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  • Instructor Newsletter 1st September

    Goals and Overwhelmed?

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    This week is a scary week.

    You can feel summer kind of ebbing away.

    The September nights are drawing in.

    Kids are getting ready to go back and that “September” vibe is in the air.

    Suddenly, everywhere you look its



    and maybe a little anxiety and panic is creeping through you.

    Maybe, you’ve had the best summer and now it’s time to
    start re-marketing your classes and your offerings.
    Maybe, you have had a bit of well earned break on social media
    and now you are dreading getting back into the “hustle”

    Maybe, your new classes are not booking up yet and you are thinking
    OMG i thought everyone is “BACK ON IT”

    Back up and relax.

    You are not the only one.

    Big deep breaths and enjoy your time.

    Everything will be fine.

    Your regulars will be back.
    Your classes will start booking up next week.

    And, you will find your MoJo and get back to loving
    your classes, your fitness business and all it brings 🙂

    This week I made some huge shifts in my mindset towards my business.
    I made some really big changes and starting thinking about things in a very different way.
    Areas that were making me resentful and were nagging in my mind to change.
    Tackling those blocks has been huge and a real revelation.
    I highly recommend it.

    The BrainFit™Workout Training

    Next week we will be launching The BrainFit™ Workout in Bristol
    that has come around so quickly and I’m so excited to be back on the road.
    Do you want to join us and teach BrainFit? Click here for details
    New Music From Pure Energy

    Its a new term and the perfect time to get some new tunes
    As always Pure Energy is my preferred supplier.
    I am loving:

    Disco Inferno click here
    Fitness Pilates For Orthopaedic Conditions Advanced Training Course

    I launched this brand new advanced LIVE course yesterday and it went
    crazy on the Fitness Pilates Instructors Page.

    With myself and Kelly Reed-Banks.
    27th November 2017.

    For information and booking there are
    only a few spaces left
    for this advanced training day
    Have you trained in FP and not in our private Facebook Group?
    Jump in its a fantastic resource
    click here to join

    Promote Your Passion – Ideas on how to step up
    in the fitness industry click here
    Summer Loving…….!!
    By Andrew Crawford

    Summer Loving had me a blast
    Summer Loving happened so fast
    I met a girl..Fit, Firm and Lean
    She met a Boy….You know what I mean??

    Where or where did August go??

    If you have kids, then it’s just a few more days of stress, then you can release the little Angels, with their halos held up with their little horns, back into the safety of the school gates..!! That’s the sure sign that Summer’s you gotta go get all those new uniforms, shoes, bags and stationery!!


    Tell me more Tell us more
    Did you go there by car?
    Tell us more Tell me More
    Was she close by or far?

    If you’ve been away, you’re nice and tanned, relaxed and wearing all white or pink to enhance the shading of your took ages balancing out the rays of the sun to keep that tan even.

    Perhaps you even had time to read 2 or 3 novels during your break..!!?

    We both went swimming she got a cramp
    We splashed in the puddles, got our clothes damp
    I saved her life ’cause she nearly drowned
    I said that would happen, she kept messing around

    So by this time next week, it’s all over…!! Did you make that ‘thing’ happen? Did you plan? Draw up a strategy? Because whilst everyone was in the holiday mood, you could’ve used that time yourself to develop something…!!!

    Summer Loving I might meet her again
    Should I type or put paper to pen?
    The distance is far do you think it will last?
    I’ll just judge from the future not dwell in the past.

    So Andrew…………

    What has Summer Loving got to do with Accountancy & Tax? Tell me more tell me more..!!

    Well, now that Summer is over you have to plan your spending budget for the next few months. Once the plan is in place, you work the plan.

    Prepare your budget for a whole year (January to December)

    Break it down into suitable intervals including holidays etc (Quarters)

    At the end of the first interval, compare actual results with the budget (sometimes easier said than done)

    Update budget if necessary for the remaining periods (June, September, December)

    Repeat in June, September,….I usually put away the ‘School money’ for clothes etc. so you don’t spend it on holiday.
    Sometimes you do not have to have a ridged budget as things change all the time. Therefore flexible budgets are more realistic as you can revised them on a continuous basis.

    The Fitness Convention season is coming up. So here are 10 planning tips for you to consider whilst keeping your budget under control:
    Keep every single receipt you spend on the weekend convention. Everything.
    Log your mileage or keep your petrol receipts to and from your destination, claim the full £0.45 per mile. If you work full-time you can claim the £045 per mile against that employment if it is in the fitness industry.
    If employed, claim expenses against your employment income. Very important. Why? You get a refund.
    If buying equipment on the weekend, you can claim up to £200,000 in full against your profits.
    If you are the director of your business, get your company to reimburse all of your expenditure. Keep receipts & put in an expense claim.
    If you haven’t started to trade yet, the expenses incurred on the weekend can be claimed within 5 years before starting to trade. Keep your receipts.
    If you’re buying items as a gift, you can claim up to £50 a year to each person, against your profits, as long as the gift advertises your business.
    So include your business details on any item you give away.
    Drinks and meals away from home on the training weekend are allowable deductions. Eat, drink & be merry.
    If self employed ensure expenditure is wholly and exclusively incurred for your sole trader business.
    If you have a limited company, ensure expenditure is incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily for your business.

    Do you want to know how to get 100% tax deduction for a car?

    Buy a van…!!!

    100% tax deduction in the year of purchase..!!

    That funny talented actor Gene Wilder has left us. Thoughts go out to hi family.
    I happened to watch First dates this week, not sure if you saw it.?

    However, there was an elderly couple on there and when the bill came the gentleman said “..Let’s go halves..” If looks could kill. ..!!!!

    My question I will leave you with is…..Was he right??

    Summer Loving……Loving Summer.

    Andrew James Crawford
    Have a Fantastic Day

    Love Rachel xxxx

    Follow me on Snap Chat Rachel L Holmes
    Instagram Rachel L Holmes

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