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  • Instructor Newsletter 2nd June 2016

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    Are you having a great week?

    Lots of people of on holidays this week but classes still busy with
    peeps that work term time, so lots of new faces which is always nice.
    This week on the newsletter I’m talking one of my
    favourite subjects, Social Media, Jayne gets all controversial on
    the podcast, I’m looking for Instructors in Notts/Derby, Jo De Rosa
    talks time management and Andrew is Andrew!



    Do YOU want to run a RETREAT?

    Contact Amber Rich who has created the beautiful Rebalance
    retreat centre in Pembroekshire.
    Amber is doing a special offer for Instructors that
    want to bring 6/8 clients and create a beautiful retreat experience.

    Send Amber an email and tell her I sent you for a
    great offer.
    Social Media Quick Tips

    As we know Social Media is just a brilliant way to build relationships, business contacts, interact with fellow Instructors, Attract new customers and business, network, help our clients, provide real life testimonials – The list is endless ,but to get the most out of SM you have to work it baby!
    Here’s my Social Media Work It For Fitness List

    1.Facebook Personal Status updates 2 daily minimum – focus more on your business pages.

    2.Facebook Business Page 4 x daily minimum – great content, share news, start conversations, to get your likes up you will need to use Facebook adverts or do lots of Live streaming.

    3.Twitter minimum 5 x Tweets per day – Automate if necessary
    4.Weekly newsletter from your website/blog hitting your target market. Daily emails works well if you share great interesting and insightful content

    5.A Blog post or Vlog post 1 x week minimum

    6.Live streaming is AMAZING so Live stream as much as you can for views and likes and rapport building.

    Business Networking

    1.On Twitter add 10 businesses to follow every week minimum

    My absolute favorite social media platform right now, so much fun
    and great to show people your business, your life, fitness tips and updates.

    Is almost becoming a microblogging site where you
    may upload you very best blogging content.
    I’m trying a new angle on Insta this week uploading Blog posts and
    trying new local hastags.

    I’m Rachel L Holmes on Insta

    Enjoy your social media!


    Have you listened to this weeks Rachel and Jayne
    Podcast? Click here to listen

    It’s a controversial one from the no holds barred Miss Nicholls!

    if you have questions for us we will answer them on the podcast
    so please message us for details.


    Are you in Nottingham and Derbyshire and would like to
    teach Kick Start and work with me directly on a new
    project – Click here for details


    I’m doing a new webinar on Thursday at 930 pm
    about time management
    and how to move ahead with your ideas.

    It’s the ONE big topic we all want to
    know about.

    How can we find the time to do all the things we
    want to do?

    I’ll have on some special guests talking about their time management

    In This Webinar Discover:

    Why you need to outsource tasks in your business that you don’t like and waste your valuable time
    The best way to get rid of TOXIC classes, people and situations so you’re able to find fresh opportunities and grow
    How to focus so you can achieve BIG gaols (personally/work) and help even more people in your local community.
    And why far too many fitness professionals are wasting time, instead of focusing on what counts.

    Click here and add your email to my FREE webinar and Training
    on Thursday evening 930pm

    Bye Bye Overwhelm
    by Jo De Rosa

    I am learning more everyday; for you first acquire information, then it gradually seeps deep down into every layer of your being until you understand it on all levels.

    And so it is with my knowledge of freedom; I began many years ago reading a book and knowing in my heart that what I was consuming with my eyes was true. That information travelled deeper within me and I now live it entirely.

    But there was a bridge between the two states of being, and that is meditation; the Quantum Vacuum, that which expands time and changes your life. Why on earth are we not all doing it?

    I remember being overwhelmed all of the time.
    There was always so much to do:
    Paperwork, admin, family, phone calls, emails, responsibilities, expectations, meetings, classes, social media etc…

    Towards the end of 2015 I seemed to reach a crescendo of stress and at times didn’t know how I was going to cope. Something had to give; there simply was not enough time.

    The number one reason given to me by my clients for not meditating is,
    “I haven’t got time”


    The Quantum Vacuum is a conundrum that until you ‘get’ it, you really just do not get it! But once you do, life falls into place and overwhelm is gone for good; it no longer exists.

    For on the quantum field time and space are collapsed and have a different meaning to what we normally understand. When you meditate you enter this world and EXPAND time. You shift your perception so much that everything changes; you view your experience in a different way and are able to prioritise life efficiently.

    Six months ago I was rooted in overwhelm; a successful business that was pulling me from pillar to post. Now I have the same successful business PLUS ANOTHER ONE and I have upped my meditation practice by half again, and it is for this very reason that rather than drowning in the added workload I am not only swimming, but floating effortlessly.

    I’ve created MORE TIME

    Not less

    I’ve stretched time by creating a Quantum Vacuum

    And there is quite literally magic in my life.

    So my advice is to put your alarm on ten minutes earlier than it is set already and use that time to begin to stretch time as the very first activity of your day. Then you take that expansive energy into everything that you create, for you have connected to the quantum and touched in on the space between YOU (consciousness) and your STRESS (external experience)
    = The Quantum Vacuum

    I am super excited to share this approach and will be teaching it on the next ‘Quantum Superpowers’ One-Day Workshop on the 11th June. It’s only £97 and includes a cacao ceremony and two course clean lunch along with two meditations. 10am – 5pm at Inner Guidance Retreat Centre, Suffolk.

    I’d love for you to join me and learn how to connect to your Quantum Superpower and create a Quantum Vacuum!

    FACEBOOK: InnerGuidanceRetreatCentre
    Copyright 2016 Jo De Rosa

    Pre Planning Prevents P*ss Poor Performance in Europe….or out as the case may be….!!!

    By Andrew Crawford
    Well…..What’s happening with this battle performance between lies & disinformation regarding whether to plan to stay in or come out of Europe.??

    My view….

    Just do the opposite to what the ‘Boyz & Girlz’ in the Big house are fighting for.


    Their Track Record speaks for itself….. Democracy?? There is none..!!

    Months & years of pre preparations have gone into this BIG decision

    Well Sirs…& missus….Pre planning prevents p*ss poor performance…perhaps..!!
    As opposed to this following manoeuvre which was properly planned and prevented from being published. What was it?

    T’was Building number 7 mysteriously collapsed without being hit and lost forever in about 6 ½ seconds were 1000’s of case files relating to the BIGGEST Corporate Frauds in history including Worldcom, Enron and the 70 billion dollar electricity swindle and was reported to have collapsed 20 minutes BEFORE it actually did so……….What a polished performance.

    Apparently, the Whitehall officials (note: ..there they are again in addition to the Barclays Bank manipulation of interest rates scandal…) have planned for these messages being prevented from being published to the poor tax paying, law abiding (except for the tax dodgers, one of whom is an adviser to our Government) public…

    Now that was or is the 6 P’s in full operation.

    Politicians P*ss Poor Pre Planning Preventing Public Perceptions Properly Presented with the Anything But The Truth.

    ”look into my eyes…not above below or around but straight into my eyes…’re becoming sleepy….sleep….sleep..”

    So Andrew….

    What the …. has Pre Planning Prevent P*ss Poor Performance got to do with Accountancy and Tax.

    Well folks…
    That’s where budgets come in.

    You wouldn’t go out on a date with micky mouse money in your pocket….just in case..!!?? They might ask for a bottle of Dom instead of the Mo…!!!

    It’s eazy peazy really… just like taking out a new bird (lol….old term for woman) or geyser (man)…depending on your age you may know them as Skirt, a bit of fluff, missus, put your coat on…you’ve pulled…… (Lord have mercy…I’m in need of therapy..!!)..

    You have to be prepared. Therefore you would properly plan a spending budget or a family budget. Once the plan is in place, you work the plan.

    There are many types of budget believe it or not so I will not be going over the inticacies today……besides you’ve got another chapter of 50 Shades to digest and LEARN…..tee hee…!!!

    The original budget for the London Olympics was under estimated….by FAR….but like good old builders, they ‘know’ that once a project is started, there will be ‘variations’ to the original plan/budget. Rio is the same. I’m sure the cross country rail they are planning will go the same way.

    That’s what you have got to be prepared for. You might have an income budget, an amount you need to achieve for the year. In this instance you have to take into considerations variations throughout the year and the unpredictability of the English weather….for those running outdoor classes.

    Prepare a budget for a whole year (January to December)
    Break it down into suitable intervals (Quarters)
    At the end of the first interval, compare actual results with the budget
    Update budget if necessary for the remaining periods (June, September, December)
    Repeat in June, September,….

    Flexible budgets are more realistic as they are revised on a continuous basis

    Since we are dealing with pre planning, I must become morbid on you….

    Have you planned for your demise….otherwise known as death.???

    If you die without making a will, then the ‘Intestacy Rules’ will kick into place. When this happens your estate is dealt with in the following ways:

    Spouse with children: Lump sum and personal effects to spouse. Then 50% goes into trust for your spouse for life and 50% for your children.

    Spouse without children: a lump sum to the wife/husband and 50% of the balance to the spouse and 50% to parents
    With children but with no spouse: Your assets are divided equally between the children in the trust until they reach 18

    Without spouse or children: Your estate passes to relations in this order a) Parents b)Brothers and sisters c) Nieces and nephews d) Uncles and aunts.
    No spouse or relatives; To The Crown

    To reduce this death tax do this…..
    Make a tax efficient will
    If necessary, update it regularly
    Transfer your assets
    Give gifts

    There are many ways you can pre plan to reduce your inheritance tax.

    When my parents died and left no will, my brother and myself filled out all the necessary details and the inheritance tax return. Therefore we ‘valued’ all the assets ourselves and completed all the relevant documentation…!!

    I suggest you do this as well because if you get a Solicitor to do this, like our neighbour, they charge a percentage, which came out to be £80,000. Our solicitors fees…….nil…!! You go figure.

    In addition…..make sure you get Probate…and ensure you register the death yourself and get and guard with your life ‘The Death Certificate’ .

    Why do I say that….?

    The death certificate closes bank accounts and withdraw ALL the funds…it transfers assets, collects outstanding fees….etc

    NEVER give anyone the original if they ask for it. Copy it yourself and put a ‘mark’ on it saying ‘copy’. Sleep on the mofo….

    Listen,,,I can go on and on but I will conclude here…..Beware family members….they ‘change’…..!!!!

    The biggest revamp in the railways will be underway….the cost?…..£9bn….. I bet you £1,000 and a couple bottles of veuve that by the time that project finishes the sum would have increased….!!!!

    Prayers go out to the families of the Egypt Air plane crash .

    Appreciate Life Everyday…Live Life To The Fullest..Because Tomorrow is Not Promised To Anyone!! Peace & Love xx – Andrew Crawford

    Andrew James Crawford
    Contact me on twitter : @tax4fitness

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