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  • Instructor Newsletter 1st November

    Hi ~Contact.FirstName~

    click to play video

    We had a great time at the Yoga show and I can’t recommend it enough. Certainly one for 2013 calendar, especially if you love Yoga and Mind Body style classes. So much great content and ideas.

    My main newsletter video is about delegating and outsourcing all of those jobs and tasks you want to get around to doing but never seem to get there, as time always runs out. If you are struggling, juggling your marketing, social media, websites, blogging, vlogging, book keeping and a 100 other technically minded tasks ( or perhaps you would like to get cracking with these tasks but have no idea where or how to start) then start outsourcing and delegating TODAY! Don’t leave it until you are in the middle of a crisis.

    Get your systems sorted and approach people to do a few hours a week or a month for you.

    World Fitness Day on Sunday 4th November 2012

    Kelly and I are extremely excited about our first World FP day. It’s a full house and we look forward to sharing new ideas and concepts. My goal has always been to keep moving FP forwards and constantly updating and evolving. For details of the day click here

    Kick Start Fat Loss Franchisee Meeting

    It’s a big weekend for me as I hold the first KSFL Franchisee meeting this Saturday with 30 of the KSFL business owners. I’ve been working with them on my 10 week course getting them ready to launch in their areas 2013. My live club opens next Tuesday and it is fully booked with a waiting list. I’ve been working with local businesses; ASDA have got involved and we are filming the first consumer DVD next week. So, exciting times. We‘ve gained a lot of local and national press with KSFl and this week Carmell Demello, who is running KSFL in Ireland, had a big spread in the national Irish media. I will be opening the next round of Franchisees in December, so if you missed the first intake and are keen to get involved do drop me an email.

    Online KSFL – The 14 Day Digital Detox starts Monday and I will release details on Friday, including new workouts, mind set coaching audios, the new app and the launch of the KSFL Cook Book.

    Freestyle Choreography Videos
    On my quest to keep Freestyle alive, fresh and vibrant I’m uploading new choreography videos weekly (even daily) so you always have a stream of inspiring ideas at your finger tips. You can even down load and watch all of the latest videos on your iphone in minutes, so join c2go as an advanced member or download some video tokens and be inspired.

    New Videos added this week

    Check out the latest downloads click here
    Fitness PIlates Tabata 2
    Step H.I.T.T
    Barefoot Warrior Conditioning
    Body Bar Conditioning Workout Ideas
    Full Body Kettlebell Mini Mix

    Simple Fat Controlling in the kitchen by Jill Gardner

    I am really enjoying putting together my first cook book. I have been super busy compiling ideas and recipes over the last 18 months. They are all tried and tested by my groups and in my cookery courses. It has completely revolutionised my cooking and eating habits and now countless men and women across the nation are enjoying real food and are ditching the #beigedeadfood!

    My top tips for researching recipes to turn them into fat controlling masterpieces!

    Replace sugars in a recipe with either Stevia or Xylitol
    Replace all wheat flour with almond flour (ground flour), gram flour, coconut flour or a mixture. Use bi-carb or baking powder to help it rise
    Add flaxseeds or chia seeds along with flour alternatives
    Replace margarine or vegetables oils with nut butters, organic butter or coconut oil for fat replacement
    Replace fat with grated vegetables or vegetables such as courgette, carrot, banana, and apple to make moist cakes
    Replace whole eggs with egg whites
    Replace syrups and honeys with fruit purees
    Replace frosting with greek yoghurt, xylitol and protein powder to make a thick topping
    Use masses of fresh herbs, lemons, limes and olive oils to make marinades, dressings and sauces
    Use almond flour, desiccated coconut, ground seeds and dried herbs to make breading
    Use vegetables such as courgettes and cauliflowers to make rice and pasta!

    There are so many great ingredients now that you can experiment with. I have a fantastic recipe for a cheese cake which you can see here on my Youtube channel hateitchangeitTV There is no reason why you can’t make your own clean cakes, curries, sauces, chilli or fish and chips! Just find your favorite recipes and start playing around with alternative natural ingredients.

    Let’s pave the way and show the nation how ditch the #beigedeadfood and learn a new way of living!

    Big love, small tummies!

    Jill – The Fat Controller @itsjillgardner

    What’s Your Story? By Yvonne Radley

    Everyone has a story to tell – a story that could be printed, aired on radio, or grab TV attention.
    My coaching clients have just got loads of publicity with their stories and I’m going to highlight two of them for you today because you are probably very similar to my clients.

    1: John runs a boot camp up in Scotland and has never had any publicity so we came up with the idea of “BIGGING UP” his business by running a boot camp on Christmas Day. It’s certainly got everyone talking in the town and he’s managed to get his local MP involved and supermarket giant Tesco. He’s just been in his local paper and we are hoping the national papers and magazines are coming on board to cover the story too.
    2: Kerry has recently come back to the UK and her burlesque classes are very new so she couldn’t begin to imagine what story we could write for her. But Kerry’s journey was an amazing story in itself. She had been living in Cyprus until the Euro took a massive nose-dive and her dream life came to an end. She had to up sticks and move everything back over here including her dog. She is being featured in a national magazine (worth £12,000 alone) got a 15 minute spot on local radio talking about her business, was interviewed by Channel 4 and BBC Radio and is being featured in her local newspaper.
    Neither John nor Kerry really had a story to go to press with, nothing was happening that they could shout about but we looked to the future for one story, and to the past for the other.
    So what’s your story? What could you do to make you newsworthy or what have you done in your past that you could tell others about? Have a think about it and then contact your local paper and tell them about it. You could end up on Channel 4!

    Yvonne Radley Media

    My Mojo Part 2 by Cori Withell

    Firstly, thank you so much for all the feedback from last week’s article, it would seem I had hit a nerve.
    Okay, well, the article did me some good – yay! Thursday I was productive and Friday I was super productive but the Saturday came, my mojo hadn’t just gone off for a wander, it had full on deserted me – I couldn’t believe it, after feeling so great to then feel like the last two days hadn’t happened was horrible. What had happened? Now, I wish I knew the answer to that but I didn’t.

    So, I hoiked out my list from last week and implemented a couple of the strategies. I got up early, made my cup of tea and sat straight down in front of the computer in my office. Normally I would grab the lap top and see it in the lounge whilst watching the news. I made myself work solidly until 9am on the days that I could. The difference in doing this was AMAZING! I had all my daily admin done by 9am and more besides, so, social media schedules were done, newsletter was written, this article was done, my daily fit camp emails had gone, the online fit camp had been updated, I had written my blog, I had checked the news on line and I had checked Twitter – I was one happy bunny!

    It left me with the rest of the day to do with as I wished and that was a great feeling. I listed out all my current projects and new ones I want to launch. I decided which one I would work on and I dedicated a set number of hours to that project every day – result! It STILL left me with time in the afternoon for me and my pooch Diesel – very important as far as I am concerned! It also allowed me time to explore my new passion in photography so I began to feel better, less stressed, happier and all because I had done a little planning.

    I forced myself to get up every day even on the days I didn’t want to.
    I made my cup of tea and went straight into the office – this proved a hugely positive move for me as I didn’t waste half the morning.
    I listed all my regular admin chores and did them in the same order each day, not moving on until the previous one had been completed.
    I set myself a flexible target of 9am and maintain that because my ‘me’ time in the afternoon is important too.
    I listed out all my projects and chose the one I wanted to work on.
    I worked out how many hours it was going to take to complete and then broke those total hours into how many per day so I then had a launch date (in huge letters in front of my desk on one of my whiteboard sheets – if you haven’t got a roll of them they are fab, but I digress!!!)
    I had ‘ME’ time every day – I have said this before but it is worth repeating – it is SO VERY important, you cannot just work, work, work. You cannot just work, sort out the kids and look after hubby. For your health and the best productivity you NEED ‘me’ time. Find something you love and dedicate yourself time every day to indulge in it whether it be coffee with friends, bath, spa, massage, relaxation, meditation – anything that is for you and only you and you love.

    Here is to me and my mojo having a lifelong relationship without any future bust ups 🙂

    Health and happiness x
    Best wishes
    Cori x

    Digital Big Brother & Smoke Screens
    By Andrew Crawford

    Over business lunch last week Rachel reminded me of ‘Smoke Screens & Mirrors’…..

    Her question to me was…”..What is the purpose of FLOODING the media with stories of ‘Jimmy soVILE’ …headline news for weeks in most papers??….”

    We concluded what I suspected all along………there’s ‘something going on’ ‘They’ don’t want you or me to know or pay attention about….!!!

    Could it be the USA Presidential Election we thought?….the so-called ‘brothers’ when they went to war…now ..Nothing or very little said about it in the media…the most powerful position in the world? Strange don’t you think?

    I am trying to keep these articles short now because I might sound like a Rebel…but I’m not….I’m a contemplating, thinking, veuve cliquot drinking, grey suit wearing, non cigar smoking, question everything, pay no attention to the media hypnotising, soul and jazz listening, steak and salmon eating, keep away from dodgy Policing, non intimating, little old insignificant bean counter Tax Accountant…..

    Why digital?

    It was ‘forced’ upon remember? At a certain point of time UK were no longer producing or selling analogue signal equipment…
    The reason for this I call…’Digital Big Brother’…..your digital television set is a two-way medium……” watch them as they watch YOU…..”

    Even your mobile phone device…it is a ‘listening device’ and monitors where you are and what you say….check out phones which tell facebook where you’re at when you sent the message..!!
    The thousands of digital big brother cameras on our streets, some with microphones to listen into what you and me are talking about. Take a look ‘UP’ on street lamps and tall buildings, you will see them because THEY will see YOU.
    If they wish you to know sweet nothing, they will destroy papers, halt investigations, pretend they are investigating, lose crucial evidence, ‘slip up’ so the case is dismissed from a point of law, plead insufficient evidence…even if it was filmed get off scott free, dismantle cameras when the case points to them and claim them ‘un-operational’…smoke and mirrors my friends…!!!

    Another thing……it’s Poppy season…those poor old codgers, some sitting in wheelchairs, some with one leg, begging for one pound to support their past efforts and remember those who have fallen….for THIS country.

    I feel tearful as I talk to them…and listen to their stories…now the country that they have defended, travelled distant lands, fought and killed for reasons some of them didn’t know or understand and lost their lives for….turns their back on them, no support, no funding and allows them to beg…..

    So Rebel Andrew……

    What has digital big brother smoke lies and mirrors and protection of the BBC got to do with Accountancy and Tax?
    Yes…I said it….BBC being protected or are they going to fall? Why are we paying a licence fee when there are another 100 stations of crap…!!!

    Well…digital big brother has long been watching your cars on the road…and now they are wanting to introduce ‘pay as you drive’…I’m not Mystic Merlin but if look back at one of my earlier articles I told you they would come back to this argument…why?…it slipped out very slightly when you wasn’t looking, now it is being debated, then next white papered, then implemented…what can me or you do about it? Charge any extra costs to your business.

    Especially if you do long haul driving like myself, charge the full mofo.

    If you stay in hotel rooms and your business is paying for it, why go for cheap? Go for a suite not a room. The Politicians stay in £1k – £3k suites per night and charge it to you…when they can easily stay in a £95 room…NO….!!! It’s fully charged out…so that’s what they do, that is what you can do….keep your receipt. My suite in Scarborough where I stayed for nine months, had a Jacuzzi in it…two or three o’clock in the morning I had that mother full of bubbles, churning away, sweet soul music on and ice cold veuve in hand …all paid for by my company.

    What frightened me with this talk about paying to use the motorway was this sentence……

    “……Spy cameras would catch any drivers using trunk roads without having paid up….”

    Digital Big Brother Spy cameras….keep your eyes open.

    I received a flu jab vaccination letter from my GP saying that I had to attend to receive my jab…it said…”….The Department of Health recommend the vaccination………”

    I didn’t read anymore after that because where the Department etc recommend something, there is some b*ll*x in there somewhere…my body has natural resistance systems built up from years of exposure to the elements…I am not prepared to take jabs from out of the blue to ‘protect me’…I’ll use a hanky, whisky and honey thank you very much.

    If you missed it, here is my final (in a series of three) video for the launch of Fitness Industry Gossip

    Be careful out there……..oh …remember Cyprus from last week…?…well, I know a better country than that used by MANY UK countries and individuals…lookup the Seychelles before next week….ooopppss….!!!

    There are more FREE resources, downloads and tax advice at our site, visit (launched 27th October)

    Yippee! It’s Half Term by Caroline Dance Lady

    For some people half term means the postponing of classes and re starting when the kids go back to school. For some of us especially those of us who work with kids, it can mean extra and one off sessions. I can never get my head around holidays, there never seems to be a hard and fast rule. Sometimes you offer a Kids specific session and it sales out and another time no bookings! As we know the kids fitness niche is a fickle one. During the summer holidays I organised half day Kids Dance/Fun Fitness sessions only one of those sessions was fully booked the others only broke even. I had done all the standard systems, advertised in schools, within classes, Face book etc. I can only assume the reasons for the lack of bookings were, cost, too many other activities during the summer break, people on holiday, and lack of commitment? Who knows!

    This half term I’ve team up with two other instructors to deliver a full day Cheer Camp, it’s fully booked with a waiting list! I ask you!? Again was it cost, a shorter holiday break so parents needing options of entertainment? .

    For your interest and sanity! I also teach at Centre Parcs Longleat , they are continually adjusting their Kids activities and how to increase attendance. So it’s not just us, it’s also the Big Boys who have the same issues with the kids niche

    So planning for the next holiday begins. (I don’t run anything over Christmas Holidays)

    February Half term
    Half day Dance Session markets it with a funky name!
    Mum and Me (or Dad!) Fitness class, Fun team building circuit exercises, one off session. Utilise an existing class you have to encourage your clients to attend their class even though its half term
    Hula Hooping class, learn some tricks and create a routine
    Cheer Day. Learn Pom Dance Routines, make a Cheer Banner, and perform a Cheer Routine
    Disney Dancing (little people!) Choreograph a few Dances to Disney classics and get parent and child to participate.

    Enjoy your half term whatever your doing!
    Caroline DanceLady FB. Caroline DanceLady Twitter caroline@thedancelady

    Vikki Scovell

    The wind is howling around the house as if it is raging at me for not letting it in and there is a draft of epic-enough proportions to have its own meteorological name (like a hurricane) coming under the front door and through the fire place. The view out of the window is a palette of green, grey and brown, but surprisingly bright. It is cold in the house and I am wearing a huge old jumper, my daughters’ leggings, leg-warmers, furry boots and a wooly hat. (The hat is surplus to requirements, but I believe it lends me an idiosyncratic/bonkers air, and I am cultivating this look to keep away unwanted neighbors and religious callers).

    It is too windy to light a fire, as the high winds on this Welsh hill top blow the smoke back down the chimney; a fire has to wait for a calmer weather or we are kippered in our comfortable chairs. I am disappointed as I have a basket of perfectly-seasoned and perfumed wood, and a bowl of the biggest chestnuts ever, waiting to roast in the embers of the next fire.

    The kitchen is full of pumpkins to carve into lanterns, seasonal squash for soups and curries, a table-top of gifted cooking apples (which are slowly making their way into apple and cinnamon sauce for breakfast, and pies and crumbles to take for a supper out), and a basket of four tiny sleeping kittens. They are curled up so tight on a woolen blanket that you can’t see where one kitten ends and the next one begins.

    They are unaffected by the cold and bitter drafts, or by the constant attention of children, visitors and slightly jealous Labradors. The rooms smells of last-nights wood smoke, a breath of apple-citrus from a bowl of quinces on the dresser, and onions and garlic roasting for a hearty supper.
    The kitchen work-tops never stay clear for long however hard I try, and right now they are peppered with fresh herbs, coconut milk, pomegranates and pistachio nuts and a selection of cookery books, whose pictures I love, and whose recipes I am simply not disciplined enough to follow.

    I have been experimenting with the last few recipes for my little Cookery Note-book, and have driven everyone nearly potty with having to photograph every meal, every mouthful, and each interesting vegetable that I see. The kitchen could do with a fairly good scrub-down since I pureed a load of onion squash without putting the lid on the food-processor, which I could see the funny side of, and as a friend commented, the walls are nearly pumpkin-colored anyway. It is fairly messy, a little ram-shackle and sat here watching over it all like the Lord of Misrule, I am brim-full of domestic contentment, I am the Queen of my Castle and all seems good with the world, despite the growling wind.

    The onset of winter could seem slightly depressing; such a long way to go until the spring returns with light and color and warmth. But I secretly relish the colder weather, the changing light, and the layers of wool and leather, fur and oilskin which the Welsh winter demands. The darker days bring the lights inside the house: candles, fire light and fairly lights. Some of the brightest colored vegetables are waiting for us to use; squash to pair with sage or chili, red cabbage to braise with apple, ruby chard to steam, dark green kales and bloody beetroots, clementines wrapped in their perfumed skins and looking like the essence of Christmas, and pomegranates bursting with little jewels of succulent pips. Don’t let the advent of winter get you down.

    Please feedback to via Twitter/Facebook

    Love always

    Rachel xxx

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