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  • Stroke Of The Pen – Andrew Crawford Blog

    By The Stroke of The Pen….You Either Win….or Lose…!!

    By Andrew Crawford

    The power is within the pencil today….so bring your own pen so it can’t be changed..!!

    Today is the day we….(the royal we)…go to the polls. Who will win? We will have a better feel later tonight or actually know early on Friday morning…..(if you’re awake in the small hours like me…!!)

    Whichever party does become victorious there’s a lot of stuff to sort out, budgets to balance, promises to be fulfilled, mistakes to be corrected, palms to be oiled, expenses  to be claimed, back-tracking to be done, amendments to be applied, tweaks to be made, oh….and voters to be pacified.

    Winners will take their seats in the parliament rooms, seated on rows of chairs facing the opposition, then act like spoilt unruly school kids in a classroom, jeering, booing & displaying boisterous behaviour.

    If you believe we are in a democratic society…say aye then take the blue pill…otherwise, the red…..or yellow if you fancy it.

    It will happen all with the stroke of your pen.

    If you think it doesn’t matter who’s in….you’re right. If you think it does matter who’s in ….your right…!!!

    Tick wisely.

    So Andrew,

    What has the stroke of the pen and winning & losing got to do with Accountancy & Tax?

    There is power in the pen… the form of words. In this case, it’s a tick a simple tick which will put a team in power to govern and push forward different agendas.

    Theses agendas will affect amongst other things

    • Your taxes
    • Your savings
    • Your pension
    • Your investments

    Each party has their own particular spin as to what they wish to implement.

    For example in the case of student fees

    Party A – Wants to increase tuition fees from September then every year after that.

    Party B – Wants to abolish tuition fees.

    Party C – Keep tuition fees but reinstate maintenance grants


    It was a great concert in Manchester in memory of those who lost their lives or were injured during the attacks in Manchester & London.

    We witnessed solidarity.

    In other news….

    If you fancy a coffee, cake & chat, I will be in Winchester, Southampton & Bournemouth from Friday to Sunday.

    Until such time….keep your eyes peeled.

    Andrew James Crawford

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