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  • Instructor Newsletter 5th June 2014

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    I’m writing this weeks newsletter on a train coming back from Bristol after another Nova training day. As I’m facing a busy weekend with the Kick Start Fat Loss
    Lifestyle Event on Saturday & launching the KS EXTREME Training on Sunday, I’ve been giving motivation a lot of thought right now.

    How Do You Stay Motivated??

    In a role/job/career that is so physically, mentally & spiritually demanding.

    How ON earth do we maintain a high level of motivation




    Working in a people service industry, plus 24 hours social media and iPhones that never get turned off can be so draining.

    So what steps, tips and strategies can we employ to stay uber motivated

    These are my current favourite strategies

    1: READ ALL ABOUT IT??I just love reading motivational and self help books. I always read last thing?at night and first thing in the morning.  Even if in a massive rush, upon waking I read something motivational and positive.
    It sets the tone for the day and I never miss.


    Taking 5 – 10 minutes out of your day can appear ineffectual in the short term, BUT can have massive long term benefitSetting your intentions for the day, getting clear about what you want and how you want your life to be is key.

    Observing your thoughts and what comes upcan be so helpful when you have decisions to make or crossroads to navigate. YOU always have the answers to  the question if are you prepared to listen to your inner guidance system


    If you feel isolated, this leads to frustration and despair, which is so draining.When you work solo ALL the time you often need the support of a group or mentor to bounce your ideas around on. You can join a local, live or online group, or find a mentor that can help you crystallise your ideas and assist you with a pathway forward. Your mentor or business group doesn’t have to be in the fitness industry.

    I’m launching a new Fitness Business Academy next week. If this
    interests you add your email to my VIP List ?


    Is it time for something new?
    Creating a new class, new choreography, new format is always so invigorating and gets those creative juices flowing.


    Going to other peoples’ classes is such an easy way to re-motivate yourself. Try a meditation or Yoga class, or a group fitness class you wouldn’t normally attend it’s a sure fire way to recharge your batteries.

    How Do YOU stay constantly motivated? Please Tweet me @RachelHolmes


    Fitness Business Academy

    If you are feeling frustrated with your fitness business and are
    keen to get involved with my newcoaching and mentoring course which will be launching next week, then ensure you head over  to my videos telling you all about The Fitness Business Academy and what I will be offering.

    YOU will need to add your name to the priority list as there will only be 50 spaces when it launches next week.

    I suggest you watch all of the videos.
    My goal is to help you create a profitable and sustainable online business plus advice on creating your
    own fitness related products to sell online.
    There is so much new information, and how we market our services and products is very very different to how we did it even 6 months ago.

    If you are time poor & a technophobe don’t sweat.

    This course will walk you through the basics..step by step.
    Here’s  the link for you to watch the Fitness Business Academy Videos.

    The Rachel Holmes Podcast

    Listen on the go. In your car. When you are training.

    Have you checked out my Podcast as yet?

    Heres the link to subscribe

    Here is Episode 1 with Jayne Nicholls

    Here is Episode 2 with Paul Mort ?

    Digging for………..??
    By Andrew Crawford

    I couldn’t escape this subject today….EVERYWHERE I went there were radio announcements, headlines in the newspaper, discussions in the loos, arguments on FB…..

    Statements like this….

    “…..there is still a possibility the sniffer dogs being used can find something new in the investigation into Madeleine McCann’s 2007 disappearance….
    “…….They’re digging for………Madeleine…..”   WTFHIGO??

    WTFHIGO = Pray tell me kind Sir what has happened to the efforts and the millions of pounds expended, the results of Interpol, masses of UK and foreign police time, initial dog searches, Investigative Scientists, Examiners, Volunteers, Analysts results, the non-answering of the ’48 questions’, Forensic Experts trying to appease the public because of the VAST amounts of money and donations literally being ‘swallowed up’ without any firm evidence or coming closer to a possible find….all of a sudden becoming headline news….now the mofos are digging and using sensors………….what is going on?

    I’ll leave you to ponder.

    What about the missing Malaysian plane??  Any news??

    I’ll wait……………………..!!

    So Andrew ….While you wait for me to answer that…What the blast has Digging got to do with Accountancy & Tax?

    Well….Digging is the start of something…laying down the foundations

    I think I mentioned something like this last week…

    I have always advised that there has never been a better time for the small man…or woman…to be in business.

    This is because you can change, adapt and make changes to your business and business model almost immediately. The BIG Corporations take literally MONTHS or years to change things. It has to pass through that committee, this sub-committee passed by the Working Group…….

    I’ve been there………..very frustrating

    Not for you. If you are worried that your competition has set up a Fatloss Bootcamp with Hertfordshire NHS, you can simply dig in and set one up at Hertfordshire East….. better, slicker ..the same or different equipment (the very  next week).

    Competition should bring out the BEST in you….#easypeasy #lemonsqueasy

    Digging for the Success Reaction Habit

    How you react to outside situations plays a huge part in how successful you will be.  It determines the work you do, how much money you have, the friends you have and the place you live.

    I did mention that you will NOT have to pay for marketing, a BIG part of your business budget. Simply ‘borrow’ the information already being publicised.

    Eg  – As seen on BBC terrestrial TV – As published recently in The Telegraph.

    Someone who cannot take criticism in their work because their habitual pattern is to feel offended loses out big-time.  Other people can often make some worthwhile contribution to anything you do, even if it’s only adjusting a minute detail.  The successful person listens to suggestions, but only takes on board those ideas they like or agree with. You dig me?

    Digging for and Developing the habit of being continually alert to how you automatically react to any given situation will highlight any negative habitual patterns that you may need to change.

    Therefore be able to Change & Adapt to the Changing Environment

    Make sure you always react positively, in thought, words and actions and you will increase your rate of success in every aspect of your life!  Develop the habit of responding.

    Keep Digging

    10 Start To Up Dig Up Questions

    These are the questions to ask before statrting your new venture

    Is there a demand for your business?

    It is vital to research by digging into your market before you begin. Who is likely to buy your product or service? Where do they live? Is demand seasonal? How much will people pay for it?

    Have you assessed the competition?

    Examine the businesses in and around your area. Can you compete with their price, service and quality? Dig in and Price HIGH & JUSTIFY…..!!!

    Are there special licences or legal requirements for your business?

    Contact your local authority and relevant trade organisations for advice. Some Bootcamps require licences to use the parks. There ain’t no licence for the internet……yet…!!!

    Do you have suitable business premises?

    A desk in your own home and/or a storage space in your garage may be all you need. I once had BIG plush offices which cost a lot to maintain…..You know what???  People didn’t give a bollox…….All they wanted to know was….What can you do for me?”

    Do you have the right equipment?

    You’ll probably need a desk with a phone, and a computer and vehicle are also useful. Don’t forget your ipad, iphone or Galaxy S3 or the latest must have fad…!!! Does it add value to what you will be offering?

    Have you contacted the tax man?

    Once you move beyond selling the odd item for private sale, they will need to know what you are up to! There are still people operating ‘Under The Radar’….be very careful. Check out the article I did (2 weeks ago I think) about 2nd incomes and the disclosure thereof.

    Do you have capital to put into the business?

    You may need cash to buy equipment, and to cover yourself until you turn a profit. Namely cashflow. Use your own savings, ask friends and relatives, or get a cheap bank loan, if you can. They are getting a bit tight despite the taxpayers bailing their sorry selves out…..!!

    Have you set up a bank account?

    Credit payment facilities are useful too. Pay pal, (Be careful with this one, they can shut your account down for 180 days, like they did to mine, if they think there are suspicious useage on that account). Get a merchant account from your existing bank.

    What will your business structure be?

    You could be the sole business proprietor, operate with a partner (you will need to draw up a partnership agreement) or set up a limited company. The easiest way to do this is through an accountant or company formation agency, for a small fee. You may have to hire staff too or keep them Freelance.

    Have you produced a business plan?

    It is vital to set down on paper what you are doing, with cash flow and profit projections. Not only useful for yourself, a business plan is vital when obtaining bank loans, as it shows you have dug in and done your homework.

    Listen…….there are many other areas I can dig into which you may need. I didn’t want to bore the what’sits off you………….on the other hand…!!!

    Over the next few weeks I’m gonna be doing my own digging…!!
    I want to know whether you like Bookkeeping?
    How do you feel about it?  What would you change?

    Could you possibly help me do this survey please by providing what you would look for or change or want..??

    Send to :   Subject: Bookkeeping
    I would be forever grateful. Can you Dig it??
    Andrew James Crawford

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