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  • Instructor Newsletter 8th May 2014

    C2GO Newsletter (1)

    For all Fitpros who want to reach more people, earn more money & have a happy life in the process – leave your email here
    C2GO Newsletter 8th May 2014

    Last week I hit the road again with our new NOVA programme, which we have created and licensed to Virgin. Nova will run exclusively through the Virgin Active Health Clubs, so I’m on a whistle stop UK tour visiting the regions presenting the training. It’s been fab meeting so many C2GO members and a whole intake of brand new Instructors who are just embarking on their fitness careers. Virgin will be launching NOVA at the end of May & it’s been such a blast teach such diverse and interesting groups.

    This Saturday I’m presenting my sold out Make it Happen Day.
    The slides are all ready, my talks are prepped, I’ve picked my dress to wear, hair styled AND more importantly have some amazing content to share.
    Especially, in the recent light of how social media is changing, the big brands that are moving into the industry and how to work on YOUR own self belief and positivity.

    It’s going to be a cracking day and I can’t wait to see everyone who is booked on.
    There is SO much to go  at in fitness these days, so many opportunities.

    Where are you headed in your fitness future?

    How do you want your life to look in the next 1 year, the next 2 years or even 5?
    I’ve been banging on about creating an online
    fitness business and scaling
    your business using the internet for the last, well, a million years!

    Have you done it?

    Have you taken the steps to begin creating and designing
    your OFB (Online Fitness Business)?

    Leading on from last week’s newsletter
    I talked about how dramatically
    social media, as we know it today, is changing.

    Click here to read last week’s newsletter.

    If you are relying on FB for your marketing and
    increasing your profile,
    then it’s unlikely to be free for very long.
    You will have noticed less people
    are seeing your posts and the organic reach of each post is declining rapidly
    unless you pay to boost or pay for advertising.

    The most important thing is to use social media as a lead generating tool.
    Encouraging your friends and fans to add their email address to your email list.

    You can do this with a free gift.
    The gift could be a free class, a free webinar,series of online videos or talks.

    For example, I ran a 7 day 2 minute video series last week with me giving daily nutrition, workouts and positive living tips. I posted the promotion of this on all of my social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube and within 2 days over 600 people had signed up for the course.
    That’s an additional 600 people who have joined my KSFL mailing list, which is amazing as potentially they could be future clients and customers.

    This is called FREMIUM.
    I give away great information and content in exchange
    for your email address. I shot and edited the videos on my iphone and uploaded them to Youtube.

    I created 7 emails containing the links that would be sent out every 24 hours to people that had signed up for the course.

    Are you Interested in wanting to know more about how to do this?

    If you want to stop teaching so many classes, earn more money and
    you have great ideas, are creative and want to help more people,
    BUT, you are not techie or feel technical problems are slowing you right down, then you need to understand the exact steps of what to do in what order to create your OFB.

    The future of EVERYTHING is online/ecommerce.
    It’s in our smart phones, it’s on apps
    and it’s in content creation, especially for your future fitness business.

    Steps To Creating Your Online Fitness Business

    1:Who is YOUR avatar? Who is your ideal customer – the person you really
    want to work with, hang out with and be with.

    2:Work out what your ideal customer needs – what is he/she looking for?

    3:Leverage your platforms – Using social media in a time efficient way. Understanding the individual platforms & how to get people off social media & onto your database.

    4:Create a FREMIUM that becomes your lead magnet.
    Attracting more people into your email list.

    5:Communicate with your list regularly via blog posts, videos, visuals and audios, giving  useful and interesting content. YOU have SO much knowledge to share.

    6:Keep building your list daily.
    Once you have built a responsive list you can create
    products and services to sell & to market your LIVE classes and services to.

    Creating a OFB is not a short, fast sprint, it’s a steady marathon.
    Exactly the same as growing your live classes, you have to chip away building your client base and daily marketing, but YOU can do it. If you really want to change your lifestyle in the next year
    start taking those steps now and grow your email list.

    YOUR fitness email list is your biggest and most valuable business asset.

    KS EXTREME Workshop Tour

    Insanity has recently come along as the latest big US fitness brand to provide training courses for qualified and non qualified fitness Instructors.

    But you don’t have to offer it. You don’t have to jump on another brand if you really don’t want to.

    Do you have the strength to swim against the tide?

    Just because lots of people have appeared to have  jumped on
    INSANITY it doesn’t mean you have to.

    Putting together your own style of intense workout, using your knowledge,
    teaching skills and personality is KEY in today’s fitness industry.
    It’s cool to be different.

    Kelly and I have created 4 very unique templates in the KS EXTREME
    style as an alternative to doing INSANITY,  plus there is branding, marketing,
    DVDS and music if you want it.

    Places have been selling really fast but if you would like to grab a place
    Check out

    Are you in the KIng Lynn Area?

    I’ll be doing a KSFL talk, KS EXtreme& Fitness Pilates masterclass on 14th June from 930am at The Fitness Studios and everyone is welcome.
    Be great to see you all. You can book

    Being Prepared to Pay The Price For What You Want by Jenny Burrell

    I’ve just finished a huge piece of ‘creating’ and launched a brand new course today and I am both a combination of spent and bursting with pride. The pride arises from absolutely KNOWING that I was prepared to and totally did pay the price for what I wanted…..I pulled a LOT of 12 hour days, read a lot of books and research papers, made more Powerpoint slides than I thought humanly possible, did my marketing, filled the course, found the venue, got the artwork done, got the t-shirts printed……… get the gist?  Worked my a*s off for what I was passionate about until it was done.

    I decided that I was going to do something and decided that I was going to do WHATEVER it took to achieve the goal.  It wasn’t an impossible goal, it was just unchartered territory. So I knew it was totally possible but would just involve a lot of graft, long days at the computer, lateral thinking and asking for help from the right people.

    So to my point…..soooo many people WANT so much but when faced with what they will need to DO to achieve the goal they lose momentum.  Sometimes it’s the fear of failure, what others will say, or they think that in reality, they won’t make or even deserve to make the finish line.  But the more I go down the road of ‘having a go’………..guess what?  I now, without a shadow of a doubt believe that we can achieve most of what has occurred to us …………..that’s why it occurred to us!  And when we don’t…..guess what?  It’s also a good lesson because then you get to really decide if it’s what you REALLY WANT THAT THING and will fight for it or you were barking up the wrong tree and need to quit…..  And of course, there’s a trick in knowing which is which but ultimately, fortune favours the brave and those who are PREPARED TO PAY THE PRICE & DO THE WORK FOR WHAT THEY REALLY WANT, and those people will mostly go forward towards their dreams.

    I’ll be talking about DOING THE WORK, getting comfortable with uncertainty and really honing your internal GPS at Rachel’s KSFL event on June 7th.  I really hope to meet you there!  Til then, join me in my awesome Facebook Group called Metabolic Mommy so you can hang with others who ‘do the work’ and love it ?

    Can Addiction Be Positive?
    By Jo De Rosa

    I saw things in a different way at the weekend, and since then I have been mulling over a new perception I have on addiction.
    Over my 25-year career of varying addictions I have learnt that my addictive nature is going nowhere. I have tried to push it away and pretend that it isn’t part of me, but when I do that I have always ended up even deeper in the current substance than ever before.

    So I have learnt to accept that it is part of who I am.

    But still some of the old patterns like to repeat themselves, the addictive lure sometimes strong when I am tired or not feeling 100%, and I find myself playing the game of addiction: TRYING not to do something that I don’t even want to do.

    When addiction becomes helpful

    At the weekend something shifted however, and now I see that I can use this unbelievably strong ‘urge’, ‘pull’, ‘desire’ in a positive way. There is a HUGE amount of energy here so why not channel it in a more productive way?

    I call this energy ‘joo’ because it rhymes with ‘glue’, and for sure something is going to get stuck to it!
    For 20 years I allowed my ‘joo’ to get stuck to cocaine, cigarettes, Solpadine, caffeine, sugar and alcohol. But back then I didn’t realise or understand that my ‘joo’ could also be used in a more positive way….

    Are athletes addicts?

    Just think about how focused any athlete must be to stay the leader of the pack. As fit pros you know how hard you must work to maintain physical fitness. Being an athlete you have to be slightly obsessed with your sport to win, a kind of addiction yes?

    What about entrepreneurs?

    Now take an entrepreneur who has created his or her own business from scratch. They work all the hours possible and think, breath, and live their brand….definitely a form of addiction.

    Think about anyone who is REALLY good at something. They have worked their arses off to get there, and been super-focused to reach their goals. There has to be a certain drive to be successful, and for some entrepreneurs their work IS their addiction, which is why they are so good at it.

    Perhaps all the people that are at the top of their game just happen to be addicted to whatever it is they are good at. Maybe us with an ‘addictive nature’ are the lucky ones, and just need to learn how to use our addictive energy in the right way?

    Channel Your ‘Joo’

    Can you then imagine what unlimited potential you are sitting on, if only you allow your ‘joo’ to be the wind that pushes you to the next level in your business/life? Rather than get taken on a downward spiral of doom and destruction, use your ‘joo’ to catapult you upwards towards success.
    When you get an addictive urge to do something negative -turn it around- and instead do that which is positive for you: it could be making a smoothie, or meditating for 10 minutes, or perhaps going for a run.
    The point here is USE YOUR JOO IN A POSITIVE WAY!

    Jo Joo

    So now when I have a ‘joo’ moment I consider whether I want to raise or lower my vibration with my next action.
    If I eat crap I feel like crap = low vibration
    Alcohol = very low vibration
    Over-the-counter pain medication = low vibration
    And just because it’s always what I’ve done to cope, feel supported, or reach some sort of equilibrium, I know in my heart that these coping mechanisms that I’ve set up for myself do not actually help me at all. They all lower my life-force and ultimately make me feel worse.

    On the flip side:
    When I meditate I feel amazing = higher vibration
    Make a smoothie = higher vibration
    Workout = higher vibration

    I’ve got the answers and do you know what, I am absolutely going to use them and be the best possible version of myself that I can be. And I really do believe I can do this, and go further than I’ve ever gone before in my work-life, home-life, health, happiness and general well-being  ?

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you use your ‘joo’ to positive ends, and tell me do you think addiction can ever be helpful? Have a great week x

    Facebook:  InnerGuidance
    Twitter:  @Inner_Guidance
    Copyright: Jo De Rosa 2014

    Las Palmas vs Las Vegas

    By Andrew Crawford

    Which one…?

    Well, just imagine my amazement when my beautiful wife organised a surprise trip………not to Las Palmas (which I thought I was going to) but to Las Vegas….!!!

    In fact….I didn’t have a Scooby Doo…!!

    Not only that…….it included a stretch limo to pick us up at Las Vegas airport with ice cold champagne supplied then at the hotel a top of the building suite (not a double room)…including,  amongst other stuff, a jacuzzi, bar, living room, dressing room, dining area, a helicopter ride through and over the Grand Canyon taking in the Hoover Dam,  Cirque du Soleil show, Volcanoes, Waterfalls… etc etc……ALL without my money…..!! Yippee…..!!!  psst…..(I wonder what she’s after????)

    You gotta love her….!!!

    One thing wrong with this was that as it was a complete surprise as to the destination……..I packed the wrong set of clothes….!!!

    As I sat here sipping on my chilled veuve, I couldn’t help but wonder what a trip like this costed in total….and it ain’t finished yet..!!!

    For instance, last night out and a few drinks cost $300. Entrance was free. I wasn’t even tippsy…!! Thank goodness for duty free…!!
    So you see… wallet is getting a bit of a bashing. This where my ‘Commercial Bank of Crawford’ took over.

    So Andrew……

    What has Las Vegas the gambling city of the world and host to the Mayweather vs Maidana fight on Saturday night, Boys 2 Men partying downstairs after there concert in our hotel and the rap master NAS who was also chilling downstairs got to do with Accountancy & Tax?

    Well……It’s all down to Budgeting. Without knowing the numbers this trip could have been a big financial disaster for the unprepared.

    So…What did my wife have to think about knowing that I like nice things?

    Here’s a quick Budget Checklist for you to consider for your next trip.

    Travelling Budget

    One of the most important costs is the cost of the flights. I can just imagine my wife trying to organise the best time for me. During the school term, flights will be much cheaper than any of the school holidays on the calendar.

    Another cost is….’Turning Left On The Plane’

    If flight is over 4 or 5 hours I prefer to pay the extra to make the left turn.

    There are much more benefits in doing that, like leg and body room, flowing champagne, being served first, no long queues outside the loos.

    If your budget extends does not  to both ways, perhaps you can consider an ‘Upgrade’ on the way back from your destination. Obviously, this will work out cheaper than doing it both ways.

    You could also upgrade at when you are signing in.

    An alternative, which I have used in the past, is to cost the flights from different airports. See which one fits your budget.

    Hotel Budget

    Whilst at your destination there will be a vast array of hotels, Motels and Holiday Inns….

    I have found that it is better to negotiate a bedroom upgrade directly face to face at the hotel you intend to stay at.

    Frills and Spills Budget

    This included the limo experience in Vegas and Champagne. The Grand Canyon Helicopter flight and all the other attractions. These additional excursions were quite expensive, so know what you want to do and know the costs so that you are not surprised when you decide to do them

    Spending Money Budget

    I like to have money in my pocket so that we don’t have to worry.

    Whatever you think you are going to spend…..double it.

    Eating out Budget

    We decided that we were going to eat out every day, therefore a food budget had to be drawn up. Now this is hard because one doesn’t know when you will be hungry.

    This included breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the room.

    This part of your budget can be expensive. I thought I could predict this and keep to a rigid budget…….I didn’t …I personally wanted all the best stuff, so…..I had to pay for it.

    Try and keep your budget tight.

    Entertainment Budget

    Entertainment is expensive here. I would suggest knowing which entertainment shows etc you want to do and find out the costs beforehand

    Presents Budget

    Don’t forget those small little gifts for family and close friends. The decision here will be whether you are going to buy something for everyone or just a select few.

    Have your gift money separate from your main funds.

    Just In Case Budget

    Always have some spare cash……Just in Case….!!!
    There may be an unexpected emergency that may occur which could take a chunk of your already budget funds.

    Simply carry a ‘little Extra’ somewhere to cover these instances.

    I happened to do this and suddenly ‘Came Across’ this hidden source of funds I had forgot was there.

    This will come in handy…..A Special Gift to thank my wife..!!


    So here on Saturday is he Mayweather vs Maidana fight, it’s getting very exciting seeing all these long stretched limos glide into town.

    There’ no expense spared with the Cats…..No Budgeting required…It can only be Las Vegas Baby…!!!

    Have a Wonderful Thursday

    For all Fitpros who want to reach more people, earn more money & have a happy life in the process – leave your email here
    Rachel x

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