deserve it”, again came that voice.
    “No thanks, I no longer need to numb-out. I like what’s going on in my head, and want to unwind naturally. Goodbye!”.
    And that, thankfully, was the end of the internal conversation.

    The great thing about having 18 months under my belt and having a super-strong meditation practice, is that I could watch this conversation going on in my head –without even getting involved!! ?
    The lure of alcohol, the pull, has gone completely. And this is the first time in many many months that I’ve been triggered and caused, I suspect, from overworking. What would once have been such an unbelievably strong urge was over in a flash, and replaced with an inner contentment that comes when you look after yourself…..

    I Am Selfish
    Well you have to be to look after yourself, and if you don’t look after yourself then you cannot look after anyone else. If you try then you are giving from a depleted pot, and then no one is a winner….


    Once full your energy overflows and your job, relationships, family life and health become effortless and life flows with ease.
    We all have different ways of  ‘chilling out’, and mine just happens to be through yoga and meditation.

    I have many (mainly women) students who feel terribly selfish for taking time away from their families to spend on themselves at a weekend (or longer) retreat. And this is the absolute opposite of how we should be looking at what actually makes us a better person to be around.

    Empty Pot
    Picture the stressed out mum who always puts her family first, with no time or energy left at the end of the day to do anything that she wants. Her anger is quick to flare up at the slightest criticism from her partner, and she despairs at how annoying the kids are being. Then she has to fit in her job along with the weekly shop, and cleaning the house. It all seems such a struggle, and this is when so many people turn to ‘wine o’clock’ to numb-out from everyday existence. And if alcohol isn’t for you then maybe watching hours of meaningless and negative soap operas, or moaning on the phone about your life to your friends is how you decompress. But none of these methods are ever going to productive equilibrium.

    Overflowing Pot
    Now turn the tables and imagine the same mum who invested her precious time in a weekend away doing something she loves, and finding a bit of peace and connection within herself. And she got up 10 minutes earlier than normal to meditate (or caught 10 minutes somewhere convenient in her day if mornings are slightly chaotic, as they are in many households). In this scenario she has created some space away from her ‘reality’ and tapped into something deeper.
    She has filled herself up.
    And now rather than REACTING to her husband/children/colleagues, she has the space to RESPOND in a way that is loving, nurturing and helpful to every situation.
    How on earth can that be selfish? Surely everyone is a winner in this second scenario. Mum is full and so effortlessly gives her time and attention, and those around her feed off the contentment vibe themselves feeling supported and cherished….

    Karma Is Selfish
    Now lets take this idea even further and think about all of our beliefs, thoughts, words and actions. As with every ACTION we create a REACTION, this is how the universe works. Many call it ‘the law of attraction’, some ‘karma’, and Jesus said, “We reap what we sow”.
    And it is all the same philosophy no matter what school of thought you are coming from.

    So why don’t we use the law of attraction to our advantage, as we know that by being and doing ‘good’ things we are guaranteed to get ‘good’ things back.
    We create positive energy when we: compliment someone; give a little change to a homeless person; give our time to someone who needs advice or support; or give a loved one a much needed shoulder rub. And in return we receive some positive energy back….


    Now I’m not saying that you should do nice things only because you will get them returned, but this is an excellent way of starting to get into the habit of GIVING. And believe me it feels really good to do nice things for people, and even better once you realise that you are guaranteed to have a kind deed paid back to you in the coming hours, days or months ?

    Positively Selfish
    When we are in the know of how it works, it becomes almost like a game and in a positively selfish way we create really abundant lives.

    And by going on a retreat you are putting out there the energy of looking after yourself. Your friends, family and colleagues see that you are now looking after yourself and start to look after you too. But you have to show them first how to do that for you. It then snowballs and before you know it you are in the habit of looking after yourself all the time, your loved ones are also in the habit of looking after you, and one day you realise you are exactly where you want to be.

    Addicted To Good Health
    We are nearing the end of our April ‘Yoga For Addictions’ retreat and another group of participants are transforming their lives. We arm them with meditations that will connect them to their inner strength, nutritional information that will feed their brains so that they can make the right choices, and a firm plan for when they get triggered on their return home.

    I love what I do and helping those that are ready for change is the most rewarding work I can imagine. And taking a little time away to get some perspective is sometimes all it takes to turn your life around x
    Have a brilliantly abundant week, and be positively selfish today!

    Facebook:  InnerGuidance
    Twitter:  @Inner_Guidance
    Copyright: Jo De Rosa 2014

    The Power of a Positive NO!
    By Jenny Burrell

    These two letters give so many people so many problems….here are some thoughts on the Power of No!

    If you say YES when you mean NO, eventually it will bite you!  You WILL eventually have to say that NO.

    Saying NO to others usually means saying YES to what you want and it’s OK to want what you want because that’s what the other person wants….they want what they want.  Get it?

    Say no with a smile…..try ‘Oh gosh NO I can’t at the moment (smile), my diary is mad busy – how about next month?’

    Pass it over to someone else….try ‘No, I can’t help, but………I think I know someone else who can’ (smile).

    Realize that some people have poor boundaries and they think that what they want from you is their right – WRONG!  You are serving the world when you put them straight, LOL!

    Realize that most people can and should figure it out for themselves as that’s how you learn best…..again, you are serving the world when you help them out with that one.

    Realize that if you say YES because you fear people disliking you…..guess what…..people will still dislike you – FACT!  They will find something else that displeases them.  So saying YES isn’t a guaranteed way to make people like you.

    Learn to LOVE NO!  No to others (try to do this without malice/resentment) is YES to what feels right for you and your life and that key concept should NEVER be sacrificed.  Run your own life, do what suits you best and when it doesn’t suit others, don’t take it personally that they get upset with you, we all want what we want……

    Say YES to this…..and join my inspirational Metabolic Mommy Facebook Group and join lots of Women’s Wellness Professionals empowering themselves though positive community…..

    I hope you enjoyed the newsletter
    Please Tweet me @RachelHolmes

    Have a wonderful Thursday

    Rachel xx

    For all Fitpros who want to reach more people, earn more money & have a happy life in the process – leave your email here

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