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  • Instructor Newsletter Hello From Turkey

    I’m writing the newsletter today from Turkey as I’m teaching
    at one of my favourite places in the world – Gural Premier in Belek.

    Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 07.15.24

    My classes here have been attended by mainly Turkish ladies
    who are here on holiday with their families and over the week you
    build lovely friendships and get to know everyone
    which is such a magical part of our jobs.

    Its been nearly 40 degrees most days
    so I’ve been teaching mainly Fitness Pilates, BrainFit and
    Meditation & Flow classes so a change from my usual HIIT
    and intense workouts.

    With current world events chatting at length to the Turkish
    people is so interesting as many of my class members here are from Istanbul.

    Being away is also the perfect opportunity to look at your goals
    and motivation going forward. What is driving you forward and identify
    whys you want to reach those goals so I’ll be doing a little goal settings
    chat this morning on so pop in
    if you have chance and say HI!

    I’ve also been thinking a lot about motivation hence the following article…
    How To Get Your Motivation Mojo Back by Rachel

    It’s that time of year where your mojo may have popped of on holiday…. along with everyone else..

    Being a sole warrior working on motivating others day in and day is
    flippin WARING at times…..

    Are you struggling with your fitness business & teaching motivation?………..

    Maybe you know you have to get involved more in Social Media and really market your classes and services much more, but you just can’t get going……?

    Perhaps you HAD some great ideas for new classes and now life and families and events have knocked the wind from your sails?

    The first thing to know is we ALL feel like this at some point, and I will put my hand up as well here.

    Being a solo Instructor and entrepreneur can be tough at times – It’s one of the reasons I created this weekly newsletter 15 years ago
    that we can connect – we all feel the same from time to time.

    I think it’s comforting to know its not just YOU!

    So here are my steps to help you rediscover your motivation mojo and get back on track.

    1.Be honest with yourself.

    The truth will set you free, so be honest with yourself and look at your work and your work life balance. Working day after day in a service business such as fitness is tough and its no longer a 9 – 5 its the 24 hour shop that never shuts!
    Take a break and have a digital detox from time to time.
    2.Are you doing Fitness as a Business or a Hobby

    If you truly are doing fitness as a business then you have to act like it and get the job done on a daily basis. Look at everything you offer, make a plan, create your marketing and get cracking. I truly believe there is amazing untapped potential out there that people are not even touching yet. It really is all about getting clear
    if you don’t know what you want out of your teaching then how can set goals?

    What’s your passion?

    Who do you want to serve and work with?

    There are so many different groups of people who need our expertise….Have a brainstorm.

    3.Mix & Socialise

    Don’t be a hermit, mixing with other Fitpros, attending networking events, joining local women’s groups / business / breakfast groups, going to workshops are all brilliant ways to get your motivation mojo back.

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I’ve been to so many networking groups and TBH I don’t find them that enthralling so I’m thinking of starting my own.

    What do you think?

    I’d LOVE to live network with like minded business owners who live locally to me so I might give it a go and start my own. I find it really energising talking to other people
    from different industries so Im wondering if creating a local group could work…..

    It’s great to network on Facebook but nothing beats a live meet up.

    What about you ?

    Could you start your own networking group?
    4.Read and Listen

    I know I say this every week, but my number one tip for re-igniting my motivation mojo is to listen to podcasts, audio books and watch motivation videos on Youtube. Just 20 minutes a day will have you doubling your productivity. Ideas will start coming to you in the shower, while you are driving, when you teach, at all random times. I do this daily and I cannot recommend it highly enough.
    5.Look after yourself

    We are constantly telling everyone else how to live a healthy life but what about you? Are you eating, training and sleeping right……….Does your diet need an overhaul? You could take on a trainer, which is AMAZING for someone else to tell you what to do and work out a plan for you. I have a trainer and wish wish wish I had taken a trainer years ago.
    Loads of C2GO members join me every week and do my online programmes and workouts, listen to the audios and get involved every day.

    But sometimes you just can’t wait for the motivation to appear, you just have to get on with it. Think of all of the amazing reasons you love teaching, think of the passion you have when you teach, all the people you have helped.

    99% of successful people do the things they don’t really want to.
    Regardless of how they feel they take action on a regular basis.
    They don’t wait to “feel like it” they stay connected to their goals
    and that drives them forward. They train themselves to do the things
    that they find difficult.

    Think of all the things you “don’t” want to do – it could be make phone calls/answer emails/start a networking group/ exercise whatever but you know doing those things
    will drive you forward and take you closer to your goals.
    Personally, I train every day, listen to motivational audios in my car and keep learning and trying to grow.

    I run away from negative people and try and protect my energy but of course
    there are times when I want to go on holiday and never come back but in my heart of hearts I know I’d be bored after 3 days!

    Today on Facebook Live I’m talking about Goal Setting
    and Motivation I’d love you to join me
    at 730am Do stop by and say Hi

    I’d love your feedback, as ever Tweet me @RachelHolmes or Facebook me

    Why SGT is the way forward by Jay Banks

    SGT or should I say small group training as been trending now on and off for some time

    Or though whenever I talk to other instructors about it, they are still shy to work this format into their fitness business some how.

    I understand this personally, I was a bit shy also and didn’t quite know how to work this style of training into my business
    But boy I’m glad I did
    As not only did it allow me to double and triple my hourly rate of income which I’m sure everyone wants with their businesses
    It gave me something more valuable than money!!!!
    I gave me
    The most valuable commodity there is in my eyes!!
    With this extra time I have been able not only continue to increase my income be putting on more SGT sessions which again is great but I’ve also been able to take time out of delivering sessions to work on my businesses and most importantly spend time with family and friends.
    Not only did it give me more, it gave my clients something that was lacking
    They had been getting good results training one on one with me but something was missing
    It was the support factor that you get when your working towards a goal with a group of friends or like minded individuals.
    SGT gave them this and with the extra support network being added my clients that went from one on one too the SGT system saw their results go from good to AMAZING.
    Plus they were now getting 2 or 3 session per week instead of just 1.
    Over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing my “How to blueprint” step by step on SGT right here in the C2go newsletter
    So if you are thinking about adding this style of training to you business and want to learn more come back next week.
    Jay Banks
    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

    Are You Living The Dream Yet?
    by Jo De Rosa
    If the answer is YES then you are going to resonate BIG time to this blog, and if it’s NO then there are a few things you can do to get you to that place.
    The most important element here is getting into alignment.
    Alignment with our dreams.
    And the first question you should be asking yourself is,


    For how can you live it if you don’t know what it looks like!
    And so many people have never been asked the question before and live INSIDE a small box of existence; told that life is mediocre, a constant struggle, and that dreams are not for them.

    I am asking you to OPEN UP THE BOX and peer out.
    What does your life look like if it became a little bigger?
    If you were to begin to believe that anything was possible?

    I talked about vision boards a few months ago, have you started yours?
    What is your dream around the different areas of your life:
    – Work
    – Family
    – Love
    – Health
    – Travel
    – Spiritual life

    The quickest way is through daily meditation.
    Sitting with yourself and first asking ‘what is my dream’, and then visualising it into existence.

    See it
    Feel it
    Smell it
    Taste it
    Hear it

    THAT is how you get into alignment with it.
    Your dream is like a new outfit that you’ve splashed out on; you try it on and parade in front of the mirror everyday in it, and you feel AMAZING.

    And then you know what happens when your new outfit is not so new any longer?
    It becomes ‘normal’ and boring and then you want to buy a NEW and BETTER outfit.
    When this happens with your dreams you upgraded to the next level and outgrew your old life. I’ll give you an example.

    In 2012 I was teaching yoga in various gyms and clubs local to me and during the day was teaching yoga in schools. Yet I dreamt of something bigger. If I was honest with myself I didn’t enjoy teaching kids yoga and some of my classes in gyms were a drag, or as Rachel would call them ‘toxic’.
    We’d already converted our garage into a small home studio where I was offering private sessions plus I’d held my first retreat the year before and knew that this was what I really wanted to get into.

    Then out of the blue an old friend got in contact with me saying that she was opening a detox retreat centre in the UK and wanted me to run it for her. It was an amazing and huge opportunity and one that I jumped at. The pay was great and meant that I could give up the schools work, and ALL of my classes in gyms (after teaching them for 11 years!). The new job was living away at the new centre for one week every month meaning I could set up what I called ‘Semi-Private’ yoga classes at my home studio the other three weeks.

    At the time it was such a huge leap of faith: would my community class students pay a little extra and come to my home studio; they said they would but would they really?

    Well they did and with bells on. Most weeks I had waiting lists for all the classes and my students loved the vibe of my gorgeous studio; think fabric on the ceiling Ibiza style, incense, relaxing music, and my whole collection of singing bowls and of course the gong. All of that in place of the smelly gym, tannoy announcements all the way through class, parking issues etc..

    I ran the business via text messaging and newsletters with the dates that classes were on, and it was a roaring success. I’d freed myself from the toxic classes that were holding me back and was doing EXACTLY what I WANTED to do; I was truly in alignment and it felt great.

    The point here is that this new lifestyle that I had created and seemed like such a huge jump upwards then became ‘normal’.

    I had stepped up into a new level of life and the new level was my new normal. And from this succulent space of alignment I’d created the space for an even bigger opportunity to present itself in early 2013, when Hill Farm came onto the market and I was once more going to get completely out of my comfort zone and move my life into the next level. One where I moved out of conventional living for good (semi-detatched house in suburbia) and into a mansion on a 500 acre estate.

    Looking back I took small steps along the way to this latest massive leap of faith, and each one brought me further into alignment of my truth, of my hearts desire, of my ultimate dream: of helping many people realise theirs.

    All of this success I put down to meditation.
    One simple act that I get up a few minutes earlier each day for.
    Something that YOU can do.
    So Are You Living The Dream Yet?
    If you’d like some more accountability around YOUR daily meditation then please join me each morning at 7:15am BST when I livestream my own personal practice and join me for 5, 10, 20 or more minutes everyday. Join the Quantum Superpowers™ Facebook group and the conversations and meditations of an emerging world; there is even a FREE meditation that i’ve recently recorded to get you started!

    Let me know about your meditation practice over in the group and introduce yourself to everyone. I’d love to hear if you need any support in your daily practice and can answer your questions. See you over there!
    Have a great day, happy meditating, and live the life you dream of x

    Have a Fantastic Day

    Love Rachel xxxx

    Follow me on Snap Chat Rachel L Holmes
    Instagram Rachel L Holmes

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    The BrainFit Workout™ yet?

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    11th September then Kelly Reed-Banks will
    be rolling out the workshop through out the UK.

    As this is such a new concept there are limited places on
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