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  • How do you stand out from the fitness crowd?

    As you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed and check out the Fitpros you follow on Twitter, so many people seem to be doing exactly the same thing. Teaching the same classes, offering similar services. If you are having a hard time getting to the gym then visit Elliptical Home and look at the great elliptical’s they have. Then you can work out at home.

    Here are my top tips to Standing OUT from the Fitness Crowd

    1:Develop a strong personal brand. Whatever different styles or concepts you teach make sure your personal brand is strong. Identify what is different & unique about you then build your brand around that, so even if you teach the same programme as others in your area, you stand out because you have a really unique brand and presence on social media. Ensure your website fits your brand and is dialed into the customers and demographic you serve.

    2.:Look outside of the Fitness Industry for inspiration. Look at Fashion, Music, Dance & The Arts, Colour trends, Personal Growth, Media/Radio/Magazines/Blogs for ideas, stimulus and motivation.

    3: Bring your outside passion into your fitness business. Tell us about your hobbies and interests. Andrea Riddoch, who runs a community fitness based in Leeds, has a passion for animals and you see that in her Instagrams and Tweets. She stands out because you can see her outside passions come though into her work.

    4: Think about all the big brands and personalities you love and admire. Why do you love them, what makes them special and why do they stand out for you? They don’t have to be fitness related, any brands that you follow and buy from.

    5:People buy from People. If your personal brand is strong, whatever you teach or create people will come to you and become loyal customers and followers.

    6:As we rely more on social media and the internet to promote our services and businesses it’s crucial to develop an authentic and passionate brand.

    Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 07.15.10

    Launching a brand new concept in Group Exercise

    The Brain Fit Workout ™
    Launches with Rachel Holmes in Bristol on Sunday 11th September 2016
    Time 1 – 330pm
    Area: Bristol
    David Lloyd Leisure Westbury

    I have Added a further date in Manchester at The Waterside Hotel, Didsbury
    8th October 2016
    Time 130 – 430pm
    with Kelly Reed-Banks
    Click here to book

    Birmingham Bourneville College – Longbridge
    Time 12 – 330
    with Kelly Reed-Banks
    Click here to book

    Southampton Chamberlayne Leisure Centre Southampton
    30th October
    1230 – 330pm
    with Kelly Reed-Banks
    Click here to book

    The BrainFit Workout™ is a 45 minute movement and meditation workout.
    30 Minutes of mindful movement and breathing followed by a 15 minute guided meditation section.
    We are recognising that super hard core intense workouts are not the only way to go to relieve stress, lower cortisol and feel happy.
    Adopting a mindful approach to Group Exercise coupled with a guided meditation is so refreshing, revitalising and invigorating

    The BrainFit Workout™ is:
    Simple and Effective
    Easy to teach
    Unique & fresh
    For everyone who wants to explore a more mindful group Exercise
    Regular mindfulness practice, through simple repetitive movement, affirmations and meditation, is an effective treatment for stress, worry, lack of focus,anxiety, and well being. It leads to peace of mind, clarity, greater focus and creativity and a happier life.
    Rachel looks at how to include mindset coaching in your group exercise class.
    Identifying language cues, imagery, journalling and goal setting
    within the BrainFit Workout™

    Attend the Launch of The BrainFit Workout ™ with creator Rachel Holmes and become a BrainFit Workout™ Instructor.
    What is included on the day?

    Become a trademarked BrainFit Workout™ Coach on the LIVE Training day.
    Experience 2 BrainFit Workouts that you can teach right away.
    Access to BrainFit Workout™ online – Both workouts are filmed with teaching videos so you won’t forget anything from the day and included in the special launch price.
    2 PPL Free music downloads
    Full class choreography and content notes.
    Use of the BrainFit Workout ™ logos and branding.
    Feature on the official BrainFit Workout ™ website
    How to organise and promote a BrainFit Workout™ launch and business ideas to set up your classes.

    Happy Monday!

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