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  • Instructor Newsletter 6th September 2012

    Back to school and Back to Classes 🙂


    SEPTEMBER – we are now on the final 1/4 quarter of 2012. I bet you have got all of your new classes sorted, advertised, marketed and ready to rock.It’s an exciting time in fitness, right now, there is an air of change, new concepts, classes, workouts and projects are being launched. The beauty of social media is new ideas spread and go viral so fast. Back in the day you would need to wait for costly print adverting and now you can create your concept, road test it then launch it. That is so amazing my opinion, its keeps the market vibrant and fresh and you can never second guess what is coming next.

    Firstly, I’ll just bore you all quickly with an eye update…I’m still signed off teaching, it’s 3 weeks now and it’s been testing to say the least…….

    All this resting and relaxing has left me with so much energy I’m sure I could keep the national grid going. On a positive note it’s looking and feeling a whole lot better. I’ve even got used to wearing glasses now, and actually don’t see Olive from On the Buses staring back at me when I look into a mirror. (only people over 40 will remember On the Buses – 70’s very un pc sitcom)

    PLUS, I’ve managed to put all this time to good use. As I mentioned in last week’s newsletter, I’ve finished and launched the full KSFL Club Live Franchisee Business.



    The manuals, webinars and training website is all complete, the paperwork sorted and finalized, what was a dream 6 months ago has now been planned, created and already 16 postcodes have been secured by entrepreneurial Instructors who I’ll be working closely with to make this new business a massive success.

    I am also looking at overseas launches in UAE, Dubai, Canada and Spain. KSFL Club LIve will be truly global. The interest in KSFL Club LIve has been overwhelming. I’ve been non stop talking to potential franchisees over the last 2 days, working on their business plans and creating all of the educational KSFL training videos. This is by far, the biggest project I have ever created and I am certain there is gap in the market for a new kind of community weight management group. KSFL will be committed to partnering with local businesses such as butchers, greengrocers and fish mongers, cooking from scratch and sourcing local produce will be at the forefront of our mission.

    My main priority will be the clients. Caring and looking after our clients, making sure the have the most up to date information to make the right choices, their results and our customer service are at the top of our agenda.

    Not being able to teach and being confined to barracks has allowed me the luxury of time to work uninterrupted on this scheme and drive it through. I am now more committed, passionate and motivated than ever to bring a new national brand to the market place.

    You can view my initial KSFL Vision presentation if you click here. If you share my vision and you are interested do get in touch.

    Big One North – Sadly, I won’t be presenting my sessions ;-( BUT I will be there all day and I have enlisted the help of a very special guest to fill in for me! I’m really sad that I can’t present but look forward to some good banter and catch up, so do come up if you see me loitering about.

    LIW – September is also LIW which takes place next week at the NEC. Jayne and I always enjoy a saunter around the trade show; it’s always fun to see the new products, gadgets, courses and generally have a natter with people on the stands.

    This week’s newsletter sees a great article from Jayne, which made me smile, as did other articles that I hope will make you stop and think as they did me. Jill, Claire, Paula, Vikki, Cori and Andrew all love getting your tweets and feedback on a Thursday so do keep tweeting us and let us know what you think.


    Have you got an Idea? By Rachel Holmes


    I bet you have millions; it seems to be a common trait in the fitness industry, especially as we have all had the summer break, feeling fresh and excited about the Autumn.
    Therefore, how do you turn an idea into a tangible project or business?

    Here are my tips to taking the idea out of your head and into the real world.

    Ask yourself these simple questions before you get going.

    Is there a real demand for this class, fitness product or service?
    Be honest with yourself and do your research. Find out if there is DEMAND and if there is a definite need in your area, and if there is, you must deliver it as uniquely as possible. Many Instructors think there is a need for a certain class, spend money on marketing and advertising and then don’t get the numbers in. You have to ensure there is a demand, then meet the demand with your class/product/service etc.

    What do people complain about?
    What problems do people in your target niche/market have and how can you create a class or service that solves this.

    Grow it slow
    I heard this on a podcast this week “the tortoise wins the business race” and I loved this, it’s so true. My best advice is to make sure you have your basics in place, a professional website, quality branding, weekly newsletter, customer systems and segmented database, so you know exactly which class member attends which class, your referral programme, your auto responders and don’t take your eye off your CORE business. You can then add onto your core business new projects.

    Create a step by step logical business plan.

    When you have researched your idea, decided on a way to deliver it uniquely, create a simple step by step plan and to do list. See it through to the end.
    Don’t over complicate it.

    I’m a visual person so I have a big white board in my office with my project written at the top then the daily steps underneath. I can see it every time I look up, it keeps me on track and focused.
    I update my board every day with targets and a flow chart of what stage comes next in the project.

    Anything and everything is achievable. I hope these simple steps help you not waste precious time and push forward the more relevant ideas for you and your fitness business.

    New Music

    If you are looking for some inspiring tunes for your September classes then here are the latest releases from Pure Energy. I am totally loving All Fired up and Back to School

    All Fired Up – Click here

    Back to school – Click here

    And here’s a VLOG of me chatting about both mixes.

    New Choreography Downloads

    If you are searching for new class choreography ideas check out

    Cardio Core – 10 x 10 – 10 Core exercises in 10 minutes

    Cardio Core 10 x 10 10 Core exercises in 10minutes with Rachel Holmes

    Code: CC99
    Cardio Core 10 x 10 10 Core exercises in 10minutes with Rachel Holmes

    Another one of the Dirty 30 10minute complete body workouts. Cardio Core is 10 core exercises that will elevate your heart rate and really challenge your mid section. Great for classes looking for a core workout that BITES.

    Click here to view

    2 Tokens
    Length: 10 mins
    £ 2.99
    Size: 67.0 MB

    ”Today I am going to…………………………..”Jayne Nicholls

    Teach class of course, a day is not a day without exercise, especially if it is shared. In a way this is enough, there is no better or more rewarding occupation, so why are we all filling our time with other things that have become the new ”must do’s” in our daily routine. I notice that Tetley are one of the first large brands to actively re-buff social media in favour of actively promoting intimate and face to face communication.

    (Must create a face book page to champion meeting up face to face and sharing conversation). Our need to share what we might be doing or would be doing if we left the house has become uncontrollable. Opinions are manifested and shared like wildfire but we must not ever forget that before they become gospel, they need back up. Today I read a post that monkeys are dying due to a diet of Soy; therefore we must surely conclude that soy is bad – right? Do we question the quality and quantities that they consume or do we share the post. I have a piece of research in front of me now titled Soy protein may improve lipid profile of healthy individuals Study. Now do I read this well researched piece of information and create an opinion to sell to my clients or do I jump on the post and advocate whey.

    Of course I do neither as it is not my area of expertise and I am perfectly aware that many people eat pot noodles without ramification. My point however is that unless we have hard fact or evidence it is purely hearsay and most likely styled to sell a product.

    We are a very bright and fast moving industry so long as we stick to what we know and do very, very well.


    j a y n e

    jayne nicholls
    Group X Training Ltd www.freestylef

    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised…!!!
    By Andrew Crawford

    There is a ‘Silent Revolution’ going on at the moment within the Fitness Industry…It will not be televised.
    Internalised by individuals and manifested externally, from the tiny concept buried deep in the mind to reality on the outside world for all to see.
    You need ‘No Permission’ …..
    Whatever you want, you can have. The only fuel that is required to bring forth changes is called ACTION and your passion. Not THAT type….tut tut….
    Ideas without action are useless. You might as well forget it..!!
    For example….this little idea of mine lay dormant for over one and a half years.
    What was I doing in that time?
    I was moving, grooving, sipping the veuving… hi fiving, eating, flirting, hands all over the skirting….stroking, squeezing, like what I’m doing,??… dancing, pranching, romancing…discoing, you call this clubbing… mobiling, texting, emailing, facebooking, …tweeting, you tubing, ipading and thinking….
    Here was and now is my vision….

    You can sign up for your free copy here …..

    Watch out for more videos before launch…I’m making this my reality, I didn’t ask anyone’s permission
    Talking about launch, our very own Rachel Holmes launched her KSFL franchise this week, another Revolution…..needless to say…..I was the FIRST to secure my spot…why not? I lost over three and a half stone on this mofo…..
    If I can do it……I sure as eggs can instruct others to complete that programme.
    What a bargain as well…!! up the Revolution…!!
    Not only has Rachel Holmes – Kick Start Fat Loss (KSFL) Revolution been launched but did you notice others?
    Well….there was….
    Richard Callender’s – Armageddon Brand – Variable Intensity Group Fitness Revolution Instructor Training was also launched.
    What a guy…..he silently created this in his mind and launched in front of your eyes. He didn’t ask you or me for permission…and that’s how you should be. See it here……

    You just gotta love the tenacity of this next guy….Since I’ve known him, he has never given up…he doesn’t ask for permission either….he is always launching something new.
    Who is he?
    Troy Dureh’s Brand – Fight Klub – Hip Hop Body Revolution
    So Andrew,
    What the ….has the Revolution of Rachel Holmes, Richard Callender and Troy Dureh got to do with Accountancy and Tax??
    Tell us the Fitness Industry Gossip!!!
    Well….it’s all about Investment….
    Investment in self and in a product or service you believe in.
    Basically, you’re putting your b*ll*x on the line…or if you ain’t got any of those…..good ole spherical objects will suffice….!!!!

    Invest In Yourself
    Invest in yourself first in terms of reading books, going to workshops doing a seminar. Do articles, its amazing how much you know…!!
    Once you invest in yourself, your mind ‘springs into action’ and you can conceive an unlimited amount of thoughts and ideas.
    The returns for investing in yourself can be measured in long tern benefits.

    Invest In Your Family
    If you have off spring, consider investing in them. As the well known song goes….”…I believe the children are our future….”
    Again, a medium to long term strategy.

    The Rule of 72
    The Rule of 72 let’s you estimate with a fair degree of accuracy how long it will take for your lump sum investment to double at a given rate of interest.
    So…you would divide 72 by the rate of interest to get:
    72 / x% = years to doubling
    £10,000 invested at 10.4% will take 72 / 10.4 = 6 years to double
    ROI – Return on Investment
    ROCE – Return of Capital Employed
    Breakeven Analysis / Breakeven Point
    Breakeven Analysis is used to find the Breakeven Point at which your investment turns into a profit.
    Some investments have a high breakeven point, other investments have a low breakeven point.
    Example 1: A Mackkie D’s franchise cost say £250,000. How many big macs do you have to sell to break even? If Big Macs cost £1.99?
    £250,000 / £1.99 = 125,628 must be sold to break even. That’s high…!
    Example 2 : A KFSL franchise cost £997. How many programmes do you need to sell to break even? If programmes cost £57?
    £997 / £57 = 17 must be sold to break even. Now that’s low….!! (That’s why I went for this one and not Mackkie D’s…

    Return On Investment
    A more complex measure of investment, that can be split into secondary ratios for a more detailed analysis.
    Earnings before interest & tax / Capital employed x 100%

    This can be analysed as:

    Sales / Capital employed x Earnings /sales x 100%
    i.e Asset turnover x Net profit percentage

    There are many different ratios which are used to measure investments, I didn’t want to get into these today or you’ll accuse me of being boring…!!!
    For instance, I love then concept of compound interest but I have gone over this in an earlier article. If you need a copy, just give me a holla…!

    The ‘Jolly Giant’ actor Michael Clarke Duncan from the film ‘Green Mile’ died this week….what a loss…it just shows how fragile life is and why we should enjoy every day at a time.
    Don’t know who’s quote this is but ….” Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift that’s why we call it ‘The Present’…..”
    The ‘Original’ – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised by Gil Scott-Heron

    Live Good , Do Good , Be Good….The Revolution Will Be Live.!!
    Andrew Crawford

    There are more FREE resources, downloads and tax advice at our site, visit like our facebook page : for questions, or

    Get off the soap box by Jill Gardner

    There is no wrong or right – there is no black and white.

    When it comes to diets some can eat paleo and stay lean. Some people can be vegan and not manage to fall down dead. Some drink shakes, count points and calories heaven forbid, and manage fine to get healthier.

    When it comes to exercise some people can remain lean while they run 100s of miles a week and are perfectly fit and healthy. Some people just lift weights or god forbid attend 3 Zumba classes a week and still stay healthy and sane.

    Some people can run their business successfully without having to turn off Facebook or emails while some are better and more productive when they are using these platforms.

    When it comes to business, health, fitness, mindset everyone is different and therefore their approach is different. Who are we to judge each individual when all we are trying to do is make a difference.

    As fitpros it’s time we got out of the playground and start respecting other professional’s opinions and experiences.

    I work with clients that don’t want the bootcamp approach or strict clean eating but that doesn’t mean that someone else’s clients thrive on that approach. I don’t sell fast fat loss or supplements but that doesn’t mean it can’t work for others.

    I have taken something from all these unique approaches and applied them to my own life, my clients and my business. Something’s work a treat and something’s don’t.

    I have grown and learnt a lot by myself but also have taken lots from others that have trod the path so far. Our journeys are all going in different directions and therefore different strokes work for different folks. Just because something doesn’t work for you it doesn’t meant that it’s wrong or won’t work for someone else.

    The world is big enough for all of us and let’s face it. The world needs us. If as Fit pros we are messed up, fighting and confused how the hell are our clients supposed to stand a chance of understanding health, fitness and well being.

    Knowledge IS power but let’s not abuse this power. We can stand together and help support each other in our mission to make the world better. Respect that each of us have different missions, history, stories and experience. No one is right and no one is wrong.

    Let us leave our egos behind if we are really looking for success. Being authentic, true and passionate is about being you and no one else.

    That’s me off my soap box!!

    Big love, small tummies!

    Jill – The Fat Controller

    Precious Little Time by Katie Bulmer Cooke

    We are all so busy these days. We struggle to find time to eat, sleep, catch up with family and friends never mind enjoy the luxury of a relaxing evening, simply chilling out, having food and a conversation with the other half.

    Dashing from class to client, updating social media, answering emails, writing programmes, planning classes, sending newsletters; and this is all before we work on new projects that will drive your business forward.

    With so many fitness professionals citing time as their biggest barrier to implementing new ideas, or even just time to breath; it is time to employ new time management tactics if we want to experience change.

    Over the last year I’ve had many of my fitness friends say to me, ‘I don’t know how you find the time’…with a 2 year old, and a business and house to run it can be a challenge. But if anything, having Heidi has made me more productive and strict with my time.

    So, here are my top time management tips…

    Turn off Facebook! I check it 3 times daily; first thing, lunch time and evening, and even then I don’t look at the newsfeed, I simply check notifications and messages then log off. I do the same with Twitter. I don’t have notifications for Facebook, Twitter or my emails come through instantly on my iPhone either, I have the physically go into the app to check them.
    Make a weekly rota that includes set time where you do the basic tasks that keep your business ticking and set time where you turn off all distractions and work solely on one new idea. Also block time out for things like reading and research. For example, Monday 10.15-12.30 and Wednesday 10-12 I write and send my newsletter, write programmes, plan classes etc. Then Monday and/or Thursday 7-9pm I work on new projects. Stick to your rota like glue, also adding to it your weekly classes, clients and other set weekly activities such as your own workouts.
    Work against the clock and set yourself targets. For example, I’ll say, ‘by 11am I will have written my newsletter and filmed a home workout for my members only site’
    Get up early! My dad has always said to me ‘the early bird catches the worm’ and it is true. I get up at 5.20am everyday through the week and do my emails, social media, briefly read the headlines and train before my first client/session at 6.30am! Then its done and sorted for the rest of the day, before Heidi gets up.
    If you feel like you’re bogged down with so many tasks then make a list of everything then give each of them a rating out of 10 on importance (10 being most important). That will give you a clear list of what to do first. Make sure you tackle each point in its entirety before moving onto the next.

    I hope you find this useful,

    I would really like to hear your feedback @KatieBulmer1 #preciouslittletime

    KBC x

    How friendly are you with your clients?
    By Claire Mockridge
    Ante/Postnatal Fitness Expert

    Well, after a brilliantly business-focussed week last week, I’m going to touch on a more personal subject today which is “How friendly are you with your clients?”.

    As you know, I teach pre/postnatal mainly, and unless you’ve had your head in the sand, you’ll realise that women aren’t pregnant for very long eg 40 weeks, and I’d say the majority of my clients join me at 20+ weeks pregnant. New mums come along to my classes with their newborn at around 10+ weeks postnatal, and then leave to go back to work when their baby is 6-9 months old.

    So, as you can see, I have a very transient client base. Ladies meet me for the first time when they join my sessions during pregnancy; leave class to have their baby; and some, but not all of them return to me postnatally.

    In the early days, I used to get quite upset when clients who I thought I was making a good impression on, and dare I say “building a friendship” with, would simply ignore all of my emails asking them to sign up to my mum and baby classes.

    If you’ve ever felt hurt or perhaps offended when a longstanding client has left your services without so much as a “good bye” or “thank you”, then I’m certain you’ll relate to this scenario too. My question to you is though “How friendly are you with your clients?”. Do you deliberately put a distance between “you”, the Fitness Professional, and “them” your clients, or does the line sometimes get blurred?

    I’m not saying you should never be open and friendly with your clients, but for me personally, my mindset is not what it once was. At the end of the day, I’m running a business, and I’m fairly sure my clients have a jolly good time for the hour that they’re in my company, but that’s where it stops for me. I’ll guide them, assist them and teach them. That’s my job. What is it you do?

    Here are few points for you to consider when you’re feeling a bit sensitive the next time a client who you felt you were making friends with, just suddenly disappears off your radar:

    External influences – sometimes, there’s things in someone’s personal life going on that we just don’t know about.
    People are fickle – people aren’t as brand-loyal as they used to be; they shop around and remember, sometimes people do like a change.
    Keep your distance – crossing the friendship/professional line can sometimes be your downfall, so why not just become a “Friendly Fitness Professional” which combines “friendly” and “professional”.
    Use your mailing list – use email as a subtle way of keeping on your clients’ radar when they’ve suddenly dropped off it.
    Continually advertise – if you want to make a steady profit, you’ve got to keep fresh blood coming through the door.
    Be yourself – you don’t need to “prove” anything to anyone, so don’t go the extra mile to impress a particular individual, just treat everyone with the same “Friendly Fitness Professional” service.
    They will come back – some clients, for whatever reason will come back to you (perhaps even come crawling back!), and if they don’t return, remember it’s their loss, not yours.
    Don’t overanalyse – Life’s just too short to lose sleep wondering why something trivial happens, ok?

    I discuss client retention a lot in my “Bridging the Gap” Pre/Postnatal Exercise & Marketing Workshops for this reason. To find out how to book your space (Early Bird price ends at midnight tomorrow), connect with me here:

    Closed Facebook Group:!/groups/clairemockridge/

    Have a great Thursday!

    Claire Mockridge
    Ante/Postnatal Fitness Expert

    Community Spirit by Paula Denvir

    Do you network within your community? Yes, good on you.

    No – have you thought about putting on a local charity event?
    It doesn’t have to be for a specific charity, it could be for local Playgroup, School. Community Centre or Church.
    I recently helped organise a charity fashion show in aid of the AECC, Spain’s only cancer charity.
    What & how we did it –
    Find a venue; this was a local tennis centre.
    Find a local boutique who would supply the clothes.
    Arrange models.
    My local hairdresser, beautician offered to do hair and make up.
    Photos, doesn’t have to be a professional. A client who is a keen photographer offered to help.
    Publicity, my marketing man has done free promo posters. I contacted my local papers who agreed to do free press releases and everyone involved shared the event details on Facebook, Twitter and word of mouth including a Facebook event page.
    Get someone to film the event, again if doesn’t have to be a professional; surely someone you know has a camcorder.
    Sell tickets and spread the word via your classes and clients.
    The Big Day – the response on the night was overwhelming, Spanish and English community coming together. Luckily the models did see the funny side of modelling autumn clothes when the temperature was in its late 20’s, so no Naomi tantrums!
    I’m a so happy to advise that we have raised 1400 euros so far and more money is coming in.
    We will probably make this a yearly event we all the positive feedback we have received.
    If you don’t fancy putting on such a big event then why not offer to be a collection point or sell something to support a local centre.
    My studio is a collection point for bedding, blankets, (check out the best throw blankets here)pillows, towels for my local dog’s home and I sell chilli jam to my clients which one of the helpers make. In the past 6 months we have raised 300 euros for the pooches.
    My next charity event is a pink golf day in support of breast cancer.
    So with Xmas I’m afraid not that far away you could put on a special Xmas fayre, do a fancy dress master class, hold a Holistic evening which I did in November last year and that night alone raised 300 euros for Parkinson’s Disease.
    Let me know how you get on arranging your own event.
    Best wishes.
    Golf Fitness Specialist

    Vikki Scovell

    I am back from my holiday on Andros; two whole weeks where I slammed on the brakes, and inevitably time to reflect (after all it was hardly night-clubbing/shopping territory, so what else to do?).
    We arrived at Heathrow and the sun was shining. On approaching landing, England was shimmering with thousands of cars moving along myriad roads like microscope close-ups of blood cells through veins. After hours looking out of the plane window, watching blue seas, unreal-looking aqua marine lakes, white sandy beaches and ferocious rocky mountain ranges, England looked dull. I’m sorry, but it did. Acres and acres of housing developments, endless motorways, car Parks, a rash of Superstores…. Then came a marvelous East-Enders moment where the iconic curves of the Thames shimmered into view.

    My resistance to the lackluster landscape dissolved; for all of its difference, and muted spectrum of colours, we were HOME. After the usual me-style panic where I realized that I knew which parking bay I was in, but not the ACTUAL car park, we found our way onto the bus, into the car park. I thoroughly embarrassed the children by jumping off the bus, and calling out to my beloved vehicle ‘Hey Bluebell, It’s Mummy, I’m home!’
    Child 1- What the HELL Mum? You’re like so like EPICALLY embarrassing, it’s like just not true, you DO REALISE that Bluebell is like NOT REAL? (Glares from under thick fringe at me like a feisty Manga heroine). Me- HA! Well you called her Bluebell, thus anthropomorphizing her and negating your argument!’ (Licks finger, and holds it up adding a sizzling noise). Child 1- (Glowers). Child 2- What the Hell?….. We clamber in, I rub Buddha’s tummy on the dash-board, turn the key and BOOSH! She actually starts (which would NEVER have happened if I had addressed her merely as ‘the car’).
    On the M4, I realize as I drive, that it is chronologically my life mapped out in motorway junctions. If the M4 was my timeline, I could turn back into the town where I was born, and visit our house. My Mum would be listening to Neil Diamond in the kitchen while she poured a glass of wine for Dad who would be in the garden teaching me how to use a magnifying glass to burn paper.
    A few miles further and I could turn off to boarding school; cosy up in my room with my (still) best girlfriends, chatting and laughing, with our whole lives ahead of us; still young, beautiful and hopeful. I could wait until the next junction, and drive into the rolling countryside to the house of my first love, to believe again that our incredible vision of a happy future was there for the picking, all those fresh hopes and dreams. How tempting would it have been to turn in at the beginning of university, work a bit harder, maybe choose science instead of the arts, like I was expected to; where might that have taken me?
    Or maybe to leave the motorway one more junction down, when my children were still tiny; spend some time with their angelic baby-selves. Pluck them all pink and chubby from a warm bath, roll them up in their pyjamas, kiss their duckling-soft golden curls, and read them a long story until they slept.
    Or drive a little further to take the old bridge to the Forest; my husband waiting at home for us, where we would still be a ‘proper’ family, with hens pecking about our feet, and my cats curling round my ankles as I put down the suitcases and stepped into my Husbands welcoming arms. If I chose differently and continued past the turning to our cottage, I could have driven on a few miles to Mr. Fabulous’ house, let myself in with my key, put the kettle on and waited to hear his car crunch over the gravel, the door swing open, and him to rush to see me, all happy and excited and madly in love. But all of these pasts and their possible futures have gone, they are memories’ and thoughts now, and I can’t have them back, I can’t change anything, and I can’t dwell on what I did and didn’t do right; or what might have been.
    So I drove over the grand white Bridge into Wales. The Severn Estuary was still and perfect; the mirrored surface reflecting the bridge and the boats and the shore line, making the entire picture twice as big as it was (hmm- nice metaphor, bigger picture etc; like it!). On through the winding lanes to my hill-top house where the three of us live together, my girls and I, where the empty building to the side of the house is waiting to accommodate my classes when I start back to work, and boxes full of note pads wait to be translated into books. Where the future, and hard work, and building a new family dynamic sits, waiting patiently for me to begin. Where this evening I will hear a different car crunch across the driveway and a new man will get out and be really pleased to see me, and who knows…… But one thing is certain, I will not look back, I have filed the ‘what-ifs’ under the heading WASTE OF TIME. I will look forwards, and I’m moving on with a strong idea of where I am going.
    Have a great week, and I hope that you feel like you are forging ahead into this busy time of the year, with a clear plan for your business and your life. Whatever you do, don’t look behind you, close your ears to the whispering of ‘what ifs’, and keep your eyes on the horizon. See you in the future; it’s going to be fantastic!
    Vikki Scovell @fitbite

    Have a wonderful Thursday
    Love Rachel xx

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