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  • Instructor Newsletter 25 September 2015


    First of all thanks to everyone who came to my sessions at the BOS event in Reading; it was fab to see so many of you and I hope you all had a wonderful day.

    In this week’s newsletter, Helen Carpenter- Waters is continuing on her mission to help educate instructors in the art of teaching, so check out her part 3.

    We have had some amazing feedback on this topic, so do please keep this coming.

    As it’s the new school term, Caroline “Dancelady” Newman has written an informative article on getting schools into fitness and how you could get involved. Are you teaching in schools? If so get in touch it would be fantastic to hear from you.

    New Kids Fitness Pilates Qualification

    In January 2015 Kelly and I will be rolling out a brand new qualification in teaching Fitness Pilates to children. It will be a one practical day course and all candidates will need to have or be working towards the Level 2 5 – 16 years Teaching Fitness to Children.

    C2GO offer this as an online qualification, so if you don’t have it then you will be able to purchase the whole package at a special price. You can complete this qualification before or after the actual practical date.

    We have had so much demand for a Kids FP Qualification and we have been busy writing and creating all of the content ready for the January roll out. We will be running the course in London, Bristol, Manchester and Birmingham, with a maximum of 15 people per course.

    Fitness Pilates Glasgow

    We are running an in house FP course at 247 Fitness Studio in Glasgow on 15/16 November for which we are opening up an extra 5 places. As you know, we don’t often venture north of the border, so if you are keen to get your FP qualification then jump on this course asap. click here to book

    Fitness Pilates 2015 – all the Derby dates are now up online for booking click here to book

    Level 3 Pilates 2015 – All of the course dates for next year are here for booking.

    Music for Autumn Classes – Mind Body Playful Movement by Ceri Hannon

    YOU just have to get the new mind body mix from Pure Energy. This really is a spectacular mix really funky and different. I love it it’s a really unique mix.

    Caroline Newman – Children’s Fitness

    Last week I was excited to see that Rachel and Kelly Reed Banks are embarking on delivering a Children’s specific Pilates course. As children’s Dance & Fitness specialist I was immediately asking Rachel for an opportunity via C2GO to spread my love of teaching kids.

    Schools across the UK are now well into Term 1 of the new PE curriculum as well as spending the Government package of funding for PE & school sports called , Sport Premium ,this is ring fenced funding available until 2020 to all Primary school across the UK with 17 or more pupils.

    The school will receive a lump sum of £8000 plus a premium per pupil.  The funding is to ensure “high quality PE” and is all part of the “Olympic Legacy.

    Schools will be required to detail their Sporting provisions via their websites. PE and Sport is given high priority when assessing the overall provision offered by a school. Ofsted will be conducting a survey reporting on the impact of the new funding and holding schools accountable for provisions and will expect to see details of the funding spent. PE and Sport will be required to be sustainable. So for the future of School Sport is now firmly in the hands of the Head Teacher of each individual school.

    And this is where you as a Health and Fitness Professional Instructor steps in we should be” first in there with our services”

    Make a list of all the different activities you can provide, Pilates, Circuits, Dance, Aerobics, Zumbatomic, Hula Hooping etc .  Market and package yourself as ” “High quality, sustainable provider of activities offering total inclusion of all students”

    Able to provide sessions of a cross curricular nature i.e. PSHE, PE. Immediately you are looking much more value for money activity than the bloke that only delivers football.

    Now I know some people reading this are finding accessing schools a real challenge. Here are a few tips:

    1: Initial contact face to face if possible with the school receptionist/admin/business manager these people are the hub of the school they know everything, friendly initial contact with them secures the pathway route to the Head PE coordinator or PLT basically the teacher whose job it is to ensure PE provision.

    2: Speak their language Talk about Terms, inclusion & PE premium

    3: Possibly you may still have and active School Sports Partnership who leads cluster meetings invite yourself to a meeting And definitely a CSP (County sports Partnership) all of which can be found on Sport England’s website . Funding is very much available now with schemes focusing on 11-25yrs olds.

    4: School PTAs. Increasingly school PTAs are taking a role in after school club delivery as well as Breakfast/Teatime club. Find out who the committee are.

    School provision is only one part of Children’s Dance/Fitness & Health provision within the community I am more than happy to discuss other avenues of locations

    As hopefully you can tell I am PASSIONATE ABOUT THIS, I know I speak for my fellow  kids fitness instructors and coaches when I say that there are a lot, fitness celebrities, fitness chains , Regional & Local councils who like to voice their concerns about childhood obesity , lack of fitness etc , but then don’t actually come up with the goods.

    Childhood obesity/Fitness is a #hashtag trending word and will immediately get response. Could you actually be the person in your area that is changing & helping the lives of our next generation??

    So if you would like more information about how to access schools package or generally be involved the world of Kids fitness please contact me.  FB The Dance Lady
    caroline@the_dance_lady ,, Instagram DanceLadyCaroline

    Helen Carpenter-Waters
    Creative Director – DYBO Academy

    Passing The Baton – Part 3

    The Art, Science and Passion of Teaching
    Helen Carpenter Waters

    I have a genuine passion for my job. I love the combination of people, fitness, dancing, great music – what’s not to like?

    My commitment to my profession has kept me learning via study, research and reflection throughout my career and honing my skills as a teacher and as a person. My interest and passion to be better led me to qualify as a Master Practitioner of NLP, Advanced Life Coach and Hypnotherapist. I use these skills as a practitioner but also within my work as a personal trainer, sports coach and teaching in the dance/fitness studio.

    Today I will share with you how a little NLP theory put into practice will boost the effectiveness of your teaching. There is much more to it but here is a bite-sized chunk.

    There has always been a school of thought that suggests demonstration is all your clients/class members need when they attend our classes and I would agree that at times, a period of ‘being in the moment’, ‘dancing the dance/exercise’ and ‘losing yourself’ in the music without constant inane chatter from the instructor has its place. I also believe by not talking purposefully and intelligently, we are missing the opportunity to maximise their learning, motivation, ongoing progress and experience. In my view, ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’ has its limitations.

    In NLP we acknowledge that individuals take in information constantly and need to process and re-present it in a way that makes sense quickly. Most of us have a lead representational system (outlined below) and utilise the other systems too but less so (when tired and stressed we often rely on our lead system predominantly). As teachers we can take this knowledge and apply it to our classes and training to maximise effectiveness and a positive experience for all.

    The Visual System is as you imagine, taking in information and reproducing it in mental pictures. Visual learners /thinkers enjoy demonstration and like to see pictures/diagrams to assist them understand. They also benefit from visual language too e.g. “visualise stepping into the corners of a box on the floor” or “turn and look at the back wall” etc. Clear, clean demonstrations and visual cues are essential to assist understanding as is the use of visual language.

    The Kinesthetic System is about ‘feeling’ both physically and emotionally.  These guys will respond to how movements and actions ‘feel’ to them; they respond well to actions that give powerful physical feedback. Use language that represents those feelings e.g. squeeze, stretch, press etc. to assist learning. You can use physical touch too, such as “touch your right shoulder” or “tap your hip”. I often invite clients to tap the relevant leg, before moving off, when struggling with direction etc.

    The Auditory System. These folks represent information via what they hear; they are sensitive to sound and rhythm, often expressing pleasure/displeasure when the sound system is too quiet/loud, muffled/clear or they don’t like or they love the music. They will listen to your instructions and do exactly as you ask; they benefit greatly from verbal cues to help them understand what you want them to do. You can assist them by inviting them to hear a rhythm or accent in the music by clapping or stamping feet (by doing so, you add the kinesthetic representational system too, which is a form of synaesthesia where more than one representational system operates simultaneously). Your language will support the auditory system when you say “hear the base beat”, “listen for the cue in the lyric” etc. Dance teachers often represent the rhythm of a sequence or an action with strange ‘non’ words e.g. ‘ta, da, da, ta, da’ or ‘whoosh’ etc.
    which works well for the client with a lead auditory representational system.

    Audio Digital System. These guys like logical, precise and clear explanations and demonstrations; they access all the representational systems almost equally which can be overwhelming in terms of information and makes decision making time consuming e.g. “does she (the teacher) mean left leg over right or right leg under left! They can get frustrated when not given enough time. They will use words like “understand”, “logical”, “makes sense” and so should you when working with them.

    The Olfactory and Gustatory Systems are not so readily employed in our exercise environment but can be used to a lesser degree. Our sense of smell (olfactory) is said to be the most powerful in terms of anchoring memories and experiences (estate agents suggest the smell of fresh coffee or baking bread or furniture polish to help you sell your house) so make sure you and your environment smell good! Body odour or over pungent cologne, smelly mats or feet is unpleasant for all of us and triggers unhelpful thoughts/emotions/anchors. Better to anchor a positive experience with a nice smell. You can invite clients to use their imagination to remember lovely smells and tastes and build them into your teaching. It’s a technique often used in Yoga and Pilates e.g. “Imagine you are in a garden filled with jasmine flowers” etc.

    So if you’ve given up talking to your clients in class, you are limiting your/their experience and missing out on the opportunity to get the most from your class members and have them wanting to come back for more. I am not suggesting you don’t pause for breath – a few thoughtful words go a long way. Ask yourself for whom and why am I saying what I’m saying. Say just enough to make an impact, let them process it, apply it and perfect it.

    Remember I am on a mission to support and assist all teachers and instructors of fitness, especially dance inspired exercise to music.  I have created DYBO Academy, (DYBO stands for Dance Your Butt Off!) offering advance training courses to passionate ETM instructors of dance inspired fitness, and in the new year, a membership to support them with choreography class ideas, teaching methods and how to develop their business further. To learn more, follow us –

    Come to my first training day on the 19 October 10-4pm in Farnham Surrey (near Guildford) to learn loads of techniques, methods, inspiration and choreography. Early bird price of £75 (ends next week so, book ASAP) Contact me on 01252 621280 or

    Thank you for all your lovely comments. I love hearing from you, keep them coming. Helen x (On  A Mission!)


    By Andrew Crawford

    You must of heard about the £250m accounting ERROR which has led Tesco’s stores to now be worth HALF of what is was one year ago….??

    I bet you any money NOONE gets reprimanded……wrists slapped but no criminal charges will be bought.

    This is clearly a case of FRAUD………..Knowingly Commited..

    In addition………my attention also awaits the position of the Auditors that signed off the accounts……………..I’m still waiting….!!

    Someone more than the Boys that have just been ‘suspended’, so have conveniently dodged the limelight and subsequent questioning,  MUST have orchestrated this….

    But sadly………

    Nothing will happen.

    In other worthy news on a lighter note but heavily debated…

    Let me congratulate my Scottish Brothers and Sisters with the ‘NO’ vote, so we stay connected. Och Aye.

    I was up until 6.30am watching as the votes came rolling in….I personally didn’t want a YES……neither did the Queen ….!!!

    It would mean losing Scotland and all those lovely castles and magnificent buildings up North. Not forgetting Hogmany…..!!

    Did you notice how close the vote was? That speaks volumes…!!

    So Andrew…

    What has the shenanigans of Tesco’s and the recent Scottish vote got to do with Accountancy & Tax?

    Well….it’s al about Shares.

    A ‘Share’ is the interest of a shareholder in a company measured by the sum of money.

    During your business life you may have an opportunity to invest in a company or even loan money for a business venture.

    Let me make this clear, as some people get confused.

    Shareholders receive dividends. You will be a member of the company.

    Where you lend your money, you are providing what is called Debt Capital. You are a Debenture holder. You receive interest, As you are only lending money to a company, it is repayable loan.

    Remember, just like Tescos, the value of shares can increase or they can decrease.

    Some key point to be aware of:

    Shares must be paid for.

    It is a form of contract

    It is a form of personal property (You can sell it)

    It entitles you to dividends, votes and any return on capital

    Class of Shares

    Be aware that companies can attach special rights to different shares.

    So….we have

    1: Ordinary shares (with voting rights)

    2: Ordinary shares (without voting rights)

    3: Preference shares (preferential rights to dividednds)

    4: Convertible shares or Deferred shares (subject to targets)

    5: Redeemable shares (may be bought back by the company)

    There are advantages of having and holding one or more different types.
    With small limited companies, we usually just deal with ordinary shares with voting rights. 1. Above.

    I realised just by discussing shares that there this is a large subject to cover as it has los of different areas, so, I will cover protecting your rights as a shareholder next.

    Protecting Your Rights As A Shareholder

    There are various rules which have been developed over the years to protect minority shareholders.

    This is simply the Minority Protection.

    A: Companies Act

    You can petition the court for relief for unfair prejudice
    Bring a derivative claim against the Directors

    B: Common Law

    Where any member may apply to the court for relief on the grounds that the company’s affairs are being or have been conducted in a manner which is unfairly prejudicial to the interests of the members generally.

    Now what with Tescos shareholders, they have already appointed Solicitors to ‘See what is going on’……I’ll tell you what…..Lies…!!

    They said…

    “………..The Financial Conduct Authority, the  City regulator, is considering whether to launch a formal investigation, and the Serious Fraud Office is also watching the situation closely………..”

    Have you got your new iphone yet…..?

    Tell me how this one works…!!!??

    “….A high-rolling poker player who duped two major banks in a £750million fraud so he could fund a Champagne lifestyle has been ordered to pay back just £3million…..”
    Forget about the other £747 million…..that don’t count….!!!

    Oh My Good Gracious Me..!!!

    Psst …… was the Allied Irish Bank and the Bank of Scotland.
    What a bunch of Bankers…!!

    Andrew James Crawford

    Have a Wonderful Day
    LOve Rachel xxx

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