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  • Revisit Old Skool Fitness Marketing

    By now regular readers of my newsletter and Blog will be in no doubt that I LOVE fitness marketing. But this little Blog posts isn’t about telling you how to work Facebook or Twitter its about looking at local media, newspapers and radio in your area.

    If you haven’t used newspaper advertising for a while then why don’t you reconnect and see if they have any better rates these days. Newspapers are massively feeling the pinch as advertisers are leaving them in droves in search of social media advertising. Give them a ring and see if there are any advertising deals on the table.

    The Pain of Fantastic Teachers

    I think so many fabulous teachers out there aren’t as financially successful as they ought to be – because they don’t bother selling themselves and their services properly.

    Instead of teaching loads and loads of classes why not put your energies into setting up classes in the community and hire your own space YOU CAN DO IT!!!

    You can be the best, most knowledgeable Instructor, but if you don’t get the message out no one will come.

    “I’ve been on every Fitness course going, I have more qualifications than anyone I know,” Laura told me the week she started her new community classes.

    “I just don’t have the clue how to market and promote it and the thought of traipsing round houses pushing leaflets through doors fills me with dread!”

    “And, you know what Rachel I just don’t have time to do all of this online promotion and Facebook bores me……”

    It’s a problem that almost every Instructor and Personal Trainer starting a new classes or personal training business faces. You can be the best – but if you don’t know how to get the word out–how to market your products or service–there’s no way you can get the customers you need for your business to survive, grow and become a sustainable.

    Here are five essential steps to follow to get great marketing in local media.

    1. What is your market?

    Decide who your main customers are.

    As a group:

    How old are they?
    Where do they live?
    What kinds of jobs do they have and what are their interests?
    The better you can sketch a detailed profile of the kinds of people who will be your main customers, the better you’ll fare in the next four steps.

    2. What kinds of media do your main customers use?

    Each type of media has its own target audience. Each radio station, newspaper, magazine, or TV program tries to interest a specific segment of the population. The trick is to match your main customers with the kinds of media they use.
    The local newspaper may be geared to homeowners over the age of 35 so if you teach a Fitness Pilates class that is aimed at women over 40 the local rag may be a much better way to advertise than sticking some posts up on Facebook and Twitter?.

    If you aren’t sure what group a media outlet is targeting, ask their sales executive. Maybe you have a class that will be of interest to people living in a certain catchments. Flyers delivered door-to-door inside the local paper or with the post is a great way to let prospects know about you.

    Remember that media isn’t just TV and Newspapers.

    Effective media can be anything that conveys your message. Media choices range from million pound adverts to a few free pens with your name on them.

    3. The key to effective marketing is consistency. You have to hit the audience with your message again, and again, and again.

    Marketers use the Rule of Seven. Prospects must see or hear your message seven times before they consider buying.

    Don’t blow your entire marketing budget on a one-shot media adverts.Try and get a deal where you can advertise and afford to use week after week. That’s how you get marketing success.

    4. Sell the main benefit of your class or service. Make your marketing client-centred.
    How does your class or services improve your customer’s life? What problems will it solve if they attend?

    Surprisingly for many Instructors, people wont make a choice on how many qualifications you have and how “Fully Qualified” you are. ( I see this strap line on every Fitness Instructors Flyers)

    Your marketing should drive home this most important benefit as clearly and directly as possible.

    Customers buy benefits! When you advertise the features of your product or service, connect those features to the benefits they will bring the customer.

    5. And finally and this is the biggest, don’t miss out on FREE publicity. Radio, TV, newspapers, newsletters, and magazines are constantly on the lookout for good stories. Prospective customers will be impressed if a media outlet features a story on what you do.

    Is there something about you or your business that would interest other people?
    Is there something about your business that is newsworthy?
    Maybe you have useful information to share with others.
    Consider sending a press release to your local newspaper. Better yet, make a phone call to the news desk…Yes actually pick up the phone and speak to someone

    Go on do it today!.
    In fact do it every week…Dont give up after 1 press release. Consistency is the key
    Id love to hear about your endeavours with the local press. Please comment below. or Tweet me @RachelHolmes

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