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  • Instructor Newsletter 6th October 2016


    A slightly different newsletter this week
    just to mix things up 🙂

    I’ve been away in Turkey
    teaching at Gural so my whole routine has changed
    and I spotted my good pal Jayne Nicholls post and
    I LOVED IT so I wanted to pop it here as it is SO true.


    Jayne Nicholls
    **Tesco, Sainsburys, Lidl, Aldi, Waitrose the list is endless, they all do the same thing. If someone is setting up right next to you teaching the same brand, they will have done the same course, use the same music, advertising and text.

    A carrot is a carrot but what makes us buy them every week from the same place?

    If I found a shop or a market stall that sold the best carrots ever, despite their size or shape I would go back week after, week, pay a little extra and enjoy. Customers care what they invest in, they want the best and they see through marketing.

    Do you agree? Let me know Tweet me @RachelHolmes.

    Here is my personal opinion 🙂

    I really agree with Jayne on this and it really
    comes back to under pricing yourself – pitch your
    services too low and it really attracts the class/trainer- hoppers / the troublesome clients / the demanding people / the people
    who are not really ready to make the big changes,
    speaking from my own experience when I under price
    anything – eg my courses, workshops, qualifications it always results in the same.

    If you offer anything FREE people DO NOT not value it.

    They don’t turn up, they don’t give it 100% and they give up much quicker.

    In this day and age there is no reason to undersell
    or undervalue your services …….unless you don’t
    believe in your self or your product,
    if you 1000% believe in what you are doing and
    you know its value you will never have to “sell” anything
    you are on the right path and success will definitely follow.

    Have you any thoughts ?

    Here is my VLOG of Fitness week in Turkey
    click here to watch the VLOG click here

    What to charge and when to charge it- Jay Banks

    I was scrolling through go old “Facebook” the other day and saw a status from an instructor that is having to go back to their old job that they gave up 2/3 years ago as they can’t make money as a full time fitness professional.

    Reading this status and the thread that went with it filled me with a mix of different thoughts and feelings.

    But it’s not the first and sure won’t be the last time I see a status like this from an instructor I’m sure, but it did make me want to talk about

    So what do you charge???

    Now the last thing you want to do is over charge and under deliver but charging £1 for bootcamp, £2.50 per class or £5 per personal training client, And I have seen this advertised which crazy and you’ll soon be looking for a job back in the office with these prices.

    My top tips for making sure you earn what your worth are

    1. Be the specialist at what you offer.
    So it’s not just a group x class in general it’s specialised to a target market.

    2. Add the extra value to your sessions so your clients don’t want to miss a week.
    This could be as simple as attend 20 sessions and get a free t shirt

    The t shirt will have your logo and business brand on it so when the client wears it you will be advised and you can pick up t shirts with you logo on for as little as £2.30 each

    3. This is something I’ve done most recently and that look at the outgoings from some brand classes and think do you really need them.
    I dropped PIYO, Zumba, Shbam, P90X just to name a few and increased my monthly income as I’m not paying out for something I didn’t really need. And yes my clients still can to my new Power pilates and dance fit as they come for me not a brand I’m paying
    £25 plus a month for.

    4. Workout what you need money wise to financially feel comfortable and enjoy your life still without working every hour in the day
    Then break that down to a monthly, then weekly, then daily.
    Then you have the amount you need to earn per day you soon realise what your worth and hopefully price your classes or Pt clients accordingly

    Finally if you believe in your product enough and can show your clients you’re the specialist in your area in what you do and this is the product they need and want

    They will pay it no question asked.

    But if you don’t believe in yourself and what you do and or worth

    Why would anyone else want to pay for it.

    You are worth more than you think
    Positive mental attitude

    Jay Banks

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    Are you struggling with Social Media ?
    by Keeley Davies

    *Haven’t got the time to post everyday ?

    *Wanting to push your fitness business but not sure how Social Media works or how to set up the accounts?

    *Confused as to which Social Media platform to use ?

    I can help YOU

    I can help you set up your accounts, post daily relevant information pertinent to your business (as little or much as you like), post at peak traffic times, offer you Social Media insights and interpret them for you.

    Do you have a database of your past & current customers email addresses?

    If not you need to be building this now so that you can send out Daily / Weekly / 2/3 times a week newsletters to your audience,

    I can do these for you PLUS I can blog these onto your website for you.

    Want to find out more how I can help your business grow it’s Social Media , email me on

    No contracts, trial period of 1 month available.


    **Blog Round Up**

    10 Minute Recipes – Chicken & Avocado Pasta
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    Veggie Burrito Bowl
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    YOU Can Manifest It All

    by Jo De Rosa

    Right now close your eyes and think about what you want for yourself in the future.

    What are your dreams?

    What are your hopes?

    What is deep in your heart waiting to manifest?



    Have you noticed that we are all searching for something different; no two people have the same set of dreams?

    Have you noticed that we all find different people attractive?

    Have a contrasting taste in job / house / clothes?

    Each of our hearts speak our own individual language

    ….and that is our soul expressing itself

    First you have to listen to the call

    Then you must trust the message

    Finally you BELIEVE that your dream can come true

    For you wouldn’t have it in your orbit if it wasn’t supposed to happen. You simply do not have other peoples dreams in your heart. Why would you? It would be a complete waste of time! So if it is there it is supposed to happen.

    You can remove any doubt you have about your future RIGHT NOW.

    You want sobriety?

    Dream about the day that you no longer want a drink / line / sugar-binge / to struggle any more?

    Well it is destined.

    It is written in the stars.

    It is your truth.

    And the next step is getting into the frequency of the manifestation of it:

    When you are in alignment with your heart you see magic all around you, for life is truly miraculous. However when life dictates TO you and you react TO it with no connection to the heart whatsoever, we get swallowed up by life.

    Needing to numb out and reaching for food and/or substances is a sure sign that you are not listening to your heart, for the language that it speaks is pure magic itself.

    What makes you happy?

    What makes you feel balanced?

    What makes you calm?

    What makes you smile?


    Make time to get aligned.

    Meditate everyday.

    Notice your breath.

    Drop down to your heart and listen.

    We are not meant to be unhappy, stuck, sad, unfulfilled, bored, stressed or anxious; all sure signs that the heart is not being listened to.

    Get rid of all and everything that brings you down, and ask yourself,

    “Why do I think it’s ok to have this burden in my life? Why am I not ridding myself of this weight? Why am I carrying it around with me and wondering why it is making my back hurt?”

    Where is the magic? The awe? The joy?

    How can you bring the lightness and laughter back?

    I have stumbled around in the darkness of my own demons, bumping into every skeleton in my closet and sat them all down and got to know them. And the funny thing is that these scary situations that have held us back for so long are actually like tiny peas under a mountain of mattresses; we have magnified them out of all proportion. Some will have bigger stories to overcome but for the most part the teeny tiniest imbalance, left undealt with, can turn into a black hole that needs filling and any substance will do; booze, stimulants, shopping, gambling; all giving us an immediate relief from the imbalance, but all taking us AWAY from what our heart is really asking us for.

    So it’s time to listen.


    And my life is dedicated to sharing this message of HOW to transcend struggle. There isn’t any other work I could do now, and if I did something else then I wouldn’t be listening to my heart. And it is so effortless; all I have to do is share my truth. I write everyday, invite those that want to dive in to meet me so that they can gain a deeper understanding of what is possible, because I am standing right in front of you,

    “I’ve done it.

    I’m happy.

    It’s wonderful here.

    Please join me.

    Why wouldn’t you?”

    And why wouldn’t you take the next step?

    Why wouldn’t you come on retreat?

    And because I have touched in on the magic in my heart, a magical house showed up and all of our events are held here in it’s embrace. And we are in good company on the quantum because the Gandhi family have been here, royalty have visited, global leaders have created treaties and an international peace movement was led from Hill Farm, Suffolk.

    Throughout its 500+ year history this house has soaked up the energy of its guests, and this is why Dom and I were called here to do the work that we do.

    So why wouldn’t you join us on this high frequency of internal peace and alignment and receive yourself insight into what it actually feels like.

    There is magic within these walls.

    Alchemy happens.

    And it is available to you.

    Here is your invitation…..

    Our next manifestation retreat is happening next month with a few places still remaining. I hope you can join us x



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    Love Rachel xxx

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