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  • Shout Out To All The Self Employed Fitpros







    Being self-employed can be
    rough & tough.


    It’s all on you.

    Classes can get cancelled. PT clients can disappear.

    The standard of living goes up but our pay per class never does.

    You don’t always know how much you will earn from month to month.

    What if you are ill or injured  or something comes up and you can’t teach.

    Your money drops….rapidly.

    The ups and downs can make you feel like
    the pressure of it all is going to crush you to death.

    For many of us, there is no guaranteed
    monthly salary, no way to get a get a life insurance quote, no sick pay, no employed benefits.

    We’re the girls whose husbands, kids and partners roll their eyes when they see us crack open the laptop (again).

    Are you like me ….there’s always have one more email to send…….

    We’re the gang who write endless to-do lists, have overflowing planners, and Google Calendar alerts pinging all day long.

    Sometimes it just seems like too much.

    We look at our friends who have “regular” jobs and feel a little bit ..well…… “Would that be better?”

    If only we could just clock in and clock out,
    knowing there’s a regular salary every month?

    Would that make us happier?

    But then start thinking about working with Negative
    Nellys in office space,
    people trying to force you to eat endless cake,
    fluorescent lights,  pointless meetings, office politics and being told what to do day after day…………….

    We’re the ones whose eyes light up when we talk fitness, health, workouts & helping and motivating people

    We’re the gang who know that our work makes a difference.

    We may go to bed exhausted every night, but we drift
    off to sleep feeling deeply fulfilled.

    Being SELF employed is TOUGH…wow it can be hard…at times…

    So for all my FITPRO friends reading this email
    I SALUTE You.

    Keep going.

    Keep pushing.

    Keep creating your art.

    Keep motivating.

    Love Rachel xxx



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