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  • Simple Tips to Manage your Time

    Are you making the most of your time?


    The most common comment I get on email and face to face with Instructors is “I never have enough time”. This is something I have been looking at and studying over the last few months . There are some fantastic time management books and audios where you can learn the best methods to getting more done in less time, so over the coming weeks I will look at strategies to ensure YOU are making the most of your time.

    95% of the things you do every day only 5 % will move your business forward.

    Out of everything you do every day only 5% of your tasks will go to moving your business forward. Outsource everything that other people can do and focus on driving your business forward.

    Write down a list of you goals – where do you want to be in 6month’s time or a year’s time? If you only move your business forward 5% a day it’s going to take forever to get there.

    Write a list of everything you do everyday in any one given week. Then go through the list and see what you can outsource.



    For Example…… A few years ago I was teaching 32 classes a week. Personal Training, working out myself, running my websites, creating workshops and preparing presentations, getting up at 5am to answer emails, being permanently shattered and not moving my business fwd.

    I could see no way out of this cycle and it was also equal to = No social life, never seeing my friends, trying to get my mum to work for me every day for free, having no partner, getting up at 5am to answer emails and being permanently shattered……..sound familiar?

    I desperately needed chunks of time to be able to sit down and get my teeth into loads of projects and ideas I had swimming around in my head.

    Make a list of everything you do in a typical day

    1.Clean the house

    2.Do the Food shopping

    3.Do the Ironing

    4.Take the kids to school

    5.Create choreography workouts

    6.Write emails, articles, do social media etc

    7.Teach 3 classes

    Now out of this list, look at what you can outsource or pay someone else to do

    1. Get a cleaner

    2. Order shopping online

    3. Get an ironer

    4. Get a friend to take kids or take it in turns with another parent.

    5. Create choreography – you still need to do that yourself!

    6. Save all emails I write and set up FAQs on the website or get an assistant

    7. Look at employing another Instructor to teach some classes for you, so your business can run without you being there.


    Of course, these things will take time to get sorted and arranged, but think of the time you will have free and be able to move your business forward into the next level of your masterplan.

    What is your Masterplan?

    Where do you want to be this time next week? next month? or next year.


    Are you looking to be a presenter, employ others to teach your Bootcamps or classes or running an online business…..whatever your goals, hopes and dreams are, make sure you take daily steps to edging closer to your goals.

    Hope that inspires you today!

    Love Rachel xxx

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