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    Hope this newsletter finds you well?

    As the children have all gone back to school we hit the “summer period” (I say that very loosely due to the weather) of the Fitness calendar.

    If you have launched new sessions, classes, personal training initiatives or SGT then the next month before the main holidays should be a busy one.

    This week sees some great articles by Cori, Sally, Katie, Andrew and Jayne and many of you will remember Vikki Scovell and her brill articles. I’m coaching Vikki at the moment with some exciting new projects and her unique ideas, plus I’d like to introduce you to Yvonne Radley. I’m also working with Yvonne, who is cofounder of Action Bootcamps in Nottingham. A former radio presenter, Yvonne has some useful ideas on PR and approaching local media.

    The Dirty 30 Workout Club

    I launched the 30 workouts in 30 days project for June, and over 120 people have joined in. I have designed  30 different workouts, so you can imagine it’s been a lot of work but a lot of fun. My challenge every day has been to create a new 10 to 15 min full body workout using no equipment or minimal.

    Along the way more and more people have joined in and now we have a real movement going. Therefore, I will be continuing The D30WC into July and including the – “No Sugar in July” challenge, to see if we can break the sugar addiction without doing a diet or detox. If you want to get involved in the July challenge I will be posting details at the end of this week.


    We are supremely excited and enthusiastic about Saturday’s workshop with instructors attending from all over the UK. Both Jayne and I are really enjoying working together again and we are going to be having a lot of fun on the day. If you did manage to get a place, we are both looking forward to seeing you in Derby on Saturday.

    New Downloads.

    I have uploaded 3 new downloads onto the website and look forward to your feedback.

    My Top 10 Ab and Core Exercises
    Barefoot Lower Body and Power Ideas
    Old Skool Aerobics 2

    Rachel Holmes Workout TV

    I am aiming to release 2 home workouts every week. This week it was my new campaign “Get Fit While the Football is on” aimed at anyone who is not very interested in football, and stuck at home not being able to get out and train.
    On Monday at 5 o’clock, when England kicked off, over 350 people viewed the workout, which is amazing. I got great feedback on this tongue in cheek initiative.

    Here’s the workout

    Fitness Pilates every Friday will start tomorrow with an FP workout you can do with me every Friday.

    To access Rachel Holmes Workout TV please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Click here to subscribe

    Kick Start Fat Loss – My new group is starts on Monday Click here to join

    19 Day Fitness Business Course begins on Monday

    Rachel Holmes Fitness Business Career Coaching & Mentoring Options click here

    Jayne Nicholls

    How many years have I been writing in this newsletter, my own and the Fit pro magazine. With this in mind, you most likely all know me for being both forthright and in some cases outspoken. I would also hope that you understand I am also honest and 100% dedicated to our industry. So with this in mind,I am sure you have guessed that there is a rant coming.

    1.I have never met a business person, entrepeneur, guru or mentor that sells profit in cash terms whether 2, 6 or 7 figures. Business is profit margins, customer satisfaction and longterm plans, it is hard graft, deep planning and ALOT of back room work.

    2.Businesses have a back room, they have a history and they start at the bottom, not at the top.
    So with this in mind and as a business owner, there are not long term sustainable 6 or 7 figures earned in face to face teaching 1 to 1 or group

    3.No business is run by working 6 hours a week

    4.No community business can be sustained by charging direct debits to their target market

    5.There is no secret to the success of a good instructor – you all have it, spending thousands to make a few quid back will not bring you a golden ticket that will change what is not possible.

    6.A PDF is not a book

    7.Clients do not come to you for results full stop, they come for you and whatever you are teaching this month, they come for health and happiness and sometimes they come for reasons you do not know.

    8.Believe what you know to be true not what people tell you.

    9.My mum tells me daily that I am beautiful enough and stylish enough to be a top model, i could start a Facebook page and talk daily to my imaginary friends on how to create a book, work the catwalk and charm a ‘go see’ just from watching Britains Top Model BUT I am barely 5 foot and average looking and despite the fact that i would love to be – I am not.

    10.If you want to know why these things are not possible I will tell you for free. if you want more out of your career, your teaching and your business go out and grab it. It is achieved on the front line whether you teach zumba, bootcamp or scottish dancing.

    Have a good week. feedback to jayne @Jaynenicholls

    Social Media Updates by Rachel.

    As social media is such a relevant part of our fitness business promotion and PR, I’ll be adding a weekly SMU section to the newsletter with a round up of what you could be doing/trying/aiming for using SM.

    This article is about you and your personal brand, which I was prompted to write about after several e-mails and questions on this topic.

    You are your brand.

    Even with the popularity of various fitness brands and trends, YOU, are the reason people, come to your sessions.

    Nothing new there then.

    I’ve always been a big believer in promoting yourself as the brand. Trends come and go and the fitness industry is moving fast but YOU are the common denominator.

    Plus, trends will come and go.

    In the past you may have started numerous Facebook pages for all of the different classes and concepts you teach. You may have even set up multiple websites serving various niches.
    Truthfully, this can and will turn, into a nightmare. The more social media pages you have along with websites, the more confusion you are causing to your potential clients.

    And once confused, they will walk away unable to make a decision and probably won’t come to your class. AND Multiple pages will become a major headache for you to administer.

    Potential customers don’t want to have to go searching through multiple pages and websites to find you. If you have one central location, where you have truly branded you, you will gain followers and gain new clients.

    Here are my top tips to help you build a powerful personal brand. Even if you choose only a few of these tips, you will be on your way to standing out amongst the noise and crowds online.

    Define who you are. I am very passionate about this one. In a fitness world that is consistently trying to make instructors clones of each other all teaching and doing the same thing, take the time to figure out exactly who you are. What words best describe you? When you hear people describing you what words do they use? What are your strengths? What do you want to become known as an expert in? What sets you apart from others in the industry? What do you do best? What do you do differently?

    Your picture is key. I cannot emphasis this enough. Do not post any old picture on your social media accounts. Take the time and money to get professional pictures done of you. Whether you want to believe it or not, many people make judgements based on your picture. What impression do you want to give?

    You are the brand. Never forget that people are coming to your class and buying from you because they liked you and what you do. They get to know you through your presence online, specifically your social media platforms. Take the time to work out how to harness your personality and let it shine through on your social media. What messages are you putting out there? Focus on really getting to know people online. I say this every week. Use social networking to engage with people, make friends, help people solve problems and in time these acquaintances will become clients and customers.

    Results. People want results and they want to know what they will get out of your classes and services. What are the benefits of working with you over your competitors? How can you help and serve those who choose your services?

    Be unique and be you. Probably, the most important point of all. Don’t try to be like anyone else. You are unique, your brand and your services are unique. The things that are different about you will separate your brand from the competition, this is crucial.

    So ask yourself today, what makes you unique. People want to get to know you and once they do they will be clients for life.

    Please feedback to me via Twitter or Facebook

    How to Stay Motivated in The Fitness Industry by Rachel

    This week I have done a lot of business coaching and mentoring with my VIP group as I do every week and then my new 7 days Personal 121 Coaching, which I started last week. I’ve been working with 5 Instructors every day helping them grow their businesses and careers so I’ve really got to know them and their goals really well.

    A question that has come up several times is

    “Rachel, How do you stay so motivated”

    Here are my Top Tips (Another list article!) for staying motivated in Fitness

    1.Surround yourself with positive fitness friends and colleagues. This can be online or real life. Keep communicating with other Fitpos. It’s never been easier as you can connect pretty much with everyone on Facebook and Twitter. Make friends with people you want to emulate, join the groups they run and engage with them. This is HUGELY motivating.

    2. Train every day. No matter how busy you are make time to train and do what makes you feel good. It could be a 10minute home workout, going for a run, hitting the gym, taking a class, going for a swim, or why not hire a PT. Let someone else tell you what to do. This is one of my top tips for ever. I train every day and have done since I was 14, its important mentally, physiologically and physically.

    3. Only teach what you love. I wish I had done this years ago and ditched all of the toxic classes and people. I held onto classes I detested for far too long; it drains your life blood, zaps your creativity and makes you hate what you do faster than anything else. Bin it now and as soon as you open up your life something new and better will fall into your lap. It always does and always will. Fact.

    4. READ and LISTEN. Try and read every day even if it’s 10minutes before you crash out at bedtime. Fiction or non fiction it doesn’t matter. If you spend time in your car grab some audio books and listen and learn while you are driving around. I always listen to motivational audio books before I teach and present – Have you read 50 shades of grey by the way? Phew hot stuff….

    5. Education. Attend workshops, online and offline. Continue to learn and update yourself as often as possible and it will keep you fresh, on top and ahead of the game.

    Hope that inspires you, please feedback to me on Twitter @RachelHolmes

    Fitness with Vikki Scovell

    I fell sideways into the fitness business nine years ago, as an aerobics instructor, took PT training, and Freestyle Yoga whilst my daughters were four and less than one. I agreed with my husband that I would always be there to take them to school/pick them up/make supper etc. Living in the city, it was easy to make money once I made the leap of faith into the community.

    I read everything Rachel wrote about business, worked harder; was extremely busy and relatively wealthy. I didn’t feel the pressure to do any better; I was happy, secure and successful as far as I was concerned. (Duh?)

    Then I followed my dream, moving to the country; all the things that I had been writing about; sheep, chickens, rural life, growing vegetables, being constantly up to my ankles in animal pooh of some description, up at the crack of dawn, working every hour I could.

    However, in the countryside it is difficult to make money, but easy to spend it; no cheap fuel, no big supermarkets, assorted bits of spikey farm stuff in your new all-terrain tyres every ten minutes, and the need to support a decaying Land Rover.

    I built a good community class base and picked up some reliable PT clients through school networking. The book I was ‘writing’ didn’t get written because I was too busy doing all of the things that I should have been scribbling about. I drifted along being a wife, mother, worker, clearer-up of dung, and main source of income for the tyre repair man and Land Rover garage.

    One of my clients was a successful Entrepreneur and Business Man. One day we are in the gym and he says to me, what’s your six month plan, five year plan, and ten year plan, and how are you going to move forwards so that when your body finally breaks on you, you won’t be out of a job?

    So I mumble some ideas about passive income, the networks I have built up and my writing (all neglected). I find that it’s not a plan at all; when said aloud, it is utter drivel. He asks, why haven’t you done such and such already, and I say humbly, I have always vowed to be there for the kids, I have a husband and home to care for, and many responsibilities in the animal and vegetable kingdoms.
    He just looks at me with a penetrating gaze and says; that is a heap of shit, a pathetic cowardly excuse for not meeting your potential and your responsibility to the children. I reeled inwardly; went home, couldn’t sleep.

    What would he know? He had a wife, a PA and people to do EVERYTHING for him. I decided he was being a typical man about it, had no appreciation for the myriad things I dealt with. I consoled myself with something Ruby Wax said; if you want the job, the family, the loving husband and beautiful home, to look great, and be happy; SOMETHING HAS TO SLIDE; you can’t have it all.

    So I had to concentrate on what gave my life meaning, and that meant letting the business aspirations slide; they would come into their own one day… (You know when you are watching one of those TV shows and people are being given advice by someone WHO KNOWS and yet they insist on holding on to emotional views, and you are shouting at the telly- who are these people, why don’t they listen, why are they ignoring a world-class EXPERT? Hmmmm…)

    I spent another year free-wheeling through it all, telling myself that I would get it together at some point, that I was too busy WORKING to put plans into action, and that it would all somehow happen organically because basically I am fairly fabulous and so something was bound to drop into my lap. HELLO?
    hen I wake up six months ago in the woods in my wagon with the English-built heated seat burning a smoking hole in my pyjamas; no home, no husband, no animals, no orchard, no sheep, no chickens, no vegetable garden, a dwindling business, two kids in private school, one Land Rover loosely held together by mud and gaffa tape and partially on fire, and not enough money to pay rent. My business plan was now top priority, but it was as insubstantial as breath; something on the back-burner, but it was a wisp of self-deceit. Ladies and gentlemen, did this give me the shock that I needed to knuckle down and redeem myself? NO, I had plenty of excuses for why I wasn’t dealing with the future; I was so STRESSED, it was a difficult time, I could barely function, poor me. I hadn’t EVEN (looks down shamefacedly unable to meet the readers imaginary gaze) been opening my C2Go newsletters.

    But one day I did, (cue light bulb over head) and I enrolled immediately on the Rachel’s 19 Day Fitness Business Marketing Course. I was familiar with some of the ideas, and had already been ‘working’ on some of them. I threw myself at it; slightly held back by the erratic nature of Welsh broadband which functions by sheep passing hand-written notes to each other across the fields, and sometimes the paper gets soggy and then you are really stuffed.

    Looking at the ordered, structured logical course content I realized that I have been sleepwalking through my disorganized, illogical and emotionally-driven business life. Relying on a too-small rural client base, being the rock star and depending on my personality to fill my classes and PT, letting promotion slide, living from day to day with no planning, no risk-taking, not listening to fantastic FREE advice from experts. Or rather listening, but not ACTING.

    Rachel’s course gave me an entire book full of scribbled notes, plans, jottings, INSPIRATION. But hey I am Ms Inspiration, I bubble over with inspiration, but someone must have left me in the fridge with the top off, because I had gone flat. Inspiration is nothing without direction, careful plans, a timescale for action; a contract with oneself. My eyes have been opened; it doesn’t matter how much people appreciate me, how good I am at my job, how many talents I have; I do not have unique ownership of this.

    Standing alone it is meaningless without a business head, a plan and direction; I am not a loveable community service and I will not be spoon-fed an income by the universe because I am nice. My business angel was right, I have been using some sorry excuses for a long time about why I am not reaching my potential; hiding behind my role as wife and mother, and what I believed gave us stability has made us vulnerable. Incidentally, distrust the wording of ‘passive’ income; passive? You don’t get anything by being passive. So, this is me signing off for now, at the beginning of my revised journey. I have to make this work, and it all has to come about through graft, focus and intelligent planning.

    I am rewriting myself as a business person. I have to say I couldn’t do it without your guidance Rachel, but ultimately the only person who can kick me up the butt is ME. I have got my butt-kicking boots on.

    Connect with Vikki on Twitter @Fitbite


    How many blogs or newsletters do you read each week? I can probably count the ones I read on one hand as most of them are filled with really boring stuff which either read like a medical text book or they’re just not relevant to me.

    How many subscribers do you have to your blog or newsletter and what can you do to get more? The thing is the competition out there isn’t that hot so you’re in with a good chance of picking up subscribers from all over the world not just your neck of the woods.

    I like to treat my blog/newsletter like a magazine – and fill it with interesting reads or snippets of news. And you don’t have to stick to writing; you can add video in there, pictures, audio, links to other articles, links to your YouTube channel, links to pages on your website, make the page come alive and keep them engrossed so they stay for a while.

    So how can you make it more vibrant and attractive and pick up a strong following? One key thing you can change this week is to make your blog/newsletter current. And by that I don’t mean put all your latest classes in there, what I mean is tap into whatever is the hot news nationally or locally to you.

    For example, this week Euro2012 started so I sent out an invitation to all football widows to escape the TV and come and have a free trial at boot camp, all they have to do is turn up and say they’ve given themselves a red card.

    Also, BBC Radio One’s sport’s reporter Simon Mundie is a friend and colleague of mine so I face-booked him and asked him if I can do an interview with him about his adventures, I know he’s nearly peeing his pants everyday with excitement from his status updates, he is living the dream and I think a lot of people would be interested in hearing about it.

    You could do the same – you could offer classes to women keen to escape the Euros or maybe you know a group of supporters who have gone to the Euros and you can get in touch with them, find out if they’re enjoying it? If the police and supporters have been as bad as the press have made out? Find out if they’ve been to the matches and how the team are playing? What’s the heat really like?

    In Nottingham where I live we’ve had the Race 4 Life event this weekend so I put a message on Facebook asking if any of our clients ran it and would they share their stories. I’ve got 4 lined up for video interviews later today and will feature them in my blog and newsletter. These are the kinds of stories you find in women’s magazines all the time and for a lot of you your core audience is the same – women aged 20-45 – so tap into that market and give them something interesting to read.

    People love hearing about other’s experiences and it might be that someone couldn’t run at all last year and now they’ve lost weight and finished the 5K in a really good time (great testimonial for you as well which you can add on Facebook and Twitter) or it might be that they’ve lost a loved one and were running to raise the money and awareness of Cancer Research UK, there are some very poignant stories to tell and it gets people talking about you. In journalism we call it the water cooler moment. When people gather round the water cooler at work and chat about what they saw on telly last night or who’s in all the papers.

    You want your stories to be that water cooler moment when the mums drop their kids off at the school gates they’re talking about your newsletter and how you’ve covered the local Race4Life.

    Another biggie coming up is the Olympics, maybe you have a local athlete taking part, tweet them and ask if you can do an interview with them. I’m definitely gonna tweet Rebecca Adlington as she could become our biggest winning Olympian if she wins Gold. Or maybe the torch is coming through your area, video it and put it on your YouTube Channel and splash it everywhere. What about your local torchbearers, what’s their story and will they be selling their torch at the end?

    I hope that’s given you a few ideas about how to revitalise your blogs and newsletters and get more and more readers on board which hopefully will lead to more and more clients coming through the door. After all if your blogs and newsletters are interesting then it’s a good sign your classes will be too.

    Yvonne Radley is Most Promising Fitness Entrepreneur 2012
    Co-Founder of Action Boot Camp
    Media Professional

    I am the only fitpro in the village!!!! by Jill Gardner

    Imagine this:

    You are the only bootcamp within a 30 mile radius
    You are the only fat loss expert in the county
    You are the only Pilates teacher in your town
    You are the only ante-natal specialist in the UK
    You are the only personal trainer in the city
    You are the only Zumba instructor in your street!!!!

    Well wouldn’t that be nice. No competition, no need to worry about keeping customers or playing a price war? No fighting for halls and you could teach whatever time you liked!

    What would mobiles be like if only Motorola ever made them? What do you think trainers would be like now if only Adidas making them. Or if no one else made cola. What would cars be like if it were still only Ford making them? What about computer software if only Microsoft produced it????

    Ok so we can’t avoid competitors. And nor should we. Why? Well without it we wouldn’t strive to be better or evolve our businesses to meet the consumers needs and wants.

    “But what If someone sets up another bootcamp on my street?”

    OK it’s annoying, and if they have blatantly done it to steal your business and business systems then that is an entirely different matter and morally wrong! But what if it’s just someone, who like you, wants to help people lose weight and shape up or be better at running? It’s great!!!! This is perfect!!!!!

    “But how can this be a good thing?” I hear you ask…..

    One of my favorite authors, Michael Heppell says in his fantastic book ‘Flip it!’ Ask yourself how you can turn this into a positive. What can you do to ‘flip’ the situation around?

    Healthy competition is what will drive you to evolve and grow your business.
    You are different and unique and you have your voice.
    Someone else will have their voice and they will be unique.

    But what if the new Zumba class or bootcamp that has set up is suddenly more successful than yours? Then find out why and apply some of their methods to your already established business. Success rarely occurs because of ‘luck’ and we all know success leaves clues!

    People who are successful don’t think in the same way as unsuccessful people. So let that healthy competition drive you to think differently and always be ahead of your game.

    Michael’s top tips for coping with this is to ask yourself……
    What do I do best?
    Can I diversify or specialise even more?
    How can I create more customer loyalty or increase the value of my service?
    What can I do now to maximise business for when my loyal customers return?
    Find out what your competitors don’t do but you can
    Determine what you can do that they can’t

    If you become a victim and adopt the victim mindset then you lose the power to do anything about it. Instead of ‘it’s not fair’ or ‘I was here first’ get rid of the resentment and start to ‘flip it’ and think – wow this is good – this means I need to change and up my game. Don’t wait; sit back grumble and waste anger. Instead use the energy to find a way to turn this in to a positive and ‘flip it’! Use it to make you a better you! You will always be you and only you can make you a better you!

    Big love, small tummies,

    Jill – The Fat Controller

    Do you consider your clients mood when looking at food? by Cori

    Seeing as I seem to spend my life on Facebook I see dozens of status updates going on about fat loss this and fat loss that but not much about the actual people that we train, not much about how we know them and what is going on in their lives. If they book us for one on one, we may do a lifestyle analysis, stress analysis and par-q but how much attention do we really pay to the results of those questions. If they come to classes, we barely have time to chat, they fill in a par-q and then off we go. Is it any different for bootcamp? I mean, they fill a form in, we say hi and then bam – they are training. It is like we are saying, it really doesn’t matter how you feel or what your life is like, I will get you to lose body fat and you will be happy.

    Seeing it in black and white like that makes it seem ridiculous doesn’t it? If someone is going through a divorce, redundancy, bereavement – these all have a direct impact on their well being, be it physical, emotional or mental. What is happening in their life affects their hormones. It affects their brain neurotransmitters. Do we address this in training? Rarely from what I can see. If you are addressing this then I congratulate you because you are one of very few. I know emotional well being will never sell as much as fat loss, you have far more barriers to overcome and just getting people to acknowledge that they are struggling is a battle in itself. So, is it not in your role as a fitness professional to identify those people that need extra support? Perhaps you disagree and that’s cool too but one easy way of trying to help everyone is to tailor your nutritional regime to emotions. So, you could let someone who is stressed know what the best foods to eat are – is that not an easy way forward?

    Each of us have our own specialisms and these are what sets us apart from the crowd but all too often the crowd seems to want to draw us back in – don’t be fooled, stand tall and proud for what you believe in and if you want to see your clients as more individual than a group then I congratulate you. To your success 🙂

    The Mood Food Cookbook launches on 25th June.

    Health and happiness
    Cori x

    Getting kids moving by Sally Ghafoor

    Firstly a great big thank you to the huge response I received from my article regarding Taylor and his fitness blog. We are working on his website at present, his you tube channel is ready and we will launch it all very shortly. Taylor read all the messages sent and he is so very excited. He asked me if he was now famous as so many people knew his name – it made me chuckle.
    A lot of people have asked how I get my kids into physical activity; well quite simply make it fun. If it is fun they will do it again and again until when they are old enough to want to do it for other reasons like getting fit for a sport, but even then you should still try to have a fun element in there.

    The earlier a child is exposed to physical activity the better for them to develop balance, spatial orientation, along with other elements of co-ordination. Lennon started football tots at aged 14 months, he thoroughly enjoys it here he is taking part in a little warm up. There is no coaching just fun

    The younger kids start in some sort of activity the better. A child’s ability to develop co-ordination ends at around age 16. The most optimal time to develop co-ordination is age 10-13. Start young, ensure your child is doing a range of different activities, When a child is young his nervous system is open to various stimuli. Lennon attends swimming, football tots, gymnastics and soon he is going to be starting tennis. He loves it all.
    For children under 6 years of age, the emphasis should be on fun and at this age the person in charge of how much a child engages in physical movement and activity is the parent. I firmly believe that my children enjoy sport and activity for 2 reasons.
    1. I encouraged them to move around, play, go to clubs have fun from a young age. It became a normal thing to do
    2. I am active so they copy me. Children copy their parents’ habits. I have a great little video on my facebook, of Lennon watching a workout of Rachel’s on my computer and all of a sudden because he sees us all working out, he started banging out some hill climbers and burpees, whilst laughing and saying cheese to the camera.

    Throughout childhood there are identifiable stages that offer critical periods for development, to develop certain attributes such as agility balance co-ordination and speed. Missing these opportunities can mean a child will not reach his full physical potential. This is why it is critical the cutbacks on physical education need to be addressed.

    So currently Taylor is 11 years old, this is his optimum time of trainability in skills and co-ordination development. Girls are slightly different at age 11 their optimum time of trainability is in stamina and a 2nd spurt of speed.
    Taylor works on his skills specific to football by practising different skills on the ball. To develop his co-ordination he does a lot of skipping, multi directional running, skipping, jumping, hopping. Turning squat jumps. This can all be achieved whilst having fun; you as the parent just have to get involved. When was the last time you took your children to the park to play rounders or some kind of fun physical activity together?
    Make a date why not try it this weekend (let’s hope the weather clears up)

    To keep up to date with the launch of Taylor’s blog please sign up to my newsletter
    Sally Ghafoor

    Katie Bulmer Cooke

    Hi C2Goer’s,

    Hope your all good in the fitness hood!

    This week I wanted to talk to you about how to grow your business and spread your message of health, fitness and well being further afield than just your local area.

    Whether you teach Dance Aerobics, a particular Pilates niche, Kids Fitness or Boot Camps, there is nothing stopping you from going national or even global if you want to!

    Well there may be one thing stopping you…how to do it?

    The ‘how to’ part was what held me back for so long when I licensed The Little Black Dress Club. I knew I had a great product, my clients loved it and got great results, client retention was through the roof, the promo material and value builders looked super professional but I didn’t know how to take the next step…

    I didn’t know how to systemise it so that another instructor could just pick it up and teach it.

    I didn’t know how to trademark my logo, copyright my content, register the company name and domain or even where to start with legalities!

    It took a lot of homework, phone calls, emails, research to get to grips with the info and it took aggggeeeeesss!

    But now I’m over that hurdle and working with 20 other like minded fitness professionals and The Little Black Dress Club is now in 20 towns and cities across the UK…my message of health, body confidence and mindset is spreading!

    The industry is crying out for fresh ideas…the next Zumba, a new Circuit style class, a Boot Camp with a twist…something different!

    And as fitness professionals we want to be part of the most cutting edge programs!

    So, why not take you program that you deliver in your area and grow it, before you know it you could be rolling it out into the neighboring city, across your region or the rest of the UK!

    If this idea floats your boat but you are stuck at the same hurdle I was, then check out and check out my SBL Program!

    Have a lush day and here’s to your ideas!


    Red, White and …………….Orange!!

    By Andrew Crawford

    Not sure about you but I think Orange has lost its competitive edge…!!!

    Since teaming up with T-Mobile, I have found the service to be WORSE…in fact…it has left me Red with anger……ggggrrr..!!!

    I have been without the use of my mobile for 2 weeks now….although I am classified as a ‘Premium Customer’…. What a load of…..b…..x

    I need to look through their White Paper to see the ‘Terms & Conditions’ and service quality expected from fee paying customers….locked into 12, 18 or 24 months restrictive contracts…!!

    I said to one of the Representatives that they wouldn’t treat me like this if I was
    BT the Queen or Prince Andrew………umm….that sounds good… Prince Andrew James ….liking that…lol

    Can you imagine……

    I couldn’t even text Lizzie to wish her a glorious Jubilee last week or speak to Dave and tell him “…..No worries…the millions of hard earned Great British pounds you may be thinking about donating, on our behalf, to prop up the failed Cyprian and Spanish banks should be ok with us hard working, tax paying, forever working, pension saving, 40 hours a week slaving, hose pipe banning, this is the wettest drought I’ve ever seening, no Olympic ticket getting, farm aninmals on the £27m Grand Opening, watching the high bonuses flowing, Cheryl Cole miming….allegedly, high cost of travelling, poor sods stuck on the M1 or M25ing…if you know what I’m meaning..!!, Wimbledon Tennis ogling, Euro Footballing, Cricket & Bowling, Gay Marriaging, Online Porning, Syrian Crisis Reporting….and doing Nothing…oh….is there any OIL there we all singing???….Not worth Worrying, envian sipping because of the ‘Dirty 30 Clubbing’, don’t forget about the veuve, brandy & beering, Tax Return Submitting UK Citzens…”


    Orange ‘Outsources’ it’s customer service technical side to India. On 2 occasions I asked where the person was from..Delhi was one of them…just like Barclays…they also outsource their calls.

    The Business Manager hands you a business card to get in touch with them, when you need to speak to them and call that number be prepared to be thrown around the BT underground cables, networks and different offices.

    Nothing is ever Black or White…

    Listen to the latest…

    “Cancer risk (look there’s one of those words again) from diesel fumes upgraded.” is now categorised in the same brackets as arsenic and asbestos!!

    Better STOP selling it then and funnel some of the profits made from fuel sales into caring for those unfortunate people with their noses too close to exhaust pipes….

    For all you Fit Pros….I believe there are so many ‘Natural Healing’ processes which are hidden by the BIG manufacturers of Pills and Potions. It is not in their interests to let you know or promote eau natural cures..!!

    I try and stay away from taking foreign bodies pumped into my body…known as ‘Pills’.. and make my immune system fight the buggers….it’s been doing it for years..!! Red blood cells being defended by the White blood cells.

    I take NOTHING………….. because NOTHING acts faster than Anadin…!!!

    So Andrew……..

    What has Red with rage, White blood cells and Oranges lack of customer service got to do with Accountancy and Finance?


    How would you cope with a Cash Crisis?

    If you are hit with a serious money crisis and you find yourself scrambling around for emergency money, could you cope and keep a level head without getting red with rage?.

    Imagine this scenario….

    All of a sudden and without warning, your roof begins to leak! Your hot water heater shuts down and your new apple computer goes up in smoke, the clutch needs to be replaced in your car, the engine is knackered and your son/daughter decides to have his/her wedding on the Isle of Wight – all of this within the same week!

    As you sit, stunned and you ponder an exit strategy you receive a friendly letter from HMRC explaining that you miscalculated your taxes back in 1996, and they now want payment including the backdated interest, surcharges and penalties……….otherwise they will and can sell your house to recoup the tax..!!

    This Kind of Money Emergency Requires your Immediate Attention

    What do you do?

    The above scenario looks like a money emergency of biblical proportions. You are afraid to open your front door for fear of finding a swarm of locusts! Letters remain unopened and you dare not answer the phone from the ‘fear’ of being chased………for cash (not kisses…whoo)

    Thank goodness, there are things you can still do to restore your financial life and equilibrium–and perhaps even fend off future misfortune–without having to sell your very soul.

    Learning to Cope with a Money Emergency

    Wherever there are money woes, you can be sure to find crippling emotional setback. Avoid it all you try, you might just as well begin to prepare for the devastating fiscal and the emotional fallout that is sure to come. You will need to cope very well with both if you hope to make a solid financial comeback.

    Whenever a money emergency hits, it will be your ability to deal with the individual pitfalls that will hold you in good stead. It is when a series of financial hits come your way that the stress will tend to accumulate and make your life much more difficult to cope.

    One of my clients who had one of these this year (remember the one whose fee paid for my Egypt trip?) did not cope very well….he attended my premises almost every day and stayed until 6am one morning (Yes ALL night…!!!)…my eyes were RED with fury and tiredness.

    However, when he dished out the white paper covered in red ink….aka…£50 crisp notes….my anger seemed to vanish….just the SIM on my mobile phone 2 weeks ago..

    You will not be so overwhelmed when you can calmly and rationally look at each individual problem as it arises. If you sit back wringing your hands with worry and allow all of your emergencies to pile into one; you will find yourself down for the count.

    Calm must take center stage. You must NEVER allow yourself the luxury of panic. There is no one there for you to just take over. You are all you have.

    The more you panic, the less effective you will be. You need to keep a very clear head to be able to sit down and come up with an appropriate plan. Be aware of your own tendency to sabotage your plans further. It is only when you are at your most calm that you will be prepared to get to where you need to be and then overcome.

    Being Calm is the First Key to Managing a Money Emergency

    At even the first hint of a money emergency, it’s important not to act right away. If you do you will inevitably make a mistake! First, before you can manage your finances again, you have to first manage your emotions. You absolutely must regain your balance before you can even begin to make a plan.

    If your money emergency demands that you act quickly, think first about seeking the advice of a debt counselor, money coach or Accountant who works within the Fitness Industry and is well aware of your plight….uh erm.

    Remember the old adage that “two heads are always better than just one!” …it’s good to talk..!!

    Other things to consider:

    Say Good-Bye To Credit Cards
    One of the best ways to save money is to cut up those expensive credit cards. Cards are perhaps one of the most expensive forms of money. Unless you pay off your card each month try not to use it for general food shopping, use the cash money from your Commercial Bank..!!

    Consolidate your debt.
    If you have multiple cards, roll them into one under a loan where you can write of the interest payments…!!

    Spend Less Than You Earn
    Sounds simple doesn’t it? I was a victim of this once….buying every mofo that’s put in front of you. The next ‘shiny object’..Adverts are very clever at inticing you to part with your cash….on a daily basis.

    Unless you’re taking me out for a liquid lunch, tax deductible of course…consider cutting back on eating out..I know it’s easier than preparing, cooking and washing those stubborn burnt pots….unless you’re a cooking fan like The Fat Controller..!!

    Make Your Money Work For You – 1
    Albert Einstein recognised this principle to be the greatest inventions of man. This principle was based on the power of Compound Interest.

    Compound Interest works while you sleep. It enables you to allow money to make money for you instead of you working to make money.

    Example: The Power of Compound Interest on Your Savings

    If you put away £6 a day every day, the power of compound interest would multiply this sum over the period of investment.

    Eg over a period of 25 years at 20% annual interest compounded would yield £1,223,375….and yes I did work it out on my spreadsheet….!

    Moral….start young..!!

    Make Your Money Work For You – 2

    Using a £3,000 min tax free ISA …would cost you £57.69 a week at an average of 10.6% builds to £713,969 over a 30 year period with 3% average annual inflation.

    How do I know that? I used my online calculator here…(play around with it…said the actress…….)

    Make Your Money Work For You – 3
    Remember..the lending institutions have got your by your small spherical objects when it comes to lending and interest rates….ouch…!!

    If you charge £2,000 to your credit card at 19.8% interest plus £40 annual fee, if you made the ‘minimum payments’, it would take you 31 years to pay this addition you would be paying £8,202 in finance charges..

    Alternatively….pay double the minimum payment and pay off the debt in 3 years…

    Minimum Payments v Double Minimum Payments

    Which one is better?

    There’s only one way to find out…………………………FIGHT…!!!


    Keep a tight clasp on that wallet/purses
    Just say no to impulse buying
    Don’t forget to treat yourself


    During my 4 day relaxation binge of North Wales, I came across a shop named:


    I was so curious, I had to ask the shopkeeper how to say the name and what it meant when translated from Welsh…..he took a deep breath and said…..


    Translated means…

    ‘The Little Card Shop By The Bridge Over The River Dee In Llangollen’

    My gosh…I had only seen a longer name when I was in New Zealand…

    Check this out…..

    Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronuku pokaiwhenuakitanatahu

    Exactly….!! Take Care xx

    Andrew Crawford

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    Hope you have a wonderful week

    Love and Hugs

    Rachel xxx

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