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  • Instructors Newsletter 22/12/16

    Good Morning, How are you ?
    Are you nearly there yet?

    Thank goodness for online shopping and AMAZON….

    When a new KSFL franchisee joins the team,
    we have a day together
    of business planning, business goal setting and creating
    a robust action plan of business development.

    I love doing it.

    Talking through ideas and putting together
    a plan.

    BUT the one thing that comes up every single time is…


    We spend HOURS talking through pricing and how to value
    the services we offer.


    Are you charging what you are REALLY worth?

    It is the perfect time to take stock and put you prices up and not undervalue the brilliant service that you do.

    You are a dedicated professional that spends hours behind the scenes making sure your classes, products and programmes are the best they can be, so why keep charging low rates?

    Charging next to nothing for your hard work is INSANE

    And in the end it makes you resentful for the amount of
    time you put in for the little return.

    Even if you get get LESS clients , you WANT quality clients that value YOU and your service…….. take quality over quantity
    every time and put your prices up to match the hard work and effort you put into your business.

    Just DO IT.

    Bite the bullet right now and stop charging
    Mickey Mouse rates for your fabulous services.

    It really is TIME right now to sort this one out?

    Let me know what you think……. Check out my
    instgram Rachel L Holmes

    Most people are realising that getting
    healthy, improving your fitness
    and losing body fat is so much more than food and

    The missing piece is MINDSET.

    Understanding your motivations,
    drilling down
    into deep seated child
    hood beliefs, understanding why you self sabotage,
    looking at food behaviours, self esteem,
    self worth and how to be happy.

    It’s so fascinating looking back and
    understanding why you think a certain
    way and how you can change this in an instant.
    I understand you are busy getting everything done before the big day but if you KNOW that come next week
    you really want to make 2017 the year you put yourself,
    your health & your business FIRST and at the top of the
    priority list
    then have a watch or a listen to this interview.
    These ideas can be bubbling away in the back ground setting you up ready to start in the coming weeks.

    You can watch or listen on my podcast to this
    brilliant interview with
    Ireland’s Motivational Expert Pat Divilly on Mindset,
    Motivation and Getting Clear
    About What You Really Want.


    Here is the link to the Youtube
    or search itunes for the Rachel Holmes Podcast It’s such a
    positive interview 🙂

    ****NEW ****

    Advanced Fitness Pilates For Back Care
    Online Certification. This is flying out
    the door right now and is a brilliant
    course if you are ready to “micro niche”
    your classes in 2017.


    Advanced Fitness Pilates For Orthopaedic
    Conditions 5th February 2017 Manchester
    click here


    Level 3 Pilates Training Course – The price for Level 3
    goes up on 1st January so do book your place before
    to take advantage of the cheaper price.

    London January 2017
    Manchester May 2017
    click here

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