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  • Instructor Newsletter 6 February 2015












    Like so many of you,
    I’ve been teaching “Aerobics” since 1986 &
    I am STILL massively  excited
    & enthused about the whole industry.

    It is still only the beginning.

    The industry is still in its infancy;

    We have so much to share, more people to help,
    new opportunities to seize, concepts to develop,
    anatomy to understand, and if you truly are passionate
    about Health, Fitness, Wellness & Spirituality,
    you will always be able to help others & make a great living.

    Let me know which ones you agree with

    Its my TOP 61 Tips 🙂

    1: Attend EVERY course you can possibly afford on all fitness related subjects.

    2: Attend ALL conventions, events, trade shows to learn & network. Knowledge is KING.

    3: READ EVERYTHING you can get your hands on – fitness/productivity/time

    4: BE YOU – Stop trying to be someone else.
    By all means have role models
    & model yourself on successful people, but YOU Do YOU.

    5: You won’t make A HUGE amount of money teaching face to face classes long term.  Trends will come & go with the potential to earn short term, but if you follow trends you have to keep
    jumping on the next one.

    6: Immerse yourself in e-commerce – Learn WordPress / Learn to update your own website/Digital is the way forward to expand your business.

    7:Your Website is your digital home.
    Be house proud! Make it professional, not cheap
    & nasty.

    8.Understand Facebook and Facebook ADVERTS

    9: Learn to say NO – Get a fast track ticket to “JUST SAY NO TRAIN” for your
    own health, wealth, life and SANITY.

    10: Stop being a people pleaser.

    11:Learn to meditate.

    12: Choose happiness & positivity every day possible.

    13 Get interested in the law of attraction, manifestation & quantum physics.

    14: Charge more & don’t be the cheapest.. EVER.

    15: Listen to your girlfriends – what they talk about, problems & issues they have.

    16: If women are your main audience, then read women’s media, magazines, blogs, podcasts – immerse yourself in female culture if women are your business.

    17: Only teach what YOU love. Teach things you don’t love & people will not come for very long.

    18: Ditch TOXIC immediately – Don’t keep it going for the money/kudos/to get your foot in the door/the possibility of xyz….just ditch it.

    19: A sustainable fitness business takes time to build. You have to put the spade work in.

    20: Act as if you are the most successful person in your field and believe it.

    21:Be kind to others, you haven’t walked in their shoes.

    22: Get as fit & healthy as possible. Hire a PT / Train yourself / Eat Clean & walk the walk.

    23: Delegate and Outsource – Pay a book keeper / accountant / PA if you need one and focus on doing the things you love, like teaching & training people & brainstorming new ideas.

    24:Build your platform online so you can spread your message & serve more people. Your income is directly related to this.

    25: Understand & use Facebook Adverts. Google ADWORDS & PPC if you want to grow an online business

    26:Find a great graphic designer who understands you and your concepts. Branding/Posters/Leaflets digital or hard copy are VITAL to your success in building a bigger business.

    27: Don’t take criticism personally & don’t let it set you back.

    28: Reach out to new markets – Older/Younger/Overweight/Disabled/Kids/Families/ so many untapped & under serviced niches who need fitness etc

    29: Write every day – The more your write the better you get.

    30: Find PASSION in all you do. Passion is like a muscle, you don’t find it under a rock, you have to train your passionate muscles every day.

    31: Take plenty of breaks / holidays /days out. Keep breaking up your weekly routines for inspiration & increased productivity.

    32: Work out EXACTLY what your core values & core priorities are. Evaluate every week & maneuver & change to keep on your true path.

    33: Have a LIFE partner who has your BEST interests at heart. This doesn’t have to be your partner or spouse, someone who you can bounce your ideas around & talk things through honestly.

    34: Never compare yourself to others; it’s the fastest way to negativity & giving up.

    35: Embrace Change. Change is good.

    36: If you are enthused & motivated by a team or group. Join a franchisee or work with a collective.

    37: Before you embark on a project research every angle thoroughly. Calculate all risks before you spend money and go for it.

    38: All Fitpros LOVE the idea of owning a studio. But I beg you to do the research & make sure your numbers add up before you commit to leases & purchasing property.

    39: If you REALLY want to write a book hire an expert to help you.

    40: Marketing plays a HUGE part in your success, like it or not.

    41: Network digitally or in person with as many health professionals as possible – Drs/Nurses/GP’s/Massage/Therapists/Dietitians/Dentists

    42: Find out what EVERYONE who comes to your classes does for an occupation. You’ll be amazed at the fantastic contacts you see every single day &B probably don’t even realise it.

    43:Stop trying to be all things to all people. Accept some people will like you and some will not. It’s life, there’s nothing you can do.

    44: Get into juicing

    45: Learn EFT – Tapping

    46: Workout how much money you want to earn. Have a joyful relationship with money, understand your own self-worth & stop underselling yourself.

    47: Live in the NOW/Present. Plan and Affirm but don’t miss out what’s happening in the now. Be present.

    48: Even if you are a complete one man band see yourself as a business.

    49: Be a customer – Take a fitness class / Yoga / Pilates class, be a beginner again at something fitness related.

    50: GET IT OUT THERE – if you have an idea just get it out there. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you have to release it and perfect it afterwards. Don’t wait, you will never launch it.

    51: Build your email list & grow it every single day. You do not have a business unless you have a list, no matter how small.

    52: There are no get rich quick schemes in fitness.

    53: For GOODNESS sake get into TWITTER & INSTAGRAM – Stop seeing these as time sucks, they are amazing ways to spread your message, your brand and your leverage.

    54: VIDEO killed the radio star – Interview all of your clients, class members. Put yourself in front of the camera and get real people, saying real stuff about your classes & services, on Social Media, daily!

    55: Check out H & M fitness gear its ROCKS.

    56: Put your Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly in your iphone and LOOK at it all through the day. Stay focused on it and get the job done.

    57: When you set your stall out to work at your desk, REALLY WORK. Don’t answer calls, text, watch apps, instant message, go on Facebook. Keep your head down for the time you allocate to the project and keep going. REALLY WORK.

    58: Work on your daily affirmations & mantras

    59: Believe in YOURSELF & YOUR abilities 10000000%. It shows if you don’t.

    60: Work Smarter NOT harder.

    61: Guard your time with an iron will. Don’t waste a minute you cannot get it back.


    Are you still passionate

    What’s your passion?

    What makes you jump up at 5am in morning to
    bash out an idea you have had?

    It’s important to know what your passion is because you’ll never make the money you really want or have the lifestyle you desire or the clients you crave in something you can’t believe in.

    For example, if you don’t like Bootcamps or Pilates, or dare I say it Zumba, you shouldn’t build your fitness business involving any of those topics. Even if those models are super fashionable and potentially could generate good  revenue.

    Your passion, what you’ve been wanting to do forever will actually lead you to not only your ideal client and niche, but it will also lead you to your destiny in many unique ways.

    If you have got a burning desire to create your own Fitness Brand, Class, Workout or Programme, or have a burning passion to empower people to lose weight, or enjoy a healthier lifestyle, then don’t spend any more time procrastinating and get a plan together and do it.

    What on earth is stopping you?

    The C2GO newsletters and daily positivity emails are all about helping build your confidence, arming you with information which you can use to help your clients, building your community classes, helping you  run your business so you can schedule in holidays and taking time out to enjoy life and, as always, I hope you find it inspiring, uplifting and motivating.

    The good thing is we are in a fantastic industry that is still in its infancy.

    Therefore, identify your passion within fitness and run with it and create your dreams and goals

    How do you know what your Fitness Health and Wellness Passion is?
    Here’s my little test.

    #1- What do you always find yourself daydreaming about in relation to your fitness career or business?

    #2- Where do you really want to be in 6 months’ time – (anything goes here – be bold and wild here) where do you want to be and to have achieved?

    #3- What makes you excited, motivated, encourages you and inspires you within the fitness industry?

    Once you really work out what your Fitness Passion is you can then plan out a pathway to get there.

    The one person you need to work on the most is yourself, so you are ABLE to speak to your ideal client. To find them, ‘read their mind’ and speak their language, you’ll need to work more on yourself than anyone else.

    Your ideal client or market needs you to find your passion!

    Fire is what people follow and passion is what will help you achieve the fitness business and the life of your dreams.

    I’d really love you to tweet me with what you are Passionate about in Fitness

    Who do you want to help and serve and create exciting programs for?

    And if you feel daring, share with me some of your answers from above as well

    I am passionate about helping you succeed in your Fitness Business.

    Let’s do this together.

    Huge congratulations and sending so much love to my friend Jenny Burrell and baby Joel.


    Are You Ready For Level 3 Pilates

    Pilates classes are just going though the roof everywhere.
    So many Instructors tell me how busy classes are with long waiting lists. This is fantastic news as the  population is ageing, our clients are leading busy & stressful lives and even though HIIT & super intense interval classes appear to be the workout du jour, Pilates goes from strength to strength.

    Customers want that loving Pilates touch.

    YOU can seriously create a very successful local business in your community teaching Pilates classes daytime, afternoon & evening time. Be you down boss & not have to work for a centre or facility.

    Create you own style, own brand and harness the power of social media it’s a win win.

    We begin our 2015 Level 3 courses in March in Bristol  then onto London so its a great time to grab onto the training courses and get going.

    There is no doubt you will get the return on your investment in a matter of weeks which is so exciting.
    Are you ready to fly?

    For more information & to book onto our Level 3 courses click here


    How to BE MORE To Your Post Natal Clients – By Jenny Burrell, Burrell Education (

    Are you working with Post Natal women?

    I think you’ll get this!

    The last three weeks go down in history as being on the list of THE most remarkable moments of my life!  Why?  Because I have finally become a mom! After a long adoption process, my husband and I took charge of little boy on 12th January, 2015  and obviously the reality of life moving forward is uppermost in my mind. After 15 years of serving the Ante/Post Natal population I totally ‘got’ the logistical issues but on an identity, work and personal space level I’ve had to break new ground and this has led me to consider deeply what I would want from health/fitness offering in my present situation.

    I feel so strongly that in a business where your role is predominantly to be the facilitator of habit change whether you are applying nutrition, exercise or lifestyle change protocols, the Vitamin X in this equation is most definitely standing in the shoes of your client or potential client and providing the ‘grown up’ service that probably no one talked about when you were at Personal Trainer school.   The starting point for this service has just got be doing a REALITY CHECK and helping the client marry her expectations of motherhood with the situations right in front of her.  The use this position as a true platform from which to progress alongside offering a service that actually solves the PROBLEMS of the client with empathy, skill and an intuitive headspace that helps you respond to the true NEEDS not just WANTS of the modern woman.
    So here’s my take on what I consider to be the Vitamin X component of serving the modern mom…..what do I think our role as a specialist practitioner is? In no particular order….?

    Get an AMAZING EDUCATION, it will deepen your practice and worth to the client and ensure you get the RESULTS that the ‘automatic referral’ part of your business is TOTALLY reliant on…..remember, Ante/PN women roll in packs… a good job for one and she’ll sing your praises to the others, 100%!  Post Natal aftercare is notoriously poor on a global level, and without a doubt, WOMEN NEED HELP.  The top issues are always, Diastasis, Pelvic Floor, Fat Loss, Nutrition for Post Natal Healing and Recovery, Rest/Restorative Activity and Bodywork/Massage.  ?

    2.    Make your Pre-Screening the star of your show – Probably one of the most neglected areas in the world of Ante/Post Natal fitness is the Pre-Screening for this client population so,  if this is an afterthought or done as a 5 min ‘thing’ before you allow people to join your class… might want to rethink this…..MASSIVELY.  Your pre-screening is the NO.1 WAY to shine, show your knowledge, easily convince your client that you’ve got what it takes to solve her problems all without really ‘selling’.  Of equal importance…..a deep pre-screen also means that you are able to identify any RED FLAG issues that your client may have and redirect her to the clinical help that she needs!  If you need a Post Natal Pre-Screening Guide, you can download one by visiting the homepage of my website.

    3.  Build a service that you would purchase!  It seems like a no-brainer but when was the last time you stood back and thought about whether your service is really meeting all of the true needs of the clients in front of you….the REAL WOMEN that you serve?  When was the last time your surveyed them and asked them how else you could serve them? Or whether if your current service is really ‘doing it’ for them.   If you haven’t done this recently, now is the time!  Be brave as you might just unearth a whole new set of services that the clients in front of you are eager to purchase.  Your aim is complete the ‘CIRCLE OF CARE’ for your client and DELIGHT THEM. As a purchaser,  my Rolls Royce ‘fitness’ service would need to contain  these Exercise, Nutrition, Lifestyle Change, Soft Tissue Work, Community, Personal Space/Alone Time, Restorative Work, Soft Tissue/Corrective Work.  I also want to be led by someone who is inspirational, who walks the talk but is also human, I want to be led by someone who can make me laugh, who is intuitive and can easily tailor a session to how I present on the day and I want to be led by someone with a PLAN, who can clearly show me the journey  and the destination. Someone who is fair but firm without being fanatical.  I also need to be led by someone who knows that this health and fitness lark needs to fit in to my already ‘FULL’ and demanding life…… Have you thought lately about what factors turn you into a purchaser and how this could help you create a service that clients flock to?

    3.  Create a virtual and real community for your clients – women LOVE community and everybody wants to be part of something fab.  Are you ensuring that you keep the lines of communication open with your clients outside of your once/twice weekly sessions?  A newsletter, a closed Facebook Group which acts as a forum, social events and outings, events and competitions within their sessions with you…..the list goes on.  You need to become a valuable part of their lives outside of exercise because guess what?

    They have lives and interests outside of exercise and clean eating!  Don’t forget that those moms are also the same ‘girls’ that used to go wild on Saturday nights fuelled by Lambrusco….and after months and years of predominantly tending to the needs of children, they VERY MUCH are open to the suggestion of an adults only night out or brain stimulating intellectual conversation……

    Burrell Education is DEDICATED go going deeper and creating professionals who create business with deep meaning, and helping you complete the ‘circle of care’ for your clients and that is EXACTLY what we’ll be doing over the weekend of 25th/26th April in London.  Myself and an all star line-up of professionals at the top of their game (and of course including Rachel Holmes) who will be sharing their deepest knowledge on the KEY elements of creating a business that you love, clients flock to and one that gets the RESULTS that ensure those ladies become mini marketing machines for you.  We’d love you to join us for the Woman on Fire Weekend Festival and transform how you work IN your business and work ON your business too!

    Could you be teaching Pilates in schools/Community venues – By Caroline Dance Lady

    Last Saturday I attended Kelly Reed Banks & Rachels Fitness Pilates for the next Generation course in Bristol. It was fabulous; a thoroughly well spent Saturday afternoon! This was my first Fitness workshop for 2015 it was amazing value for money .Kellys easy going and fun personality makes the course refreshing & informative. I came away from the course with “takeaway & teach formats “just what any instructor needs!
    As a children’s Dance & Fitness specialist I was uber excited to have the opportunity to gain another activity that I can use within my sessions I provide for schools.
    Schools across the UK are now receiving a ring fenced Government package of funding for PE & school sports called , Sport Premium available until 2020 ( remember this is an election year ! who knows what may happen next ). The school will receive a lump sum of £8000 plus a premium per pupil. . The funding is to ensure “high Quality PE ” and is all part of the “Olympic Legacy. Schools will be required to detail their Sporting provisions via their websites. PE and Sport is given high priority when assessing the overall provision offered by a school. Ofsted will be conducting a survey reporting on the impact of the new funding and holding schools accountable for provisions and will expect to see details of the funding spent. PE and Sport will be required to be sustainable. So for now the future of School Sport is firmly in the hands of the Head Teacher of each individual school.

    And this is where you as a Health and Fitness Professional Instructor steps in. We should be” first in there with our services” Make a list of all the different activities you can provide , Pilates, Circuits , Dance, Aerobics , ,Hula Hooping etc .  Market and package yourself as ” “High quality, sustainable provider of activities offering total inclusion of all students” Able to provide sessions of a cross curricular nature ie PSHE , PE . Immediately you are looking much more value for money activity than the bloke that only delivers football.
    Accessing schools can be a real challenge. However my full time work consists of only delivering sessions in schools. From my experience once you’re in your in !School like routines, if you are able to provide week in week out sessions (term time) you become an important asset to them as they then do not have to continually look for other club/session providers. You, and your sessions become activities that can be included in Special Study Days/ Learning weeks etc
    . Here are a few tips
    1.Intial contact face to face if possible with the school receptionist/admin/business manager these people are the hub of the school they know everything, friendly initial contact with them secures the pathway route to the Head PE coordinator or PLT basically the teacher whose job it is to ensure PE provision.
    2. Speak their language Talk about Terms, inclusion & PE premium
    3. Possibly you may still have and active School Sports Partnership who leads cluster meetings invite yourself to a meeting And definitely a CSP (County sports Partnership) all of which can be found on Sport England’s website . Funding is very much available now with schemes focusing on 11-25yrs olds.
    4. School PTAs . Increasingly school PTAs are taking a role in after school club delivery as well as Breakfast/Teatime club. Find out who the committee are.
    School provision is only one part of Children’s Dance/Fitness & Health provision within the community I am more than happy to discuss other avenues of locations
    As hopefully you can tell I am PASSIONATE ABOUT THIS, I know I speak for my fellow  kids fitness instructors and coaches when I say that there are a lot, fitness celebrities Fitness chains , Regional & Local councils who like to voice their concerns about childhood obesity , lack of fitness etc , but then don’t actually come up with the goods. Childhood obesity/Fitness is a #hashtag trending word and will immediately get response. Could you actually be the person in your area that is changing & helping the lives of our next generation?? .

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