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  • Paula Thompson- Mums in business

    My name is Paula Thompson and I run Kick Start Fat Loss Stockport & Keep Fit with Paula. I’m a single mum with two children Ryan 14 and Aaron 8. All I can say is it’s a good job I love teaching and coaching clients at Kick Start as I feel I work all day/evening because us instructors, PT’s etc don’t work set hours we do what we can and when we can because of our work. I also work around the children. I wake at 6 am and plan my working day/week (if it is a Monday), catch up with emails, market on Facebook, prepare newsletters etc. The boys get up at 7.30 am so it’s breakfast, school run then off to teach classes or work from home focusing on my businesses. Before I know it it’s time for school pick up, evening meal, homework then off to teach classes in the evening. I have to make sure I have a sitter sorted for my youngest. When I return home its bedtime routine for Aaron, showers, etc, sort lunches for the following day then it’s catch up on Facebook, emails etc. Somewhere in between all of this I manage to do food shopping, washing, ironing etc. I admit I have a cleaner and it’s the best thing I have ever done as I can focus on my business and my children as I try and keep Sundays for family day and don’t want to be cleaning etc.

    The key for me is to be ORGANISED as much as I possibly can with my business/home life which isn’t easy. I prep/plan my meals as much as possible so I know where I am up to with meals. To do lists for business and home so I know what is happening that week as I can be very forgetful plus a calendar in the kitchen with what’s happening with the boys and myself because I sometimes forget to look at my phone. I try and stay focused and the hardest thing I find is not to get stressed and to remain calm. I feel very lucky as my boys keep me going and I LOVE what I do. It’s nice to say I enjoy going to work.
    Twitter @keepfitwpaula
    Instagram paulathompson44

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