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    As a creative spirit striving
    to build a fulfilling
    life & business pursuing your
    goals & dreams.

    Fostering a miracle mindset,
    confidence & having
    a positive, loving outlook
    at times is not always easy.

    You have to make decisions
    & get clear……….

    DECIDE what you want
    & how you want
    your life to look is KEY.

    when you have outgrown
    I’ve had to ditch a few things
    recently & at the time its bad.
    It’s rocky.
    but as soon as you have…..
    WOW you feel A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

    Getting in touch with your ~ING
    (Inner Guidance system)
    is vital so you can totally
    FEEL what is best for you
    at any given moment.

    When that inspiration hits you – however it comes – act
    on it quickly, change course,
    ditch the toxic situations, stop
    eating the shit food,
    listening to negativity and get flippin…


    I am obsessed with
    Love that feeling of optimism.  

    It’s so exciting,
    living for the rush of turning a thought –
    or an abstract idea
    into something real, tangible, touchable,
    readable, effectual & profitable.

    That will serve more people and help others

    It makes you feel sooooo EMPOWERED (word of the day!)
    generous & HAPPY.

    We all LOVE getting things done so again today
    lets get soooo busy and keep pushing forward
    on those big dreams and goals.

    Use & spend your time wisely.
    Do your meditations & as its HUMPDAY
    completely love yourself for making these radical
    changes with your thoughts.

    A simple affirmation from Gabby B today

    “I LOVE ME”

    Keep it top of mind all day TODAY!

    Have a wicked wicked Wednesday
    I’m just of to the gym
    to train & teach then back to the lap top for some
    serious work on a few big ole lofty old projects,
    although jetlag is KILLIN Me…
    wide awake at 330 is not great… but hey
    lets work with it!
    What are you today? Id love to hear from you
    Tweet me @RachelHolmes.

    Lots of Love Rachel xxx


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    Online KSFL programmes are growing 
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    We launched another new club night in Derbyshire
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    Jersey & Gibraltar are launching soon!
    I coach, mentor, support &
    advise my KSFL team everyday
    with new ways to push their
    individuals businesses forward.
    I am looking for MORE entrepreneurs to join the team.
    Could this be you??
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    in a rapidly expanding business talk to me.
    Lets make it happen.
    Facebook Message me today for info

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