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  • Plan for 2016 Instructor Newsletter 26th May

    I hope you are all well and having a great week?
    I was in Glasgow last week for a fantastic Kick Start
    launch with Sarah Jane Walls and today I’m on the red eye
    to Dublin.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 08.23.14
    This is going to be an epic launch as Laura Armarda Buch
    who is the Kick Start Franchisee in Ireland is also opening
    her new Juice bar called the Juice LAB, so this
    is going to be a wonderful launch. I’m very excited.
    But, sadly I’ll only be on the Emerald Isle for 24 hours
    as back on the 5 am flight tomorrow…it’s so
    not glamorous 🙂



    Plan for the rest of 2016

    It’s a great time to take stock and
    plan for the rest
    of 2016.

    Planning Hit List
    1. Update your planner and ensure highlight all of
    the bank holidays.
    Highlight school holidays in your area.

    Plan your Quarters
    Divide the year into 4 quarters:
    Quarter 1 = January – April/Easter
    Quarter 2 = April/After Easter to June

    As we are coming to the end of Quarter 2
    it’s a great time now to plan
    Quarter 3 and 4
    Quarter 3 = June – August
    Quarter 4 = September – December/Xmas

    Historically we know that Quarter 1 is always huge, Quarter 2 you may need to add new classes to continue momentum,

    Quarter 3 you may streamline your timetable and do Summer Specials and Quarter 4 is another big one as we gear up to the Xmas season.

    Take a leaf out of Les Mills book and why not do a new launch or release every Quarter?

    The buzz around a new quarter release is always HUGE and you can do the same with any of the classes that you teach. New Routines, New Music, New timetable etc and build the buzz at the beginning of every Quarter.

    Plan ahead with your new concepts, classes and
    programmes including your LIVE and ONLINE offerings.

    Listen to the latest episode of
    The Rachel Holmes Podcast
    where Jayne and
    I chat about REPS, Simspa
    and do we need another organization?

    Do you really need a website?


    The state of pay in leisure centres?

    Join us for our weekly round up of all things fitness
    Please subscribe on itunes and leave us a review
    and rating 🙂

    Did you miss my webinar last week
    click here to view the replay
    Systemise EVERYTHING!

    It doesn’t matter if you run great Classes, Bootcamp’s and PT if you can’t leave your business for a holiday or a few days away with out everything crashing then you are in trouble. Start to think about systematising EVERYTHING.

    As I have been traveling a lot this month I have had to go through my business again and make sure everything is systematised to run with out me. And going through this process in my own business has enabled me to see how powerful a system for everything is.
    You should have a system for:

    – 24/7 marketing action from at least 5 different places to begin with eg. referrals, local sports shop, flyers, Facebook, Insta, Twitter, Snapchat, Other local businesses

    – Building your potential client database eg. Using ALL marketing action to drive potential new clients solely to sign up to your database/mailing list NOT to sell something to them straight away.

    – Converting your database into paying clients eg. An email series to build a relationship with them and allow them to know, like and trust you

    – Keeping in touch with paying clients to build relationships with them eg. An email series and once a month get together that you arrange

    – Promoting upsells and offers to paying clients eg. A monthly workshop, webinar for your best clients

    A system does 3 things.

    1, It takes the guess work out. If you’re following a system, you’re following a set of rules. You just do what it says on the tin and depending on how much the system has been tested you’ll get a fairly consistent set of results (good or bad)

    2, It gives you confidence. You begin to realise that making money in your fitness business isn’t a haphazard guessing game it’s just a process.

    And if you continue to work on refining the process rather than chasing the money, it takes longer, BUT the process begins to work the system by itself. Now long term this means you have a fool proof fitness business that will always work because you have refined the system it runs on. If you want to change it you go in and look at which part of the system isn’t working and change that part.

    There’s no more “I wonder if it’ll work” flash in the pan big ideas that make you a lot of money upfront but leave you with random income and an eventually disloyal client base.

    3, You can measure it. If you can measure something you can test what makes it better or worse. So if I have a ‘system’ that I follow when I’m trying to get someone who’s inquired about coming to one of my classes to actually come and commit to a months worth of them, I can change one element of that system each time I use it and see if I get a better or worse result. I can keep doing this until my results get better and better and then I just follow the same system each time I want to get the result of someone committing to a months worth of classes with me.

    Eg. A basic sales system for ANY fitness business whether its KSFL, Fitness Pilates courses, Dance class or PT would be:

    – All Marketing Material drives people to a website where their only option is to sign up for a free report/video/training on whatever niche your fitness business is

    Eg. If your niche is dance classes for kids the free report could be “The 5 things you need to know about Kids Dance Classes before spending ANY money on them”

    *Important point to remember – if someone is not willing to exchange their contact details with you for something of value to them that you will give them for free THEY WERE NEVER GOING TO BUY FROM YOU ANYWAY.

    So never be afraid to have the one aim of getting peoples contact details and nothing else

    – They sign up for that report because its useful to them

    – You send them a series of emails that tells them about what you do and how you can help
    them solve their problem (which is finding the best dance classes for their kids)

    – In the emails you invite them to take up a 10 minute phone consultation with you where you discuss their kids needs for the class

    – In the phone consultation you follow a script to find out if they are serious about signing their kids up for dance classes

    – If they meet your criteria they are booked in for a free taster class

    – At the end of the class they are offered a special deal if they sign up for a course of classes there and then.

    – If they don’t sign up they are sent a series of emails after the taster session reminding them to book for a course.

    I hope that helps you understand how important having systems are in every fitness business …..Large or Small!


    The 5 Steps To Manifesting Your Dreams
    by Jo De Rosa
    Some call me the ‘Master Manifestor’ and I have been working with vision boards for ten years now, and do quite literally live my dream life….

    I’m sober
    Happily married
    I live in a mansion
    I’m unbelievably happy
    Drive a cool car
    I’m healthy
    Am financially comfortable
    Have great relationships with my loved ones
    Have multiple successful businesses

    And I’m not saying any of this to boast but you need to learn from someone that knows how to do this; just like you wouldn’t want to attend a fitness class taught by an unqualified teacher, right?
    If someone is teaching about manifestation, are they living their dream themselves? Or are they struggling? It does seem like these days everyone is talking and teaching about vision boards but there are some key elements that I see a lot of people missing out.

    The main one is visioning for the future without bringing in the FEELING of what it’s like to already be there. If you only think about this process from your HEAD and don’t integrate how your HEART feels too then nothing is going to happen!

    I often hear,

    “Vision boards don’t work. I have wanted to find love for ages but nothing has happened”

    Do you know what is wrong with that sentence?
    I’ll let you ponder on that one and see later if you got the answer right….
    Here are my 5 steps to successful manifestation, and I’ll break them down one by one:

    1. Know
    2. Visualise
    3. Feel
    4. Believe
    5. Meditate
    Step One: KNOW
    Of course we need to know WHAT we want to manifest first. And it is amazing when I ask this question just how many people have NO IDEA what they want. And this is a societal issue, for most of us have never been told that we can have anything. We’ve been brought up on lack and limitation; ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ and ‘life is difficult’ for example.

    We need to get beyond these limitations before we can find the answer to ‘what do you want in your life?’
    My first published book is titled ‘If You Could Have Anything…What Would It Be?’ and lets use this sentence and fill in the gap in the following areas:

    If You Could Have Anything (IN YOUR HOME-LIFE) What Would It Be?
    If You Could Have Anything (IN YOUR WORK-LIFE) What Would It Be?
    If You Could Have Anything (IN YOUR RELATIONSHIPS) What Would It Be?
    If You Could Have Anything (FINANCIALLY) What Would It Be?
    If You Could Have Anything (HEALTH-WISE) What Would It Be?

    Step Two: VISUALISE
    This is where the actual vision board comes into play. Get yourself a large piece of paper/card and find images and words that correspond to what you have answered in stage one. Old magazines are perfect for this or find images on the internet and create a collage of pictures in a word document and then print it out.

    Step Three: FEEL
    This is where most people falter, and if we go back to the example I gave earlier,

    “Vision boards don’t work. I have wanted to find love for ages but nothing has happened”

    ….we can pick up that this person has stopped at step Two. They are stuck in the ‘wanting’ to feel love = which is actually pushing it away! The universe hears ‘WANT’ not ‘HAVE’ and this is exactly what is being manifested = more WANT! And this the subtle difference where most people get stumped.

    So the work is not yet done! Once your vision board is complete sit back and think about what it would FEEL like to have all of these experiences in your life already. This can be a big ask and unfortunately in the beginning it is sometimes difficult to do; but in the above example take your mind back to a time when you felt love and generate that FEELING again.

    Step Four: BELIEVE
    Once you’ve felt it you have to believe it is possible and also believe that you DESERVE what you dream of, for you cannot experience something that you do not believe! This is all about coming into alignment so if you can’t quite get there internally (in your mind), then your dream is not going to translate outwardly (in your life). The two have to be matched for anything to happen; can you see how much more subtle each of the stages become? And this is why it is not enough to simply make a pretty vision board and hope for the best.

    Step Five: MEDITATE
    The last stage is cementing the first four and turning your frequency up to RECEIVE mode. When we connect deep within ourselves we can adjust our beliefs around each area of our life and find true and genuine alignment with our dreams. When we tune into ourselves in meditation and know that we are looking to manifest the FEELING rather than the OBJECT it all becomes a whole load clearer, less materialistic and therefore, much easier to do:

    How does it FEEL to have that dream job?
    How does it FEEL to have the best health?
    How does it FEEL to be in love?
    How does it FEEL to be content with your finances? etc…

    So let me know how you get on with manifesting your dreams and do pop any questions over to me that you have around this subject. And GOOD LUCK! If you want to work with me around this then book onto one of my retreats; living the dream is awesome and i’d love for you to be in that happy place too xx

    My June webinar: HOW TO RUN A RETREAT is half full already and I can’t wait to share this information with all of the forward thinkers who know that this is the next step in their fitness business. Let me know if you would like to be one of them, and have a great week!

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