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  • Instructor Newsletter 30 June 2011

    Note from Rachel
    Great news this week as loads of things I’ve been working on have all at last to fruition. HURRAH! Here are all the updates and there are some great articles from Paul Mort, Sally Ghafoor and Jayne Nicholls. I’m also looking forward to hitting the A1 on Saturday and driving North to Edinburgh for the Fitness, Fatburning and Functional Bootcamp Workshop so another actionpacked weekend ahead.

    As you know from last weeks newsletter, I have been writing a daily fitness Blog with updates, news, business ideas and articles all designed to help Instructors with ideas, class content and business opportunities. This has organically, expanded into C2GOTV which is a new Fitness VLOG (Video log) called The Daily Fit.
    I’ll be videoing episodes and posting them on the Blog section of Choreographytogo, My goal is to have a live internet TV show hosted here in the next few weeks. I’d love to get your feedback on this venture as I want to bring as much relevant content to the channel as possible. I have filmed 4 episodes so far and you can check them all out if you click here

    Fitness Pilates Community

    The Fitness Pilates Community is now up and running so if you have trained in FP with us over the last 11 years or are interested in doing our training, then add your email on that page. I m also looking for comments from FP Instructors who are teaching FP in the community. You can post your story in this comments box below the video I have posted on the page.
    I have commissioned new logos, artwork  and branding and of course I will email you for free if you would like it for your Facebook, flyers etc as soon as it is ready.  You can get all the details from the FP community as soon its ready to go click here for The Fitness Pilates Community

    90 Day Fitness Business Building Coaching Programme

    Is finally launching this afternoon! Its a 12 week Webinar series that you work though on a weekly basis and includes indepth information on the topics below. You also get a bi weekly mastermind group and mentor call with me to discuss the course content and where your business is headed. 

    I have spent months on the coaching course content, and each Webinar is packed with information I have never revealed before. I will show exactly how you can progress your business, your brand and your ideas.
    There are a only a small amount of places available on the course and I am looking for motivated, positive and proactive people that want to take action.
    You can email me directly with any question you may have before the course launches later today. or Tweet me for a quick response.
    12 Weekly Webinars and Video Workshops 

    Week 1. How do you start. Where is your business now, where is it going, goal setting, actionplan

    Week 2. Websites and Membership sites

    Week 3. Personal Branding – Video Impact How to make your own Video Interviews, You Tube, Downloads This workshops is about how to edit and create your own videos.

    Week 4, Creating Digital Products, Downloads, Videos and DVDS

    Week 5. Blogging,VLOGGING

    Week 6.Presenting Workshops, Talks, Seminars and Lectures.

    Week 7.Writing Skills, Articles and Status Updates

    Week 8. Outsourcing – Hiring Virtual Assistants

    Week 9.Creating Winning Webinars

    Week 10.Smoke and Mirrors – How to put your business on auto pilot so you don’t have to do everything yourself.

    week 11. Social Media Superstar How to automate and outsource your social media.

    Week 12.Creating your own Fitness Programme to sell to other Fitpros

    The programme will launch this afternoon so watch your inbox for more information later today. There will be a special discounted deal later today on the programme

    Can We Be the Best? By Rachel Holmes

    If you go on holiday and there is an array of restaurants to choose you ask the receptionist which is the best. When contemplating a dentist, a doctor, a surgeon, a solicitor, hairdresser or specialist you do your research and find out who is the best in the field. You find out if this person is local to you, available and can complete your request within your budget.
    If you are looking to expand your business and hire a Virtual Assistant or take on a new trainer you will ask to get recommendations, you see examples of their work ask to see what they have done previously, and choose “the best” fit for your requirements.
    We don’t look for the person who is mediocre, the person who is average. We never go in search for the professional or business or service who we deem is not at the top of their field or can offers the best possible service. With limited time or opportunity, we narrow our choices to those who are at the top and thats who we go after.
    Everyone does this when researching anything we take seriously. As a result being “the best” has massive rewards.
    Its exactly the same when a new customer is looking to hire a Personal Trainer, attend a Bootcamp or Group Exercise Class, they are looking for the top person who can deliver them the result they desire.


    When it comes to Fitness how do you become the best?
    When a potential client is looking for Fitness or Weightloss or Body toning or Dance they are going to make choices based on:
    What is best for them right now, based on what they believe in and what they know and what their peers recommend.
    Nobody wants to be mediocre.
    Nobody wants to be average.
    We are all striving to be the best Fitness Professional/Coach/Teacher/Instructor we can possible be.  We arm ourselves with as much information as we can, so we can serve our clients to the bet of our abilities. Updating and learning in Fitness is CRUCIAL. The fitness industry is still so young and new research and techniques are being developed all the time.
    Things are moving fast.
    Its not just having the best knowledge its about being a great communicator, motivator, role model, teacher and coach.
    The brilliant thing in fitness is their a place for ALL of us. I’ve had emails and comments from several Instructors who feel they may be “too old” or should stop teaching and leave to the younger ones.
    NO, NO, NO!!! There is a place for every type of Instructor of every age. We ALL bring different things to the fitness table.  

    If health and fitness is your PASSION and you jump out of bed in a morning looking forward to teaching a class or writing article or attending the next workshop or helping somebody lose weight, or feel amazing about themselves because they have managed to get though a whole Zumba/Fitness Pilates/LBT class without stopping you are in the RIGHT profession.
    And the 60million non exercisers in the UK people also NEED you in this profession.
    Keep reading, keep learning, Stay Passionate


    Being ” The  Best” is subjective, WE don’t get to decide if we are the best, our clients do!
    Hope that helps motivate you today!
    Tweet me your feedback

    Living The Dream – Paul Mort

    I’m actually a little embarrassed as I write this to be honest.

    You see, despite seeming like an arrogant, brash know it all. I’m actually just a normal, run of the mill dude that tends to swear a lot.

    I also don’t want the article to come across as an ‘I’m holier than thou, I’m brilliant and you should listen to me article’

    I probably wouldn’t have written it if Rachel hadn’t asked me too.

    I really hope it helps you and inspires you actually because if I can do it, anyone can!

    I’m writing this sitting in the beautiful Laguna village beach bar in Marbella. I am in fact writing on a notepad, which I haven’t done for years- I’ll type it onto my laptop later. Anyway, I digress.

    It’s baking hot, my wife (whom I only married 5 weeks ago) is sunbathing next to me, and my 5-month-old son Max is asleep in the shade after a tough morning in the pool.

    Oh I’ve also been here for a month and have 12 days to go!

    Just yesterday I got paid £2, 000 for 3 hours work in a workshop teaching 20 people my top tips for getting in shape. But wait, these things aren’t the best bit.

    The best bit is I’m going to be LIVING here in Marbella come November.

    Sure. Lots of people move out here but the reason I’m so happy about the move is that my business in the UK will continue to run as normal- making me money while I lie on a beach- which I DEFINITELY won’t be doing by the way. I LOVE training and educating people too much!

    The members of our camps will continue to get amazing results, the kick ass trainers that run the camps will continue to change lives and get very well paid for it.

    Yu could say that I’m living the dream so to speak 

    Again, PLEASE don’t get this confused with bragging, I really hate stuff like that and you know what, I know for a fact I’m nothing special.

    I’m not telling you this to impress you at all, (I’m too old for that now) I’m sharing this with you because:

    1. Rachel Holmes forced me too
    2. 2- I want to impress upon you that if a hyperactive tourettes sufferer (people in fitness think I swear too much) from one of the poorest towns in the UK can do this, then YOU can too.

    Oh and it has NOTING to do with ‘Earning 6 figures’ in fact, you don’t need to earn anything like 6 figures!

    1. And lastly I want to continue to give something back to an industry that I’m still head over heels in love with and has allowed me to meet so many brilliant people!

    So anyway, I wanted to keep it short and simple to follow so I’ve put together my 4 top tips to help you ‘live the dream’ and the first was is actually a bit controversial and goes ‘against the grain’ (you know me, always like to say something a little different)

    Tip 1- STOP setting goals and STOP even trying to earn 6 figures.

    They’re both pointless.

    Let me explain.

    Around 3 months ago I had a MAJOR discovery. Now don’t get me wrong, I still do set a few goals here and there and it still can be useful but I realized that it isn’t all its cracked up to be.

    This discovery has transformed my thoughts and my life.

    You see, setting goals and aiming for the ‘magic’ 6 figures is all based on ‘stuff’.

    Guess what though? The stuff gets boring.

    (I’m not into the whole money doesn’t buy happiness thing by the way- because it certainly can help)

    You see, the nice cars are great, the holidays are great, the business class flights and gadgets and clothes are great but what we’re REALLY, REALLY looking for is the EXPERIENCE of those things right?

    We want the FEELING of driving the great car, the FEELING of being able to fly business class yer?

    These things all bring about an EXPERIENCE.

    I bought my self my first brand spanking new car last year- it cost my 21k.

    It isn’t quite my dream car but I LOVED it when I saw it.

    Guess what? After about 6 weeks and all the excitement wore off- I was bored with it.

    Speak to a new people who have a lot of ‘stuff’ and I’m pretty sure they’ll say the same.

    Buying the most expensive ‘stuff’ ‘because you can’ is nice but again- it becomes boring.

    So what was it that changed my thought pattern so profoundly?

    It’s an exercise that that awesome Frank Kern put me onto and something I’ve also looked at with my friend Dax Moy.

    It’s called ‘the perfect day’

    Here are the basics of it (the full thing takes around 4 hours)

    Write down, in detail (in fact the more mundane things you get in there, the better- it makes it more REAL) your PERFECT DAY.

    From waking up (where, when who with etc) to going to bed on a night.

    Do this without any limiting thoughts Such as financial limitations, time limitations and your location limitations right now.

    Write down what you eat, where you eat at, what you do in the morning, what you spend your afternoon doing, what you’re thoughts are as you go to bed etc etc.

    Why? Because you’ll ‘Wake Up’ and realize that to LIVE this perfect day, EVERY DAY doesn’t actually involve THAT much MONEY or ‘stuff’ AT ALL.

    It’s probably nowhere near the magic 6 figures we seem to have been chasing for so long (that’s around £8,800 a month by the way)

    Pretty much every decision you make from then on can based upon the Question “ Is this helping me to get closer to my perfect day or not?”

    Seriously, this has totally changed my life and several of the guys I mentor feel the same too!

    When we set financial and ‘stuff’ based goals, the ‘Stuff’ can sometimes seem like its light years away and we get down heartened, you think ‘I can never earn that much’ and you chances are you won’t.

    After all, ‘if you don’t believe it- you wont achieve it’

    But this is WELL within peoples reach and I guarantee that if you do it- you’ll have SEVERAL ‘light bulb moments’

    What are you waiting for? Go create your perfect day!

    2. You MUST build something UNIQUE.

    For my business and myself this is and my ‘unstoppable-fat-loss-formula’

    Why is this important?

    Well, as brilliant as you guys are at what you do, most personal trainers, group x instructors and zumba instructors simply swap money for time. Which is great, I still do some of that myself, BUT can you keep doing that until your 65?

    Think about it.

    Swapping money for time means you can’t…

    3-De-personalise the stuff you do

    Zumba is an amazing example of this.

    Sure, you guys that teach it are doing pretty well (BRILLIANT by the way, you guys are really getting bums of the settee) but again, most of you are swapping money for time.

    The creator of Zumba, Beto Perez has it sown up- he’s got it in the bag!

    This dude is worth millions. When the Zumba bubble burst and the next thing comes along. Mr. Perez will be fine- he’ll still be loaded but what about the zumba teacher who’s given up all her other classes while zumba was hot?

    Food for thought huh?

    Similarly with most bootcamps out there. Why would someone come and teach one for you, when they can do it themselves?

    The fitness camp not only has its own workouts, its own identity, its own ‘tribe’ it pretty much has its own language too (this belongs in point 2 to ne honest)

    The unstoppable-fat-loss-formula and all that comes with it was created by me but CANNOT only be taught by me. It’s unique in its own right. It’s a SYSTEM for success.

    Anyone can teach it, just so long as they’re knowledge and enthusiastically ‘kick ass’ enough!

    Think of Rachel’s Fitness Pilates. Another great model!

    Think of Andy Wake who owns’ Boxercise’

    Making money while you sleep AND helping people get in shape is cool right?

    You can do that by…

    4. NOT getting busier but LEVERAGING yourself and your time.

    I’m gonna keep this one short as my hand is hurting now!

    A common theme amongst most of the trainers that come onto my mentoring program is that they’re very ‘busy’

    Busy doing the ‘money for time’ stuff.

    Creating 3 and 4 mean you can get other people making money for you.

    You can ‘leverage’ your knowledge base and your time.

    Start by documenting and templating everything you do. From email replies to your workouts.
    Instead of doing 1-1 training can you do 1-5 small group training? (Katie Bulmer does this VERY well with her LBD club)

    Why not create your own version of Zumba? Seriously, Why not?

    NOTE: YOU CAN indeed do all of this but the KEY to success as a trainer, is to be BRILLIANT at getting BRILLIANT results. We’re in a results industry.

    Be 1 step ahead of the curve knowledge wise.

    Do every course you can. DEVOUR nutrition books and online stuff.

    Form your own opinions and create your own ‘formula’

    PS- if you’d like to learn more about this type of things. Keep your eyes peeled on my ‘fan page’ on facebook. Here’s the link:

    See you over there!

    Jayne Nicholls

    As you know only too well, much of my working time in the fitness industry is spent in the role of protagonist, championing what I believe to be the best route for the Group X industry. Over the years, I have had to learn to cross the line between saying what I think, believe and also in saying too much.

    Upon receiving an email from Skills Active last week informing me that modes of training including indoor cycling, Bootcamp and Boxing classes are to be run as courses and further assessed as they are not covered in Level 2 and 3 qualifications, it has really got me thinking. I am in a situation to gain from this as a training provider BUT just how long have we all been teaching these popular classes? As genuine protagonists of the Group X industry Rachel, Andy Wake and I as examples have researched them and created workable training models for you our clients with other experts like Paul Mort. Is it viable that an external team of experts deem them in need of further education. After teaching them for years should we now qualify to teach them? I am confused and probably putting my foot right in it again but I really think this needs addressing.

    What do you think about the rationale behind our need for further education? you know only too well, much of my working time in the fitness industry is spent in the role of protagonist, championing what I believe to be the best route for the Group X industry. Over the years, I have had to learn to cross the line between saying what I think, believe and also in saying too much.


    Sally Ghafoor

    Daring to be you – time to step up and be proud to be the black sheep.

    Why does it always happen to you? You’re such a pain, what a drama queen,  Can’t you be realistic, stop taking chances, you’re so awkward, why can’t you just follow the rules, stop being so over the top,  why are you so argumentative, no don’t do that, it’s stupid, high maintenance, black sheep of the family.

    Some demoralising statements there, for many reading this, those statements will sound very familiar. From a young age we are expected to conform to what society wants, to behave a certain way, to accept what our elders teach us, expected to follow the norm, to not ask questions, to just do as we are told, to maintain the status quo, or as Paul Mort fantastically put to be “vanilla”.

    Yet for some of us, from an early age we rebel against this conformity, there are those of us who want to question, who don’t agree with what we are being told, who want to try things a different way to everyone else, who don’t want to “play it safe”, we want to try, we make mistakes, we dare to be different but unfortunately this creativity, this spark will try to be dampened by others around us, others that want us to sit quietly at school, not to question anything, get grades A’s and walk into a fantastic high paid highly stressed job, and if you don’t well really your just “stupid”.

    Its people who want to be different, who want to do all of the above that I just explained that will step up, that will take those extra chances that may well make them extremely successful, sorry re phrase that – that WILL make them successful.

    Being the black sheep – A name I earned along with “I always knew she would be a pain” Yes that’s right from a little girl, I felt the need to be known, to get my voice out there, boy I made mistakes, big huge mistakes, but guess what – I dared to make them. Any of those mistakes could have been a success and eventually – they were. Unfortunately all the statements at the top of this page managed to crush me, as a young adult I had no voice, that beautiful spark I once had was gone and replaced with someone who didn’t feel her point of view was worth listening too, too afraid of trying anything as she was surely doomed to fail. I fear this is also the case with far too many people, but if this is you, you are a golden nugget, you are a white elephant, being a black sheep is by far so much better than the hundreds of white sheep you grew up with in fact I am proud to be that black sheep.  All of us Black sheep – we rock.

    You have the ability to take chances to make a difference to be successful working for yourself.  You are not the type of person who follows the crowds, who is happy working your arse off for someone else, making them money whilst being stressed to the max, for whom one day you may well become dispensable, somewhere deep down inside underneath all the low self esteem, the little voice is there wanting to get out.

    Look at the successful people around you, they are not afraid to tell you what they think, they question everything, they disagree with everything, they have a big voice, they are not afraid to fail, they have looked at those people who will have tried to squash them into the conformity box, those teachers that told them they would amount to nothing, and have stuck up two big fat fingers at them.

    My favourite current saying which Seth Godin brilliantly put “find the always and do the opposite” Do you see where I am going with this – For too long being told your silly for being different and being a “rebel” is utter rubbish, you are one of the few people that has the ability within, to go out and do the opposite just like Seth Godin says, you have the ability to take the chances needed to be successful, you just need to realise it and break free from all those people whom are happy sitting in their box bobbing along playing it safe and wanting you to play it safe too.

    I know right now, that this article could flop people could think I am crazy, that boy they were right to say all that stuff to her, but I am taking my chance, I am telling you from the heart my story, as you know what it could be successful – it could help someone else speak up, it could help someone take that extra step to be successful, it’s my big fat two fingers to those who wanted me to be normal and to be quiet and to conform. As I am a black sheep and I am proud J

    Have a great week and I’ll talk you soon

    Much Love

    Rachel x

    Connect with me on Twitter or Facebook

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