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  • Instructor Newsletter 29th November 2012


    This week I asked all the gang to write something light and breezy that will make us all chuckle over our breakfast eggs, something tells me we’ve all gone a bit serious in the fitness industry of late and a bit of light newsletter relief may be just what the doctor ordered and hey, its nearly Christmas so a fluffy newsletter is what you have this week. I certainly hope it remotivates you (if you need it) or makes you remember that we all have some seriously funny fitness stories… the odd things our class members say and do in class the list is endless….

    Sally and Vikki’s article’s had me laughing out loud. I dont know if its funnier as I know both of them very well and I read their articles in my head with their voices and accents, so I do hope then make you smile as well. Tweet me and let me know @RachelHolmes

    An Audience with Rachel Holmes

    My small and select Business Building Blueprint Day is happening this Saturday in conjunction with the fantastic Mr Andrew Crawford in Northampton. I will be holding a completely no holds barred day of sharing all of my information, ideas, blueprints, future ideas and trends. There is going to be some huge changes over the next 12 months in fitness, Group X, Social Media and the internet and Im excited to be discussing these and many more relevant topics on Saturday. You can still book a place here

    Future Trends and Predications

    I LOVE doing a future trends and predications articles about this time of year, these are only my ideas do let me know what you agree?


    Is only just getting started: online training, live classes, powhow, googlehang out, creativelive, ustream in fact tons of portals where you can hold online courses and live classes and this is set to explode in 2013.

    The internet is evolving rapidly as we head into the next phase which is called Web 3.0, now I’m not even going to pretend I understand exactly what Web 3.0 is but you can be sure as dammit the internet and social media is playing a bigger and bigger role in all of our lives and this will cut across all industries, sectors and businesses.

    My gold nugget advice to ALL fitness instructors, personal trainers, Bootcampers and SGT if you want to move with them times is to get web savvy, do some research and learn simple skills to develop your businesses and brands. WE all know face to face teaching has a limited earning potential because you are always swapping time for money, of course you could go down the route of employing people but its well documented that path can be fraught with issues so leverage YOU and your services online.

    Mobile – This has been a predication for that last few years and its here and its totally arrived. The way we view the internet is getting smaller, iphones and the new ipad mini allow us to have the internet with us at all times. Consumers are not buying desk tops they are buying smart phones and tablets.

    My own KSFL Online programme is a perfect example, with its daily workouts, sound cloud audios and real time social media support most members are accessing KSFL on their smart phone. When I surveyed my members the majority of tuning in on smart phones and tablets.

    Incidentally there are now almost 100 people doing KSFL with me right now, what began as a programme for Instructors on a forum in 2007 is now being accessed by people all over the world who are gym members, and, are using my workouts as a supplement. They are training with me every day at home, online via a smartphone, so you can see the growth and reach.

    Live Classes – We are definitely in that “whats happening next” kind of cycle with group X. Big brands are settled into being the norm and everyones looking for the next “big thing”…. so create i?
    Be the trend setter not the trend follower survey people, talk to them live and on social media. Look back into the past for future inspiration.

    I’d love to know your predications. Tweet me @RachelHolmes

    To see me talking about my predictions for group x fitness in 2013 check out this video. click here

    Guildford World Fitness Pilates Day 20th January

    Places are being snapped up for this updates with myself and Kelly Reed you can see all of the details and book here

    Bristol – I am just confirming the venue for a Word Fitness Pilates Day at the end of February 2013

    Jayne Nicholls

    This week is all about YOU – lets take some time to indulge who you are and what you do. An exercising in releasing the very best of you to the world.

    I have been working with instructors who want to break into presenting this year and have had some great success stories with my clients getting into conventions, going on tour and taking bookings at private events and health spas. This is so promising as new talent and fresh input is just what this industry needs to keep it on its toes. Saying that, one of the things that everyone finds most challenging in the process is writing their personal bios. As a presenter we must have a 100, 50 word and 1 line bio that will grab the attention of the people making the decision to choose us for presenting work.

    This simple exercise really makes us look at who we are and what we do as the bio represents us. We spend so much time marketing our classes when the key determinant for repeat bookings are you, your personality and your skills. The workouts belong to you, the timetable is created by you and you are the face of your business.

    So this week i thought it might be a useful task for us all to write our bios in 50 words. Guaranteed you will need to do it a minimum of 3 times, you will find it awkward and it will make you think about the key things that make you the ”go to” instructor for your client base.

    Here are a few tips:
    Google yourself and see what comes up – seeing your name in print can give you a new perspective
    Ask for feedback and testimonials from your clients
    Really consider how you would like your target market to see you
    Once you have a bio that makes you feel proud to be you, put it on your website, facebook, twitter, marketing, posters and use it until you have moved on from it and it needs to change.

    If you would like to share your bio send it to and get soem free promo as well.

    Charity events, Movember and Fanuary by Sally Ghafoor

    So how is your partner looking for their stint of Movember? My husband actually looks quite hot, my friend told him where he has quite a “pretty” face it actually suits him and he doesn’t look like Magnum PI or some type of 70’s porn star, I don’t know what he was more upset by, the fact he has a pretty face or that he doesn’t look like a porn star. However my favourite Movember of them all has to be Michael Owen, I couldn’t listen to what he was talking about on TV as I was completely Mo’d out by him….. Google it, its Movellous. With all the hype around Movember I was shocked that on a thread on Facebook my good friend Rachel Holmes had no idea that something for us girls existed, yes ladies will you be taking part in Fanuary??? The chance to wax or shave different shapes or if you want take yourself back to the 70’s…… although will newsfeeds be full of Fanuary progress… I am hoping not.

    So what does a trip back to the 70’s have to do with fitness, well I am talking charity events. Your chance to give back to the community with your skills. I host on average two charity events a year and it feels good!!! I normally choose to raise money for someone local who needs something, or something that has affected a class member. Last week we raised £3k for SANDs as three of my class members babies were stillborn along with my cousin and his wife who very recently lost their baby son aged just 3 weeks old. Heartbreaking.

    Once I allowed someone from a charity to actually organise the event instead of me, we didn’t raise much that time, the stage wasn’t big enough, the feel was wrong or maybe I am just a little bit controlling….. ha so anyway amongst the feel good reasons for doing stuff for charity and the benefits for the people you are doing it for, its great as a marketing tool for you. I have got in the newspaper, on the radio and on the TV doing charity events, not sure how? Well my best piece of advice here is get in touch with Yvonne Radley and get her to big you up!

    Get others involved. Last weekend it was me and four other instructors with other local instructors taking part, get networking, get other instructors to come along or do some tracks for you. Stuff the worry of competition – who cares its to help someone.

    Get it for FREE – the hall, the stage, raffle prizes, everything. When I do an event we pay for nothing so all the money goes to the charity.

    Video and take pictures – I have posted videos and pictures from last weekends events – the result in one week an extra 34 likes and the video’s have been viewed 2,459 times

    So what have you done this year for charity? I am glad I have done two Zumbathons and run the London marathon, it means at least I can give Fanuary a miss next year 🙂

    Tweet @Sallyghafoor

    How you can make the floods work for you by Yvonne Radley

    Up and down the country we are being deluged with floods, it’s the lead story in the papers, on radio and on TV.
    So can you make it work for you?
    It’s THE hot story of the week and it’s still raining so it will be next week too. Papers will be doing double page features along with lots of pictures of the worst hit areas and the best heroic stories.
    So if you run a bootcamp, instead of doing your normal workout why don’t you get your guys together and volunteer to put the sandbags out in your village or town, invite the paper down to take some photos.
    Maybe some of your clients have rescued people from the floods, lifting them out of their cars or homes, maybe some of your clients have had to be rescued?
    There’s going to be a lot of clearing up needs doing when the floods have gone down so maybe you can give your guys an extra workout helping out with the clear up mission.
    Ask around, you’ll be surprised at the number of stories out there – all you need to do is send a press release into your local paper to see if they’re interested.
    And trust me; it’s the hottest news story out there at the moment so they will be interested.
    If you were on the Media Webinar with me and Rachel on Monday night you probably already emailed in to get your free copy of my Press Release Template but if not, email me now to get yours Follow my template to make sure your Press Release gets read.
    Find me on Facebook and Twitter @yvonneradley

    Vikki Scovell

    I find in my life that almost everyone is LOVELY. Is this because I live out in the wilds of windy Wales where people are largely RELIEVED to be able to share some human contact? Possibly. Is it because I am a thoroughly likeable, amiable and wonderful human being? Undoubtedly. Or is it because most people are basically friendly and pleasant, especially if you are nice to them? That one deserves a big YUP. I firmly believe in human-loveliness, and I wish to go on believing this: it’s part of what makes my job the best in the world. However, this weekend I bumped into someone who called my faith into question. Whilst taking a Sunday constitutional with the dashing Mr Blue and our canine pals, we lost the footpath, and headed for the nearest gate which would take us back to the road home. After passing through said gate we bumped into a lady with her 2 dogs and started the usual country dog-meeting conversation with her; nice dogs, nasty weather, getting a bit brisk e tc. I should have taken more notice of the veins bulging at her temples, and the clenched teeth as I chattered about the flooded roads. She accused us of trespassing (oops- sorry), told us that we had no understanding of the word PRIVATE (I’m a writer you know…), said that she knew Mr Blue and his family and would bring her dogs and stamp around Blues mums garden (pardon?). She then added that it was no surprise his wife had left him (choke!!!!), that we believed ourselves to be one cut above her (jeepers creepers!). If she ever saw us on her land she would shoot out dogs (WHAT????). As you can imagine, I remained calm, practiced some yoga breathing, and rose above it all as someone of true refinement and manners would. Did I say true manners and refinement? Oh , maybe it wasn’t QUITE like that: I did manage the afore said for about 4 minutes whilst she walked behind offering further personal and unpleasant snipes, then I COMPLETELY LOST IT. There is only so muc h a person can take, and nobody can undeservedly criticize and threaten my friends and family (this includes animals) without receiving a dressing-down at some point in the proceedings. Needless to say it all got a bit….. thing, but as we parted at the bottom of the lane, I offered her a ‘have a nice day!.’ Technically, this MAY not have been 100% heartfelt, I MAY have meant ‘have an extremely irksome day, hopefully including some chronic intimate itching.’ There is a possibility that it came across as sarcasm. This may have had something to do with the phone call from the police later on. They were lovely BTW.
    So what’s this got to do with you? Mmmmm, I’m struggling, I just wanted to get it off my chest really……. Oh I got it! What do YOU do when you face nasty people in the workplace? I once had two hoity-toity-overly-serious yoga types come up to me at the end of class (after puffing and snorting through FFYoga, completely unable to even touch their toes after YEARS of yoga training which they had loudly boasted about at the beginning), and loudly ask if I was ACTUALLY qualified to teach. I smiled in a humorous ‘oh silly-billy’ way and explained to them about my 10 years in an ashram in India with Yogi Bendi-mhendi, and my 1st from Oxford in Stretchology. If I suffer road rage (or maybe it should be rebranded as Blonde-Rage) I tend to call back to the shouty person in voice like Mary Poppins: “I’m dreadfully sorry: I can’t speak a WORD of English and I have NO IDEA what you are saying…..” That tends to stump Monsieur Van-Blanc whilst his brain grinds through the ramifications of what I have said, and VROOM while the tiny cogs are whirring: I’m gone baby. The thing is, almost everyone you meet as you teach is going to be wonderful, but you need to spend a moment deciding how you will cope with complaints, rejection, heckling, and demands for money back, in the unlikely event that they happen. I suggest that you a) consider polite ways of dealing with people whilst maintaining your position as a professional/expert, and b) devise a list of Dastardly and Mutley-style scenarios where these enemies of loveliness are caught in a number of unpleasant cartoonish fates. For example being pelted by cow-pats, then stampeded by a rabid flock of chickens, only to pick themselves out of the dust clouds and get flattened by a passing pantomime horse. Oh well, give it some thought my friends whilst you take the dog for a walk, but make sure you take care where you are walking………
    Until next time, ta-raa and observe the country code!
    Vikki Scovell @fitbite Don’t forget to pick up my little book at

    Are We Helping of Hindering The Fitness Industry of Tomorrow? by Katie Bulmer-Cooke

    Hey C2Goer’s!

    I’m often asked at conventions, workshops, courses and online, ‘why do you share your knowledge and experience with other instructors? Aren’t you scared they will be competition?’

    My answer is always the same, ‘No’. By sharing my skill set I can help new instructors entering the industry give a better service to their clients and reach out to more potential clients, with the end result being a fitter, healthier nation of people being instructed and coached by an industry that has great standards.

    There are more than enough people out there who need the help of fitness professionals; more than enough clients and custom to go around. We know the obesity statistics, the physical activity statistics and the health based statistics and we can’t make a positive change to these alone. We need to do it as an industry; as a group of fitness professionals using the latest information, research and strategies to help our clients.

    Not only that, but we all work with different niches, from male and female to teens and older adults. Not every trainer is suited to the same client group, and not every client wants to use the same service to achieve their goal; some prefer group exercise, some 1 to 1 and others small group training.

    As fitness professionals, we have the ability to help, guide and influence those new instructors/trainers coming through and completing their fitness qualifications, in order to create a strong, consistent, professional industry with an amazing reputation. If we don’t share and instead stay insular are we hindering the development of the industry? I know I was glad of the advice and support I was given by fellow instructors when I entered the industry 9 years ago.

    Why not make links with training providers, and offer your services to go in and share your industry experiences with their students or hold your own seminars and work shops in your local area. You could even arrange quarterly brainstorming sessions with other local instructors.

    We don’t always need need to compete with each other…we can all learn from each other and be part of making our industry truly great!

    One of my 2013 goals is to do more of this, starting with my Personal Trainer Workshop in Sunderland on Sunday 27th January, where I will be sharing my experience as a personal trainer with those who are new to the industry and those looking to expand their knowledge. Yon can find out more at

    Here’s to a great 2013 for the fitness industry.

    KBC x

    Why are my Classes Full? by Philippa Burnett

    As the New Year rushes towards us at great speed, I’m sure like me, you’re thinking of how you’re going to change things in 2013! Maybe drop a class or two, do something different or simply try & fill all your current classes!

    I know a lot of my colleagues have suffered over this last year from a lack of clients, both in class and in their private sessions, I’ve been lucky enough to remain full, have waiting lists and spend my time feeling constantly guilty that I keep turning people away! so, the obvious question keeps coming up “Why are my classes always full?”

    Apart from the obvious, that I absolutely love and believe in what I do, and after 13 years I think I’m a pretty good teacher, but, then so are all my friends, I’ve been to their classes and they’re great. So it got me thinking – what am I doing differently?

    I run only community based classes, I gave up working at a Gym many years ago – too restrictive for me. I run all my classes very local to where I live, so over the years you get well known in your area. I made sure that I have close relationships with all my local Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors – most of them come to my classes or have had private sessions with me. I’ve always involved the local paper when I’ve done anything new – local papers are always looking for news stories, and I also offered the women’s editor free sessions :). Now that is all pretty standard stuff and I’m sure most of you do exactly the same, so I had to really sit down and think what do I do differently?

    The conclusion I came to was that I ‘involve’ my clients. I know each and everyone by name, I know a fair bit about their lives, I’m always there early so if they need tot talk to me they can, I’m always there at the end for a quick chat. They know about my life too, they’ve met my children, my family – I took the 30 people that had been with me for 5 years out for lunch to thank them all, my family came too (as did the local paper!), I had a celebratory 10 year afternoon tea for all my clients, my family were all there too, my clients shared in my excitement when my daughter had her son and he’s even been down to classes as well. They all know my son has just gone to University, we swap student stories. They feel they know me and I them and that forges a loyalty, a bond, they also know each other and the social side of class really helps to keep them committed.

    I share as much information as I can, we have great fun when I’ve been on courses, trying out lots of new ideas, I give handouts, small workouts for free, I always return their calls, their emails, their texts. I give them cards for special occasions. We have chocolates, mince pies etc at Christmas- some healthy some not! Every other year I do a big challenge for charity, Moonwalk, cycle form London to Paris & this year its a trek to Everest Base Camp – my clients love to hear about my training, I think they like to know I’m suffering and in pain too, its encouraged a fair few to do similar things too.

    I charge more than anyone else in my area, but, I give ‘value’, its not just about teaching a great class its about all the extra little things that you are prepared to do – give freely of yourself and it comes rushing back to you in leaps and bounds 🙂

    Happy teaching


    Why I love the fitness industry
    By Claire Mockridge
    Ante/Postnatal Fitness Expert

    A new client asked me how long I’ve been running my Mummies and Buggies Postnatal Fitness Classes this week, and I had to have a think there for a minute before answering with: “Over 6 years now”. And then I immediately thought to myself: “Where on earth has the time gone?!”. I really couldn’t believe it!

    Although I have fewer mother and baby classes on my timetable than when I first started; my class numbers peak and trough throughout the year; and some classes in particular can be really hard work, I can honestly say, I still really enjoy teaching them. Yes, the babies cry, yes it’s a really challenging client group to teach because of what pregnancy and birth does to some women’s bodies, but I tell you what, the rewards and the buzz I get out of teaching this style of class is still there all those years later.

    My mother and baby classes operate with a lot of distractions going on eg babies cry, babies puke, babies trump (often quite loudly), and I swear, 3 years ago I witnessed probably one of the best (or worst maybe?) poo explosions ever in the history of time, where the contents of a constipated/newly weened baby’s nappy didn’t just seep through the leg-holes of her nappy a bit, this curry-sauce coloured substance went down the insides of her trousers to her socks, up and over the waistband of her nappy to her chin, and over the collar of her shirt and out her armholes. One baby-wipe wasn’t cutting it there, let me tell you.

    You’d think though wouldn’t you, that after all of this time, never knowing quite what’s going to be thrown at me every session I take, that I would’ve run for the hills by now, but I think for me, it’s the “not knowing” that’s kept my positive attitude and love of teaching alive.

    My fitness career dealing with postnatal clients is peppered with moments of joy, fun and emotion, and although there have been mornings when I really haven’t been in the mood to take a particular class, all it takes is 5 minutes into the warm up for the fire to light inside me to reaffirm that fitness is where I should be. If you’re having an off day, let this quote from Jessica Ennis lift your mood: “When I have to train and it’s cold and dark outside I think, why do I do this? But then I remember the feeling of winning a medal.”

    Have a great Thursday!

    Claire Mockridge

    Twitter – @ClaireMockridge
    Facebook – /ClaireMockridge1
    Closed Facebook Group for Pre/Postnatal Instructors:

    Me and Kenwood by Cori Withell

    I thought I only had one man in my life, my dog Diesel. I was wrong! Through my newly discovered love of cooking and creating new dishes I have fallen in love with another called Kenwood. He is amazing!

    However, he is not without faults. He is quite a chunky fellow and takes up a fair but of space in my kitchen. On first thought this not that big of an issue if you have an average kitchen. I, however, do not. You cannot fit two people side by side in my kitchen. Whilst imagining this please also bear in mind that I am a kitchen gadget queen! If it whisks, whizzes, kneads, blends, folds air in, juices, liquidizes, chops, makes shapes etc etc, then I pretty much have it. Maybe my kitchen gadget obsession is overtaking my shoes…, that will never happen!

    So, back to my kitchen. If you stand and outstretch your arms, you can reach both walls, I kid you not! A true galley kitchen in every sense of the word. Yet, I love it. For years I didn’t believe I could cook. Then I decided to experiment and not only found that I could cook (I believe everyone can!), but that I absolutely loved playing around with food and different combinations. Despite being told throughout my childhood not to play with food 😉

    Having a small kitchen can prove challenging with limited worktop space and most of that is overtaken with gadgets, cables and instruction booklets on how to use them BUT, you know what?

    No matter what obstacles may lay in your path, if you want to do something – you just will. You will find a way 🙂

    Look out for some clean Mood Food Christmas recipes coming out on my blog over the next month – my gift to you.

    Health and happiness x

    The Borrower Is Servant To The Lender
    By Andrew Crawford

    Last night whilst catching a glimpse of the television set there was news of a man who borrowed only £250 from a Payday Loan Shark and eventually ending up in debt of up to £15,000 on that small loan…….WTF…!!
    Didn’t anybody tell him that…….”The Lender is the POWER Position”

    These companies charge monstrous interest rates for borrowing small bits of money…..The Borrower is Servant to the Lender.

    Whatever you do…….get yourself in the ‘Lender’ position so your money works for you…!!!

    One of the best books I’ve read about this subject is called ‘The Richest Man In Babylon’ by George S Clason……..go get it today…!!!

    “…Countless readers have been helped by the famous “Babylonian Parables” hailed as the greatest of all inspirational works on the subject of thrift, financial planning and personal wealth…”

    Have you noticed around this time that all the credit card companies are ‘pushing’ their cards?

    Just this morning I tore up an invitation to have a Barclaycard credit card, not even 2 weeks ago I tore up another one with my details already filled in..!!!…I didn’t ask for the mofo as I know that The Borrower is Servant to the Lender.

    In 10 Downing Street at this very moment as I write this they are debating on getting a stranglehold of the Free Press. In the morning we will know the outcome. It is already censored so I suspect the Powers at be want FULL control. Don’t believe the hype or some of the contents in the Leveson report… cannot be trusted…just like the Cyril Smith cover up.

    It must be important as they are missing ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’

    I don’t believe this b*ll*x either… let me tell you what one of the papers said yesterday.

    “…An HM Revenue and Customs report showed that the tax paid by those earning more than £1 million a year fell from £13.4 billion in 2009/10 to £6.5 billion the following year. The number of people declaring incomes of more than £1 million slumped from 16,000 to 6,000 as they brought forward or delayed payments, moved earnings abroad or chose to work less….”

    So…..I said to myself…..Let me dive in and play with those figures…..oopps…I meant numbers…(wrong article….lol). This is what I deduced.

    Tax income went down by a whopping 51% ..£6,900,000,000. (Time for investigation me thinks.) The HMRC has the details of those 10,000 people and where they work and live. So stop chasing and harassing all the small independent sole traders and use the same resources to chase this ‘disappearing tax’ elite.

    The average tax paid by the 16,000 was £837,500 each. The average paid by the remaining 6,000 AFTER the 10,000 decided that they would set up tax sheltering structures which is totally legal as this is referred to as tax avoidance, immoral, repungent, aggressive whatever they may call it but still legal paid an average tax of £1,083,333 which means those remaining 6,000 paid on average £245,833 more tax than when their other 10,000 brothers and sisters were about..go figure..!!
    And what are the HMRC going to do about those 10,000 they KNOW about?

    Sweet…..!! (Fill the gap in)
    So Andrew…gasp…
    What has Loan Sharks, Credit Cards and being in the Power position got to do with Accountancy and Tax?
    Well….Albert Einstein recognised this principle to be the greatest inventions of man. This principle was based on the power of Compound Interest.

    Compound Interest works while you sleep. It enables you to allow money to make money for you instead of you working to make money or borrowing.

    Example: The Power of Compound Interest on Your Savings

    If you put away £6 a day every day, the power of compound interest would multiply this sum over the period of investment.

    The cost of delaying for one year could cost you £206,056

    I have put a ficticious interest figure of 20% in just for illustration purposes. The only banks that will give you this type of rate are investment banks. The normal high street banks talk in terms of 5% per annum, whilst they earn more off your money than you do.
    Beat the Credit Companies by changing the Rules

    Credit cards are one of the best inventions to man and the credit companies do all they can to hide this simple fact from you.

    Have you heard of ‘Payment Holidays’? … Exactly, it is one of the cons from credit companies.

    As long as you pay back what you owe each month, credit cards become profit builders as the cash in your account stays there for 30 days more, earning your account interest ENTIRELY at the expense of your credit company.

    To play this game properly, select credit cards that have no annual fee and give you at least 21 days interest free credit.

    The credit card companies will hate you, it is time to change the rules.

    Best Use of credit cards

    If you have to use a credit card, when you use it write out a cheque to the credit card company at the same time.

    Using debt to clear debt

    The key is to manage debt so that the overall burden is not increased. By borrowing more money that equals the sum of the existing debt but at a lower interest rate, means that both issues are tackled – the debt is reduced by paying a lower rate of interest, as well as paying less money per month.

    Debt and the cause of debt

    Impulse buying fed by peer pressure and easy credit facilities
    Not tracking your expenditure
    Paying more than you need to
    Not accounting for the money you spend
    Too many unnecessary bags and shoes

    Tip: From today, if you can’t pay cash don’t buy it


    As I hardly watch the TV, I didn’t realise that Larry Hagman from the programme Dallas, departed from us last week. He will be missed very much.
    Also, don’t forget that Rachel Holmes is laying bare to a small select group of Fit pros her C2Go Blueprint this Saturday.
    Read details here
    Have fun xx

    Have a wonderful Thursday

    Love Rachel x

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