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  • Instructor Newsletter 23 January 2014

    ImageCan you afford to Work in the Fitness Industry?

    The topic of wages and class payments came to my attention again this week as I was chatting to a female Fitpro friend. The leisure centre in which she teaches most of her classes have slashed the class fees again, although numbers are heaving and classes have never been busier. My friend is already teaching 25 classes as well as running herself ragged doing in home PT and squeezing weekly massage clients into a 7 day week, whilst being a mum to two young boys.

    By the time you have taken out your travel/insurance/music…blah blah blah what exactly are you earning as an hourly rate?   I’ll bet my bottom dollar that some of you reading this, when you take out your expenses, may not even be hitting an hourly rate of £6.31 (The minimum wage)

    You are a professional, an educated Professional, with amazing talent and skills. You also have a fantastic gift to bring to the world which, of course, is health, wellness and fitness, so you firstly, have to BELIEVE in yourself and your services. This is where it all starts,If you don’t, then you will never be paid or earn the money you deserve. I think we can all face facts here. NO health club or  centres are going to increase wages for Group X in the foreseeable future…. it just ain’t going to happen.

    My Top Tips to earning your potential in Group X


    Believe in yourself. You HAVE to. You are a leader, a role model and an inspiration to people; it’s not a job to be taken lightly.
    If in your mind you think “I’m just playing at this” “I’m not that good really” “It’s only a little hobby” then those messages will vibrate to everyone around you. You will appear unconfident, lacking in ability and people won’t have faith in you.
    Set out your stall and set the tone. Your mindset is the key and it is your number one priority. Read my daily motivational emails and be your own super dooper cheerleader.

    Be The Best you can be.

    Strive to improve every day. Read motivational articles, network with inspirational people, think BIG and banish littleness and small time thinking. Even if you can’t make conventions and courses there are so many free podcasts and blogs to read on fitness, health and nutrition. YouTube is rampant stomping ground for all things motivational, positive and exciting. I don’t go a single day without listening or watching something inspirational on YouTube.  Then share it with your classes and your friends.

    You NEED to charge what you are worth.

    Not what the competition is charging, not what your client thinks you should charge. I know some of you who run PAYG classes only charge £4.  Wow that’s low.  In Nottingham you can’t even get a glass of wine in a bar for that, an eyebrow wax cost £8, a sunbed session is £6. I know Personal Trainers who only charge £20 a session. A cut and colour in a reasonable salon would be £60 + ???? Go for smaller classes with a higher cost and package in DVDS, Skype Calls, daily motivational texts.  Make it a really high end package and make sure you do block bookings; a class pass or pay up front so you know exactly where you are financially.

    Look outside of the Fitness Industry standards.

    You don’t have to “just” teach a class in a club or hire a community hall. You can do sessions in Hair & Beauty Salons, arrange monthly wellness workshops, go into local businesses, teach in schools, offer in- home PT…there is so much out there, all within your local community and so many venues you can spread your message in.

    TEACH Popular Classes.

    The numbers in Fitness Pilates never go down.  Ever. They have stayed busy and constant from the day I started. My clients don’t bat an eyelid on an annual price increase. They are all over the moon to book and pay for the full term in advance. I could teach FP morning, afternoons and evening and the classes would be busy, and that happens all over the UK. Pilates is seen as a premium product – High end and specialized- and many clients who attend would never join a gym. They just love their weekly FP class. Fall in love with Pilates, excel at teaching a style that suits you and you will have busy classes for ever and as the Groovy Positivity Train is gathering speed more people are getting into becoming fit from the inside out. This trend will only fuel more potential clients to attending your Fitness Pilates classes.

    If you want to train to teach Fitness Pilates Click here
    If you would like to complete the Level 3 Pilates Qualification Click here


    I’ve written literally hundreds of articles in this very newsletter about getting your online Fitness Business off the ground. Yep, I have told you exactly what to do and how to do it. Other than me coming round to your house and doing it for you. CRACK ON. For probably NOT the last time as we move more and more into the digital fitness age I BEG you to sort out that website, get your Aweber sussed, film some videos, write and film blogs, offer virtual Skype personal training, fix up your social media and get that virtual fitness  train on the tracks.

    Create Products to sell to your classes and online

    Have you made a DVD yet to sell to your class members? If you would like to sell some of my Workout DVDS in class I can sell them wholesale to you if you purchase in bulk. Email me for details.

    Offer Online Coaching and Mentoring via Skype

    You can do nutritional coaching/fatloss/1 2 1 training all via SKYPE these days and then you don’t even have to leave your home and neither does your client. I cannot believe more PT’s and Group X dont tap into virtual training and coaching so much more. Experiment with google hangouts and start training virtually.

    Do you need to know more about offering Coaching and Mentoring? I have a fully comprehensive DVD showing you exactly what to do. Click here to see the Coaching DVD

    The bottom line is to do your sums and work out how much it’s costing you to teach your classes then make some changes. I’d LOVE to hear about your payments and earnings (If you would like to share) Tweet me@RachelHolmes

    Ideas for your Social Media, Newsletters and Class Chat

    The national media appears to have caught up with the fitness industry.
    Every women’s magazine, daily paper, food TV documentary, radio interviews on Jeremy Vine and local BBC media are all talking about SUGAR and how SUGAR is now the enemy, not fat…….. WOW tell us something we don’t know! So, make sure you jump on the Sugar bandwagon and ride this media sandstorm.

    Get Involved!

    Tweet all of your local journalists and your local radio shows and offer to be interviewed. Tweet quotes and information about how people can quit sugar and get involved. The PRESS is hot to trot on the sugar topic so make sure your name and face is at the forefront in your local news.  Once again separating you out as the expert.

    Join my new KSFL online 14 Day Shred Programme

    I’ve created another 14 workouts for you including Step, Cardio, Kettlebells, Swiss Balls, Non Equipment, Fitness Pilates, plus my daily affirmations and self-development audios that have been huge hits on the last 21 day plan. It’s an uber cool journey and we start it all over again on Monday. If you would like to jump on my next group its £47 and you can click here to join in.

    New Fitness Pilates PRE-HAB WorkshopTour
    Prevention is better than Cure with Kelly Reed

    Kelly Reed will be out and about all over the UK showcasing our brand new Fitness Pilates Tour which will be launching tomorrow with an early bird offer.
    Topics covered will be:

    Pre Season Fitness Pilates
    Pre Hab Back Care Fitness Pilates
    Positivity infused Fitness Pilates

    It will be a brilliant day and all Group X teachers and PTS are more than welcome. Watch out tomorrow for the early bird offer.

    Daily Motivationals

    Thanks so much for all of the emails, tweets and texts about the daily motivational emails. I’m SOOO stoked you are enjoying them all and please feedback to me if they hit a note with you on a particular day.

    Women’s Wellness Summit –  1st & 2nd March City of Westminster College London

    Have you booked on yet?

    I am so very excited to be presenting and attending this truly inspirational event being organised by the one and only Jenny Burrell. Attend ground breaking lectures in a fantastic venue. This is going to be THE event to go to for anyone that coaches and teaches women.

    Here is the full speaker line up and details

    There is Male inside feMALE
    Mr in every MRs
    He in sHE
    Can MAN live without woMAN….??
    By Andrew Crawford

    As one ponders that very thought I would love to turn your attention to a woman who unleased a devastatingly great motivational email this morning (Wednesday)….our very own Rachel Holmes.

    Recent discussions have included varying our meeting places including the likes of Paris, The Ritz…Sugar & Spice and ALL things nice….Why?

    ‘Cause there ‘Ain’t no stopping us now, We’re on the move’

    So……..”…..Don’t You let Nothing stand in YOUR way…”

    As the ever so talented Bump to Babe expert Claire Mockridge said to me over a strong black (like my men) coffee this afternoon… . …

    “…Before you hand in your knife and forks…”  You got to LIVE and design your own lifestyle.

    So Andrew……….. what’s all this male and female, he she, his hers theirs and designing your own lifestyle got to do with Accountancy & Tax?

    Well………..Did you play ‘Kiss Chase’ at school??

    If so…he chased she and she ran from he. The man chased after the woman….the slow ones got caught and were kissed…..tee hee…you usually found that some females use to run slow then ‘accidently on purpose’ fall over …just to get ‘caught’…..!! Oh Matron……..!!

    Not so in business….We now chase the slow payer…who doesn’t want to get caught…!!!

    So….What can you do?

    Did you actually invoice them? I now turn my invoices into pdf’s and email them. Much quicker than sending in the post. Some of you are lucky and get paid in cash, cheque or bank transfer.

    Make sure you got tight payment terms. When I first started in business I thought the ‘normal’ terms were 30 days. I soon came to realise that the terms are entirely up to me. I reduced them to 7 days, then to 3. Some I take ’upfront’ payment.

    Offer alternative payment arrangements. Instalments are good as at least you will get something in on a regular basis. Keep on top of this.

    Consider offering discounts for early payment. Some years ago I tested this out and it work..!!! I believe 95% paid within the time stipulated just to save money. Good for you good for them.

    Whatever agreement you mutually come to, ensure you get this in writing.

    Add late payment interest onto the bill.

    Establish reasons for non payment and consider withholding further products or services. Some people may still be enjoying the benefits of your product or service and have no intension of paying you.

    Establish lines of communication. Have you noticed that the people who owe you money are ‘silent’, don’t answer their phones, don’t reply to emails? Little Bar Stewards…..!!!

    Watch the trends…What do I mean by that…..? When some people borrow money from you they start with a tenner, then a score (£20), then £50 then a couple of hundred and funnel you upwards….on the other side of the scale they will pay you immediately, next time will be a little late, then later still then……………poof……they’ve disappeared and turned into the Invisible man….oopps…also woman…!!

    Do not makes threats that you don’t intend to carry out..!!! Call the ‘Boys’ in instead to give them a reMINDER.


    Ponder no more……….Can man live without woman?
    No matter how strong a man thinks he is… he can always use a good woman…………………. to fall back on…!!

    Andrew James Crawford

    Have a wonderful Week
    Love always

    Rachel xx
    Tweet me @RachelHolmes

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