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  • Instructor Newsletter 3rd November 2011

    Note from Rachel

    I’m still so excited about last week’s Fitness Business Builder course in Manchester. I never came up for air on this one as Fitness Business Building has to be my all time favourite topic. I love more than anything inspiring and helping FitPros with their fitness businesses and program ideas. On last week’s course it was a hot bed of excitement and energy as we all talked through ideas, concepts, strategies and how to actually get the job done and out there in the public domain. Sit 20 excited Fitpros in a room together, all who have a 101 ideas, and I think there is enough energy to keep the national grid going for 12months and Saturday’s event was no exception.

    There is so much creativity and potential in the fitness industry, and some of the greatest minds here are reading this very newsletter, getting inspired and being so passionate about ideas is amazing. If you feel like you have so much in your head but not sure about the hows, the whys and wheres ,then don’t miss this seminar. Or, if you are feeling jaded and in need of inspiration, then again don’t miss it! I’ll be in Portsmouth this weekend, then Heathrow next Saturday and the final day is in Birmingham. Here is the link to book online.

    It’s all about thinking global not local anymore, harnessing what you have created and taking it to the next level. We have all of the tools at our fingertips and using the internet and social media properly and strategically there has NEVER been a better time then to break out and take your individual ideas, products and programs out into a much wider audience.

    I have to say special congratulations to Sally Ghafoor ,now known as an Author, as she has released and published her first book. Detoxify your Child. A massive well done to Sally who really went the extra mile and wrote the book, got it printed and launched. I’m so very proud of Sally and what she has achieved thus far, and thank you to all C2goers who got behind Sally and helped us share the links and spread the message. You will be hearing a lot more about Sally’s new info products, talks and events coming very soon.For more info on Sallys Book Click Here

    Choreographytogo News

    To watch my latest VLOG Click here

    Today’s Choreographytogo VLOG Click here if you like to view and listen to your updates and news

    New Fitness Pilates Moves Download I have released a brand new Fitness Pilates which contains 3 New Tri Plane Sequences and new ideas for back and spinal stability Its a 15 minute Download. Click here to view

    Fitness Pilates brand and Logo – I would LOVE your opinion on my new Fitness Pilates Logo. The aim was to create a more sporty, unisex style logo that has a strong brand identity for products and promotions. YOu can see the new FP Logos on the VLOG page above

    New Advanced and Super Advanced Members Area – This is something I’ve been working on for a LONG time. A special Advanced and Super Advanced members only area where I will be posting more webinars, VLOGs, special offers, info, music and all the new information. This will be coming online very soon.

    DVDS on offer – As you know I have been clearing out all of my massive stock of DVDS since I moved house, there are a few left in the following titles. Once the stock has gone the DVD wont show up on the site any longer so be quick if you do want to bag a bargain.

    Super Seniors DVD 75 minutes Of SS Routines Click Here

    Body Shock Click here

    Functional Freestyle and Body Conditioning Blast Twin Pack Click here


    Creating your own Fitness Product/Package/Program by Rachel

    On my mentoring course we cover this in huge detail and it’s one of the most popular parts of the course. Talking to and getting your feedback I’m hearing loud and clear that many of you have got “that” super special idea. You have created a class or a concept that’s really working and you think there is market to: a) sell your product/package/concept to other Instructors b) License or franchise your concept c) Create an online version of it.

    Here’s my Creation Checklist

    1. Create your program/product/concept

    2. Decide on your target market, i.e consumers, Fitpros, Mums, Seniors, Men, etc etc

    3.Narrow down your target niche as tightly as you can.

    4.Brand accordingly to your target market.

    5.Build a list of your target market. There is no point creating an amazing system for other Fitness Professionals if you don’t have a list or a network to market it to – otherwise how are you going to reach your target market?

    6. Thoroughly road test and document everything, including client testimonial , VLOGs, articles, Blog posts, pictures, social proof.

    7. Create a manual or roadmap detailing everything about your program/product/concept. A complete step by step guide to everything

    8.Create brand awareness on social media using articles and videos.

    9.Decide on a launch date and launch with a webinar or live event.

    10.Release and launch.

    When you launch you may wish to add value by adding extra bonuses. Make sure your website looks professional, is updated regularly and contains all of your current information. The same with your social media. Your Facebook should be content rich and be clear about what you and your brand values are.

    Of course, these are just guidelines, the important bit is to get the right idea to the right customer so make sure you do plenty of market research on social media and locally if it’s a local product or program. Good luck and I look forward to seeing your product launches in the future.



    How Rachel’s Business Builder Seminar has helped me take back control by Lorrayne Siddall

    “There was this time at band camp……………”

    Let me explain… Has anyone seen the film American Pie with the girl who continually chats and seems to have no control over her thoughts “There was this one time at band camp…” and off she goes into a gabble of nonsense. Why say it in 20 words when you can use 100! Well, in a roundabout way that’s me! Not much thought into what I say and not much structure in what I do. Now I consider myself to be quite successful in my area of children’s dance, cheerleading, fitness and parties..I get lots of repeat work in schools, my parties are booming and I get invited to do lots of fun dance and fitness stuff in the community……then I went on Rachel’s Business Builder Seminar. Here’s what I discovered:

    I have NO business!

    I have NO structure!

    I have NO database!!! (triple exclamation mark necessary here)

    I didn’t understand the big fuss over social media – BIG MISTAKE, HUGE MISTAKE

    I am wasting so much time and opportunities NOT building a business that has so much potential

    How has this happened? Well I have tons of ideas that are all trying to get out at once so I ignore them all, say yes to all work that comes my way, rely on my network of schools from my School Sport Partnership days, rely on recommendations, procrastinate (too much), base my day around choreography, teaching, organizing my parties, housework and sometimes tune into Loose Women.

    After attending Rachel’s brilliant Business Builder Seminar I’M TAKING BACK CONTROL!

    The day was fantastic, the delivery was exceptional. Rachel kept it interesting, fun, very relevant and more importantly for me, honest. I feel so fired up and excited about my business now. I forgot how much I like this feeling of ‘endless possibilities’ So what have I done to TAKE BACK CONTROL?

    Ordered all my thoughts into single file…no pushing and promised they’ll all get their turn

    Made a Business list (with sub lists), House list (with sub lists) and personal list (no sub lists….just want the engagement ring!)

    Scheduled my week with time to ‘educate’ myself with social media and marketing all

    Dabbled in ‘feng shui’ in my office – Seriously…this was holding me back.

    Looked at jumping onboard some network groups..or starting up my own.

    It’s a start. I have a long way to go, a trillion notes to trawl through, a self belief which I really need to clutch onto, and a firm need to never start any sentence with “This one time at band camp….” you get my drift. For the record this article has been ruthlessly cut down….It’s the first article I’ve ever wrote, the process was surprisingly enjoyable and if it never sees the light of day it’s still one small drop in the ‘anything is possible and what’s the worse that can happen’ ocean.

    I’m also not intentionally writing this article to promote Rachel’s EXCELLENT, INFORMATIVE, HELPFUL Business Builder Seminars although if any of the above sounds like you and your business has come to a stand still or not yet set off I can’t recommend it highly enough.

    Must go…got tons of work, lists to tackle, children’s party packages to plan, social networks to be built…………….thoughts to control!!

    Add me on Facebook

    Lorrayne Siddall


    Have you got a game plan for SNOW!!….Don’t do the Snow Dance

    Last year it snowed in January. The year before it snowed in January. A few years before that it did as well. Where you prepared?

    I remember in years gone by, doing the snow dance and literally praying that it wouldn’t snow. I had paid hundred of £££££’s in advertising, new flyers, new leaflets with new class start dates, a new A board outside my new venue and then surprise surprise when it did snow, I didn’t cancel my classes, risked life and limb and crashing my car to crawl to my local community class venue and teach 3 people. Gutted and deflated.

    Thinking of that fills me with dread and horror and I bet many of us have been there so this year so prepare, prepare and start preparing now.

    1.Film home workouts that you can upload to your website or send a link in an email to your database in case you have to cancel. If you can’t film workout write exercise sheets that you can email.

    2.Ensure NOW you have everyone’s contact details, phone numbers and emails. Of course you won’t have new people but at least all your regulars will be taken care of and updated should you need to cancel.

    3.Create a bad weather cancellation policy. State on bad whether days you will make a decision by 2pm if an evening session is going ahead or not. Say you will email/text/facebook everyone to let them know by 2pm (or whatever time you deem acceptable) If you are running a course state what happens if you have to cancel due to bad whether – Can you build in a few “buffer” classes at the end of the course just in case.

    4.Above all don’t take risks for yourself and your clients. Create a clear policy and home workout options so everyone knows your procedures in the likely event we are in for bad whether. This will take all the stress and headaches out of making last minute decisions.

    If you have any other good snow strategies then please let me know.


    HOLY SCHMOLY by Sally Ghafoor

    Firstly thank you, so many of you shared the links for the launch of my book that went live on Tuesday. I really really appreciated that, everyone who shared or mentioned the book, you are helping to get the knowledge out there – Eating clean really does not have to mean!

    I have had some fantastic feedback, Paul Mort the leading fat loss expert and Daddy to 9 month old Max had this to say about the book:

    “If you’re a parent who cares about their children’s health at all, then this book is a MUST. As a father of a 9 month old who’s growing by the day and a respected fitness professional I would ONLY put my name alongside a product I REALLY believed in. This cookbook is full of delicious, healthy recipes that will leave you safe in the knowledge that you’re taking care of your children’s health and vitality. Go get it now” Paul Mort

    It’s funny, some friends mentioned on my book, that they didn’t need to buy the cookbook as their children are already healthy enough, and I wondered if I was really getting out the message I wanted to get across.

    I wanted to show that eliminating wheat, gluten, dairy and sugar really isn’t a big deal – there are so many different ways to cook different things without the use of the above without your child missing out, or maybe people don’t understand my reasoning for removing these non foods from mine and my children’s diet. Maybe there is the worry that eliminating dairy will mean their kids won’t get enough calcium in their diet which couldn’t be further from the truth.

    I spoke to someone last month (a friend) whom wanted my advice. Their 3 yr old suffers from awful eczema. Easy I said, give up dairy. I had proved this with my kids, and others that have done it and there is research to back it up – according to “Talk Eczema” dairy intolerance is one of the most common food-related triggers for eczema. So why when I bumped into her a month later was her son tucking into a cheese sandwich? I didn’t get it, she hadn’t even tried it. If there was for one second a way for me to prevent my kids having a medical issue through prevention rather than drugs I would take the prevention without hesitation, regardless of whether it worked or not – I would TRY it, but some people just seem to think it’s too much hassle, then moan about what’s wrong – I am slightly flabbergasted by this? Surely we owe our kids the best possible health.

    We as fitpros preach to the public about wheat, dairy, gluten free diets but then I see on facebook people feeding their kids exactly what they are telling people not to eat on a regular basis. If you know the reasons for elimination and regularly preach about it, why are your kids eating it? – is it that you don’t truly believe in it? As if you don’t truly believe in your nutritional product you shouldn’t be out there getting people to follow it. My book – this is the essence of our nutritional life at home- chocolates, ice creams, cakes, pizza they are all in there but just made in a different way, a clean way, a way that will be beneficial to our health.

    Do you remember the quote I mentioned months ago “our children will be the first generation that will not outlive their parents” I am proud to say I have created a product that I believe will buck that trend – I am proud that I follow it and take the time to investigate the foods my children put in their mouths – Are you proud?

    Sally Ghafoor

    Follow me on facebook or twitter @sallyghafoor

    Jayne Nicholls Trends 2012

    As 2012 fast approaches, the worst that can happen is that it hits us in the face without warning. One of the biggest trends of 2011 is that the Group X industry has merged in its content and outlook with PT. PT trends towards Group based techniques (bootcamps), equipment (elastic resistance and new innovations) while group instructors have become more aware of an in depth and long-term understanding of our clients intrinsic needs. It is always worth a look back to see just how far we have come. Our content, our clothing and even our names have changed in pursuit of what is new and different.

    2012 Equipment

    I think that this will be PT led, it seems that most of the equipment trends are targeting one to one and small group training. Courses based around new equipment are on the up as the PTs are hungry for ideas now that ‘the gym’ is definitely out of fashion. Group instructors can cherry pick from all of this and incorporate the best of it into their Circuit and Bootcamp formats.

    2012 Classes

    I am not sure that class formats will change so radically, it needs a Zumba like re emergence of step or aerobics to get the wheel turning again, which will be great as we are all ready and waiting. There will be a hierarchy of instructor as the emergence of Zumba has well and truly took the shine off teaching in clubs for a tiny reward compared with external classes with huge pay. Without warning Zumba has turned many instructors into business people who now have control on all areas of their class setup from room hire to administration. A head count in class has never been so much fun.

    2012 Instructor

    So many instructors have been under huge pressure this year. A swing in trends is great if you can traverse them like a trapeze artist, but if you are risk or change averse, this can be a nightmare. My hope for one of the biggest trends next year is an independent and free thinking instructor who has the strength of character to look for and specialise in areas that suit their skills and their strengths. The options are massive and with some mentoring or coaching help from the biggest players, anything will be possible.

    Our enemy in 2012 is re invention. Anyone who stops and starts wearing different hats, banging different drums with no continuity are the ones that are out to capitalise on your strengths and we are a strong enough industry to feed our strengths from the very best and be selective in ho sells us information.

    It has been a brilliant 2011, lets enjoy the rest of it.


    Marvin Burton Updates

    Southampton and Oxford were both great days on the functional freestyle 3 tour. My life flashed before my eyes when I slipped on my own sweat on Sunday but my giant quads were called into action and stabilised me enough to recover well enough not “stack it” in front of everybody.
    Special mention to Nigel Pattison who last week ran from coast to coast raising money for charity. Then still managed to attend the workshop on sunday. Well done on a fantastic achievement and also running coast to coast is great as well ( Another fellow insane person) have a well deserved rest buddy.
    Many people have been asking me about the ironman event this year and as I start my training for the London marathon next year I thought I’d give you some advice that has helped me and you could use when helping other recreational runners (long, short or middle distance)

    1. The further you run the more rest you will need
    Simple. Lots of running and no resting means fatigue and poor tissue redevelopment leading to problems.

    2. Just because you are running, long term this will not aid fat loss. -It will in fact increase your fat percentage.

    3. Only use your running trainers for running. Shoes have a shelf life just like tyres on a car. Once they are worn you’ll need to replace. Normally runners feel comfortable in their runners. So replacing them all of the time will only shorten their life span.

    4. You should replace 1 litre of fluid per hour of exercise. Find an electrolyte drink that suits your digestion. Finding the wrong one or using top branded energy drinks in a supermarket is not advised. They are full of sugar and will only upset your stomach more.
    I’d recommend a product called nuun or natural product – coconut water

    5. Running will highlight and contribute to tightness or poor movement in the hips. Common injuries are

    Runners knee – a bad knee

    IT band syndrome – a bad

    IT band or a local rock band made up by local office workers

    Lower back pain – pain in your back

    All could be prevented by
    Pre activity mobility exercises
    Post workout stretching
    Correct and suitable running clothing
    Running on none slipperyy surfaces
    Weight baring conditioning
    And most importantly – REST.

    Other common problems are plantar fasciitis (Inflammation of the heel pad of your foot)
    I normally experience this in people who have attempted to run a long distance without building up on base fitness (general fitness level) or not having enough strength in their legs causing them to stamp their feet and land heavily (other possible causes are available)

    Shin splints
    (Pain in your shins)
    Could be anything. I wouldn’t be able to suggest one reason for this. Every time I work with somebody with shin splints we come up with a different solution.

    6. Run different routes. Try and vary your route, distances and speed to test your fitness levels. A simple programme would be to run alternate styles such as
    Long distance
    On road
    Inside (treadmill)
    Fartlek training
    Hill running

    7. Don’t be stupid
    If its raining, wait and go later
    If its icey, don’t risk tearing your ligaments
    Catching a cold because you couldn’t change your routine will make it worse later on!

    8. Pace yourself. If you can run a good 10k time don’t just multiply it by 4 to predict your marathon time. Longer distances will mean gradually getting slower or faster over time. Learn to run slow if your already fast and fast if your already slow.

    9. Don’t be afraid to stop. If you feel pain creeping in or discomfort stop and adjust your shoes, clothes or stretch if u need to. Running with a small stone in your shoe can make a mess of your foot. I felt a rubbing between my legs and on my back when running my marathon – I removed ALL skin between my leg and had a hole in my back. I’m scared for life. Chafing is not nice!

    10. Eat well and enough. If you don’t then you’ll have a massive craving for sugar and rubbish when your least expecting it. For me it was at the cinema and resulted in pic’n’mix. I paid by card it was that bad.. And over £10. That’s a lot of sweets. Remember your needing fuel and still using it when you finish running for approx 8 hours after. So don’t be afraid to eat. High quality nutritious food. Vegetables!

    Look both ways before you cross the road and watch out for cyclists. Enjoy your run.
    Marvin Burton.



    Have a wonderful week everyone. Please connect with me on Twitter or Facebook or email me any feedback or questions.




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