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  • Instructor Newsletter 27th February 2014

    IMG_3948I loved reading Paul Mort’s Top Tips
    in the newsletter several weeks
    ago & as I’m putting the final touches to
    my presentation this week for Jenny Burrell’s
    Women’s Wellness Summit, in which
    I’ll be expanding on a whole lot of these, I thought
    I would pen mine for the newsletter.

    I’ve been teaching “Aerobics” since 1986 &
    I am STILL massively  excited & enthused about the whole industry.

    It is still only the beginning.

    The industry is still in its infancy;

    We have so much to share, more people to help,
    new opportunities to seize, concepts to develop,
    anatomy to understand, and if you truly are passionate
    about Health, Fitness, Wellness & Spirituality,
    you will always be able to help others & make a great living.

    Here goes – Let me know which ones you agree with!

    1: Attend EVERY course you can possibly afford on all fitness related subjects.

    2: Attend ALL conventions, events, trade shows to learn & network. Knowledge is KING.

    3: READ EVERYTHING you can get your hands on – fitness/productivity/time

    4: BE YOU – Stop trying to be someone else.
    By all means have role models
    & model yourself on successful people, but YOU Do YOU.

    5: You won’t make A HUGE amount of money teaching face to face classes long term.  Trends will come & go with the potential to earn short term, but if you follow trends you have to keep
    jumping on the next one.

    6: Immerse yourself in e-commerce – Learn WordPress / Learn to update your own website/Digital is the way forward to expand your business.

    7:Your Website is your digital home.
    Be house proud! Make it professional, not cheap
    & nasty.

    8.Understand Facebook – Buy Jab Jab Jab Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuck

    9: Learn to say NO – Get a fast track ticket to “JUST SAY NO TRAIN” for your
    own health, wealth, life and SANITY.

    10: Stop being a people pleaser.

    11:Learn to meditate.

    12: Choose happiness & positivity every day possible.

    13 Get interested in the law of attraction, manifestation & quantum physics.

    14: Charge more & don’t be the cheapest.. EVER.

    15: Listen to your girlfriends – what they talk about, problems & issues they have.

    16: If women are your main audience, then read women’s media, magazines, blogs, podcasts – immerse yourself in female culture if women are your business.

    17: Only teach what YOU love. Teach things you don’t love & people will not come for very long.

    18: Ditch TOXIC immediately – Don’t keep it going for the money/kudos/to get your foot in the door/the possibility of xyz….just ditch it.

    19: A sustainable fitness business takes time to build. You have to put the spade work in.

    20: Act as if you are the most successful person in your field and believe it.

    21:Be kind to others, you haven’t walked in their shoes.

    22: Get as fit & healthy as possible. Hire a PT / Train yourself / Eat Clean & walk the walk.

    23: Delegate and Outsource – Pay a book keeper / accountant / PA if you need one and focus on doing the things you love, like teaching & training people & brainstorming new ideas.

    24:Build your platform online so you can spread your message & serve more people. Your income is directly related to this.

    25: Understand & use Facebook Adverts. Google ADWORDS & PPC if you want to grow an online business

    26:Find a great graphic designer who understands you and your concepts. Branding/Posters/Leaflets digital or hard copy are VITAL to your success in building a bigger business.

    27: Don’t take criticism personally & don’t let it set you back.

    28: Reach out to new markets – Older/Younger/Overweight/Disabled/Kids/Families/ so many untapped & under serviced niches who need fitness etc

    29: Write every day – The more your write the better you get.

    30: Find PASSION in all you do. Passion is like a muscle, you don’t find it under a rock, you have to train your passionate muscles every day.

    31: Take plenty of breaks / holidays /days out. Keep breaking up your weekly routines for inspiration & increased productivity.

    32: Work out EXACTLY what your core values & core priorities are. Evaluate every week & maneuver & change to keep on your true path.

    33: Have a LIFE partner who has your BEST interests at heart. This doesn’t have to be your partner or spouse, someone who you can bounce your ideas around & talk things through honestly.

    34: Never compare yourself to others; it’s the fastest way to negativity & giving up.

    35: Embrace Change. Change is good.

    36: If you are enthused & motivated by a team or group. Join a franchisee or work with a collective.

    37: Before you embark on a project research every angle thoroughly. Calculate all risks before you spend money and go for it.

    38: All Fitpros LOVE the idea of owning a studio. But I beg you to do the research & make sure your numbers add up before you commit to leases & purchasing property.

    39: If you REALLY want to write a book hire an expert to help you.

    40: Marketing plays a HUGE part in your success, like it or not.

    41: Network digitally or in person with as many health professionals as possible – Drs/Nurses/GP’s/Massage/Therapists/Dietitians/Dentists

    42: Find out what EVERYONE who comes to your classes does for an occupation. You’ll be amazed at the fantastic contacts you see every single day &B probably don’t even realise it.

    43:Stop trying to be all things to all people. Accept some people will like you and some will not. It’s life, there’s nothing you can do.

    44: Get into juicing

    45: Learn EFT – Tapping

    46: Workout how much money you want to earn. Have a joyful relationship with money, understand your own self-worth & stop underselling yourself.

    47: Live in the NOW/Present. Plan and Affirm but don’t miss out what’s happening in the now. Be present.

    48: Even if you are a complete one man band see yourself as a business.

    49: Be a customer – Take a fitness class / Yoga / Pilates class, be a beginner again at something fitness related.

    50: GET IT OUT THERE – if you have an idea just get it out there. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you have to release it and perfect it afterwards. Don’t wait, you will never launch it.

    51: Build your email list & grow it every single day. You do not have a business unless you have a list, no matter how small.

    52: There are no get rich quick schemes in fitness.

    53: For GOODNESS sake get into TWITTER & INSTAGRAM – Stop seeing these as time sucks, they are amazing ways to spread your message, your brand and your leverage.

    54: VIDEO killed the radio star – Interview all of your clients, class members. Put yourself in front of the camera and get real people, saying real stuff about your classes & services, on Social Media, daily!

    55: Check out H & M fitness gear its ROCKS.

    56: Put your Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly in your iphone and LOOK at it all through the day. Stay focused on it and get the job done.

    57: When you set your stall out to work at your desk, REALLY WORK. Don’t answer calls, text, watch apps, instant message, go on Facebook. Keep your head down for the time you allocate to the project and keep going. REALLY WORK.

    58: Work on your daily affirmations & mantras

    59: Believe in YOURSELF & YOUR abilities 10000000%. It shows if you don’t.

    60: Work Smarter NOT harder.

    61: Guard your time with an iron will. Don’t waste a minute you cannot get it back.

    I’ll add more next week. Which ones do you like
    Tweet me @RachelHolmes I’d love to hear from you.

    The Kick Start Fat Loss Lifestyle Day

    I am over the moon with the speaker line up
    for this incredible day & so excited the fantastic
    Phil Richards will be speaking.

    I am still adding sessions & speakers so for only 24 hours
    you can get the day for £79+VAT but it will 100% be going up
    at midnight when I finalised the flyer & promotion.

    So, if this REALLY lights your fire then please book
    on today.

    Saturday 7th June
    Thistle Hotel East Midlands Airport
    730am – 7pm

    Speaking at this ground breaking event so far are:

    Rachel Holmes Positive Fitness Pilates & Affirmations in Exercise
    Phil Richards   The Latest Fat Loss & Nutrition Updates

    Jo De Rosa    Meditation & Manifestation for Beginners

    Jenny Burrell  It’s happening for you, not to you. How to breakthrough.

    Kim Ingleby – Training with Passion & Focus for Performance including training tips for runs/marathons/charity events

    Mairi Taylor – JUICING for Vitality, Health, Fatloss

    Rachel Holmes –  Create a lifestyle – Fatloss, Fitness, Health, Wellness & Positivity tips

    Jayne Nicholls


    Who Is This For?

    This for everyone interested in Health, Fitness, Wellness, Positivity and Living the best possible LIFE

    And All Because The Lady Loves ……….…??
    By Andrew Crawford

    For those of you who are in the Fifties Club you may remember the white calling card with a black silhouette  and the man sking down slopes, climbing walls, swimming through crocodile infested waters just to deliver a small purple box of…………..chocolates…….!!

    What about some of these?………

    Denium……….For the man who doesn’t have to try too hard…!!

    Clunk, Click Every Trip……

    Is she or Isn’t she?………..Harmony Hair Spray

    When you walk through the door your pound’s worth more at Williams …Where else?

    Snap, Crackle & Pop….

    Once you pop, you can’t stop………….lol

    I could go on but you get the idea….!!??

    Whatever happened to all these quotes?   Well…they have become dormant but not redundant………I do believe you cannot use them as there is a STRONG link to the quote and it’s corresponding product.

    So Andrew…What’s being dormant got to do with Accountancy & Tax?

    Well…..If you are running a business at the moment and it is not registered you run the risk of someone else registering your name instead of you. And as a consequence, you may be required to change your name. Not nice.
    You can however, register your name and NOT trade as a limited company.
    You will effectively keep the company as a ‘Dormant’ company that means it will not trade as a limited company.

    What is a Dormant Company?
    ?A limited company is deemed to be dormant if it has had no ‘significant accounting transactions’ since incorporation, or since the last filing of accounts.

    In other words, if it has not traded during the year, it will be a dormant company for accounts purposes.

    A company could be trading one year then dormant the next. As long as you inform Companies House and the Inland Revenue.
    You will be required to file Dormant Company Accounts

    What are Dormant Company Accounts? (DCA)
    ?Dormant company accounts are accounts which are filed at Companies House on an annual basis by Dormant Companies. These companies are usually referred to as being exempt from audit.
    Use form AA02 available from the following link:
    When and how often do accounts need to be filed?
    The first Dormant Company Accounts need to be delivered to Companies House no later than 21 months after incorporation and relate to the period from incorporation up to the Accounting Reference Date (ARD). Subsequent accounts must be filed with Companies House no later than 9 months after the ARD.
    For example, if a company were formed on 01/01/2014 (ARD: 31/01) the 1st accounts should be filed no later than 01/10/2015. The next accounts should be filed no later than 31/10/2016.

    What’s the difference between Accounts and the Annual Return?

    Accounts are different from the Annual Return. Accounts are the figures of the company and the Annual Return is a snapshot of general information about a company (not financial information). i.e information about the  Director, Secretary, Registered Office and the shareholders.

    Both are legally required to be filed at Companies House on an annual basis.

    Companies House are eager to strike companies off the register if an Annual Return is not delivered on time.  You can do this either be online or by post.

    If filing online, which is easiest, there is a fee of £13.00 as opposed to £40.00 if filing by post.

    There are differing penalty fees for late filing of the Dormant Company Accounts depending on how late they are filed. I’ve covered this before….!

    So….to ensure maximum protection for your company/business name, register it, then keep an eye out for anyone else trying to muscle into your space. Even if you don’t intend to trade under a limited company, it is best to register it for peace of mind.

    Here’s how to protect your name
    Check that no similar names are being used/registered at
    Register your company name at Companies House
    If you have a very distinctive name or logo, consider registering it as a trade mark.
    Register the domain name.
    Ensure you use the name on all stationery, emails, invoices, on websites any publicity.
    Take fast action if you find someone else is using the same or similar name as yours.
    If you do not want a limited company, ensure you submit Dormant accounts to Companies House each year and inform the Inland Revenue that the company was set up to protect the name. They will send you a form when you register the company, just state your intentions when you return it.

    To drive the idea of protection home, I have written a comprehensive guide which covers….
    How to protect your business name
    How to protect your written work
    How to protect your designs
    How to protect your Intellectual Property
    Once protected……How to earn from it


    What’s with that teacher and young kid????
    I think I know………….And All Because The Lady Loves……..!!?

    Naughty but Nice.

    Andrew James Crawford

    Have a wonderful day LOVE RACHEL XXXXX

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