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  • How much are you charging for your fitness classes?

    I had a really good conversation with a great
    friend of mine and we were talking fitness
    business and pricing.

    We agreed that in the long run under pricing
    yourself is never the best policy.

    You may think that being the cheapest is the
    way to go and get more people into your
    community classes.

    But it the end does it under value you,
    your brand and your business?

    Do the kind of customers you want to attract to your classes and services want to go to the cheapest?

    I think sensible pricing is the key and offer options.

    *A higher “pay on the day” fee

    * 10 / 20 Class Pass at a more competitive rate- with T & C”s

    *A highly attractive and very competitive monthly direct/debit monthly membership scheme with bonus.

    Also invest in a paypal card reader so you are able to take credit cards with your phone on the day,
    so many people just don’t have cash on them any more.

    Reward loyalty or create a loyalty scheme.

    When people say:

    “Your class is too expensive”

    Then have a daily coffee in Starbucks,
    which is roughly £2.50 x 5 days a week is equal to as much as a monthly gym membership of 50 a month.

    WOW..In Starbucks.

    It’s all about what your service is worth to them.

    How valuable are you to them?

    Price comparisons – here are a few typical daily spends, a take out coffee at Starbucks – £2.50, a loaf of bread at Gail’s £3.50, a glass of wine £5.90, an exercise class anything from £3.50 – £15.00.

    Where do you stand on this sliding scale of ”value for money’’?

    Comparably we are offering a 1 hour service with multi benefits.

    You would expect to pay between £8 – £15 per Crossfit class depending on how many you do a week & £8.50 – £15 for Yoga (the more expensive being Hot Yoga), while these are exercise classes are trendy and popular right now the quality of instruction is no different or better to community instructor who charges so much less.

    While you may collectively shout that your clients will not pay anymore, you surely must consider that there is a market that evidently are willing and able to pay for their exercise sessions if the content is correct.

    Remember Crossfit gyms are not pretty, they are reminiscent of the old spit and saw-dust set ups and Hot Yoga can be a little whiffy (depending on where you go), it is definitely the content that is exclusive.

    Everyone of us has the skill, talent and knowledge to create a ”high end” class that increases our weekly income.

    If we make the content specific, the attention specific, the coaching specific and the results guaranteed, we cannot go wrong.

    It’s the perfect time to establish yourself as a multi-faceted talent in your area by capitalising on the trend for niche, elite training in small and medium sized groups.

    All you have to do is get yourself out there and PLEASE don’t under value our services.

    Happy Friday.

    Love Rachel xxxxx

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